Best Garage Wall Ideas That Combines Function And Aesthetics

Your old garage is a bit bleak, and after years of postponing the inevitable improvements on your part, we’ve decided to start considering some ways you can give your garage walls new life.

We have pretty unattractive walls. The builder left unfinished rafters when he finished the garage before building our home and then just tiled over them, not to mention that ugly concrete floor.

But if your garage does not have any room for storage, it will likely also be cluttered with floor clutter that only worsens the appearance of your garage.

Many homes have unused space within their garage. A vast amount of storage can be found on these walls, mostly in the form of shelving. But often, homeowners don’t take advantage of this oversize area to create a more modern appearance for their entire garage.

Installing smart upgrades to your garage walls can dramatically affect the functionality and appearance of your whole room.

When you’re contemplating how to remodel your garage walls, think about it as an opportunity to express yourself. The right design choices will make the space special and unique while transforming it into something beautiful.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Material For Your Garage Walls

Kind Of Look You Want (Aesthetics)

Your desired look for the garage wall you pick will be impacted by which material you choose. Wood planks are best if your goal is to create a rustic, country-style garage. If you would like a textured look in your garage, consider using textured wall panels. For the traditional look, brick and masonry paint can add detail to create different looks.


Some garage walls are more durable than others. Although drywall is a dependable option, other sustainable materials, including veneer concrete, brick, and fiberglass, are worth considering. These options are durable, but they may not meet your needs if you want to use your garage walls for as long as possible - due to their non-ideal surface texture or colors. If this sounds like what you’re looking for then consider going with these other great alternatives!

Storage System in Wall

Wall storage is essential to increase your garage space. With the right wall storage, it’s possible to keep your garage organized and save on space. When you come across wall materials for storing items, we have options like metal slats as well using a pegboard. You might also try cork wood when choosing these types of materials where there are many benefits including its ability in making organization easier if used at home or work!

Difficulty Level in Installation

Different wall materials are easy to install, and others take a little more time. It is easy to install metal slats, pegboards, and also wood cork. However, when it comes to a concrete wall texture, you might need the assistance of an expert. If you plan on installing the new material yourself, choose something that will be easy to put up like.

Space Covered

When considering the material for your garage wall covering, consider using a combination of different materials. This can be done by installing metal slats and fiberglass simultaneously. You can use wood cork on one side of your wall and metal slats on the other. The two materials will make the space look fantastic as well as functional.


The budget also impacts the type of wall material you choose to install in your garage. Installing brick might be difficult because it requires a specific set of skills, which may or may not fall under your budget. However, the affordable garage wall solutions we offer include pegboards and panel walls. You can easily install a paneled wall in your garage by purchasing panels and using an installation instruction booklet that comes with the pre-assembled panels.

Material for Garage Walls


If you have a finished garage, there is likely drywall already in place. It is often required for fire code by the state and can’t be replaced with another material without taking it down first. As drywall is used, it can get pretty beat up. Often, people prefer to replace the entire surface when they’re doing a remodel in their garage. Removing it can be a hassle, but take advantage of the opportunity to do any work in your garage that you’d like. Maybe add insulation for soundproofing and/or extra electrical or plumbing if you want to use this space as a workshop or bar.

When remodeling a garage, adding extra blocking and additional framing for places to hang shelves and hooks for heavy equipment is important. If your drywall is in good condition, you don’t need to replace the wall. Just fill in the grooves and bumps with filler, sand it over, and hang shelves or hooks on studs that have been found with a stud finder.

Plywood or OSB board


Wood can make a durable option for garages: it is strong enough to hang tools and equipment without worrying about studs and absorbs sound. Plywood is an attractive material for a room’s walls, but it will need to be painted multiple times to achieve the same opacity level as wood.

Metal panels

Shiny metal panels are an eye-catching and stylish way to finish up a garage or workshop. You can use corrugated sheet metal or roofing panels in different colors, shapes, and textures to add even more character.

Corrugated sheet metal comes in a variety of colors, has fire retardant capabilities, and is sturdy. Using this material is more expensive than other types of insulation. Still, it can be fastened to the wall by either drilling directly into studs or onto drywall with a furring strip.

For a complete look, it might be worth your while to seek out specialty metal panels made for use on garage walls. These panels attach easily with fasteners and will make installation simple.

You’ll need to install horizontal framing members or purlins perpendicular to the wall If you want to install your panels vertically.


Pegboards are a good option for the wall of your garage, but not your entire garage. They may not be strong enough to hold the weight of objects arranged on them.

You can use pegboards in specific areas of your garage to act as storage for tools. Using hooks, the pegboard helps keep your garage organized and provides efficient access to any tool you need.

Pegboards can be an effective way to keep your garage from becoming cluttered on the floor. You’ll find pegboard in metal and wood, which you can choose based on what best fits with your style preferences as well as the design for color or theme of the room that will house it.

When installed correctly a pegboard has enough strength to hold up 100 pounds without fear of collapse! Pegboards are also useful for small shelves attached to the walls of your garage.

Use pegboards as the walls themselves or attach them to existing drywall with a furring strip. Outline each item you plan to put on hooks with chalk once it is in place, and then erase the outline when you are done.


MDF ( medium-density fiberboard ) panels that look like vinyl siding can be attached to drywall, masonry, or wood studs. The slats provide ample opportunity for attaching hooks and shelves.

Vinyl Option

If you live in a humid climate or create humidity by spraying water, the vinyl panels may be desirable because they resist moisture. These sturdy vinyl sheets do not need to be bonded to dry or cement boards so that they can be attached directly to studs on the wall. They come in various patterns that are best suited for bathrooms, but you can also use them in garages if needed.

Cement Boards

If you live in an area with high humidity, a cement board might be the best option. If garage moisture is a problem due to living in an area with high humidity, using cement boards can help minimize moisture issues. Unlike wood cork boards or wood, cement does not absorb moisture, making it perfect for a garage.

Cement boards come in various shapes and designs. Installing cement boards will require assistance due to their weight, but it is worth the effort as they are durable and strong.

Brick Masonry

Brick walls are not simply attractive for garage walls, and brick is likely to increase your home’s worth. To install a brick wall in your garage, it is required masonry skills. So it’s important to look for contractors with that experience.

Brick walls offer a classic look and can still be beautiful with bare mortar. A wall panel could be added on top of brick for storage or as an organizational tool in the garage.

Popular Garage Wall Ideas

Paint the garage walls

Once your unfinished garage drywall is installed, you’ll need to paint it. This will help create the look of a finished garage.

If you are doing a top-to-bottom remodel, the color for your walls may depend on what colors you want to use in other parts of the room, including the flooring, cabinets, and shelving. The color of your car could also be considered when determining which color to choose for your garage wall.

Many homeowners have light-colored paint on their garage wall because it reflects more light and makes the room appear bigger. Neutral colors like beige, tan, and gray also tend to be popular choices.

One way to add visual interest to a garage’s wall is through the use of bolder colors, whether that’s through paint or some other form of decoration.

Red Painted Garage Wall Ideas

Designing the wall with bold red paint is a popular choice among automakers due to Ferrari. Everybody knows that in the automotive industry, red is the color of Ferrari.

One designer’s way of adding color to a garage was by using red and white paint.  Another expert would not necessarily avoid using white paint in a garage but, instead, try to use colors that are more difficult to dirty. The red-and-white combination provides an easy option that can be both visually attractive and practical for these reasons.

The red paint on a garage’s walls is perfect for showroom or clean garage concepts. The light color scheme makes space both inviting to vehicles and humans alike. A red-painted garage wall is not ideal for a garage that doubles as a workshop.

Blue-Painted Garage Wall Ideas

Who says blue is the only color for the outdoor environment? This garage proves otherwise. Its white ceiling and checkered flooring are accentuated with azure lighting overhead to indicate parking spaces.

The owner of the garage wanted to make it seem like they have more space than just four cars. They did this by painting a checkered pattern on the floor, which makes things look much bigger and better! To balance out the atmosphere, the owner decided to put some pictures on the blue wall.

This blue-painted garage wall creates a soothing atmosphere, unlike anything you could find in any other garage.

The blue-painted wall is a disadvantage if you don’t have matching cars. It would look strange and unusual without them.

Orange Garage Wall Ideas

If you’re bored of classic colors like red and blue, you can try a more daring color like orange. Although it is a bold choice, the owner takes risks, so we have to respect them for that.

More often than not, garages are covered in lights that give off a blaring fluorescence, and people find this extremely distracting. Orange light can have different effects on a person depending on their mood or the room’s ambiance.

The garage with an orange wall is great because not only does it provide a more energizing atmosphere in the workshop, but having this warm color also helps to dispel some of that less-than masculine touch.

As seen above, a roof and flooring concept should provide enough space for your vehicle workshop. The walls are framing up well as it looks like you will need to provide all the tools and supplies you’ll need to work on your car or truck.

Advantage: The owner shows admirable bravery. Orange would impart energy to the garage.

Disadvantage: orange color does not have a masculine vibe. So, your garage will not be very manly-looking.

Grayish Painted Garage Wall Ideas


The old rule that says you can’t use gray paint in a garage is bunk. In some instances, it’s the best color to elevate the sensation of masculinity and show people what spot you have inside your garage.

Gray provides the illusion of a cool and mysterious character. It is perfect for someone known to be charismatic but elusive in nature. The dim glow behind it complements natural sunlight and looks perfect.

Install Slatwall storage system

There are several ways you can make your garage more functional. One idea is to create another wall by overlapping the MDF board of different heights and securing it into place with nails or screws. Use this new wall as a place for hooks to hang bicycles, garden tools, and other items such as children’s bikes.

One side of the wall is designated as a place for hanging storage. Storage for things like brooms, in-line skates, ladders, and helmets can be hung on this half of the wall’s bars/hooks. Shelves are also attached to handle boxed goods that need shelving space.

Here, the base’s appearance is like vinyl siding. This type of board can attach to a stone or cement wall, drywall, or wooden studs just as easily. Once you’ve chosen the configuration that suits your space needs, you can plant any number of hooks in it.

Installing a Slatwall storage system in your garage is one of the most effective and efficient ways to store stuff.

The disadvantage of installing a Slatwall store is that the clutters would be obvious on the large wall. It would help if you organized it really well to maintain a comfortable look.

Use A Slatwall

Pegboard walls are the most popular way to organize a garage, but Slatwall can serve just as well. Hefty hooks and baskets make it easy to store everything you need up and on display.

A Beautiful Mess shows how helpful this type of wall can be for storing items when a home doesn’t have much room for conventional storage.

Add Storage Cabinets

For those of you who can’t get enough storage in your large garage, consider using up a whole side of the wall and making shelving units. You may even cover every inch with cabinets or drawers to make sure everything has a place.

It may vary in size depending on what you plan to put inside. You won’t have anything lying around, as everything is stored nicely and neatly below the counter. People will never see where your tools are hidden with this neat design.

This is an excellent use for cabinet doors. You can cover up an ugly, poorly painted wall if you place your doors at the right height.

Sometimes people have difficulty finding items inside a large cabinet, making it necessary to apply a “name tag” to the door.

There are many reasons why you should have a storage cabinet in your garage. It can help to keep things organized and improve the look of it at the same time!

Add an organizational cabinet will also have some disadvantages. Too many doors in a large cabinet look monotonous and create a boring pattern all over the wall.

Have a Long-Handled Tool Rack

If you have many long-handled tools in your garage, a tool rack for storage may be the way to go. Many tools that end up in your garage are long-handled and don’t fit most standard shelving units. Consequently, these long-handled tools are often left on. A common quick fix is to stack your tools in the corner of the garage, but doing so poses two problems: it makes it difficult to find what you need and, when things inevitably fall off, they will get lost.

Long-handled tools such as shovels, string trimmers, and rakes can be easily organized by creating racks to hold them.

Rural Garage Wall


If you enjoy rough lumber, that may be the perfect opportunity to turn your garage wall into something more rural. These plans begin and end with wood - the more mature, the better.

Find something you can use as a partition, like old wooden beams or animal skins, and decorate it using paint to make your garage look more interesting.

You can alternatively use the same wood style to make a more uniform look. That is your decision. Wood with nail openings or different defects is a good opportunity. They create a rustic and bold appearance that some people may really enjoy.

Wood panels on a steel frame, such as old siding or material with some rust, will add to the wall’s vibe. Use it as paneling or a feature for your rack or bureau.

If you have a garage or warehouse with metal accents, wire racks, in particular, will appear great, as well as wood highlights around the space.

You will not need to worry about coordinating the wood stain at the garage because it fades over time. Creating a “beautiful” look is more important than following the same process of staining and painting, which will make your wall different from everybody else’s.

Sports Inspired Garage Wall


Once considered an afterthought, garages have become trendy spaces for houses to show their personality. A cool way to dress up your garage walls? With sports-related items like photographs of past seasons or game-worn jerseys.

Regardless of the decor you choose, make sure to show it off as desired. Lighting your wall appropriately with directional lighting will highlight your border beautifully.

Don’t attempt too hard. Battle the inclination to broadcast every honor or autographed photo of players from your nearby little league baseball club. If it’s excessively congested, it’ll make your wall a blemish rather than a point of convergence.

Rustic Wall Garage with Wooden Surface

It’s like any other home design; you may have multiple options for decorating the garage with your style. If you want to be in the middle of nature, rustic design can represent the vibe you want. All that you need is a piece of wood to cover up the walls.

Cut the wood pieces into small sizes as shown before, then arrange them thoroughly. Keeping the natural colors and texture raw creates a more natural design and adds contrast when no other layer is added.

Modern Minimalist Style Garage Wall Ideas

Masculinity in the millennial era has a different perspective than it did previously. It is now defined through what you are doing and how you present yourself and your hobbies through design, style, etcetera. This high-end classy modern decoration will lift your taste up.

Painting your garage with a combination of black and white monochromes and silver hardware will emphasize your active yet cool personality. With the right paint, you can brighten up any space!


Those garage wall ideas are an effortless way to change the space quickly. You can choose different color combinations, cover up things you don’t need anymore, or add some storage space for all your junk!

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