Peaceful Gray Bathroom Ideas To Provide A Relaxing Atmosphere

Neutral-colored bathrooms never go out of style, and gray is one such color. Gray bathroom ideas are among the most timeless in this repertoire.

Gray is seen as the color of neutrality and balance in color psychology. Gray also has a calming, tranquilizing effect for better positive feelings in any space.

But if you use gray too much and in the wrong places, it can become boring and depressing. That is why it’s advised to make greys more vibrant by adding accents to them.

This article will share some grey bathroom ideas that give positive feelings and a sense of beauty.

What Colors Go With A Grey Bathroom?

If you’re curious what colors go well with a gray bathroom, there are many possibilities.

As grey is considered a neutral color, it can be matched with other neutrals or have more vibrant colors added to it, depending on your preference. Yellow, pink, white, coral, navy, and teal are just a few colors that complement gray nicely.

How Do You Style A Grey Bathroom?

Any shade of grey or any other color can be styled in a bathroom’s design. Adding natural materials and remembering the shades desired for vibe given your preference, so you may want to lighten up things with lighter tones while darkening it down for industrial looks.

Gray Bathroom Design Ideas Inspiration

Grand Gray Wallpaper

Combine chic gray wallpaper with some wall arts to create a stunning and well-kept bathroom. The grand chandelier draws your attention from the small size of the room.

A mirror with reflective frames has been fitted into this area to make the room look even more luxurious and help it feel bigger.

Large Bathroom With Double Sink

The primary bathroom features a full-size tub and two sinks set under stylish gray marble. There are matching cushioned seats on either side, wall mounts for your TV, and a large rectangular mirror with classic sconces mounted above.

White And Gray Bathroom


Some might use color to keep their spaces feeling dynamic. But when working with a really subdued palette, other elements—like texture—become more important.

One way to use materials that might seem odd as flooring in a bathroom is terrazzo. You can decorate your walls with thousands of patterns and textures, but keep the floor simple and clean with a sleek marble finish encircling the shower area.

Perfect Teal and Gray Bathroom

A grey bathroom can be made more attractive by adding a pop of color, such as teal. Choosing a pigment that contrasts with the wall and accentuates it will guarantee an excellent appearance in your restroom.

To make the bathroom appear more inviting, you should apply teal accents throughout instead of just on accessories. You can also combine light and dark gray colors to give your bathroom a classic charm.

Contemporary Bathroom with Gray Tiling


The beautiful gray tiles have a big impact and create a perfect backdrop in this contemporary bathroom. The timber vanity has a white top, a black wall-mounted faucet, an oval mirror with a black frame.

The wood vanity contrasts with the cool gray tiles on the floor, adding warmth to this small bathroom.

Gray Bathroom with Simple Curtain

Add pattern to your gray bathroom ideas by hanging a simple curtain with an abstract image like this. This curtain boosts up this space’s sweetness and unrivaled charm, along with the picture over the toilet.

Adding color to an otherwise gray space doesn’t have to be complicated. In this case, a vase of greenery is placed on top of the vanity for a chic and simple look.

Freestanding Tub with Hexagon Floor Tiles


This contemporary bathroom features various patterns and textures, such as black wall tiles, recessed wall niche, gray-shaded hexagon floor tiles.

Gray Bathroom with Patterned Flooring

This gray bathroom features a wooden floor design that is in herringbone patterns, giving the room style.

We can’t ignore that wooden floors are great for gray bathroom ideas. However, don’t forget that this material might not be the best choice for bathroom conditions.

Transitional Bathroom with Mirrored Wall Tiles


This transitional interior design has each feature working in tandem, especially noticeable in the bespoke mirrored wall and fresh pops of color against muted gray tones. Marble tiles cover the ground and give the space a luxurious look.

Gray Bathroom Design with Light Wood Vanity


An inspiring adjective for a modern, contemporary look with gray-shaded floors and walls, stone tiles on the floor and bathroom, marble vanity in the hallway. The Glass shower enclosure has toilets conveniently placed inside it, giving an open and fresh feel to space. A wood vanity adds warmth, while black fixtures add depth.

Gray and Gold Bathroom

Gold fittings are a good choice for adding style to your bathroom with a neutral color scheme, just like this space, which looks more captivating thanks to its gold vanities, lighting fixtures, faucets, and mirror frames.

Do not overlook the pattern of the flooring that enhances the beauty of this bathroom. A vase containing a small number of indoor plants is also incorporated on a vanity countertop for a pop in color.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

With gray walls and patterned flooring, who wouldn’t love to take a bath in this modern farmhouse bathroom? Also with the wooden vanity adds some class.

The vanity not only adds artistic beauty to the room. It also provides you with plenty of storage space. That means there’s ample opportunity for extra towels and other bathroom essentials to be stored neatly and efficiently in this room. Sconces provide a warm, inviting glow after nightfall as well.

Minimalist Master Bathroom with Stone Bathtub


The visual aesthetic of the granite surfaces in the master bath lends a sense of permanence and strength that is mitigated by the brightness from an open window. The room includes a custom tub made from solid blocks of stone with dual sink basins.

Gray and Black Bathroom

To incorporate shades of gray into your bathroom, it’s best to match colors like black and gray. The decor in this example is a perfect representation- the walls are painted light grey, with black vanities and a storage cabinet in black.

To add some interest to the plain interior, a patterned tile of black, white, and gray is applied on the wall behind the vanity. To give a burst of color, a vase of yellow flowers was selected from an arrangement in the room.

Pink and Gray Bathroom

Gray walls laced with pink design accents make for a feminine-looking bathroom. Unique hanging light and other small touches of decor enrichment complete the feminine look, as do pictures and a curtain in the corner.

Some elements of this bathroom are kept in white, such as the ceiling and sink. But the door is painted pink for a sweet contrast when opening to reveal an adorable room.

Marble Bathroom with Green Vessel Sink


This elegant yet minimalist bathroom is beautifully designed with walls, floor, and vanity made from matching Calacatta gold marble. Large green vessel sinks harmonize with the other fixtures as well as the flooring.

Cream and Gray Bathroom

When planning your bathroom colors, never underestimate the power of various shades of gray mixed with creamy tones. The resulting color palette is always warm and inviting, making it ideal for any bathroom.

This master bathroom has the best features to rejuvenate your body and soothe your mind. With glass panel doors just beside the bathtub, you can enjoy a view of the outside world while bathing in peace on weekends.

Attic Bathroom Design with White Floating Vanity


Designing attic bathrooms can be challenging, but with careful organization, this bathroom is perfect. The white floating vanity, circular vessel sink, and curved mirror are pleasing to the eye, and the gray granite tiles give it a modern feel.

Gray and Yellow Bathroom

Combining yellow and gray can create a visually appealing, contrasting color scheme. This bathroom offers an example of how to use these two colors together in your own design.

The walls are painted dark gray and yellow, but the ceiling, sink, and bathtub are white to avoid overcrowding. The floor is also a neutral color to keep all of the items on top of it visible.

Modern Gray Walk-in Shower


The beautifully modern square shower is constructed of concrete tiles for a dramatic, rustic look. The recessed wall provides space for your bath products, and the natural light that streams in through small windows only adds to the spectacular character of this stunning bathroom design.

Grey Tiles In A Wet Room

Jake Fitzjones

Using fixtures like floor-to-ceiling mosaics can take a functional bathroom space and turn it into something much more pleasant for you to look at. Choose colors that will stand the test of time, as well as ones that are attractive to all members of your family.

Try going grey all over: Put it on all four walls, but make sure to stop the color from looking flat by positioning white fittings and fixtures against it as well as a few glistening chrome accessories for an eye-catching contrast.

Simple And Clean Modern Styles With Gray Flooring


This pristine Scandinavian-inspired interior decor has simple and clean lines that reflect a modern style. A floating vanity maximizes floor space while enhancing the look of this beautiful gray flooring. Wood shelves, greenery plants, and bathroom tiles create a warm atmosphere for travelers to escape in their own private oasis.

Give It A Country Feel

Katie Lee

Paint your bathroom with a neutral grey tone and give it a fresh coat of paint. The color you choose may help to evoke the mood or style of any room in your home.

To create a dramatic contrast from the traditional white-and-grey color scheme, choose a dark gray to paint your walls instead. This helps highlight bright colors and interesting accessories too.

Paint With A Pale Grey

Heather Hobhouse

With relaxing colors of grey and white, this bathroom is proof that the popular country design scheme can work equally well in an urban environment. One trend that has been catching on recently in home design is natural materials like wood.

This striking combination really comes to life when paired with grey walls. If you’re sourcing salvaged wood, don’t be discouraged by its marks - any scratches or dents will contribute to the antique appearance of the piece!

Small Bathroom with Wood Vanity


Simple but elegant, the small bathroom ideas are decorated with natural wood shelves, a white sink, and gray walls.

Ligh Gray Walls With Brown Shaggy Rug

A rug inappropriate color acts as an accent against the freestanding bathtub and under a skylight containing framed by the white walls. The walk-in shower is matched with its respective sink vanity opposite this setup.

Gray Bathroom With Skylight Ceiling

A gray-themed bathroom can find a shower area and large vanity with frameless mirrors mounted under bulb lights. The floor is tiled white, while the ceiling is fitted with skylight windows.

Modern Neutrals

Trends Decor

This bathroom is inviting and cozy with its modern finishes and neutral color palette. The walls and floor are tiled with a textured stone-gray that accents the starkness of the white bath, feature window, contemporary cabinetry,

At the same time, I love how some pink flowers and greenery have freshened up this bathroom on the counter.

Shiny Tiles

Shiny tiles often used in pools are a beautiful feature for bathrooms like these too. The light grey has been used as the flooring, and it makes this bathroom feel like you’re submerged underwater. I love how seamless the countertop is with its white color, along with little white lampshades that make this room appear finished!

Grey With Greenery

Inside No. 40

Succulents and hanging vines really make a bathroom come alive, especially if there’s enough humidity from the shower to supporting these plants. The wall shelves also provide an extra level of space for decorating in this small, basic bathroom.

Sophisticated Gray Bathroom

Elena Gordeva

The flawless design of this bathroom is amazing. The small elements, such as the tray on the ground, the gold towel over the bathtub, and glass on top of what’s on the ceiling, add an extraordinary touch to this room.

Greystone Tiles

Dot and Pop

This tiled finish is a sleek mix of black and gray. Details like the handles, stainless steel sink, cabinetry, and decor contrast and play off each other nicely, with some darker colors to create that modern vibe. The skylight’s natural light really brings out the moodiness of the bathroom during times when there isn’t enough natural.

Feminine Touch

Elwood Trades

This room is chic and feminine, thanks to a fireplace, oversized floral wallpaper, and champagne-colored table lamps. If this touch weren’t incorporated into space, it would be overly masculine with dark hardwood floors, animal print accents in frames on the wall, wide grey cabinetry for storage.

Grey Warmth



This bathroom uses warm timber finishes and LED lights to warm up the grey color scheme. The built-in shelves look useful. Every family member can have a shelf, or you could even categorize your shelves by separating face products from hair care products on opposite sides.

Urban Greys

The Local Project

Clean, strong lines give this bathroom an elegant look. The soft greys make it seem bright and airy, with the ceiling-to-floor shower screen disappearing into the corner of the room near the bath.

Fingermarks on mirrored cupboard doors can be a bit of an annoyance over time, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. One downside to a mirrored surface is that dirt and fingermarks can build up over time.

Subtle Grey

Sylvieat Home

However, with the grey being so light, a white hue can be seen. The flooring and window frame gives the bathroom design definition making it look larger than it is. Freestanding basins are also available to help make you feel more at home while abroad!


Final Words

We hope some of the bathroom designs we’ve explored have helped you visualize your own remodeling process. In the end, though, it all comes back to what appeals directly to you. Feel free to revisit our webpage for more design tips and renovation resources.

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