039: Paving Your Unique Path with Mallory Whitfield of Miss Malaprop

This week on The Big Leap Show we sit down with boss babe Mallory Whitfield aka Miss Malaprop.

As a blogger and creative entrepreneur since 2006, Mallory has worn many hats, including blogger, visual artist, upcycled clothing creator, performance artist, jewelry designer, craft show vendor, creative strategist, speaker, teacher and consultant to other small business owners.

How did she manage to pursue all of her passions while still working a desk job by day? Tune into this week's episode to find out…

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Behind the Boss:

  • Favorite pump-up song: Unstoppable - Foxy Shazam
  • Current challenge working through: Focusing on the most important things instead of trying to do ALL the things.
  • Pep talk to your younger self:You're on the right path.”
  • Next item on bucket list: Deliver a TED talk
  • Simple pleasure: An Orchid Cream Vanilla snowball from Plum Street Snowballs
  • Life motto: Make Art. Every. Damn. Day.

Favorite Takeaways:

Do what works for you. So often as a business owner we feel the pressure the niche down. For year Mallory shared that she couldn't help but listen to all of the voices telling her to pick one thing to focus down.  Over time though, she identified her strengths and decided to pursue a path filled with multiple passions.  “I've realized that (niching down is) just not me. I am a person with all these crazy interests, and I like to have all these crazy interests. I don't really want to do just one thing, I want to do all of the things.” Own who you are, and what path works for you.  Mallory admits because she doesn't want to niche down she may never have an overnight success business, but she's happy to play the long-term game.  Decide what path makes the most sense to you and own it.

Decide what career path makes the most sense to you and own it. - @MissMalaprop #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet

Get creative with your time. For Mallory, it was important to have the structure and benefits of a full-time job, with the flexibility of a part-time position to give room for her creativity.  Through a smart conversation with her boss, she was able to negotiate a 4-day workweek, with full-time benefits. Dare to get creative with your time.  Again, there is no set path to pursuing your dreams. Figure out what works best for you, and then go out and make it happen.

Who's to say you can't have a 4-day work week? - @MissMalaprop #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet

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