Hi there! My name is Kathlyn Hart and I help ambitious badass women like you earn more.

Now, wasn't always a fierce little mama on a mission.

In fact, for years I felt stuck, frustrated and underpaid. I dreamt of getting out of debt, being able to travel the world, and have a business of my own.

The skill which turned everything around was learning how to negotiate.

Through learning how to confidently and successfully ask for more, I went from living paycheck-to-paycheck to saving over $16,000 to quit my job and travel the world, to building a business of my own which has gone on to produce over $3 million.

Now I'm on a mission to help you do the same!

Whether you want to confidently negotiate a raise at work or increase your rates in your business so you can earn more with ease, I want to help you make it happen.

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The Professional Version

(aka the fancy 3rd person point of view version)

Kathlyn Hart is a financial empowerment coach and motivational speaker who supports ambitious women to dream big, live bold and earn more. Through her one-on-one coaching & online negotiation course “Be Brave Get Paid,” she helps individuals own their worth and gain the skills to confidently ask for more, increasing their income by an average of $15,000.

In addition, she is the host of The Kathlyn Hart Show, where she interviews entrepreneurial women about their journey from dreaming to doing.  The podcast was featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy,” receives over 50,000 downloads annually, and was named “Top 5 Women Podcasts You Must Listen” by Huffington Post.

Kathlyn’s teachings on money, mindset, career and business have been featured in publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, Bustle, The Muse, Learnvest, Hello Giggles, and Popsugar. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.