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Meet Kat

My name is Kathlyn Hart.  I am the host of The Big Leap Show and a salary negotiation coach on a mission to help women earn more money.

At 23 I found myself stuck in sweltering hot LA traffic going 0-miles an hour, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering WTF I was doing.

Yes, I had a J.O.B., but was this the life I really wanted? Busting my ass at job getting paid less than I knew I was worth, dreaming of the life I really wanted.

In a fierce combination of feeling underpaid, frustrated, and LITERALLY stuck, a fire within me was lit and my boiling points were reached.

I realized I couldn’t just sit there any longer, I needed to get out there and make my dream life happen.

Over the next few years by diving deep into learning the art of salary negotiation I was able to triple my income, quit my job, travel the world and start a business of my own.

Now through coaching and speaking, I help women who are feeling stuck, frustrated and underpaid to learn to negotiate for the salary they deserve, so they too can create the life of their dreams.

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1:1 Coaching

Looking for immediate 1:1 support before your next big negotiation? Book a personal call to help you prep and practice for the big ask.  Previous clients have landed upwards of $25,000 more through just one conversation!

Investment: $1,000

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Self-Study Program

Join our upcoming salary negotiation bootcamp –  “Be Brave Get Paid.” This self-paced online class includes not only hours of video instruction, but also bonus group Q&A sessions, salary negotiation scripts, and downloadable cheetsheets!

Investment: $500

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Book to Speak

Looking to ignite your audience to dream big, take control of their financial future, and learn to negotiate their worth by standing in their power and communicating it with confidence? Book Kathlyn to speak at your next event!

Starting at $2,500

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