Easy Backyard Gyms To Install: Ideas For Your Home Gym

The challenge with the home gym is finding a free space for it. Space is an issue, but your options are limited if you don’t have room or a basement to store equipment. However, since when do we stop at our own backyard? If you have outdoor space that’s not being used by anything else, all of this opens up new possibilities and ideas!

Setting up an outdoor gym can be a complicated task. In this post, we’ll show you some easy and efficient ideas to help you create the perfect backyard gym for your needs. The ideas you see here can give you a lead on inspiration to build a backyard gym, so read ahead.

What to consider before building a backyard gym

I love to exercise outdoors and primarily work out on my own DIY frame, but I also use a few dumbbells. Not as many as you might think though-maybe one of each weight plus a set for lunges and squats.

If you’re going to build your own home gym, here are some things to keep in mind:

Portable Versus Permanent

If you have a great lot in the outdoor space and/or do not interfere with your outdoor activities, I think permanent equipment is a better option. Once you install them well, you don’t need to worry about wobbling, for example. Plus, who likes moving heavy items after strenuous workouts?

You can create a backyard gym by installing a workout bench, dip stand, or free-standing pull-up bar. All equipment should be weather resistant if it is left outside of the house. To avoid rusting and other deterioration of the equipment, remember to paint it properly.

If your home doesn’t have a designated workout area, use portable equipment – lighter weight benches, squat stands, and dip stations to get the most out of each workout session with limited space. The only potential drawback is that these items may wobble if used on an uneven surface.

Covered Versus Uncovered

Although there are other cover options, a covered area is the best. Outdoor equipment will stay dry or at least relatively dry if it rains but can still be used as desired. Structures like gazeboes and carports could work well.

If you’re using a free-standing outdoor gym without a roof, make sure to use the right kind of paint.

What type of outdoor gym equipment to buy?

Those who want to exercise outdoors are mainly trying to get stronger, whether lifting weights or focusing on bodyweight exercises. The goal is to have a kit for exercises that target the whole body.

If you want to set up a backyard gym, you’ll need the same pieces for a basic indoor home gym for lifting weights–a workout bench, dumbbells, and a barbell with weight plates. You may also want to have a squat rack and pull-up bar.

There are many options for cardio to add to your weightlifting routine. Jumping rope is one of the cheapest and best, but it’s always a good idea to consult an expert before you invest in any equipment.

Sloppy or uneven outdoor workout space

Working out outside is a great idea, but there are some pitfalls that you should be aware of. The uneven patio surface can cause your weights to wobble if they’re not on the ground properly. And even after many hours following rain, grass will still look slippery and make it difficult for outdoor workouts. However, after only several days in such conditions, this may result in an unkempt yard as well!

For maximum safety and comfort, you should opt for a hardscape. Concrete has the cheapest cost, but it doesn’t look enjoyable – we can easily cover it with rubber mats. Paving stones do a better job at looking nice outside, but they need to be precisely placed to prevent outdoor equipment from tilting over.

DIY or buy the stuff

Below I will list some excellent DIY projects for you, such as a power rack and calisthenics parks. If you have the wherewithal to construct these items, do so; it’s an economical option that lets you customize the equipment to your needs. However, please don’t take on these time-consuming endeavors if you do not have the ability or proper background.

Outdoor gym equipment prices are high because they require unique manufacturing to resist the weather’s harmful effects.

Backyard gym idea

Working out is essential to stay healthy, but subscribing to a gym can be pricey. Consider these affordable backyard workout ideas to stay on track without breaking the bank.

Basic Backyard Gym

basic backyard gym

Fitness equipment includes a pull-up bar and rings for plyometric training. A weight, kettlebell, and medicine ball can all be used to work on resistance training. Jump rope is good for aerobic exercise, while the mat provides stability under core workouts. Adding a squat rack will ensure you get strong enough to do a bodyweight-only workout at home as well.

Backyard Gym with Pull-up Bars

backyard gym with pull up bars

Pull-up bars are a great DIY backyard gym option because they require only pipes and fittings, which you can get at the hardware store.

While they can be fun to use, building them can become very dull. Mix it up a little and construct a few different poles so you can jump from one to the other.

You could use gymnastic rings and straps to vary your routine, which will sometimes give you a break. Besides, kids like these kinds of exercises because they are like monkeys who want to swing around.

Tarzan Ropes for Backyard Gym

tarzan ropes for backyard gym

Use this Tarzan rope to build your hand strength. Foam covers the frame, protecting you from harm should you fall or hit the ground.

There are horizontal bars at the top of the frame that can be used as a monkey bar, and those on the left and right function as steps to help reach the top.

Aside from Tarzan ropes, a climbing net is used to train balance and speed. Some 3 in 1 polymetric box are also available for jumping exercises to train your legs.

Convert a Shed into a Small Gym

convert a shed into a small gym

Thinking about heaving your gym equipment outside of the house? Here’s a great idea for you: think about putting it in a shed! Add rubber mats, shelving units, and any cardio or weight lifting machines.

Backyard Garden Gym

backyard garden gym

Outdoor home gym, this dream come true with all the equipment you need for bodyweight and weight training. A big punching bag is here too. The patio has a beautiful view that would be great for an outdoor workout.

Add Some Shade to Backyard Gym

add some shade to backyard gym

Working outdoors can be uncomfortable for your eyes, especially if you have to lie on your back. To relieve this discomfort, try hanging a sunshade over the bench press so that you can work out comfortably.

Work Out with Privacy Backyard Gym Ideas

work out with privacy backyard gym ideas

Some people prefer to work out at home because they don’t want the exterior world to see them and make assumptions about their fitness level. However, nosy neighbors are likely to peek through their windows no matter where you exercise.

The best way to ensure maximum privacy when working out in your backyard is by installing a patio cover and hanging curtains around the area. Not only does this look nice, but it’s also inexpensive, so be sure to incorporate it into your idea bucket!

Children’s Gymnastic Gym

children gymnastic gym

Introducing kids to gymnastics equipment early can help them learn interpersonal skills and grow physically as well.

Building a colorful gym in your backyard is one idea to entertain kids and allow them to play outside.

It provides various equipment which allows kids to do activities. They might see it as playing rather than doing exercise.

Outdoor Dojo Gym

outdoor dojo gym

Enjoy working out outside without worrying about the weather with this outdoor dojo. Equipment such as sandbags and floor-to-ceiling punching balls are hanging at the front side.

A dojo usually does not require many tools as it is primarily a place for self-defense practice. However, there are some occasions when additional equipment would be useful, such as nunchaku or dumbbells.

Backyard Gym with Folding Glass Doors

backyard gym with folding glass doors

You can be a total fitness freak with the right equipment. An awesome backyard gym is equipped with folding glass doors that allow natural light to flow in, and you’ll never get bored of using it, thanks to its stationary bike!

Simple Backyard Gym Ideas

simple backyard gym ideas

Making an in-home gym is as simple as installing some posts into the ground with cement. Add some bars to take a dip and pull-up station, or incorporate other amenities like speedballs or punching bags for more variety.

Ninja Warrior Backyard Gym Ideas

ninja warrior backyard gym ideas

Have you ever seen the popular TV show, Ninja Warrior? It is a series of physical challenges and adventures.

To bring this show over into your home, you can incorporate it by using wood posts to create a jungle gym, monkey bars, and gymnastic rings. Ropes are also possible if what you want is a high climbing rope.

Not only will you find this gym equipment fascinating, but your kids will as well.

Weightlifting Platform And Rack for Backyard Gym

weightlifting platform and rack for backyard gym

This workout platform is perfect for the hardcore weightlifter. Instructions are available on creating a stable bench with storage space and benches, turning what would have otherwise been a cumbersome addition into an even better option.

Half-open Gym

half open gym

The wife enjoyed fitness. The house gym was designed to allow her to practice her favorite hobby and gain inspiration for other physical activities.

CrossFit Backyard Gym

crossfit backyard gym

You’re looking for an awesome outdoor CrossFit gym? We’ve got all the equipment! The only drawback is that it’ll cost you a lot.

Zen backyard gym

zen backyard gym ideas

If your workout routine does not contain heavy lifting and cardio, you can have a wood-floored open space with Japanese-style lights while you stare at the view of a garden like this one.

 Backyard Patio Gym Weightlifting

backyard patio gym weightlifting

If you want to exercise in the morning or afternoon, this weightlifting platform can be of assistance. Stainless steel bars serve as a sound frame, and the holes allow for height customization.

A plateful of weight plates lay next to the barbell, so you can easily change the equipment and organize items.

Open Backyard Space Gym

open backyard space gym

If your workout is not weighted with treadmills, bikes, or weights, an open backyard gym will help you stay fit. With a yoga mat and an exercise ball handy for balance exercises, this space offers a unique opportunity for cross-training.

Backyard Gym Ninja Tree Climbers

backyard gym ninja tree climbers

This backyard gym idea has one big tree to provide climbing fun. In addition, a ninja tree climber allows climbers to work on physical development through muscle building and coordination.

Nylon rope and a rock climbing harness are needed for tree climbers. It is safer to have the tree climber close by to provide safety and comfort.

Backyard Gym Ideas With Cover

backyard gym ideas with cover

Working out has always been everyone’s favorite activity, and some people prefer to work out outdoors over indoors.

This outdoor gym room provides a stunning landscape virtually anywhere you look because no wall obstructs your visual. Instead of brick or wood walls, glass walls can do an amazing job in outdoor gymnasia.

With glass panels on your walls, you can work out while viewing your backyard that is full of lush colors. The walls are also designed to keep you dry when it rains.

Backyard Gym Ideas Blend with Nature

backyard gym ideas blend with nature

Do you want to take your outdoor workout room up another level? If so, this home gym idea could be the perfect fit for you. Working out outside allows people to enjoy a view of all their surroundings while feeling warm from sunlight. Plus, working out will make it feel more fun than work!

Backyard Gym Deck

backyard gym deck

For a new backyard gym with the works, go with a deck to function as both an outdoor living space and workout zone. This combo is perfect for any homeowner looking to beat stress anywhere from daybreak until dusk.

Tropical Style Backyard Gym

tropical style backyard gym

You can see from this design that the house has a traditional tropical cottage feel with open sides and a plain roof. It also features glass doors for various purposes, like air circulation or a chance to work out without being interrupted.

 Outside Backyard Gym

outside backyard gym

I call my outdoor shed an “Outside Gym.” It’s like a typical retail gym on the inside, with equipment including a squat rack and free space for doing Olympic lifts outside. Still, it also has weather-protected areas to do other workouts during inclement conditions such as rain or snow. The key here is creativity–thinking of ways to think “outside the box” to get your workout done regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you!

3 Levels Pull Up Bar Backyard Gym Ideas

3 levels pull up bar backyard gym ideas

There are various types of workout equipment one can choose from, but the three levels backyard pull-up bar is a go-to. Drive in the posts to make a freestanding frame and then install the rails with exercise bars.

Three different pull-ups can be done by cutting six pieces of wood to the appropriate size and attaching them at different heights to the frame. The height can vary depending on your needs, but it should be slanted backward a little to keep the bar from moving when not being used.

Backyard Gym With Punching Bag

backyard gym with punching bag

If you want to make a punching bag but live in an area where it’s difficult to find nexersys, try this instead. Yeah, this is only a punching bag – it doesn’t cost very much at the store. If you would like to use an alternative and save some money in the process, begin by filling your bag with sand and rags.

Making your own punching bag allows you to customize the weight. Once it’s made, you will need to hang it somewhere that can support its weight. It can be on a tree or a built-in stand with plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give you a little more knowledge on our thoughts on the best backyard gym ideas, check out these FAQs.

Can I build a gym in my backyard?

Building a gym in your backyard is possible, but it depends on if you have an existing shed or garage that will be converted into the new gym. If not, you must contact local authorities to construct a larger structure within your home as building codes require such buildings to remain private from public view.

How do I protect my outdoor gym equipment?

Outdoor gym equipment is susceptible to rust and deterioration if they are constantly exposed to the elements such as UV rays and rain. To protect your investment, you should either install a shelter or build some storage.

If you have noticed, most of the listed backyard gym suggestions here provide a roofed space or an entire room. Keeping them from direct outdoor exposure is still the best measure for preserving outdoor exercise equipment.

What size shed home gym?

When considering how to transform a shed into a home gym area, there are important considerations. Firstly, the shed needs enough space for the equipment inside and enough space for you to move around. A recommended size is 3m x 3m.


With these backyard gym ideas, we have reaffirmed that the love for fitness and our ability to exercise can be personalized. The simple installations or whole gyms can be found in your own home–complete with whatever equipment you could find at a commercial one. Ultimately, the purpose of a backyard gym is to provide you with a space for fitness where you can be alone.

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