Gorgeous Bar Top Ideas That Will Make Your Home Bar Stand Out

Creating a home bar can either be creatively simple or an ultimate expression of your personal taste. Who said drinking should be reserved to just one room? Drink in style from the comfort of any space with a sophisticated wet-bar design that reflects you.

How To Choose The Best Bar Top

When deciding the style and features for your bar top, there are many options to choose from. You will want to take into account the style you desire, as well as any budgetary restrictions you may have.

Consider Your Style

The bar tops are not all the same. For instance, if you have a western-themed home, an appropriate choice would be to use some wood for the top instead of concrete or stainless steel.

Because the west is primarily made of wood, using a stainless-steel bar top in a country-style room would not make sense.

What Is Your Budget?

The cost of placing a bar top can vary depending on the project location. Smaller bars like balconies will be less expensive than wet bars because they take up less space, and bar tops made from materials such as epoxy resin are more costly than those made with concrete.

When deciding on your tabletop, keep in mind that the budget can play a factor. Some bar tops could cost thousands of dollars depending on what you want to do, and some might be too costly for your needs. When considering this, you may consider doing an inexpensive plexiglass centerpiece with a fish tank inside but make it look like the fish.

Do It Yourself Or Buy A Premade?

Some homeowners may want to make their own bar, which can be cheaper than buying a pre-made one. However, it depends on the materials they use because some pre-made bars have an additional cost for installation or chisel blades.

The Best Materials for Your Bar Countertop

The look of any bar is largely due to the type of countertop material you choose. But with so many options, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Here are some suggestions that will make your decision simple.

Granite Bar top

Granite is a popular choice of high-end countertop material for kitchens, bathrooms, and bars. Available in colors and textures that will complement whatever environment you plan on placing it in, granite provides good looks with its unique natural stone pattern.

If you have a generous budget, granite should be your material of choice due to its durability. Make sure it is sealed, however, so that spills won’t penetrate the container.

Marble Bar top

Marble is perfect for those looking for luxurious natural stone. Marble’s unique elegance makes it a great option to create an open and relaxing home bar space.

Marble can give bars a more minimalist look, and its subtle veins and calming appearance make it an excellent alternative to bright, flashy design pieces. Marble also has the added benefit of being easy to care for as it is not porous like other stone surfaces.

Though marble is a beautiful and durable countertop, it can be plagued by problems that other surfaces are not. For instance, spilled wine on marble stains the stone if left unattended for too long. It also easily scratches or cracks if not handled delicately enough.

Onyx Bar top

This popular countertop material is visually appealing and translucent. This exotic and beautiful stone adds a lavish touch to countertops, especially for bars because it’s their business location! It features a rich parallel layer with contrasting shades, which are generally pastel or light in color.
One of the attributes that make onyx such a sought-after material for bar countertops is that it can be backlit, which gives it a funky look. However, this inexpensive stone is susceptible to damage from acids and bases.

Wood Bar top

If you want to have a classic bar top in your home, nothing beats wood. This material will give the feeling of an old country pub, which is suitable for traditional decor.

A wooden bar countertop can be a great, affordable option for your home. However, it’s best to protect it with sealant and maintain maintenance because it cannot sustain liquid and may scratch or dent easily.

Quartz Bar top

One of the most durable materials is quartz. Not only will it withstand daily wear and tear, this engineered stone is stain resistant, so there’s never any need for sealing to protect from accidents like spilled wine or juice.

Quartz is an engineered stone that requires little maintenance and can be designed in various patterns and colors. It has the downside of being damaged by high heat, but it will remain safe as long as you are not juggling flaming liquor bottles.

Laminate Bar top

Laminate is a low-cost, easy-to-cleaned material that can mimic the look of stone countertops or wood. It is available in many styles. It is an affordable option for anyone looking to change their kitchen or bathroom counters.

Laminate countertops are a good option for homeowners who change the way their home looks every few years—however, they show wear and tear easily and can swell if exposed to too much moisture.

Slate Bar top

Slate countertops are known for their nonporous surface that resists bacteria and excellent durability. Slate is a metamorphic rock formed from clay minerals and pieces of other minerals like quartz or calcite.

The durability, top-quality appearance, and interesting contrast of light to dark make this countertop ideal for a modern bar.

Bar Top Ideas

Bar top surfaces can be either plain and uninspiring, or they could reflect your creativity. A place to drink and socialize is a luxury for which you should spare no expense - as it deserves all the attention it can get.

Coin Mosaic For Bar Top

The creativity of this coin mosaic surface is evident in its simplistic design. These clusters shine from various angles and the ever-changing color combinations that make it stand out under disco lights, no matter how you decide to use it as an installation or a unique table for dining.

The mirror surface results from the epoxy resin and the bars are typical of hardware stores. This simple pine board wainscoting has undergone an unlikely transformation with a surprising illuminated surface that breathes when lit. Inspiring!

Bottle Tops

Bottle tops are forever etched in this arresting idea that will inspire a thirst at any event. This myriad of multi-colored bottle caps is as impressive as it is distinctive, adding an irregular dimensional texture to the perfectly smooth surface.

A crafting idea for your bottle-tops, this project would be fun to create from the design of the resin and in their collection. You could create uniformity by collecting tops from just one brand or gather bottle caps from all over the world. No matter what you decide, this repurposed craft inspires new tales to come.

Under The Stairs Black Granite Countertop Bar

Consider putting that awkward space under your stairs to great use by creating a home bar. The black granite countertop sets the moody vibe, while the red brick wall brings in rustic charm. Storage for bottles is offered with shelves, and there are open spaces for your favorite drinks.

Chic Home Bar Top With Marble Counter


Bring your friends over to enjoy your favorite drink at home from a stylish bar. Instead of going out, you can have the party in the house with a chic look featuring brick walls, a marble countertop, black metal bar stools, and an amazing custom-designed wall storage system.

Concrete Bar Top

A countertop made of concrete is ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces and can serve food or parties. They are convenient and comfortable, providing extra space on which to bar-sit.

Dark, Beautifully Grained Wood Bar Top

When choosing a bar surface, give high consideration to the appearance. Granite and marble slabs provide quality and unity with your décor but are expensive. Tile is a lower-cost alternative that will not garner as much attention but still serve the desired purposes of a good bar surface.

Dark, beautiful wood makes up the bar and is more in line with tradition. New styles are being designed that include stainless steel, glass, and butcher blocks as surfaces. Avoid surfaces that could easily be scratched or cracked sooner than later.

Stunning Soapstone Bar Top Material

If you love speckles of marble and waves in granite, soapstone will be the perfect compromise. Just get psyched about this stunning countertop material resistant to stains, easy to clean, and really cool looking with any interior.

Clean Bar Top With A Unique Texture

Construct a home bar out of dark wood shelving, a clean and smooth bar top with a unique texture, and comfortable stools. Add in your own personalizations by including additional features such as having an ice dispenser installed or incorporating wall art that evokes memories of your interests. By adding these touches to the space, you’ve created for yourself.

Wooden Bar Top For Small Basement

A small bar on a budget? It doesn’t have to be complicated. This DIY home hack is all about repurposing IKEA bookcases - find one with dark colors for your décor, then use it as a makeshift bar shelf!

When looking for your bar top, you could choose to purchase a manufactured one or build a functional surface out of wood. Make it perfect with under-counter lighting, wall art, and decorations that give the space an inviting and modern feel.

Sleek Stone Bar Tops

One of the biggest misconceptions men have about bar design is that rustic designs can only be rugged and tough. The truth is, pairing reclaimed wood with sleek stone accents and high-end lighting helps any space feel sophisticated and lively.

Inventive Drink Packaging Indoor Bar Top

A bar is all about the drinks, of course, so how can you make it more appealing to customers? Engraved wooded pieces representing each drink you serve, as with a great drawing on top would do the trick.

Shiny Epoxy Bar Top

The luminescent blue substance highlighting the shape of the wood creates unique shapes appealing to look at.

Special Industrial Design For Your Manly Bar

Every type of design wants a certain look, and industrial designs, in particular, have different attributes. When going for an industrial appearance, remember that cleanliness is not your goal - you’re trying to show the effect time has had on the building materials.

Ensure that old and worn-out craft supplies are disposed of such that discarded pieces do not end up in the environment.

Modern Techniques Meet Traditional Wood Design

A finish is necessary to maintain the look and longevity of the wood. There are many types of finishes, including natural-looking ones or ones that add color. Make sure you choose a color palette that matches your design principles for the best results.

Balance Between Crisp And Messy

Would a cleanly cut stem on the bar have been a better choice? Adding copper to the top created a powerful yet delicate contrast that is hard to overlook.

Clean Bar Top To Elevate Your Experience

The choices for bar top designs are quite diverse, and there is something that would work with any design style. A counter-height console could offer those among your guests who want to create some distance between themselves and the bartender an alternative surface and provide a unique look in the process.

Save More Spaces With Balcony Bar Top

Creating a space-saving balcony is now the top priority of many homeowners, especially those with balconies that do not have enough room. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem.

One solution to a low-hanging balcony is installing a bar top, which can be used for almost any balcony. A long low balcony needs the most space-efficient option available.

It will also fit on your apartment balcony and provide space. It is perfect for balconies of any size as it sits on the railing.

If you choose durable materials when constructing the bar, it can support heavy loads and resist corrosion. Furthermore, a balcony bar top is comparatively easy to mount/install, effective for uniting your balcony space and can save space.

One of the ways to make the balcony stand out is to decorate it creatively. One example would be turning part of your balcony into a small kitchenette with bar top shelves.

Brazilian Cherry Bar Top Designed by Glyn Tindall

The bar top pictured above can be found in a traditional-style basement constructed by the Glyn Tindall Construction Co. The construction was made of flat grain lumber.

The top is cut with a shallower Standard Roman Ogee edge profile on the top edges and a deeper Medium Roman Ogee edge profile on the bottom edges.

Maple Bar Top Designed by A Designer’s Touch

The bar top was custom-stained to match and includes a Chicago Bar Rail. The lower bar counter is also Maple, custom stained to match the color of the wood on the bar top.

Wooden Bar Top On Elegant Home

A large, classic galley-style concrete floor is found in this designed home bar. Recessed panel cabinets with dark wood framing complement it, and attractive brown countertops add a finishing touch to the room’s color scheme.

Marble Bar Top On Traditional Kitchen

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen, why not try the timeless u-shaped layout that is sure to please everyone in your family? This kitchen features matchstick tile backsplash, multicolored backsplash, white cabinets with stainless steel appliances, and marble countertops.

Granite Bar Top For Transitional Home Bar

Photo of a u-shaped dark wood flooring within a transitional space in New York with glass cabinets and cabinet doors. There also are gray countertops and granite countertops.

Glass Bar Top Applied On Contemporary Home Bar

This mid-sized contemporary concrete home bar is perfect for a seating area in your other room. The backsplash has a tile mosaic that will delight your guests while you make the drinks.

Rustic Lower Level Kitchen Applied Concrete Bar Top

The kitchen has a definite mountain style and includes stainless steel appliances, concrete countertops, shaker cabinets, and light wood cabinets.

Rustic Copper Edged Bar Top

How could this basement bar with logs and wooden materials be more rustic? The mirror on the back wall creates an illusion of space, and a copper-edged top provides that industrial-modern design nuance.


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