042: How Courage Takes Over When Fear Can No Longer Hide with Jenni Brown of Prim'd Marketing

What happens when a J-O-B isn't exactly necessary for you to keep a roof over your head? Would you go for your dreams? Hit the ground running like a pro and make it happen?

I think we all like to assume we would… But what about that nasty bugger named fear we all know so well? Even with greater financial freedom, fear doesn't suddenly disappear.

So what's a boss babe to do?

Tune into this week's guest with Jenni Brown of Prim'd Marketing to hear how she found the courage within to become a writer when hiding behind fear was longer an option…

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Behind the Boss:

  • Favorite pump-up song: This is embarrassing to admit, but when I really need to get work done I like listening to old electronica, like Owl City's Fireflies. It's weird, and I like it ;)
  • Simple pleasure: Massages. If I had unlimited money, I would get one every single Friday.
  • Current challenge working through: Trying to ride the wave of client work (creativity for sale) and my own projects (creativity for keeps). It's a tough balance, and one I don't always get right, but I'm working on it.
  • Pep talk to your younger self: Stop worrying so much about ‘the rules' or getting it right. You're the boss, make your life however you want. Don't be afraid to be wrong, you can always change it.
  • Next item on bucket list: I was a gymnast as a kid, and recently I've found a gym that does adult gymnastics classes. Right now I *really* want to get some of my skills on bars. If I could get my kip + a shooting star and connect it to a high bar, I would forever be proud of myself.
  • Life motto: “Apply ass to chair” - Mary Karr …but if you ask my husband it's “Don't tell me what to do, I do what I want!”

Favorite Takeaways:

Perspective is a gift... it just might take awhile to get to you ;) - @jenniprimd #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet Be wary pragmatism and so-called 'logic' masking your fear - @jenniprimd #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet Remember you are always doing the best you can at the time - @jenniprimd #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet There is no right path or wrong path, there is only THE path - @jenniprimd #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet

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