Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas To Make It More Fun And Functional

Decorating a toddler boy’s bedroom can sometimes be tricky: you need to find appropriate decorations for a child of this age and let the room reflect your own taste in design.

Although it can be overwhelming to think about decorating a youngster’s bedroom, remember that any design project starts with careful planning. With some ideas and inspiration from other rooms in your home, you’ll create a toddler boy’s room he’ll love.

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Planning Your Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

wild and free planning your toddler boy bedroom ideas

To successfully create your toddler boy’s bedroom, you need to be prepared. Read through these steps before starting your project:

Decide How Large Your Project Really Is

cute small size in house shape bed for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Do you have a toddler room that could use new decor, or do you need to remodel? Make sure you know what you’re doing before tearing up any carpets or knocking down any walls – consult with a professional if uncertain.

Choose A Theme

toddler boy bedroom ideas in yellow theme window

You might find yourself decorating a little bit here and a little bit there, and the result is a room that doesn’t come together or one with mismatched furniture. Choosing a general theme such as ‘tropical paradise’ that you can incorporate into your room is a good way to stay focused.

Set A Budget And Stick To It

Interior design projects can easily drain your wallet, so it is best to ignore the temptation to buy everything you see when investing in a project. Saving money and getting creative with what’s available will result in a much better-finished product.

Consider Your Toddler’s Needs

toddler boy bedroom ideas storage shelving

When decorating for a child, there are some additional considerations to make. Think about safety concerns before you consider anything else, and stay away from sharp edges and loose wires.

Then, make your toddler’s room and all of its contents within his reach – for instance, put the light switch low enough so he can turn on or off by himself and have a child-sized table and chair for him to sit at.

The Things For Your Toddler’s Bedroom

Natural Light

toddler boy bedroom with natural light ideas

Natural light and a bright environment are really inviting for kids. Find the brightest bedroom in your home for your toddler’s room to create an inviting atmosphere with light all around.

This bright space is perfect for kids, as natural light strengthens their energy levels and offers a calming environment for them to play and explore. With the window open on sunny days, they can listen to the bird’s sing. Ester enjoys it when the window is open, so we call over the puppies to say hello.

Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play

toys that encourage imaginative play for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Toddlers may or may not spontaneously engage in imaginative play, but giving them toys that provoke the imagination is good. Puppets, noisemakers (instruments), wooden animals, dolls, costume pieces (such as wings, glasses, or hat), stuffed animals, or blocks (building and stacking objects), etc.


toddler boy bedroom lamplight ideas

Lamps are the perfect way to make your room feel cozier, even on a sunny day or during periods when there’s overcast weather.

A great way to make your toddler’s room feel warmer with both function and design is by using lamps. Overhead lighting often adds a cold, sterile feeling to space which can be kept at bay with the addition of soft, flattering light from strategically-placed lamps.

Books And Toddler-level Book Storage

toddler boy bedroom ideas with books and toddler level book storage

Children often don’t read, but exposure to books is still valuable. One way to encourage your child to read is by reading aloud with them. Make sure they get a chance to browse through the shelves at bookstores, too.

A child’s books can be displayed in a way that encourages exploration. To protect the books from chewing, high shelves should be placed out of reach for smaller children or used for displaying only those books which are too old to resist biting.

Keep the bookcase looking fresh by moving around books occasionally, usually after two weeks.

A Low Table

low table on toddler boy bedroom ideas

Toddlers love to feel grown-up and in control. A low table will allow them to stand while they play, which they’ll like about it, and a great space for drawing and coloring once they’re a little older.

Layout items for your kids to play with, and keep rotating the items as they grow bored. Ester was intrigued by pens and markers, but she didn’t know how to operate them yet when we found her playing on our coffee table.

A Rug

toddler boy bedroom rug ideas

A rug can be used in your toddler’s room, especially in hardwood floors or carpeted areas. It provides the perfect surface for playing and can even be displayed over top of the carpet to create a designated play space. A rug can help you make it brighter and more lively by adding color, pattern, and texture to space.

A Cozy Space

a cozy space for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Our boy wanted a tent as her birthday gift. We thought it might just sit in his room until he gets a little older, but surprisingly, he already loves to crawl inside and play with the instruments. It’s his special place where he goes when he needs comfort during playing.

Most kids will prefer cozy spaces from their adolescent years onward. When they learn how to read or have friends over, they’re most likely to choose these warm spaces for their favorite activities.

Low Spaces To Store Toys

toddler boy bedroom ideas with low spaces to store toys

When a toddler room is filled with toys, stepping on one will inevitably happen. Kids can learn how to put their toys away early in life, and if not, they at least benefit from observing their parents do it for them.

It’s best to use baskets and other small containers. Kids find these more accessible than big storage items, and they’ll be able to pick out what they want to play with. If it’s difficult to keep your toddler room clean, you can at least throw all the little toys into baskets and make their play area organized.

A Push Toy

push toy for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Toys designed for pushing can help develop gross motor skills and offer an engaging, imaginative component to play. Examples of these toys include strollers, grocery carts, vehicles, wagons, vacuum cleaners – the possibilities are limitless.


toddler boy bedroom ideas with plants

Take steps to keep the air clean by installing things that add a healthy element to your child’s space, like plants. Your little one will also feel great about giving their plant freshwater when it needs it.

One of the first tips is to buy plants for your home. They aren’t just decoration – they can act as a science project and pet too! (Make sure you find out about the type of plant in advance, some are poisonous).

List Of Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

A Toddler Boy Bedroom Where Imagination Never Ends

a toddler boy bedroom where imagination never ends

A mountain climber, a bus driver, a gymnast, or a hot air balloon pilot…whatever their dream profession–this room supports your child’s journey. And when the day comes to an end and the time is right for sleep, kids can take refuge in this KURA reversible bed with dreams of endless possibilities.

Toddler Boy Bedroom With Black And White Wallpaper

toddler boy bedroom with black and white wallpaper

For the room of a toddler, don’t limit yourself to bright colors. Black and white will not only give your baby a whimsical feel but can still be stylish. Bold patterns in black and white are playful yet chic for an adult’s child’s room to get that professional look with a hint of joy!

Toddler Boy Bedroom In Pirate Adventure Theme

toddler boy bedroom in pirate adventure theme

To create a pirate-themed room, begin by painting the walls a pale beige to create space for your imagination. Add woody hues and ropes as accents to give the room an authentic feel. You’ll want to stick with well-placed heights on all lower beams as cargo nets are not safe for little climbers.

A Playful Toddler Boy Bedroom With Plenty Of Clever Storage

a playful toddler boy bedroom with plenty of clever storage

This toddler boy bedroom is fun and includes clever furniture that encourages creativity. For example, the bed may be set up for spontaneous sleepovers while storage makes it easy to clean up toys. The side table also serves as an easy surface for parents to play with their son or read stories before bedtime.

Animal Print Rug For Toddler Boy Bedroom

animal print rug for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Transform an all-white bedroom by adding a playful animal-inspired rug! This adds interest and creates an area you can play in a while, breaking up the monotony of neutrals.

Unique Gray Toddler Boys Bedroom Ideas

unique grey bunkbed for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Gray is a good color for rooms with more than one child. It can help add tonal variance to the room by avoiding an overly cluttered or messy space. Use various gray tones with white or beige, and include details in brighter colors that complement these shades, such as blue, red, or yellow. Doing this will make your toddler’s bedroom look more interesting.

Gray can accommodate any age. As your kids grow older, its versatility accommodates their needs. If you want to create a bedroom that is both sophisticated and youthful, small changes in your decorating choices can change the look of an entire room. Try colorful wall decor, wooden shelves, and metallic details that resemble tartan or stripes to create a classy look.

Toddler Boy Bedroom On Sea Theme

sea theme for toddler boy bedroom ideas

Try using rich colors for a nautical-themed area. A more saturated palette of oranges, yellows, and greens complement the sea perfectly, like in this fabulous mural. Accent your room for your little sailor with a fancy boat bed and sea-worthy accents like the rope table lamp, fishnet window treatment, etc.

Share The Room With Your Children

bedroom with a yellow toddler bed with blue flowery blanket

Sometimes our spaces are so small that it can feel like we have to share them with our children. Create a nook they will love and call their own by covering corners of the room’s furniture in their favorite color and adding a canopy for privacy.

Combining Different Tones Of Grey For Toddler Boy Bedroom

combining different tones of grey for toddler boy bedroom

If you like mixing different colors, try combining different shades of gray to add depth, separate the areas of the room or play with lighting options?

Industrial-styled Toddler Boy Bedroom

industrial styled toddler boy bedroom ideas

This toddler boy’s bedroom has trendy industrial styling with lots of warm, rich wood colors and various furnishings. To continue this theme throughout the space, display his favorite toys or books on floating shelves.

Exciting Touch For Toddler’s Classic Blue Room

exciting touch for toddler’s classic blue room

Give your toddler’s classic blue room some extra pizzazz by adding a bold blue-striped rug as an accent and hanging a hammock for instant playtime vibes.

Unique And Dreamy Toddler Boy Bedroom

unique and dreamy toddler boy bedroom ideas

Give your boy’s room a dreamy feel by adding fairy lights to the dark gray wall with white drawings or stencils.

Artistic Toddler Bedroom

artistic toddler boy bedroom ideas

The artistic vibe of this toddler boy’s room is noticeable from the entry door all the way to the entrance of his bedroom. The wallpaper compliments the cute sleigh bed and fun patterned armchair that combine for a peppy ambiance in this toddler boys’ room.

Gray Toddler Boy Bedroom In Combination With White And Black Color

gray toddler boy bedroom in combination with white and black color

Gray is the perfect starting point for a bedroom for those who appreciate the cleanliness and simplicity of modern design. When combined with black and white, it can create an elegant contemporary style. A darker shade on the walls offers a more sophisticated touch to your toddler boy’s bedroom that looks grown-up but not in a stark way.

Beautiful Toddler Boy Bedroom

beautiful toddler boy bedroom ideas

This boy’s bedroom is decorated with many monkey business that goes perfectly with the white tone. The shag rug and decorative monkeys on the walls made the perfect combination.

Artsy Blue Toddler Boy Bedroom

artsy blue toddler boy bedroom ideas

The relaxing, boy-friendly tone in this toddler bedroom is subtle and natural. The bright blue walls paired with lively art create a happy space perfect for boys.

Festive Blue Bedroom for Toddler

festive blue for toddler boy bedroom ideas

The festive mood in this bedroom is wonderful and provides a refreshing feeling. Accent colors of blue provide the bedroom with boyish accents that intermingle with celebratory decorative elements to create a fun, lively atmosphere.

Unusual Toddler Boy Bedroom Texture Options With Gray Tones

unusual toddler boy bedroom ideas texture options with gray tones

Be innovative with textures by trying some out-of-the-box options. Why not explore different textures such as raw wood, braided rope rugs, accessories, fake fur, or metal?

Sweet And Simple Toddler Boy Bed Room

sweet and simple toddler boy bedroom ideas

The bedroom of a toddler was designed to be both simple and playful.

The room also features some items related to the decoration, including a round rug, decorative cotton balls in blue hues, bedside table, and beanbag.

Teal Coloured Walls And Lots Of Light

teal coloured walls and lots of light for toddler boy bedroom ideas

For toddlers, a bright room with light-colored walls and comfortable furnishings is a must. The ABC Wood wall fixtures and striped storage pockets underneath give the room a playful feel that will keep your toddler satisfied for hours. The boys’ single bed is covered with blue sheets and pillows which match the room’s décor.

A Dreaming Of Dinosaurs Toddler Boy Bedroom

a dreaming of dinosaurs toddler boy bedroom ideas

A toddler boy’s dream room — a place where they can play with dinosaurs during the day, paint their adventures in the afternoon and sleep under the starry sky of prehistoric Earth at night.

Paint An Inspiring Wall Mural

paint an inspiring wall mural for toddler boy bedroom ideas

If you don’t find wallpaper appealing, why not add wall decals or paint a simple scene on the plainest walls? The process might take some planning and skill, but you don’t need to be Monet to create a great painting.

Forest Inspired Toddler Boy’s bedroom

forest inspired toddler boy bedroom ideas

The cheery colors from the walls to the furniture make this room feel warm and calm. The bright colors are combined with a forest theme that helps communicate peacefulness and wholesomeness.

Toddler Room With Tiny Furniture And Decorations

toddler boy bedroom ideas with tiny furniture and decorations

Keeping toys to a minimum in your toddler’s room is key if you want to cut down on the mess. This will make it easier for her to access any toys she may have and eliminate some minor cleaning issues that happen all the time.

If your kid has their own playroom, you may want to keep all the toys there. But if they have an “all-purpose” room for grown-ups too, create a designated area where toys go so your child gets in the habit of keeping them there.

One way Cole made his son’s room more grown-up was by getting rid of most of the toys and then keeping them in a play area. He created less clutter in his son’s bedroom which allowed him to relax there more often. His child can also better sleep at night now because the room contains only a few things.

Fun Orange Bedroom for Toddler Boy

fun orange toddler boy bedroom ideas

This toddler boy’s bedroom is delightful. The mature orange paint contrasting nicely with the creative artwork on the wall creates a fun and amusing ambiance in this cute and sweet boy’s room.

Cute Bench For Toddler Boy Bedroom

cute bench toddler boy bedroom ideas

Casey Freeberg from Home and Hallow utilizes these multi-purpose bookcases from IKEA to create a hybrid storage unit with the added function of kid-friendly reading.

Something like this does require a few design considerations – whether it’s when it comes to the no-sew bench cushion or bolting pieces to the wall for safety reasons – but they’re well worth the payoff.

Lego Inspired Toddler Bedroom

lego inspired toddler boy bedroom ideas

This is not your ordinary bedroom. The Lego-inspired space caters to the imagination of your future architect, and it also nudges him in that direction with vivid white walls.

Modern Toddler Boy Bedroom

modern toddler boy bedroom ideas

Here is a bedroom idea for a toddler kid. The photo frame as decoration is an unusual but cool way to decorate the boy’s room.

Pirate Boat Inspired Bedroom

pirate boat inspired toddler boy bedroom ideas

Ahoy! This is a pirate’s bedroom. It features fun, creative decor and takes inspiration from pirates for an authentic experience.

The Boy’s Fortess

adorable toddler boy bedroom ideas with a little star tent

This is a toddler room fit for any little one. With new bedding and decor, the tent-like frame provides hours of entertainment for your little adventurer.

Organized toddlers Bedroom

organized toddlers boy bedroom ideas

Here is a neat bedroom set-up for Mr. Neat: Tidy Neatson. This bedroom is really well organized with labeled storage and an armchair with a label, so this would be the perfect setup for someone who desires to have an orderly space in their room.

The Little Mr. Serious Guy toddler boy bedroom

the little mr serious guy toddler boy bedroom ideas

This is a small bedroom for males who are in their future careers or business. The setting of this bedroom, with no frills, looks super cute.

The Lille Sailman Blue Toddler Bedroom

the lille sailman blue toddler bedroom ideas

Here are more great ways to decorate your toddler’s bedroom with a nautical theme. These rooms are large and spacious, perfect for energetic children.

Vintage Car Inspired Toddler Bedroom

vintage car inspired toddler bedroom ideas

Old-school cars converted into beds are every boy’s dream, making this toddler bedroom one that is both creative and cool.

The Little Scout Toddler Boy Bedroom

the little scout toddler boy bedroom ideas

This boy’s toddler bedroom has been decorated with traditional and cute furniture.

 In A Nutshell

When creating a toddler boy bedroom, consider that you will be striving for an overall theme. You can accomplish this by using the same color scheme throughout the bedroom with different types of linens and bedding.

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