Coolest Kitchen Hood Ideas That Make Your Cooking Experience More Comfortable

For the man who likes to cook, a kitchen hood is worth its weight in gold. And while a solid gold kitchen hood may be alluring, high-performing models today have proven just as effective without the expensive price tag.

When cooking, you don’t have time to wave away the fumes or worry about poor ventilation. The best kitchen hood keeps you moving without hindrance. That’s not to say that your kitchen should be left with something no better than a standard design. There are many motifs you can choose for your kitchen, depending on what style you need.

The modern kitchen hood can come in many styles, from rustic chic to the metropolitan bistro to clean and sleek or textured. With these perfect kitchen hood ideas, you can feed yourself and your loved ones while avoiding the messier, less appealing aspects of everyday meal preparation.

Any great chef will tell you that the tools with which someone creates food are just as important as the ingredients themselves. You wouldn’t use a dull or rusted knife to chop and dice your ingredients, nor would you present a feast on an ugly dishware set. So why suffer the burden of having an old kitchen hood?

If you love cooking, it may be time to consider an upgrade for your kitchen. What were once the most intricate and important parts of a kitchen are its floors, insulation, and appliances now.

How important is a kitchen hood?

Most residential codes do not require the installation of a kitchen hood, but many building owners consider the psychological comfort that a system provides.

Second, ask yourself how much cooking you’re going to do and if it might be too inconvenient to have a kitchen hood.

When upgrading an older kitchen, you must consider the effects on your property’s value. Many buyers will walk away if they see that there is no kitchen hood when they are inspecting a property.

If you are still resistant to the idea of installing a hood, consider an alternative using downdraft ranges. More on this later.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you should install a kitchen hood.

Types of Kitchen Hoods


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There are two main types of kitchen hoods: ducted and ductless. Within each, there are many styles, sizes, and features to choose from. And both types can be located under cabinetry or on the back edge of a stove/cooktop.

Ducted hoods suck up the smells created when cooking on your stove. These types of ranges are typically better if they’re over a large island or other space where they’ll be uninterrupted by another wall or suspended ceiling tiles from another room.

A ductless hood is an option for any home space. Some people prefer to plug them into a nearby outlet, but some aren’t savvy enough to do the wiring themselves and would rather hire someone professionally if they don’t feel comfortable with this task. Ductless hoods are popular because they are more efficient at removing heat and smells, but many ductless models will also provide ventilation for your kitchen. Ductless hoods are commonly installed in townhouses or apartments.

Depending on where your backsplash is, how much square footage you have for the project, and what kind of power sources are in your kitchen, both styles might require some adjustment.

Benefits of applying kitchen vent hood ideas:

Clean air

Kitchen hoods can make cleaner air by removing harmful toxins and bacteria from your kitchen. They do this by catching smoke, grease, and steam that occurs during cooking.

All of these potentially harmful to your health. With the hood, that’s kind of, and the adverse effect will disappear. Also, it makes you fight against poor indoor air quality and reduce carbon monoxide.

Better Lighting

Kitchen hoods typically have lights built into them. These provide a couple of helpful benefits for anyone who enjoys cooking. The light can help you see the food better and spot dirt or grease easily on your stovetop, and it can also prevent burns from happening while you cook by letting you know if something is in danger of overcooking.

Remove Heat

Another great benefit of a kitchen exhaust hood is decreased cooking heat. When you’re cooking, having both the stove or food giving off heat and exhaust will help to guide it away from your face so that you can focus on not sweating while cooking during the summer months.

Increase property value

Finally, the kitchen hood will help increase your home value. It has been one of the most important features a buyer looks for in recent real estate markets.

The resale value of your home will increase if you have a kitchen hood. In line with that, the resale value will immensely increase if your kitchen has modern/up-to-date appliances.

Kitchen Hood Design Ideas Inspiration

You need to make sure your kitchen hood matches the style of your kitchen. Your dream kitchen may be high-tech with sleek stainless steel appliances or classic and cozy with brick and wood accents. There’s a kitchen range hood to fit every vision. Here are just a few of our newest designs and upgrades for the kitchen.

Rustic Brick Backsplash


Warm and inviting, rustic brick design is a great style for kitchens. The combination of the brick backsplash with a warm wood floor creates an atmosphere comfortable and elegant in appearance.

This custom kitchen hood is outfitted with beautiful brick detailing at the back. The facade complements the kitchen and still makes a remarkable statement.

The ventilation hood used in the case example is a built-in kitchen hood that fits inside the facade. Robam’s A831 is designed to fit within any beautiful facade.

Round Tapered Kitchen Hood

This hood brings out the sleek modern feel with a ceramic tile backsplash. The sleek and thin, a rounded edge is perfect for those looking to add some dynamism to their kitchen space.

Kitchen Hood Lights and Camera

Ensure your new kitchen hood contains powerful lights to make things easier to see no matter what time of day. Make sure you check the type of bulbs it uses, as well as how they’re replaced. It’s frustrating when a bulb blows for your oven, and there’s no way to replace it!

Two-Tone Matching Kitchen Hood


Two tones make the two colors in the kitchen design complement each other, creating a bold look while remaining coordinated and clean. Contrasting colors establish an exciting appearance while looking simple and stunning. Light and medium colors provide a simple but elegant look for any kitchen.

This kitchen has a simple subway tile with a strip of small tiles in the same color added to add contrast without disrupting the monotone scheme. Note that the colors of the kitchen island stools and dining chairs match to provide a coordinated look.

The kitchen hood can be covered by cabinetry or matched in color. Accentuate this with a tile backsplash. The kitchen hood could also work well with the cabinets, matching their color and providing not only an eye-catching pop of color but some much-needed conversation.

Sliding Kitchen Hood Design

My last apartment had a sleek, hidden kitchen hood. The design was especially nice for those times you’d rather not expose the entire house to cooking smells and cigarette smoke.

This is a pluggable fan that, when pulled out of the base, will automatically turn on. It hides neatly under kitchen cupboard furniture so it won’t be in plain sight.

Warm Wood Under-Cabinet Kitchen Hood


Kitchens with a warm wood design create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Brown, neutrals, and granite are all classic components of in-demand kitchen designs. If your kitchen hood stands out or feels cold, you can make it fit better by doing some simple things.

If you’re the kind of homeowner that loves DIY projects, consider building a unique kitchen cover with wood planks. Painting the kitchen hood in a color that matches the cabinetry helps add visual appeal to it. Extended or high-hanging cabinets provide an opportunity for beautiful concealment of the kitchen hood.

Go Gold Kitchen Hood

This simple, gold pipe is simply stunning in its simplicity. Gold-painted fixtures and navy make this kitchen pop with color. They even snagged matching gold handles for the cupboards.

A discrete pipe sticking out of the roof is a minimalist take on the classic kitchen hood, but it still performs the same functions.

Fresh style Kitchen hood

Photo by Plesser’s Appliance.

If you value simplicity, this might be the right style for your kitchen. With a seamless joint between your glass-front cabinet and kitchen hood, your kitchen will look neat without sacrificing important features.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood


High-tech kitchen designs have been on the rise in recent years, and this has resulted in many more modern appliances that can be incorporated into your design. Modern and industrial are two adjectives that best describe a kitchen with stainless steel walls and architecture.

Most high-tech kitchens feature a stainless steel kitchen hood, which accentuates the simple yet fascinating design. Modern kitchens are evolving due to incorporating other functions that you can control via a smart device, even when you are not in the kitchen.

White Kitchen Hood Style

If you’re looking to change up your all-white modern kitchen, silver accents can be a beautiful addition.

When building a kitchen, it is also important to install stainless-steel kitchen hoods. These should match the style of your sink and kettle. Garbage disposal units are another consideration when you’re designing your kitchen’s look.

Matching Light Kitchen Hood

Consider finding a light to match your kitchen hood. Yes, it can be done - this kitchen shows how some creative soul has managed to find a matching light and hung it at the same height for a coordinated look.

Square wood-covered hood

Adding wood to your kitchen will not only make it more eco-friendly but will also help it maintain its natural look.

Minimalist Modern Hidden Kitchen Hood


The minimalist modern kitchen design is sleek, simple, and environmentally conscious. This design consists of unadorned countertops and open space to leave an elegant, sophisticated look. Your guests will be impressed by the polished appearance of this kitchen style without being mundane.

The kitchen hood can be camouflaged by extending the cabinetry to not stand out in the middle of a minimalist design. When designing with this minimalist style, you should use colors on everything else in the room to match, which means a chrome-finished hood should bring everything together.

Blue Tile Backsplash

This customer decided to highlight their beautiful blue tile backsplash with the bright LED lights of the range hood. The backslash features alternating tile patterns to help it stand out behind the range. The tile, range hood, and stovetop all shine in the sun and make a beautiful statement.

Shiny tube Kitchen Hood

The curved shape and shiny metal of this hood will match the modern features of my kitchen. Also, I’ll find it easier to clean because of the versatility offered by this design.

American Country Classic Kitchen Hood Under a Mantel


A traditional country kitchen is welcoming to anyone who enters the room. The design was meant for giving visitors the feeling of being home, just like in their childhood. This design features many textiles and textures with neutral colors. These designs remind us of the countryside.

A classic country kitchen features a ceiling-height hood with decorative molding at the top of its facade. Shelves or mantels are often present on top for decor and to serve functional purposes as well.

Elegant Options Kitchen Hood

It took a while to find this kitchen hood in the photo, and it looks like an elegant lampshade and not just any other metal appliance. There are stylish options for every kitchen, so don’t settle for the average-looking ones!

Stainless Steel Sleek Modern Kitchen 


Sleek modern kitchen designs are often set with clean lines and neutral colors. You’ll have modern features such as sleek cabinetry, apron fronts or rolled tops, metal-band cabinets, and flattop surfaces.

When choosing a kitchen style, many people choose one of two styles. In a modern or sleek design, the kitchen hood stands independently as a focal point. So if you only want your kitchen to be slightly improved, add high heat paint in coordination with the design scheme and colors.

Striking White Texture and Flair Kitchen Hood


A white kitchen is a classic look. It provides brightness in the room and gives it that clean appearance. Mixing different materials and textures of shades of white will give the space personality without making it boring. Recreating this kind of design in your kitchen through a do-it-yourself approach is not difficult.

The kitchen hood can be painted white to match the rest of the suite, including cabinets and a facia. Whitewashed brick or other textured accents surrounding it make a statement in an all-white kitchen.

Rustic Country Kitchen

Perhaps you have a country-style kitchen. Finding the right appliances can be tough because they often don’t look at home in that setting. The stovetop is seamlessly incorporated into this kitchen by matching the color scheme. The wood trim has a natural rustic feel that really blends well with the environment.

French Country Kitchen Hood


French country kitchens are bright and colorful with granite countertops and neutral cabinets. Light, reds, browns, gold colors create lively yet graceful energy in the home.

The kitchen hood can be painted appropriately or with a faux finish to coordinate with the room. One popular option is the French country-style kitchen, which has a hood cover and mantel for decorative purposes.

Add An Interesting Touch to Kitchen Hood

The vibrant gold and silver on this one-of-a-kind kitchen hood make it stand out from the rest. The clever kitchen owner used this to their advantage, pairing it with a matching silver oven and a golden pot plant so that they could stand apart from other more common kitchens.

Rectangle Kitchen Hood

You’ll be able to enjoy this sleek new hood design in your own kitchen. It’s unobtrusive and blends seamlessly with the stainless steel appliances you already have in place.

Bold Contrast Kitchen Hood 


After carefully considering the other options for your kitchen, use light and dark contrasting colors to create a bold statement. Unlike traditional colors, a busy color scheme is attention-grabbing and can quickly transform your “blah” kitchen into something that has personality.

Painting your kitchen hood to match one of your theme colors and installing a contrasting backsplash behind it transforms an unassuming appliance into an eye-catching piece of art. A cover for the front of the hood, such as an eye-catching iteration with a focal point or radial symmetry, also creates a stunning look.

Retro Diner Kitchen Hood


The retro diner feel is enhanced by contrasting black and white tilework, which gives the space its signature look. Adding a splash of color to the kitchen will lend it that nostalgic vibe everyone loves.

Stainless steel is an appropriate material for a kitchen hood, and it looks great in this type of kitchen. A vintage-style decor will also make the look cohesive. Add kitschy decorations to create the perfect ambiance, as well as a Formica dinette set for your dining room table.

Copper Kitchen Hood

Copper kitchen hoods are in vogue at the moment. Copper is an amazing look, but it’s more than just a trend; copper has become and will continue to be popular in kitchens for many years to come. To highlight this look in your own kitchen, you can also get some copper pots, pans, and other utensils.

Copper cookware is readily available and often recommended for specific types of cooking, such as boiling or sautéing.

Flat Kitchen Hood

Kitchen exhaust systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many hoods do not have the traditional bulky look you normally see. For example, this flat hood provides a sleek appearance.

Final Word

We want to know what your favorite kitchen hood is. Is it clean and sleek or textured? Maybe you like a rustic-chic style, metropolitan bistro, or something else! Let us know in the comment below which of these styles best suits your needs as we would love to help you find one that works for you.

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