Blanket Storage Ideas : Tips And Trick To Make Your Room More Organized

It’s never a bad idea to have extra blankets on hand. They’ll be put to good use any time you’ve got unexpected visitors at your house, and this is especially true if they’re feeling chilled or just cool in general. Therefore, it is important to have a supply on hand. However, you may find that finding the proper storage for them is difficult.

Storage of extra blankets depends on your home but should be kept in a place where they are easily accessible for when you need them, such as in the attic or under the bed. If they do not work for you, storing them in a linen closet or the camper you use less will not be a problem.

As a child, you were always amazed by the number of blankets your auntie kept on hand or how many their grandparents had in the room when you came for a visit. After the number of blankets that kept pouring out, one might have been wondering where they were stored! Well, you’re about to find out!

The Important of Blanket Storage

If you have a lot of blankets but no places to store them. Consequently, they are most likely scattered throughout your home on furniture, chairs, beds, and other places. While it’s not wrong to have extra blankets on hand, having too many on display can make your house seem cluttered. It is advantageous to find a way to store away your extra blankets until you need them again, as no one else sees the clutter.

Tips For Storing Your Blankets

Blankets come and go with the changing of seasons. When winter turns to spring, your heavy-down comforter might be swapped for a lighter quilt at bedtime. Where should you store excess blankets in the meantime?

Some people have enough linen closets to store comforters and blankets. Others, however, must be more creative with storage solutions. We’ll show you some of the best ways to store these items without cramping your home’s space in the process.

These storage tips will help you keep your fabric in good shape and free of odors.

Launder Blanket Accordingly

Storing clean bedding is important. It’s best to use discretion on whether your comforters need a full launder before storage. For instance, if you have a vintage blanket stored in your linen closet for only one or two months, fluff it up and shake off the fabric outdoors before storing it to prevent damage from laundry. You may also get it dry cleaned if the blanket has not been professionally cleaned for a long period of time.

Any dirty blanket should be dried before being put away. It is imperative to ensure that the fabric has been sufficiently dried before storing. Any dampness can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Keep these tips in mind when laundering a blanket.:

  • To ensure the best quality for your blanket, wash it in cold water and on a delicate cycle because hot water can degrade the fabric too. Be sure to use a small amount of gentle detergent to avoid stiffening the sheets.
  • Place the items in a dryer and set them on medium heat. Ensure to use dryer balls so that the fabric does not bunch up due to uneven drying time or wrinkles.
  • Don’t overstuff the dryer. Cover your blanket with an old sheet before a drying cycle so that air can escape more easily during the fluffing process.
  • Lay your sheet or blanket out of the dryer right away. This process will help prevent wrinkles in storage.
  • Some materials may need to air dry for 48 hours or avoid heat. Verify the label before following these instructions.

Allow Fabric to Breathe

The best place to store bedding made of natural fibers like wool is an open space with adequate airflow. Avoid plastic bags that can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew problems.

Consider the following storage options for your blankets:

  • Cotton storage bags can help protect against bugs and dust while allowing airflow through the bag. It’s a good idea to wrap blankets and sheets around any comforters before storing them in cotton sacks, as this will make it easier to pull out just one article of bedding at a time.
  • Fluffy quilts, blankets, or pillows can be hung with a comforter hanger to avoid overlapping and create airflow.
  • Acid-free packaging is perfect for long-term storage because it prevents the risk of creasing and fabric bleeding.

Avoid Damp Storage Areas

When storing blankets, it is best to store them in a cool and dry place. Moisture is the biggest problem for most people because moisture causes mold growth, damaging your blanket.

The basement, garage, or other humid areas in your home should be avoided when storing bedding items like blankets.

If you lack space inside your home, get creative with storage solutions. If you have a storage unit, make sure the unit is climate-controlled.

Keep blankets handy with these clever storage solutions :

  • Utilize a linen closet by ensuring it is stays organized.
  • You can create your own under-the-bed storage solution.
  • Ensure that there is enough air circulation in the attic to get too hot and stay cool.
  • Baskets and ottomans can hide your bedding in plain sight; use these items for both storage from day to day as well as a comfortable place to sit.
  • Place extra baskets on the floor of the closet below a shelf.
  • For the entrance hallway, think of large-scale furniture like armoires or dressers.

Maximize Space by Folding

A properly folded blanket will save space, which is important when you’re packing or storing.

One way to solve the bulk and weight is to roll it up tightly and tie strings around them. This option can be ideal because they will stay folded better than if you leave it flat or fold it in half with another blanket on top.

Rolling the comforter loosely with compression in mind and storing it vertically will make for better storage. Rolling down a feather or down-filled comforter can severely damage them and cause bunches to form inside the blanket.

It would help if you considered these tips for blanket storage:

  • Synthetic or natural down comforters don’t need to be vacuum sealed, but those made of cotton or wool do. Leave some air in the bag before sealing it for those filled with feathers.
  • If you are not sure where to store your blankets, it is best that they be stored by weight. Heavy ones should go on the bottom and lighter items can then be placed above them. It’s also important to avoid storing anything heavy or sharp directly on top of a down blanket as this may cause damage over time!

Keep Blankets Fresh

If you need to store your blanket in a damp area, there are some precautions you can take to maintain its freshness. If your blankets are in an area with high humidity levels, be sure to run a dehumidifier that is powerful enough.

Moreover, storing blankets in airtight containers can prevent them from getting creased or taking on odors. Storing blankets in airtight containers will only work for short periods of time because fabric should be exposed to fresh air for long-term storage.

Tips to keep blankets smelling fresh :

  • Store clean sheets in an airtight tote or armoire with a few dryer sheets. The fresh scent will keep the items smelling great and looking good long after they have been laundered.
  • The baking soda and essential oils act as an odor absorber when placed inside a mason jar. This DIY project is effective in absorbing moisture from any damp or dry fabrics. Place this absorber inside your linen closet or near any area that holds bedding (i.e., bedroom)
  • To ensure your blanket retains its scent, try using cedar-lined chests or cedar chips to ward off moths instead of mothballs.
  • Consider hanging your blankets out in the sun to deodorize and kill any bacteria on them. Hang them out over a clothesline at noon, where they will get direct sunlight for as long as possible.

27 Blanket Storage Ideas for Your Inspiration

Simple Blanket Storage Using Basket


A simple storage idea for space-saving blankets is a basket you keep on your living room floor. This should be kept near a couch. It is quick to whip out a blanket when the mood strikes, then roll it up and tuck the blanket away again later on. This large wire basket does well because it lets blankets air out after use.

Wood + Wire Storage Tables

To spice up your interior design, consider wood and wire tables. These have a wire cage for blankets as the base and a wooden surface perfect for traditional table lamps or magazines.

A Blanket Ladder


Blanket ladders are surprisingly easy to build yourself, and you only need to buy a bit of hardware. The best thing about them is that they can be moved from room to room without requiring you to drill any holes in the wall.

A Drying Rack or Towel Rack


This copper stand on Etsy is a bit pricey, but any drying rack of your liking would work. Target has some starting as low as $14.99. If you don’t love the look of the rack, fill it with your blankets, so the aesthetic of the blanket is a focal point and not just a focus on its appearance.

Blanket Wall Rack


If you don’t want to add another piece of furniture, the next best place for easy blanket storage is on a rack mounted on the wall. This rack is versatile, appearing in many different homes with the same functionality. You can adapt it to your home’s decor while retaining its practicality. If you’re looking to save money, you can even build this yourself from simple 1×2 lumber.

Side Tables And Coffee Tables

Living room designs sometimes include coffee tables and side tables, so what about selecting one that doubles as a home for your blankets?

Display Cabinet

If you have old quilts or blankets that you want to display on your furniture, using re-purposed items is a way to elevate the displays. Using a beautiful china cabinet provides storage as well as display space for them.

The best way to store your blankets is in an upcycled armoire without drawers. It can be a decorative piece that also showcases the beautiful colors and patterns of each blanket, so you don’t have to search for it when you need one.

Put Basket near Sofa to Store your Blanket

Stack your folded blankets in a fully visible basket next to the couch. While this takes some space, it also provides easy access and showcases a decorative alternative to closet storage for that extra space.

Wooden Blanket Storage

It’s important to get your blankets within arm’s reach, so you don’t have to get up when you’re feeling lazy or sleepy. These blanket holders help store and display your blankets stylishly.

Store Blanket in Clear Shoes Holder

You’ll want to be sure you have plenty of blankets on hand for when the baby arrives, so gather up any extras and roll them up. Store these in a clear shoe holder inside your nursery closet door- this way they’re out of sight but still easily accessible with one quick glance!

Place Them In A Classy-Looking Hamper

Hide unneeded blankets and throws in a laundry hamper with a lid, or place it under a window with plants on top.

Out of Sight

You can use an ottoman with a lid by storing blankets inside while they’re not being used. DIY versions can have storage, and some are on wheels to make them easy to move around the house.

Mcgowen Frame 2 Piece End Table Set

This is the perfect place to store your extra blankets. This product comes in two different sizes for those looking for convenient blanket storage in their home. It’s practical and fits perfectly into any corner of your house.

One main feature that attracted us to this product is the universal design and appearance.

No matter the style of your house, this simple solution will instantly elevate any space. All you need to do is lock in the top, making for a lovely side table.


For a quick and easy storage solution: Baskets. Please place them in the corner of your room and throw blankets inside when you need one, instead of folding them.

Wall Ladder Or Blanket Ladder

If you have an old ladder that just isn’t being used, grab a can of paint and use it as a decorative piece to store your blankets. If you don’t have a ladder, get one online. They are cheap and great for hanging blankets in a stylish manner.

Try hanging your decorative ladder horizontally on the wall instead of propping it up against a wall. This provides you with an updated way to display colorful quilts and blankets. Keep a ladder close to the sofa for easy access if the ladder is going to be vertical, or have it close by horizontally.

Valencia Velvet Louise Storage Ottoman

This popular, cute product is a seamless addition to your storage needs. This green velvet upholstered ottoman looks luxurious and rich. Use it as a stool or footrest, while it provides you with an area to store away your blankets. It has wooden legs for good support. If your bedroom is geared toward a retro look, start by choosing accessories that match the theme.

Use Metal Mobile Storage Unit

A mobile storage unit is the quickest way to keep your blankets and pillows organized plus you can always move it around as needed.

Blanket Ladder

Blanket or Towel Ladder handcrafted using copper and poplar. The minimalist, interesting design will turn your heap of throw blankets on your sofa into a functional feature. For bathrooms with tall tiled walls, the blanket ladder functions as a towel rack as well.

Basket Blanket Storage

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I love baskets. I find they work really well as storage solutions-you can store just about anything in one: toys, books, blankets, clothes. Putting things in an attractive basket means it’s hidden and easy to access at the same time.

UniFlame W-1018

This innovative idea adds a creative touch to your home. Use this log holder for your blankets - roll them up and line them here. Kids will love pulling out whichever blanket they want to use, and it’s fun, different, and reminiscent of country living.

If metal and leather are not your things, there are plenty of holders out there that only have a base in metal. These plain metal circle log holders look great with any contemporary or modern theme.

Coat Rack or Clothes Stand

A coat rack may not seem like a standard solution to keep your blanket handy. Still, if you can find one with long arms (designed for hanging coats), it could accommodate an article of clothing in the same way as a hanger by looping through or draping over one of those long arms.

Dark Grey Woven Storage Basket

These Homdiy wallets are not faux leather-like other wallets. Instead, they are made of genuine, thick cow leather and can be used for laundry or storage. These baskets also have a cotton exterior, which means there will be no unpleasant odor created and safe enough to use as gifts for kids.

Organize Your Decor

We have some awesome living room storage ideas! Place a few baskets around your living space to use for storing pillows, blankets, and even books. An alternative to tossing pillows on the floor is to place them in a living room basket. Additionally, baskets are great blanket storage ideas because they keep blankets handy without spilling out.

Opt for Decorative Storage Baskets


Adding storage baskets to living room shelves or cubbies offers an excellent way to hide clutter. You can store blankets, books, and toys in these baskets, making the space more functional while displaying items that might not have a place otherwise. Additionally, different styles of storage baskets are available, including fabric, wire, rope, and rattan to suit your convenience.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is the best bet for remaining tidy while hosting a friend or family member. The raised top offers even more storage possibilities, and includes three stainless steel drawers to store your blankets and pillows underneath!

Coffee Table Blanket Boxes

I first considered boxes because they can serve multiple purposes. My idea was to fill a box with a nice blanket and use it as an attractive coffee table and a place to store other blankets.

Get Hollow End Tables


A piece of furniture to try in the living room is an end table with a hollow body. Like an ottoman, this table can be used for storage and contains many features like chargers, magazines, toys for kids, and even blankets for colder days.

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