One Trick That Will Help You Make a Decision Now


Want to Make a Decision Now?

Three words - “Gun-To-Head.”  I recently read Dorian Innes’ article about his “Gun-To-Head” test, and thought it was pure genius.

In a nut shell the “Gun-To-Head” test is all about helping you make those tricky (or maybe not so tricky) decisions.

Picture this - you hate your boss.  S/he is a real piece of work and you are on the brink of quitting.  You want to speak up and have a conversation with him/her, but on the other hand you feel like it’s pointless.

So what do you do?

Naturally you go back and forth for hours - “what should I do, what should I do, what should I do?”

This little conversation goes on and on in your head HOUR AFTER HOUR, DAY AFTER DAY.

Enter the genius that is the “gun-to-head” test.  If someone were to put a gun to your head, what would you decide?

Dorian suggests writing it down on a sheet of paper with your two options at the bottom. Post it somewhere, and then do something where the only thing you aren’t doing is thinking about your problem.  Come back, and make a decision damit.

The reason I’m so in love with this, is that it creates a more playful visualization to help me strap down and make a decision.

In the end, whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours thinking about a particular dilemma, a decision will have to be reached. 

How many hours of your day do you want to spend going back and forth?

Now I understand a dilemma is a dilemma for a reason.  The decision can be hard and tricky, (there’s no getting around that).

BUT in the end we know we will have to make a decision.

What is the point of dragging that decision out for any longer than it needs to?  And that my friends is the tip for the week…

At a certain point, we just need to point a gun to our head (metaphorically of course) and make the call 😉


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