29+ Makeup Organizer Ideas That Fits Your Preference And Budget

It’s bad enough when makeup bags are cluttered, but the contents of those bags getting all over your vanity table are even worse. Now is a perfect time to review the makeup you have.

Invest in items that you know are winners for your skin and only get rid of anything you don’t like or won’t ever use again, so it doesn’t accidentally waste. Once you’ve worked to reduce the number of makeup products you have, you can organize them.

Makeup organizers come in a range of different sizes and designs. There are different types of cosmetic organizers that come in a variety of styles. Some just act as mini vanities, with an LED mirror, included. Others have drawers to hold anything from eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks and come in acrylic or metal material varieties.

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Makeup Organization Tips

These are the best suggestions to apply when organizing your makeup.

Edit Your Items

One of the first orders of business in any organization is to declutter your items. For example, it’s time to break up with that old mascara and eyeshadow palette you’ve been hoarding for years.

Toss old, unused beauty products to donate. Expired makeup can cause burns and other negative reactions if used after its expiration date.

Group Into Categories

Once all of your products have been laid out and edited, it is time to categorize them.

Begin by grouping items into categories such as “face” and “eyes.” If needed, sub-categorize from thereby deciding whether to group items like concealer or bronzer. Next, designate zones in your space to store products for each category.

Every category should be clearly labeled and contained to make items easier to find. This also holds you accountable when you start exceeding the space.

Color Code Everything

color code everything makeup organization ideas

Yes, rainbow sorting your products creates a beautiful design, but it actually serves multiple purposes. Our brains naturally recognize the pattern creating an easy and enjoyable way to organize things. Plus, as a bonus, rainbow order is more aesthetically pleasing; people are less likely to abandon it.

Measure! Measure! Measure!

Be sure to measure the space before buying organizational products. It’s always important to measure your spaces before buying products, especially medicine cabinets, which differ in size from room to room.

Adjust the height of each shelf to accommodate your space and avoid getting boxed in. If you have a tight fit, remove the excess packaging (e.g., plastic wrapping) to save space.

Sort Products In The Order You Use Them

Unsure of where to place your skin, hair, and makeup products to stay organized? Try this general rule: store them in the same order as they would be applied when completing your beauty routine.

If you have a system in place for your daily skincare, dental and eye care, and beauty products, drawer organizers can help contain it in a way that flows with your routine.

All products that don’t fit into your routine are hidden away. All backstock is found in labeled bins under the sink or in a cabinet.

Make A Daily Bin

nyx professional makeup artist organization case box

Have a separate drawer or bag dedicated to your everyday-use products that are regularly used. This will make it more convenient for you to grab those particular items without having to find and dig through your entire makeup collection.

Even if the makeup on your bag or drawer seems random, it will make more sense when everything is categorized. Plus, it will maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times.

Don’t Forget The Hair Tools

Big items like hairdryers, flat irons, and curling wands are tough to keep organized. These tips make it a little easier.

Silicone cord wraps help you take advantage of all the vertical space you can. Storage caddies hung on the back of cabinet doors and stood in countertops are two examples.

Never store hair tools in a deep drawer or organize them around loose parts. Use small bins to contain and organize both attachments and pieces of the larger tool.

Try Turntables For Bigger Items

try turntables for bigger items makeup organization ideas

As most hair care and body products come in large containers, they are difficult to store within a modular makeup organizer or drawer.

The turntable solves the dilemma. This storage solution is most efficient when used for items like hair care products, body lotion, and leave-in conditioners because they’re tidily stored on a rotating platform.

Tap Every Usable Space (even The Unexpected Ones)

Working with a tight space isn’t necessarily a reason to let your makeup organization dreams stay unrealized. You’ll need to get creative.

According to the expert, people don’t know how valuable underutilized bathroom spaces can be. One example is door storage space often ignored, like below the sink or above toilet areas.

Having doors in a wide variety of places on my home leaves me with plenty of options. The customization is helpful if I have to change things up now and again.

Storage in the bathroom, under a sink, is often ignored. You can make use of this space by investing in modular makeup storage units that stack or with creative ideas like installing spice racks on the wall to store your nail polish.

Make Your System Work For You

Finding a system that fits your personality and needs is important. Copy what you see on social media wisely because this organization should make your life easier at the end of the day – not the other way around!

Experts recommend trying a few different systems until you find the one that’s perfect for your family. They also advise reevaluating space to see what’s working and what isn’t, especially when there is a change in routine.

All personal spaces are different, and so is every collection. I found that these acrylic holders are perfect for fitting in cabinets if you have an expansive headband collection. They come in various colors, so I can organize them by color and pick one when I want it.

Maintain Your System

Congratulations on creating your beauty system! Now you need to maintain it. It’s easy to do- if you follow the same steps as when you created your system!

How To Boost Makeup Organization Ideas

The internet is full of makeup organization ideas, some better than others. In this article, we round up the best of them so you can keep your beauty products organized and easily accessible. Let’s take a look at it!

How To Display Your Pretty Makeup And Perfumes

nail polish tiered tray makeup organization ideas

Jewelry, makeup, and perfume can all be displayed in a more elegant way with tiered trays. Each layer is removable, so you’re able to mix up the order as desired. With such an efficient space-saving solution, it’s easy to keep your countertops nice and tidy!

How To Organize Eye Lines, Lip Liners, And Other Long Tubes

silverware tray makeup organization ideas

Silverware trays are perfect for storing items that don’t have any other place to call their own. Those skinny things like pencils, eyeliner, and mascara can go in there, too, so you won’t lose them when they’re not being used!

How To Organize Single Eyeshadows And Blush

ice cube trays storage for makeup organization ideas

Using an ice cube tray to store small eye shadows or blushes is a smart idea due to its easy visibility, compact size, and low cost.

How To Organize Makeup Palettes

makeup palettesmakeup organization ideas

My daughter’s solution to keeping her palettes organized was to take a document sorter from Walmart and spray it gold. This is an inexpensive way to display your palettes!

Makeup Organization Ideas

These opportunities are some of the best ways to apply in a makeup organization. Let’s explore the beauty of makeup organizations!

Makeup Organization With Drawer

makeup organization with wooden drawer ideas

You can store your makeup in a drawer to avoid clutter on counters and shelves. Lay everything out, so you have an easy-to-scan view of what’s inside when the drawer is open.

If you’re looking for a cheap option, cover some assorted cardboard boxes in cute paper and use those for your drawer dividers. This will make them easier to organize and keep everything neatly in place.

Vanity Makeup Organization

vanity makeup organization ideas

You can maximize the appearance of your makeup collection if you maintain it in a clear display box. This also provides easy identification so that you can quickly replace products as they run out or get damaged.

There is never any reason to spend a lot of time cleaning the clear display box. As long as it is hand-washed in soap and water, you can air-dry afterward.

4 oz Glade candles Makeup Organization

candle jars makeup organization ideas

I have enjoyed using empty candle jars for various purposes, but one of my favorite uses is to organize brushes. I typically use 4 oz Glade candles filled with decorative plant filler to enable the brushes to stand upright.

After you burn down your candle to the end, scoop out or pour off any remaining wax and turn the jar upside-down by holding it under a lighter at the base of the wick. Please wait 10 seconds for it to melt before jiggling off what remains.

You can use some Goo Gone spray to clean out any adhesive, and you’ve got a functional brush holder!

Makeup Brush Roll Pen Or Marker Holder

adorable makeup brush organization ideas

Have an elegant brush organizer with this beautiful makeup brush case. Keep your brushes protected and organized for traveling or everyday use!

Stackable Drawers Makeup Organization

stackable drawers makeup organization

The drawer system is perfect for organizing all of your items. With a wide variety, you can customize the look to match any room’s décor or style!

Storage Ideas For Makeup Brushes

storage ideas for makeup brushes organization ideas

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes. You can use jars or mugs for storage! A great way you could store your makeup brushes is with decorative containers like Mason Jars, IKEA white mugs, and other novelty items that are inexpensive yet attractive at the same time.

Floating Shelves Makeup Storage

floating shelves makeup storage organization ideas

Arrange shelving such as in the photo above to save space. You can opt for any shelving you like and place them whichever way works best for you. When combined with other elements, such as plants, this particular floating shelf design is especially eye-catching.

Drawer Dividers Makeup Organization

drawer dividers makeup organization ideas

If you want to keep all your makeup products inside the drawer but still maintain their order, use dividers and make it easy for yourself. You can also create a DIY drawer organizer by making slots in cardboard.

Cake Stand Or Lazy Susan For Perfumes Makeup Organization

decorative trays makeup organization ideas

Always keep your favorite perfumes within reach by placing them on a glass cake stand or lazy Susan. Not only will they help you choose the perfect scent, but it also keeps all of your fragrances together and in plain sight!

Mason Jars Makeup Organization

mason jar for makeup brush organization ideas

Mason jars provide a way to help you organize your makeup brushes and keep them protected at the same time. Paint those clear containers with bright and vibrant colors, then store all of your favorite tools in them for easy access.

Alex 42 Compact Makeup Organizer

alex drawers makeup organization ideas

The Alex Drawer organizers from IKEA are really a piece of genius. The company behind this idea is specifically designed to fit in the drawers themselves, and they have everything you could be looking for colors, shapes, sizes! Amazingly, somebody had such an innovative thought when it comes to organizing your stuff.

Glass Storage Box Makeup Organization

glass storage box makeup organization ideas

For vintage-style makeup storage, try highlighting the design with brass accents. They’re easy to find at home improvement stores, and they’ll give your room a warm feel.

Makeup Organizer Labels

labelling makeup organization ideas

It would help if you got your makeup storage containers labeled with matte, glitter, or foil decals in a wide range of colors. You’ll never have to guess what’s inside them again!

Dollar Store Drawer Organization

dollar store bathroom drawer makeup organization ideas

You can have a new makeover with just some organization! Store your makeup in the vanity drawer. It’s easy and inexpensive, so it will be an excellent way to keep all of these items organized.

Makeup Organization Ideas Using Trays

makeup organization ideas using trays

The glamorous tray is great for corralling products together. When you place all the separate items on your makeup counter, they can become cluttered. Glamorous tray displays them as one and presents a lovely sight!

My daughter loves anything from Lilly Pulitzer, and I decided to buy her this tray for her birthday.

Elevate Your Makeup By Using A Cake Stand

elevate your makeup by using a cake stand

I love displaying perfume bottles on cake stands instead of the traditional desserts. Perfume in a bottle is like artwork and needs to be admired.

DIY Mason Jar Makeup Organization

mason jar shelves for makeup organization ideas

Mason jars are a favorite kitchen item for many people—you’re likely among this crowd, as you’ve already accumulated several. Consider using them to store your items, such as makeup brushes.

Acrylic Boxes Makeup Organization

the container store acrylic boxes makeup organization ideas

I like to use acrylic boxes for storing makeup because they are transparent and easy to see inside. These acrylic boxes can often be found at Home Goods, The Container Store, and Amazon. They come in a variety of colors that look clean on your countertop.

Mirrored Tray Makeup Organization

mirrored tray makeup organization ideas

Mirrored trays are the perfect way to organize your jewelry, makeup collection, and other products that you like. They also make a great home for perfume bottles with attractive packaging because they will look amazing displayed in them!

DIY Dinnerware Makeup Holder

diy dinnerware makeup organization ideas

If you like farmhouse decor, this DIY dinnerware holder will draw you in. One mug can hold brushes, a smaller bowl will fit compacts and lipsticks, and any other odds and ends are neatly corralled with the saucer.

Galvanized Tin Organization

galvanized tin organization makeup organization ideas

This galvanized desk organizer is perfect for smaller makeup collections. The bigger bin on the right side can hold a box of tissues if needed.

Shoe Hanger Makeup Organization

diy makeup storage ideas

One of the best ways to display your favorite makeup items is to hang them up in a shoe hanger simply! This will make it much easier for you and show off all of your colors.

Eyeshadow Palette Organizer

eyeshadow palette makeup organization ideas

This nine compartment palette organizer is perfect for storing eye shadow palettes and smaller items like papers and notebooks. If you have lots of eye shadow palettes or need to organize your office supplies neatly, then this is the item for you. It has great reviews, is inexpensive, and it holds both large and small items.

Glass Vases Makeup Brush Organization

creative glass vases makeup brush organization ideas

Keep makeup brushes in a transparent vase that is filled with beads or pearls. The beads will help hold the brushes.

Makeup Bags And Pouches Organization

black pink makeup bag organization ideas

Keeping your makeup in a pouch or bag when you travel is helpful as it reduces the amount of space you need. This will also make it easier to access your cosmetics and still look beautiful if you are tired from traveling.

Candy Or Cookie Jars Makeup Organization

candy or cookie jars makeup organization ideas

Place disposable cotton swabs, spools, cotton balls, and other goods in a jar or on a clean tray; many of these items will be regularly used. This way, the containers are decorative and easy to reach.

This decorative jar can be used for many purposes, such as storing smaller items like lip gloss, nail polish, or small compacts. For a functional storage option, find an identical item with a clear lid or spice up your design with some leather and fabric.

Acrylic Jewelry and Makeup Storage Organization

acrylic jewelry and cosmetic storage drawers makeup organization ideas

Many makeup enthusiasts enjoy this organizer because it’s compact while still storing a large collection of products.

Clear Thick Compact Makeup Holder

clear thick compact makeup organization ideas

This powder compact holder is perfect for holding all of your loose powders or blush. With 6 slots, you can store various items in this organizer that could include nail polish and more. You also have the option to customize the compartments as needed!

Makeup Storage And Cosmetics Organization

makeup box storage and makeup organization ideas

The makeup tools you use every day can easily be stored in a beautiful gold and glass organizer. It’s the perfect way to keep your vanity looking chic while storing all of your favorite items.

360 Degree Rotating Tower Makeup Or Skincare Organization

rotating acrylic makeup organization ideas

This tower makeup and skincare organizer is perfect for finding the product you need without even looking at it. Turn 360 degrees to find what you are searching for.

 Acrylic Makeup And Jewelry Organization

acrylic jewelry and makeup organization ideas

This lovely acrylic makeup case offers a convenient way to store just about anything. It is my ultimate favorite because it’s transparent, making it easy to find what I need while also keeping things organized.

Makeup Brush Organization Ideas

makeup brush organization ideas

Organizing your makeup brushes can be a tedious task to complete. The most satisfying sight is seeing clean brushes, neatly organized and in one place. This crystal brush holder will hold all of your cosmetics together and make it easier for you to find the perfect tool you need.

This holder is perfect for use at either your vanity or desk, as it can hold pens and act as a pretty decor accessory.

Adjustable Makeup And Skincare Organization Ideas

rotating and adjustable makeup and skincare organization ideas

This cosmetic organizer can be rotated to make it easy to access your cosmetics and skincare products without having to disrupt anything inside. The side slots are perfect for storing daily-use lipsticks, mascaras, etc.

On A Final Note,

To finish, we now have some ideas for fixing cluttered makeup. From simple to advanced, there are a lot of makeup organization suggestions available. Although you may have found the ones that will work out best, feel free to keep looking and find one which suits your preferences instead.

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