TBLS 046: Reframing Failure and Showing Up to Life with Betsy Crouch & Zoe Galvez of Improv HQ - Kathlyn Hart

TBLS 046: Reframing Failure and Showing Up to Life with Betsy Crouch & Zoe Galvez of Improv HQ

What is failure really, and how can we evolve from what we think it is? In this episode I sit down with Betsy Crouch and Zoe Galvez of Improv HQ - two women on a mission to empower business leaders and their employees work better together through the art of improv. Tune in to hear about the evolution of Improv HQ, lessons from the art that they apply to their personal lives, and how to have more fun every day by learning to reframe failure and wahoo what we often call “mistakes.”

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Behind the Boss Babes:

  • Current challenges working through: Growth. Juggling schedules. Trying to clone ourselves.
  • Favorite pump-up song: Let’s Go by Calvin Harris
  • Simple pleasures:
    • Zoe and Betsy: Dogs, spontaneous dance parties, making up songs, urban walks.
    • Zoe: .. and matcha tea!
    • Betsy: and meditation!
    • Zoe: I practice beditation. It’s like meditation, but you try to melt into your bed.
  • Next item on their bucket lists: 
    • Betsy: I don’t aspire to “retire.” If I can hear and speak I’ll always be working in some way, encouraging and supporting others in coming alive and thriving.
    • Zoe: visit Cuba my dad’s home country
  • Pep talk to your younger selves: 
    • Zoe: Just keep following your heart! Keep practicing what you love! Keep carving your own path. It’s not going to look like everyone else’s path and that’s ok. And practice your Spanish!
    • Betsy: Listen to and follow your voice. When something makes you come alive and energized, that is a clue. Follow the clues. Help others. Have faith. Feel the feelings. Love big and live big.
  • Life mottos:
    • Betsy: Breathe and Believe
    • Zoe: To quote Elaine May, “The only safe thing is to take a chance.” And to quote Martha Graham, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”

Favorite Takeaways:

The only way to fail is to quit too soon - @improv #TheBigLeapShow Click To Tweet Dear inner critic, later, later. I’ll come back to you later - @improv #TheBigLeapShow Click To Tweet Wahoo your flops, they not mistakes but rather lessons to evolve from - @improv #TheBigLeapShow Click To Tweet

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