Stylish Vanity Lighting Ideas That Cast A Gorgeous Glow

Your bathroom vanity has a variety of purposes, which is why it is so important. Whether you are going to work or out for the night, most people will brush their teeth and comb their hair in front of the mirror on your bathroom vanity.

However, you choose to light your vanity will impact both the function and decoration of the space. In this article, we’ve included everything you should know before choosing a vanity lighting design.

All About Vanity Lighting


Measuring the size of your mirror before you buy vanity lighting is essential to maximizing both aesthetics and function. Measuring about three feet in front of the mirror, identify where someone standing there would see themselves. This point should be just 75% the width of your mirror when measuring from left to right.

If you have a spacious vanity and want to use vanity lighting, then take the number of lights in the fixture into consideration. Vanity lights come in various sizes, so compare before making your final purchase.

There are typically two, three, and four-light models; some collections offer more than one fixture or five or more bulbs.

More light bulbs will improve general illumination and create more even distribution, which is beneficial for shaving or applying makeup.

For a standard vanity mirror, the size of the bulb should be based on a few different factors:

  • What is the size of your space?
  • Do you have one sink or two? Do you want the light in between or above each sink?
  • Does the bathroom also contain other light sources, such as chandeliers, recessed lights, or flush-mounted lights?
  • When considering lighting sources, what about natural light?

It is important to keep these three elements in mind when designing a bathroom vanity lighting idea: the sink, mirror, and light fixture. It would help if you thought about how each of those elements impacts the others.

We recommend determining the distance between your sink, mirror, and desired vanity lighting to get an idea of how much room you have for space.


Now that you’ve carefully planned how to view the space, it’s time to plan where your furniture goes.

The placement of your makeup light depends on personal and design necessities. For example, a tall mirror requires side-lighting since it takes up more horizontal space on the counter.

Generally, a horizontal mirror will have the vanity light placed over it. However, if your mirror has enough room for placement on both sides or at least above, you can place it wherever you want!

When considering vanity lighting placement, there are a few rules to consider:

  • Hanging overhead vanity lights 75-80 inches above the floor is best for ambient lighting.
  • Task lights should be hung approximately 65-70 inches from the floor, which is best for focusing light at eye level.
  • Good vanity light fixtures should be spaced out 24-36 inches so they light the area evenly.
  • It’s possible to combine overhead and side-mounted bathroom lighting solutions for more control of the lighting.


If you have a themed bathroom, choose lighting that matches the style of your home. For instance, if you have a beach theme, consider installing low-wattage light bulbs, so they feel like sand when they slide over your skin.

You can choose light fixtures based more on style and design or use a decorative fixture like sconces.

If you enjoy changing stylistic decor often, consider a simple and understated design that will blend in easily with the most different styles.

Lighting Temperature

Lighting temperature is a term for the color emitted by a light fixture. Color temperatures in the range of 2000-3000 Kelvin produce a warm, cozy glow; this is also what many incandescent bulbs emit.

3100-4500K light is considered “cool white” and provides bright, vibrant light. However, unlike most LED lamps that provide only this color temperature, high-quality LEDs can also generate 4600-6500K lights which are the same colors as natural daylight.

For choosing a color temperature for your vanity area, form and function should both be considered. If you primarily want to use the space fashionably, lower color temperatures may offer an attractive light source.

If you are looking for task lighting, high color temperatures may be best. It would be best if you also considered the fixtures you want to use - the higher color temperature will often go well with modern design. A lower color temperature sounds good when selecting traditional designs.


Many bathroom vanity fixtures can be hung with the lights facing up or down. Give us a call if you’re not sure which way your fixture will hang, and we’ll let you know!

It depends on the type of lighting effect you want to create in your bathroom and whether you should hang your vanity light facing up or down.

Lights positioned in a downward-facing direction will help you put on makeup, shave, or do any other tasks that require lighting. If you want to have plenty of light in the area where you get ready for your day, then make sure there is ample downward-facing lighting near all of your mirrors!

Upward-facing lights can create more ambient lighting, which makes the room feel more comfortable and homier.

If you have plenty of light from recessed lighting, LED mirrors, and other task lighting fixtures in the bathroom vanity area, you may want to use your vanity for aesthetic purposes.

Ideas to Choose Vanity Lighting

LED Vanity Lighting Ideas

Even though LED lights are increasingly popular, they’re not the only option available for home lighting. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old incandescent light bulbs with LEDs in other areas of your house, think about starting with one room: the bathroom.

These lights have a long life and save energy. They are also thin, allowing the design to take on a sleek shape.

Crystal Flair Vanity Lighting

The crystal sconces that flank the mirror are just as stunning when combined with gleaming marble tiles and mirrored his and her vanities.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Light Design

When designing modern bathroom vanities, keep in mind that the lights should be high above the mirror to avoid creating shadows. The drawers also need to be waterproof to prevent accidents from happening.

Fixture Finishes Vanity Lighting

Bathroom lighting with a metallic finish can easily match your finishes on other fixtures, like the door handles and faucets. It creates a coordinated look without too much effort.

Industrial Beauty Vanity Lighting

A popular design is to combine stylish sconces and crystal lamps with bold, dramatic colors or artwork.

Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

To illuminate the bathroom and fixtures, use one or two wall scones to reach the mirror area properly. Each sink should also have a light source that reaches it.

Rustic Vanity Light Fixture

Beckie at Infarrantly Creative has a rustic light fixture and homemade scrap wood mirror in her bathroom. Although this light fixture is beautiful, it stands out even more because of the contrast with other areas in the room.

Decorative Vanity Lighting

If your bath isn’t typically used for make-up application, shaving, teeth brushing, etc., we recommend adding some humorous design elements to the space.

When you’re choosing the bathroom fixtures, choose one that fits your design scheme or even places itself in the background so other, more attractive visuals can take center stage.

Glass Sconces Vanity Lighting

The rustic style has a minimalist, modern share of features. The clear glass sconces with Edison bulbs help to create a calm and comforting environment.

Industrial Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Industrial-style bathroom vanity lights come in a variety of sizes and finishes. Choose one that complements your bathroom’s style. Place your bathtub next to windows, so it is not necessary to add more lights for illumination.

Galvanized Metal Vanity Lighting

Taryn from Design Dining and Diapers completely transforms her bathroom with a mix of Modern Farmhouse style. The fixture is black metal paired with a gorgeous galvanized mirror. Planked walls provide rustic texture to the modernity of the room’s aesthetic design!

Layer Vanity Lighting Ideas

Use an extra-wide mirror over a double vanity to include a decorative fixture in between each sink station. The two sinks sharing the same controls make it easy to move from task lighting to ambient light, and adding a chandelier for some added style is always nice.

Chandelier Bathroom Vanity Lighting

If you want to make a dramatic statement in the bathroom, use chandelier-style lighting for your secondary light source. Add a dimmer switch if you want to control the amount of light coming from the fixture.

Copper Pendants Vanity Lighting

Pendants don’t always refer to modern styles, so if you’re looking for a more traditional-modern hybrid, consider using copper or black finishes and keep the lights above the mirror.

Pendants will give your bathroom an elegant look. It is also functional as you can choose to hang one, two, or three pendants near the vanity. You could opt for copper, but black or gray creates a more modern feel and is aesthetically pleasing.

Swing Arm Vanity Lighting

I looked up swing arm lamps and found that the one you’re talking about has a really nice look. One thing to keep in mind is if it’s going over your mirror, think about how high your table lamp.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Light Decor

One way to create soft lighting for the bathroom is by installing rustic light fixtures. You can combine modern and traditional styles in your own unique way with a bronze vanity light.

Semi-flush Mountings for Vanity Fixtures

Ashley from Cherished Bliss demonstrated an outside-the-box idea for bathroom vanity lighting. All too often, we will think of flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures. However, why limit yourself?

In response to my green-eyed reaction, Ashley gleefully revealed her new pendant lighting for her bathroom and shared how she was redecorating more.

Glass Pendants Vanity Lighting

The glamorous bathroom features two double washstands flanking three drawers topped with gray marble. The backsplash features one sink under a rectangular pivot mirror and the other sink over a window illuminated by bling sconce in Jamie Young Lafitte Clear Glass Pendants.

Vanity Lighting combined with Large Mirror.

Kimm from Roadkill Rescue has a better solution: she’s figured out how to update your old bathroom light fixture so that you’ll enjoy looking at it as much as using it! Why not just make it better? Check out her tutorial on Painting Your Bathroom Fixture!! Inspired by Edison bulbs, this may be the perfect look for

Fluorescent Bathroom Vanity Lighting

If you want to make a statement, fluorescent light will provide a unique contrast in the room. Cool white can illuminate all areas of the space while saving you money at the same time.

Vanity Lighting Above the Mirror

You’ll feel more comfortable in the makeup section of the restroom due to subtle additions like using the light above the mirror to create a modern feel.

By selecting a 3-lamp, nickel lamp, an attractive and sophisticated room decoration is 3 lamps. Paired with the round mirror also provides space and light to decorate.

Inverted Sconces with Glass Shades Vanity Lighting Ideas

Mounted scones are great for double sinks. Light fixtures in the Amber Interiors bathroom are beautiful because they have an inverted style and a soft glass shade.

Add four decorative items to give your room more elegance. This makes us wonder: how many other decor items can you make fancier simply by flipping them upside-down?

Bar Vanity Lighting Ideas

The lighting in the vanity is elegant. This effect is created by using a specific type of light bar and placement directly above the mirror.

The minimalistic design of the bathroom is refreshing and calming. Paired with a rectangular mirror on the wall, the white sink and blooming flowers in this vase create an illusion of more space than what’s really there.

Traditional Sconces with Fabric Shade Vanity Lighting

Sconces with fabric shades work well in traditional rooms that have makeup vanities. However, it’s important to consider the space - or ventilate correctly before installation for safety reasons.

This look emulates a luxurious dressing area, making your bathroom feel more exclusive.

Glass Bubble Lamps Vanity Lighting Ideas

The appearance of this bathroom will surely astound you. The luxurious touch through the decorative lamps gives it a dramatic look.

Aside from looking beautiful, the light brightens the room and makes it feel more functional. You can enhance this effect by adding a few chandeliers to create a stylish look.

Three Vanity Light Fixture

If you love to get personal with your skincare routine in the morning, this mirror light is perfect for you. These lights are lowered onto the wall, close enough to give you great visibility. Three of these fixtures would work well for a circular shape surface.

You won’t miss a thing.

If a more contemporary feel is what you’re looking for, use all white subway tiles as your kitchen backsplash.

Wall Sconces Vanity Lighting Ideas


The tube wall sconce near the dressing mirror creates a dim light while also adding an elegant appeal to your room. Place it on either side of the dresser so that both sides feel inviting.

Topped with a beige paint scheme, the stones of this natural rock wall will make for a great space.

Plug-Pendant with Edison Bulb Vanity Lighting ideas

Haven’t you had enough of those Edison bulb bathroom lights? We haven’t either. And among all the options, we’ve found a way to create this pendant light without any wiring measures. It will be perfect for smaller spaces as well.

The addition of a plug-in pendant light, like this one, can make your chic bathroom stand out and provide the illumination you need.

Water Droplet Pendant Vanity Lighting

The beautiful idea of using a water droplet pendant on your bathroom vanity will jazz up the room. Moreover, it gives you a bright and dramatic look in the house.

The white theme in this bathroom will trick your mind into seeing it as a spacious space. The double vanity takes up less space and maximizes the available room.

Vanity Lighting Ideas with Wall Sconces

If you have a wide mirror, you may struggle with the lighting in your bathroom because wall sconces don’t allow for enough brightness. Narrower widths will not work, and they should be spaced no more than 36″ to 40″ apart from each other.

Chandeliers Vanity Lighting Ideas

Give a touch of glamour to your everyday routine in the morning with a chic chandelier above the vanity.

To add accent lighting, you’ll want to purchase a vanity light strip that also provides functional task lights. Just imagine how luxurious it would be if you were using the bathroom and could look at one of these stunning fixtures.

For a glamourous look, choose an ornate crystal chandelier. For a vintage feel, consider turning old-fashioned lights into something new.


We now know everything we need to light our varied bathroom vanity ideas into a reality. This article has given you all the information necessary for figuring out what type of lights will work best, where they should be placed in our mirror, and how many lumens or watts are needed.

Setting up your bathroom can be tedious, but the lighting in there is something that many people overlook. So if you’re looking for a few creative ideas to spice things up, then this article is just what you need! Let us know below how it has been, and we’ll start adding more posts like this one soon!

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