kathlyn hart

Hello, hello! I’m Kathlyn Hart.

I’m a non-fiction loving, mocha obsessive and positive thinking nut, who is on a personal mission to help women live a life full of more hustle and happiness.

Three years ago I made the decision that I was going to travel no matter what.  With a wallet full of personal debt I knew I had to flip on my hustle switch if I wanted to make traveling a reality.

Hustle I did.

I picked up side jobs, jumped careers, climbed up the corporate ladder, and bumped up my salary two-fold.  Through it all managed to save $25,000 to pay down my debt and give me the opportunity to take my dream trip.

Life is not meant to be lived in misery – filled with what-ifs and I wish I could…

Turn up your hustle and add more smiles to your seconds.

Go out there and create your life.  If you don’t and just sit around, someone will pay you to create theirs.