Meet Kat

My name is Kathlyn Hart.  I am a salary negotiation coach on a mission to help women earn more money.

At 23 I found myself stuck in sweltering hot LA traffic going 0-miles an hour, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering WTF I was doing.

Yes, I had a J.O.B., but was this the life I really wanted? Busting my ass at job getting paid less than I knew I was worth, dreaming of the life I really wanted.

In a fierce combination of feeling underpaid, frustrated, and LITERALLY stuck, a fire within me was lit and my boiling points were reached.

I realized I couldn’t just sit there any longer, I needed to get out there and make my dream life happen.

Over the next few years by diving deep into learning the art of salary negotiation I was able to double my income, quit my job, travel the world and start a business of my own.

Now through coaching and speaking, I help women who are feeling stuck, frustrated and underpaid to learn to negotiate for the salary they deserve, so they too can create the life of their dreams.

In addition I host The Big Leap Show – a podcast where I interview badass women about their journey of going from dreaming to doing.