047: Letting Passion and Purpose Fuel You with Shannon McLay of The Financial Gym

After working in the traditional financial sector for 13 years, this week's guest Shannon McLay founded The Financial Gym - a new-age financial services company focused on providing affordable financial training so it's clients can achieve financial freedom.

This dream of a business did not happen overnight though, and rather was the result of deliberate testing and planning over the course of three-and-a-half years.

In this week's interview, Shannon shares with us her journey of discovering her purpose, testing various different business models, finding her business partner through her network, and of course tips on how you can take your next big leap!

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Behind the Boss Babe

  • Favorite pump-up song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  • Simple pleasure: A glass of wine
  • Current challenge working through: Raising money to build gyms across the country.
  • Next item on your bucket lists: I'd love to live in Italy for an extended period of time.
  • Pep talk to your younger self: “Suck it up bitch.”
  • Life motto: Everything happens for a reason.

Favorite Takeaways:

Connect with your passion & purpose, it will fuel you more than the money will. Click To Tweet
Play nice in the sandbox, you never know where the connections will lead. - @blonde_finance Click To Tweet
Treat your clients like gold and they become your sales force. - @blonde_finance #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet
Things may not start the way you intend, but they always end how they are supposed to. Click To Tweet

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