Get Inspired With Pallet Fence Ideas To Build Your Own Fence

Building a pallet fence is an affordable way to meet your property’s fencing needs. Businesses often give away unwanted wooden planks for free, and, combined with some quick construction know-how, the need for additional materials can nearly be eliminated.

Adding a few additional materials to the pallets, you’re about to throw away lets you turn them into functional, attractive fencing.

We’ve shown you how some people have discarded wooden pallets, such as a greenhouse made from old pallets and an upcycled front porch. When it comes to fence building, for those of you on a budget or DIYing, pallet wood is an excellent resource.

Pallet Fence Pros and Cons

The greatest advantage of pallet fencing material is that it’s cheaper and more readily available than traditional fencing materials, though there are a few drawbacks to consider. Below are some of the pros and cons you should keep in mind before going ahead with your pallet fence project

Pallet fence pros


New or used pallets can be purchased cheaply, so you don’t have to break the bank. Ensure that you check with local businesses for availability and your online classifieds for potential sellers.


Pre-built wooden pallets are sturdy, square, or rectangular shapes waiting to be quickly placed around the fence and offer little preparation or assembly.


Wood strips for pallets are built to withstand heavy loads and weathering, making them a stable and resilient fencing component.


If you use recycled pallets to build your fence, you utilize a material that might otherwise end up in a landfill or pile. We see these stacks of used pallets accumulate behind warehouses all the time; they’re hardly ever taken care of and can be pointless for years.

Pallet fence cons


Some people like the rustic appearance of pallets, while others may find it a little too rough. This can be resolved by sanding and painting them. However, pallets are rarely an option for fencing in areas with housing covenants as they cannot be used to create some types of fences.


If you require a tall fence, pallets will not suffice unless they are stacked. If you intend to use them for privacy, most pallets are too short and may also be inadequate for some livestock and dogs who can jump.

Additionally, the slats on pallets are inconvenient for keeping small creatures contained unless they are wrapped in chicken wire. There are various sizes to choose from, so you may be able to find some that work well for your project.


When it comes to pallets, not all are created equal. Some have been treated for pests, and others have been heat-treated - we’ve touched on this topic before. The Instructables guide can help determine what’s safe for use.

Instead of chemically-treated pallets, take heat-treated ones for work around your property.

Those just starting on their homesteading journey find a pallet fence an affordable fencing option. Because it’s not as good as the fencing available at stores, those using this mode of fencing instead should have a plan in place to deal with gaps in coverage or reduced height advantages for livestock living nearby.

How to Build a Pallet Fence

Collect Your Pallets

Building a fence from pallets requires wood boards. Where do you find them?

When looking for pallets, it is best to turn to small businesses. Smaller companies often donate deliveries that they cannot store because the cost of recycling exceeds the value of the items.

A standard pallet is typically 40 x 48 inches in size, but you’ll find a range of various sizes and shapes. If you want to build a neat fencing, make sure the dimensions are similar for each pallet. Also, ensure rounding up or ten pallets, so you don’t have to make more trips than necessary.

Collecting pallets can be hazardous, but there are also safety precautions you should take.

Put The Pallets Together

It is simple to build a pallet fence. All you need to do is line up the pallets evenly and put in 3” bolts or large roofing nails with a hammer or impact driver.

When you purchase stakes to secure the pallets, place them in the ground. Then firmly slide the pallets over the stakes. This will be more expensive but much easier to assemble and maintain.

Create A Pallet Door

Pallet fences create a barrier that is unfortunately not suitable for driving through. To provide safe passage, remove one pallet off the top of your fence and turn it so you can walk to or from an area.

Instead of a latch and hinges, take the last pallet and cover it with wood to create a door.

If your fence has a larger gap that does not allow you to easily attach a latch to another pallet to create a door, then use an elevated rod as your entryway support for mounting the latch.

Predator Proof Your Fence

For you to be able to keep your animals in their designated area, I recommend that you predator-proof the fence.

You can add points to your pallet fence by using chicken wire and stapling it tightly to the inside of your fence (use a simple shepherd’s hook); for best results, use a slapper stapler.

A pallet fence acts as a double fence: keeping small pests from wandering in and larger predators outside. The fence can be painted for more professional results or left natural for that rustic touch. It is very versatile, and there are tons of options to customize it to your preference.

List of Creative Pallet Fence Ideas

Gray Picket Pallet Fence

You can make a decorative picket fence from your pallet wood. Create a shape in the design by cutting the top of planks. You could create scallops on this DIY pallet fenced or give each plank an inch point so they’ll look more decorative with your yard.

Construct a simple fence gate for your walkways to make it easier for you and your family members to enter and exit the yard. Construct a front-yard gate, as well as another in-fenced area. In case of an emergency, there should be two points of entry.

Pallet Design for the Gates

You can also use your fence to double up as a yard device while still providing it the dual function of privacy or security.

This type of fencing requires significant research about the design beforehand. If you want to have a beautiful lawn, then you need to plan. You may have to join your pallets together tightly with no space (creating smaller pallet frames for window and gate), but it will be worth it in the end!

Turn the Tops of Pallets Into Planters

Pallets are so versatile- they can be used for tasks as varied as a crib and DIY fence. One efficient idea is to turn the top of your pallet into a makeshift planter.

Painted Pallet Fence

You could leave your pallet fence as raw wood, but that might not be the best idea. Pallets are durable but don’t offer much protection against weather and pests. To make a wooden fence from pallets, either seal or treat the wood to protect it.

An alternative for painting the fence is wet; water-soluble paint will seal the wood and protect it from bugs. Moisture won’t be able to penetrate and cause your fence to rot.

Garden Pallet Fence

A garden fence is a necessity for your plants, flowers, and herbs. You want to protect them from invaders while still making sure you have a beautiful-looking privacy barrier around them.

Grab some cheap pallets and learn how to stack them in an orderly way with these easy techniques so that you can create a sturdy yet attractive garden fence just the

It is like enclosing your space with a line of pallets, using the tools and hardware necessary. You can find an in-depth tutorial here to learn more about this DIY pallet fence project.

Pallet Fence In Farmhouse

Do you have a goat chute on your farmhouse? Maybe it’s time to give them more space with the addition of an inexpensive DIY pallet goat chute fence.

This attractive and lightweight pallet fencing would not take time to get installed because all you need to do is stack the painted pieces together with a sturdy stacking; it’s that simple.

Movable Pallet Wood Fence with a Gate

People love pallet fences because they can be a cost-effective way to add style to the outside of your home. Morning Chores provides instructions on creating a fence from free materials, so you don’t have to spend much money this summer.

It’s possible to find this material for free if you know where to look. Adding wheels to your pallet fencing will provide movable gates and make it easier on the environment.

Gated pallet fence with trellises

Let’s say you want to make a pallet fence out of old wooden pallets. Would you rather use an entire pallet for each piece used or tear them apart?

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your garden, take a look at this tutorial featured on Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs. They show how to make an entire pallet fence with an opening gate and small trellises on the end if you want them to!

Wooden Fence From An Old Pallet

If your old, worn-out wooden fence needs a makeover or restyle, then the pallets are again at your service, and with just the right mix of dismantled pieces over it, you can make it look perfect and fun while staying under budget.

Beauty Your Garden with Pallet Fence

Plant a fence around your garden so it will remain protected. A wooden fence built from pallets adds to the rustic feel of the already charming space. It can be customized easily with paint, stencils, or more nature-inspired materials for added personality.

Building planters into the fence will give you the added benefit of more frontline space for planting. You can grow smaller plants like herbs in planters that are hung on the fence.

Pallet Fence Small Garden

When you consider all the different design options, there are a variety of formats you could use. There are many layouts to consider when deciding what type of framework items will be best for your project.

There are a lot of great ways you can use your backyard for different purposes. You could stack blocks to make a shelter or line the area with trellises and climbing roses for a beautiful fence. Some people might choose to rigorously restrict their yard by planting various plants and vines that grow well in certain climates.

Planting and maintaining natural bushes as a barrier around your lawn can be attractive, especially with flowering or shrub varieties.

Upcycled Pallet Fence

Here is one more project for the pallet fence ideas: funky, fun, and stylish to add spice to outdoor decor.

The fence has been painted pink for a great trendy look, and a blue flower is painted on scrap wood. This creates the perfect boundary to keep your pets and kids safe inside the house’s property line. The best part of this fence is that it can be removed if you ever need to move - so no worries about not being able to take it.

Creative Color Pallet Fence

If you’re looking for a more rustic farmhouse look, leaving your pallet fence as it is can be a good option. However, if you want to make it stand out more and add some color or stain, that could work too!

Picket Pallets Fence

If you’re looking for a way to build your own picket fence, then it turns out that pallets are also great for this purpose. You have to take them apart, make some cuts and assemble the pieces to stack them properly.

DIY Pallet Fence

Because of the ease with which DIY fences can be constructed, it’s easy to neglect certain details. One of these is sinking a fence post deep enough into the ground.

When you construct a DIY pallet fence, it is important to avoid posts that won’t reach the ground. It’s best if your posts are either sunk several feet in the ground or set so deep they need additional hardware and/or reinforcements to support them.

For a fence to be installed on your property, you need to secure permission from a neighbor or build it at the edge of your lot. Only use hardware that is rust-resistant for the installation to survive and last.

Pallet Fence Gate

Instructions for building a pallet fence gate can be found on Instructables. A wood pallet, jigsaw, drill, screws, and door spring are needed to start the project. Depending on your skill level or design preferences, you can stain your fence or paint it another color in addition to constructing the gate.

Backyard Pallet Fence

You can build a pallet fence around your backyard and use it as a barrier between your property. Building this will help keep people off of your property, which you may want to do if you are concerned about maintaining privacy or controlling access for pets or other animals.

When building a fence, burying the posts in the ground will keep them from falling over and potentially causing injury to your animals and your children.

Wooden posts should be spaced just a distance apart so you can slide a small pallet down between them and secure everything with the planks overlapping. They will need to either have wooden nails or screws driven through them to hold things in place securely.

A Pallet Fence that gives Privacy

If your backyard or front yard is already covered with a fence, but you would prefer not to have it as high, building this pallet fence will provide the privacy that you need while still being able to enjoy and be out in the open.

The deck is built of wooden pallets and might look like a gazebo. You could enclose the three sides with benches made of more pallets, or you can leave one side open for people to walk in. Some potting plants would suit it well, plus give visual appeal. It would be an ideal place to

a See-Through Design for Pallet Fence

There are a variety of different types of fences that can be used for different purposes. For example, this fence is nice because it has vertical boards instead of horizontal like many other fences and the mesh offers an additional security measure. The gate also blends in nicely when closed with no visible seams, which really helps make the house look more open and inviting.

Patio Pallet Fence

You can make a fence by stacking old pallets and painting flowers or other artwork on it. This type of fence gives your home a personal touch that would typically be welcomed by all who see the design.

Pallet Privacy Fence

A fence bounds almost all residential front yards in the United States. The privacy fences separate your external rooms from those of your next-door neighbors on every side.

These fences limit the view to your property so it will feel private, with a solid barrier in between. The most important thing about this type of fencing is when there are no spaces for a wall-like dividing.

Yard fences are limited to six feet high by nearly every city ordinance. Some allow temporary and easily removed enhancements on the top of a 6-foot fence to increase height, but they must be taken down before you can legally go beyond that limit.

You may want to ask for temporary variances on privacy fences that would exceed 6 feet for specific reasons. However, this is somewhat rare, and there has to be a distinct reason why the variance will be granted.

For example, a residential lawn that backs up to an industrial land use could be perceived differently depending on whether the property has a giant vehicle using their terrain or parked on the back of their lot.

Tiny Garden Fence

If you have a small garden on your property but don’t want to spend the money on materials for a new fence, this might be a DIY idea worth considering.

You can build a fence by attaching wooden planks to support boards and securing them into the ground with holes. Once your fence is in place, you can embellish it – painting it in different colors or adding decorative features like flower pots, lamps, lights, etc.

Simple Timber Pallet fence

Makes sure to pay attention below to several points that make pallets an excellent selection for building fences. It is not just cost-effective and straightforward, but it also allows you to build the fence with ease.

To begin making it, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into it. First thing’s first, there should be enough pallets lying around to cover your home or your garden or whatever space you are building it for.

Second, you should position every pile of crates so that all the piled crates are touching. Tie them together with rope or straps to keep them from slipping. Removing the piles is not really needed for efficiency’s sake.

Pallet Fence FAQs

How do you attach pallets?

Bolts or roofing nails will work best to hold the wood together. Using both of these, thicker pieces of wood can be fastened with each other and withstand harsh weather elements. In turn, this ensures a fence lasts many years.

Is taking pallets illegal?

It is illegal to take pallets without permission. Depending on the pallet, you will need to make sure it does not contain a chemical that may be harmful if released into the environment.

How much is a pallet?

The price of a pallet can vary greatly, depending on the size, type, and quality. Buying one new could cost as much as $200 or as little as $5.

When choosing a pallet, your decision should be based less on the price of the wood and more on its quality.


A pallet fence is a cost-effective way for your garden. It lasts for many years and saves you money compared to someone installing an expensive fence in your garden spot.

All of the fences shown here today provide you with a practical solution for your garden or outdoor space, no matter what shape or size it is. Pallet wood is extremely versatile and will be able to be used in any project this year.

We hope that the pallet fencing will provide a secure addition to your home garden, and you should have peace of mind for years.

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