Beautiful Vase Filler Ideas That Make Your Room Look Elegant And Classy

Vase fillers offer an interesting and eye-catching way to design a flower or plant arrangement. There are many filler options available, the best of which we’ll discuss in a moment -before first covering what makes vase fillers such an indispensable part of any good arranger’s supply list.

Why Use Vase Fillers?

Complement Your Plants

Dried flowers can look great inside a vase, but enhanced fillers can make them even more attractive. Example: Using polished stones and pebbles in addition to dried branches inside the vase will increase the added beauty of your arrangement.

A Versatile Design Technique

Choose vases and flower fillers that are an expression of your creativity. They come in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can mix them up or combine two types as desired to create something new every time you arrange flowers.

Change With The Seasons

To give your home some seasonal flair, always have vase fillers on hand for the appropriate time of year. For instance, in autumn, add acorns or pine cones to your vases, switching up with colorful crushed glass in spring and dried flower petals during summertime.

Easy To Store

To be useful, most filler ideas we’re about to explore must remain unused for a period of time. This means they are more likely to last several years and always be on hand when you feel like making changes.

Common Materials That Are Often Used As Vase Filler

Sea Shells

Seashells work as a perfect filler for vases. They are beautiful and curate any coastal décor! Shell mixes, sand dollars, conches, olive shells, trochus, and many other types of seashells can complement your living space easily.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are often mistaken for a fashion trend, but they have actually modernized in recent years. It is now nearly impossible to differentiate between an artificial flower and the real thing, from how it feels to the lifelike appearance, so don’t underestimate the faux flower as outdated or unenjoyable.

They’re also great if any member of your household experiences allergies due to fresh flowers, and they don’t require water or soil. They can be used as replacements for live plants in the home, which are not pet-friendly.

Willow Branches

Willow branches are among the most classic possible dry fillers because they’re versatile, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and durable. Willow can also be beautiful looking as well!

Willow branches have an eye-catching shape and are known for being lightweight and able to camouflage well. We suggest using them in mostly minimalistic spaces with tall floor vases, as they hold attention better than heavier or more decorative items would.

Artificial Fruit

While artificial fruit may seem like a trend of the ’90s, it is still present today. The main reason for this is that modern-day artificial fruit designs are much more intricate and detailed than in past decades.

Artificial fruit is an easy way to decorate a table, and you can use whatever fruit–from apples to lemons to oranges—in whatever season you’d like.

Sea Glass

Walking along the beach and finding a polished piece of sea glass is always fun, so why not bring the essence of the ocean with you to display as vase filler?

While gathering enough sea glass on your own can take a long time, you could always purchase beautiful mixtures of perfectly tumbled, smooth shards online that come in any color and are identical to pieces found along even the most landlocked coastlines.

Coffee Beans

Finding the perfect vase filler can be as simple as picking up a bag of coffee beans from your local grocery store! Coffee beans come in all colors and shapes, adding depth to any design scheme or arrangement. Spraying them or painting them different colors is an additional option if you want something more exciting than plain old black with green, for instance.


There are hundreds of colors and types of sand to choose from. Some people enjoy layering different colored sands inside their vases for a creative touch, great for beach- or coastal-themed decor.

Dried Flower Petals

Dried flower petals will work for any time of the year, even if you’re not looking to create a fall centerpiece. Our favorite petals are chrysanthemums, peonies, lavenders, hibiscuses, and roses.

Be sure to dry and save any dead flowers from your own gardening activities. They give you a steady supply of new petals to use.

Glass “Gemstones”

Artificial gemstones offer many choices for the shape, color, and size that are unmatched among other fillers. In addition, they’re inexpensive and durable so that you can enjoy them your whole life.


Acorns can be either fake or real, and they bring a great look to any arrangement. You can shop online or head out into the forest yourself during autumn months like September and October to get acorns.

Glass Beads & Marbles

There are many options for filling your vase with flowers, including using glass beads or marbles. They come in any color and are relatively inexpensive.

Glass marbles and beads can be layered to create a more interesting appearance. This type of filler should be used in an area with lots of natural light to shimmer through the marbles and beads.

River & Beach Stones

You can enjoy nature by visiting a nearby river or beach-either during your trip or after you return home. Smooth stones are available for purchase; some are rougher in texture, while others have a shiny appearance.


Few people have the money for a lavish home, but you can fit an eclectic design using old buttons that may never get used again. You can find inexpensive collections of assorted buttons online or at flea markets and thrift stores.

Pine Cones

Pine cones can also be collected by you and your friends yourself while going for a walk in the forest. Of course, the organic, natural look of them is preferable, but they are an option if you cannot locate any nearby.

These are necessary if you want to change the décor of your home by the seasons.

Birch Branches

Birch bark’s natural patterns make it a nice decor choice, whether on its own or combined with other filler items.

This is a great way to bring one of the most iconic trees into your home without taking up much space, but it also gives you the chance to show off some of your favorite vases.

If birch bark is available, you can also wrap it around the top of a vase for an even better effect. Birch branches come in a wide variety of sizes and are generally very easy to find.

Shelled Nuts

Shelled nuts can last many design changes when stored in the shell, although other types will store just as well without it. For a unique take on an old tradition, use something as basic as the walnut or hazelnut for your next centerpiece. Water Beads

These beads are made from a combination of two surprising materials: plastic and absorbent polymer. When they’re submerged in water, the tiny beads grow to be many times their regular size.

You can include your kids in the home design process by using water beads. Watching them gradually expand underwater can be interesting.

Dried Corn

Also, a seasonal favorite is dried corn, which can be found either as individual kernels or on the cob. Either way, it looks beautiful combined with other fall fillers such as dried leaves, acorns, pine cones, and more.

Crushed Glass


The various shapes, sizes, and colors of crushed glass make it one of the most commonly used vase fillers. Some types are smooth, while others have rougher textures to add more depth to your design creations.


Although these pieces are small in size, driftwood looks excellent within plenty of different vases. Along with sand, sea glass, stones, and shells, it adds both personalities and essence for the beach to any area you place them at home.

We love using driftwood in place of traditional fillers for our displays as we shift into our summer decor, and it stores away easily. Making a bed of tall dried flowers with driftwood is easy to assemble and looks great.

Cotton Bolls

Cotton plants grow in globular clumps of fluffy white cotton on their branches, referred to as bolls. As the cotton grows, it pops open the brown boll casing and exposes its inner fibers.

Cotton bolls can be used both when they’re still on a branch or after they’ve been harvested. The best option depends on whether you want the cotton in a tall and narrow vase or stack it up like a bowl.

Wheat Stalks

If you want the essence of a summertime wheat field in your home, consider using dried wheat stalks. Tall and dry, these will last a long time and are inexpensive or even free! In addition, wheat has an earthy color tone that blends well with any decor style— making it perfect for any space.

We particularly enjoy placing wheat stalks in tall floor vases and even love pairing them with dried birch or willow branches. They also make fresh flower arrangements more interesting by adding a new touch.

Decorative Orbs

Recently decorative orbs made of various natural materials twisted into “orb” shapes are becoming quite popular. Some of our favorite types include ones made out of vines, wicker, twigs, rattan, and rope. Smaller orbs can be used in combination with other fillers, while a larger orb can act as the centerpiece on its own.

Lava Rocks

The textures present in porous lava rock make it a great option for vases, both independently or combined with other filler. Structures can be found from real volcanoes and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

We love mixing small pieces of lava rock in with larger pieces. Larger pieces are often tumbled for an attractive, polished exterior that makes it less conspicuous to those around you than when using unpolished styles.

Scented Sticks

You can decorate your favorite vases with these scented sticks to improve the ambiance of a room and fill it with neutral smells.

The sticks can come in many sizes depending on the type of vase you want to put them in- from small bud vases to large floor vases. There are also various colors and scents, so there is an ideal size for any vase you have.

Our fragrance sticks have scents like lavender, jasmine, and lily. They come in a variety of other scents as well.

Moss Balls

If you’re seeking a rustic look to solve any nature-minded home design dilemma, or desire a sense of balance in your contemporary space, purchase moss balls for vase fillers.

Wine Corks

There are two ways to create this project: you can buy pre-packaged corks from the store, or you can drink a lot of wine and create your own. We have to say - going with the latter sounds more enjoyable, plus it will give your display an attractive wine tint.

List Of Creative Vase Filler Ideas

Here are a few ways to fill your vases creatively. These can easily be found online or in most stores, and many of them you can gather upon a short hike!

Cereal And Gumballs As Colorful Vase Fillers

Cereal boxes and gumballs are great table fillers for a child’s birthday or baby shower.

Bouncy Balls As Another Colorful Vase Fillers

One idea for child’s parties is to include bouncy balls. Have fun with this arrangement!

Vase Filler Ideas With Acorns

Acorns are the perfect size for vases so that they can be easily embellished with candles. Another great part? They can be found on many trees free of charge!

Vase Filler Ideas With Jingle Bells

This vase filler idea is for the holiday season but can be used on any occasion. Add a small jingle bell to your tall and slender vase, and add more if you want an antiqued look. For this effect, tarnish them with a solution of three parts apple cider vinegar and one part non-iodized sea salt.

Alphabet Magnets As Vase Filler

Use alphabet magnets as vases to fill up the classroom or child’s room. We think it is so cute!

Dye Cheap Rock Salt Vase Filler

Use inexpensive rock salt to make fake gemstones for your candles.

Alternatively, you could use a new color of salt every season or holiday.

Split Peas Beautiful Green Color vase Filler

The impressive green color makes peas perfect for spring.

Spray Paint Pinto Beans Vase Filler

Fill up vases with beans or other plant life, then spray paint them to create a bright and lively centerpiece.

Moss Balls Vase Filler Ideas Partially conceal branches

This enchanting garden is the perfect place for a relaxing break. The branches are partially concealed by moss balls, willow balls, and burlap-covered balls, which act as natural decor to create an otherworldly atmosphere that’s sure to make you feel relaxed after just one visit!

Vase Filler Ideas With Candy Corn

Plan to have bowls of candy corn available around your house before you start trick or treating.

Vase Filler Ideas With Apples

People use fruits and vegetables like apples to fill up their flower vases all year round. But they’re trendy during fall when the kids are coming over.

Vase Filler Ideas With Cranberries

If last-minute decorating is your thing, consider these rich berry accents. They work well for Fall and translate nicely into winter décor!

Vase Filler Ideas With Carrots

Did you know that vibrant orange carrots mix beautifully with any fall color scheme? They’re great to add to your decorative veggies for Thanksgiving.

Classic Wheat Centerpiece Vase Filler Ideas

Store wheat stalks upright in sugar or sand-filled jars. They can then be placed on trays as a rustic centerpiece filled with almonds or walnuts.

Creative Birch Branches Vase Filler Ideas

Birch branches are a great way to add height to your vase for an elegant display if that’s the look you want. You can even attach pumpkins, terrariums, or small lanterns from them.

Vase Filler Ideas With Corn

To make centerpieces even more affordable, use whole corncobs. Corn Kernels are less expensive in bulk at the grocery store and produce a light yellow color.

Fairy Lights Vase Filler Ideas

A strand of fairy lights in a glass cloche will give your home instant coziness. Choose white lights for the ultimate cozy ambiance.

Vintage Balls Collection In A Vase

Add a collection of vintage billiard balls, croquet balls, or dice to fill in space. This will be especially fun for your family room or game room as an industrial centerpiece.

Vase Filler Ideas With Leaves

One of the best projects for fall is to spray paint leaves gold! Do this when they are in their most beautiful colors, and be gentle when adding them to your arrangements.

Sea Shells In A Vase

If you want a way to display your collected shells from vacations, this is a perfect way!

Use Balls Of Twine As Vase Filler Ideas

If you have a craft room, then you may already have this at home. Twine balls make for great decorations when thrown into a jar together, but there’s more that can be done with them!

Final Words

If you’re looking to fill up your vases with an assortment of different filler blooms, there are many choices available that can be altered according to the style and design envisioned for each container. Be sure to purchase a variety so that you always have an easy decorative option available.

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