Fantastic Shower Storage Ideas Fantastic To Save Space In Your Bathroom

Free your floor and tub space by storing shampoo, soap, and other shower products in the shower. Storing these items elsewhere will create a cluttered bathroom and make you feel suffocated when you try to take a relaxing bath.

If you don’t feel like taking a bath is an enjoyable experience, look around to see if clutter in the shower gives you stress. If this is the case, browse our list of storage solutions for bathing that should help.

One great reason to stay organized in the shower is that it helps keep everything in its proper place.

If your expensive salon shampoo runs out too quickly, it may be because your partner is just grabbing the first bottle he sees and using it for his hair.

These shower storage ideas help you avoid confusion by giving each person a designated space in the bathroom for their shower accessories. Answers to many questions people have are ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my shower storage?

Stand in the shower space, and put the ledge where you can reach it. Place your supplies on the shelf by the showerhead so they are easily accessible while remaining wet.

Some people want to keep their bathroom countertop out of the splash zone, while others prefer it close enough to be convenient. If there are a variety of heights in your home, you may need multiple storage options.

How much storage do I need?

Be sure to take all of your toiletries onto the plane that you will need for showering. This includes soaps, shampoos, and any other novelties (curly/flat iron, hairbrush). Please put them in order from tallest to shortest. Look at what type of storage is displaying on the overhead compartments and see if anything will

You may need to work with the space you have, opting to use a hanging hook for your loofah and bottles or a recessed shelf in the shower. You may want one individual shelf for each family member or just one big designated area for all items.

Why we need shower storage ideas?

An example of a life hack is anything that will increase one’s daily convenience, comfort, and productivity. Shower storage hacks are a way to make your day-to-day life easier by saving time and ensuring items are within reach.

Does each of the ideas suit every bathroom?

You need to find the right one from ideas that most suit your bathroom based on your needs. For example, if under-sink storage sounds efficient but doesn’t have enough space, it isn’t sensible.

Should I plan before building my bathroom?

You can generally apply our storage solution ideas after building a bathroom or in one you are using. There are some built-in solutions as well; for those, planning is necessary beforehand.

Are these items easily installable?

Yes, you can install most of them by yourself. Occasionally you may need extra tools that are readily available.

List of shower storage ideas

Be mindful of your home décor when choosing bathroom shower storage. Options are abundant, so find one that suits your personal tastes. Just be certain not to purchase something made with the wrong material if it is destined for water exposure. Take a look at these photos and know you are making a good investment for easy access in the future.

Elegant and Minimalistic Shower Storage with Wall Caddy

This single hanging shower rack does its job without any additional touches. The clean black lines are elegant and won’t collect dirt, mold, or another type of pooling water.

Although the shower caddy can seem small and take up little space, there are two full shelves to hold all of your essentials and keep it orderly.

Choose this look for a modern home with shower walls. It looks best in the presence of other black accents within the bathroom, but it can also work with silver fixtures and chrome accessories.

Barrel Shower Caddy

This wood-based shower caddy is an upgraded take on your typical model. Doubling as a highly functional piece of decor, it includes two shelves to store all of your daily shower supplies, and the best part: their small size.

This caddy is extra deep so that you can fit those large shampoo bottles, and it has built-in razor holders and hooks to hold your favorite loofah or comb.

Add Shower Caddy to Storage Your Bathroom Accessories

A shower caddy could be made of metal, plastic, or wood. Metal and wooden types are attractive and can double as a piece of decor. When purchasing a caddy, choose the material based on your current decor style.

A metal caddy is easier to maintain than a wood one. Caddies can be classified by where they are found – fixed to the wall, hanging over a door, or on the side of a cabinet.

Traveling with toiletries can be a hassle, but compartments in your suitcase can help you stay more organized. You could keep hair products and toothpaste in one compartment while keeping a few other necessities like extra tissues or pillowcases nearby to avoid accidentally forgetting anything important!

Add Corner Shelves for Shower Storage

A corner shelf is a space-saving tool that takes up an otherwise abandoned corner. In smaller showers, it’s conveniently located at shoulder height or higher and allows you to see what products have been placed on it without fear of little ones attempting to reach them.

There are various shelf designs available, and some offer you more storage space than others. Some come with extra hooks for towels, while others have multiple layers. While many shelves float on the floor, a completely standing corner shelf is also an option.

Smart Space-Saving Corner Shelves Storage

If your shower has unused space in the corner, utilize it. You’ll have more storage without much of a decrease in showering space.

This option is best for people who have stand-alone showers rather than a shower and tub combo. You can mount the shelves to the shower wall and store as many as you need in an out-of-the-way corner to save room.

Corner shelves are an excellent way to store items in the shower, with the caveat of keeping them clean to prevent mildew from building up.

Brilliant Shower Storage with Small Shelving Units

A small shelving unit is a smart and space-efficient way to store things in the bathroom. It has openings at the bottom so that water can drip through.

Over-the-toilet Ladder with Baskets for Shower Storage

While it’s not designed to go inside your shower, this leaning ladder is perfect for storing things like hand towels, soap bottles, and other toiletries above the toilet. One does have to keep in mind that water will eventually drip down onto these items if they get wet (perhaps from using the shower).

Unlike many ladder shelving units with narrow shelves, this style comes with baskets perfectly sized for each shelf that gives a sleek look.

Over-the-toilet Shower Storage

Small bathrooms often struggle to provide ample storage space. A common way to utilize otherwise unused space is with over-the-toilet storage ideas.

Shower Curtain Storage

The idea of a shower curtain helping to store items may sound like a pipe dream, but it is actually quite possible. If you sew over the top of your curtains with pockets and loops, then you will be able to store things that would otherwise not fit in a standard-sized stall.

The compartments can be turned inward or outward. It is best to face the compartments inward so they don’t become wet and gather moisture. The curtains do not require a special cleaning process aside from what you usually do for your curtain.

Add Shower Unit with Shower Table

A small end table can be a convenient item to keep in the shower. They typically rest against the wall and may have extra space for storage. If you have other items you need access to, try storing those on top of your end tables instead of cluttering up your shelves or counters.

Wood is not waterproof, so protection from moisture is necessary. Although this can be difficult in the bathroom since you want to keep your table there and accessible at all times, it can be accomplished.

Over-The-Door Tiered Storage Rack

This two-tiered shelving unit helps utilize the often-overlooked space of a bathroom door. If you have many hair products, makeup, and skincare accessories that occupy counter space, your surfaces will no longer be cluttered.

Hang little baskets on the door to store your daily necessities. This way, you can easily reach what you need when you need it and have everything out of sight when you don’t want it visible.

Classic Metal Shelves Shower Storage Idea

You know this unit, whether you have it in your home or someone else’s. This metal rack goes with anything and is easy to clean and care for. It features ample storage for shower items of you and your partner, as well as a rod for hanging towels or loofahs.

The shower caddy is mounted on the wall to prevent it from falling off and placed wherever in the bathroom is most convenient for you.

Tiered Shower Basket

If you want to stay organized, it’s helpful to assign items a permanent position. A tiered shower basket means multiple levels of storage for everything from shampoo to soap and more. Now, you have the freedom to stock up on all your favorite bath staples.

There are multiple categories of soaps. Arrange them in their appropriate location to pick out the products with ease while walking around your shower. The basket can be made out of plastic or metal as long as it is rust-resistant material.

Towel Rails Shower Storage Ideas

Install towel bars on the wall next to your shower, so your towels are always close by. A dual-rail is split over two levels, giving you plenty of space for all your towels and excellent organization options.

Walk-in Shower Storage Solution

You don’t need to settle for a single storage solution in your walk-in shower; make the most of every inch. This ultra-luxe but tiny shower by Pure Salt Interiors uses alcoves and a marble trim around the perimeter for some extra surface space.

Simple and Compact Shower Storage Ideas with Plastic Corner Shelf

Plastic shower curtains can be great since they are easy to clean and do not get moldy, but many cannot survive frequent washing. This cool plastic corner unit is perfect for a large bathroom with a flat floor or one that doesn’t have built-in shelves.

The cabinet has three slightly sunken shelves so that your slippery soap bottles don’t fall over the edge and also includes a little tray for bar soap. Put frequently-used products on the top shelves for easy access, and save more expensive products on lower shelves.

Try Multiple Shower Storage Ideas!

The Northern Estates Reno warehouse has excellent organizational skills in this small monochromatic shower. With the inclusion of a towel rack, wall shelves, and a shower seat, there is room for everyone’s needs.

Tension-Rod Corner Shower Storage Shelves

Tension rod shower shelves are a superb way to add storage without having to do any construction. The vertical rod adjusts as needed, with a heavy-duty spring that can ensure installation.

This unit has multiple shelves and a wireframe to hold your items. It features an efficient drainage system after every use.

Beautiful Country Chic Small Bathroom Storage Unit

If your bathroom has a general country or rustic vibe, you should opt for this adorable wooden shower caddy. It hangs beneath the shower head and has a protective layer to keep it safe.

This decorative shower caddy is made from upcycled pallets, has “Soap” lettering along the top, and iron hanging hooks. It makes for a cute housewarming gift idea or a nice decorative item for any room of the house.

Integrated Storage Small Shower

Integrated shelving will keep your small shower very organized. You don’t always HAVE to hide the organization!

This shower is memorable, thanks to a huge marble slab that houses all the modern shower fixtures. They don’t even take up any space because of how well they’re designed. There’s also room for your luxe soaps.

Beautiful Shower Storage Idea for Your Bathroom

The shower caddy seems to have come from a spa. It looks so soothing with its light-colored wooden shelves and elegant curves.

The steel hooks built into the shelves are kept in place with beeswax, and you won’t have to worry about them slipping. The cedar wood used for the shelves has a natural resistance to moisture, so you can wipe it down when they get messy, and it will be good as new.

This unit will make your shower great again and give your bathroom a nice aesthetic appeal.

Shelf Space Shower Storage

To effectively use precious space in a small bathroom, you could install so-called shower shelves and store toiletries on them. The storage shelf should be installed above the door, and baskets for space-saving tricks can be attached below.

Smooth Silicone Shower Storage Holder

This silicone option may be the best choice for those looking for a small, subtle bathroom storage holder. It is unassuming and does its job well.

It doesn’t have a tremendous capacity, so it is best for toothbrushes, facial cleansers, and your razor. It probably cannot hold all of your toiletries if you are used to using many more items in the bathroom.

This option features white, black, or tiffany blue so that it blends seamlessly with your decor. It also comes in handy for storing small toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo.

Multi-Compartment Shower Storage

If you like to take multiple showers a day, this recessed shower niche is perfect for you.

This three-tiered shelf offers room for all your things near the shower head or in the shared bathroom space of your condo/apartment.

Installing this shower niche encourages wiggle room on the height, letting you determine just how much headroom is needed. With a few adjustments, it can easily be covered with tiles or stone.

Minimalist Shower Storage

If you have a simple approach to your home’s interior design, a floating shelf will provide ample space for storage. The Australian company Decus Interiors opted for this coordinating rose-colored shelf in their pink and white bathroom. Two towel rails keep the linen closet close by.

Wall Shower Storage

Wall niches in showers have been gaining popularity recently thanks to their stylish but functional nature. We especially envy the shower in this Lust Living monochrome wet room, with its two storage areas for bathroom necessities and plants.

Basket Case Shower Storage

If you are looking for a way to unclutter your bathroom and give it a new feel, try using baskets. Load up the basket with your essentials and hang them from the wall in plain view. Instead of numbers, add decorative numbers to tie together the look of your bathroom’s upgrade.

The Hidden Drawer Shower Storage

This pull-out drawer can help you keep your full stock of toiletries at hand, but it is probably a good idea to go ahead and get a carpenter to build it.

Baskets Shower Storage

Wicker baskets are excellent for storing bathroom products like towels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

It is a great way for couples to split up beauty items, saving time and fighting over who has more space for cosmetics.

Hanging Swing-Style Shower Shelves

This hanging shower shelf looks like a child’s swing. It has ropes on either side as a grip and a suspended rectangular wooden plank that holds items.

Hanging your shelf to the ceiling of your shower is quick and simple. Use two hooks to support plenty of weight, and since it moves easily, this works best in an adult’s bathroom.

Clear Glass Shelves Float in a White Shower

In a small shower, dark-colored shelves can make the space feel cramped and cluttered. These clear glass shelves are designed to eliminate that problem by using a minimalistic design.

These shelves are tough enough to support a heavy load and are made of materials that allow you to see what is on them from most angles. The clear adhesive should be used when attaching these shelves to the exterior of your existing tiles.


Having great shower storage ideas is essential for a tidy and relaxing bathroom that enables you to take a great shower. And after a long day, enjoying a nice relaxing shower is such a blessing. It removes all your tiredness and refreshes you.

You will want easy-to-reach shampoo bottles and towels when you are in the shower. This is why it’s important to invest in smart bathroom storage ideas that make your bathroom clutter-free and relaxing.

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