36 Creative Small Nursery Ideas To Set Up Your Nursery In A Small Space

It is not uncommon for infants in the Western world to be assigned colors from their nursery room - pink for girls, blue for boys. However, until the middle of the last century, these colors were reversed: blue was reserved for boys, and pink was presented to girls.

Many people want a gender-neutral nursery – partly to avoid being pressured to identify as male or female earlier and because it gives them more decorating options.

Although a baby’s nursery may be the smallest room in your house, it can have the biggest impact on your child. It is important to consider what you want to accomplish for his or her long-term happiness.

Creating a nursery from such a small space may seem daunting. As an omnipotent parent, are you feeling insecure?

Despite what you may think, decorating a baby’s nursery in a small space is not difficult. We have provided lots of great ideas that are easy and artistic.

Keep The Design Simple


To open up a small space and make it feel neat, design your home with as few furnishings as possible. This light-filled neutral space includes only the essentials: a mini-crib and an ample storage dresser with a changing table topper.

When designing a room, it’s best to avoid incorporating any extras or frills. Small pieces of furniture allow for more space on the floor and tables, so be sure to consider this when creating an environment that suits your needs. Carefully considering these factors will help you create a refined design that meets all of your requirements.

Cozy Attic Nursery


Let’s take playtime back to the childhood days by turning your attic or under-stair storage space into a cozy nursery. This is especially beneficial for parents in smaller homes trying to make room indoors elsewhere.

Furniture and Decorations


If you’ve decided where your baby will sleep, it’s time to figure out the design of the room. What type do you want? Wills are bright colors or neutral colors?

Should you decorate your nursery with jungle-themed items or fairytale-themed items? This will help you make more conscious decisions about the furniture and décor you choose.

Best Color for Small Space

Neutral baby room with wall paper. Photo by Instagram user @hellofromkindred@hellofromkindred

When choosing a paint color for your baby’s nursery, it is important to consider the palette. Lighter colors like white, gray, navy blue, and pastel yellow will make the room appear larger. This is due to illuminating the dark corners and providing an openness that contrasted with tiny rooms, which tend to have windows facing upwards.

Closet Nursery With Mini Crib


Using the space in your walk-in closet as a baby’s room is a wonderful way to utilize all the space you have. A convenient mini crib can be stored away when not used and allowed easy access from inside your bedroom area. This way, keeping items necessary for daily care close by in an easily accessible location will make it easier on you and those.

The designers created this space especially for the baby by adding mobile and a beautiful art print behind the crib.

Nursery and Master Bedroom Combinations


In some instances, parents could have the baby in their bedroom. You can even create a spot for them to sleep in your room that is new or unused.

Instead of forcing your baby to sleep in a separate room and only holding him periodically, you can give him the space he needs by creating a designated nook for his crib.

Nursery Ideas With Canopy


There is a hanging corner of the nursery that uses it to create a cozy nook. You could also use this technique in your own bedroom or even the living room if you don’t have space for a nursery.

Gray Nursery With Dresser

The nursery nook contains a crib and a dresser—the dresser doubles as both the changing table and closet for the baby’s room.

Make it Magical


The whimsical scenic wonderland in this mural makes for a relaxing, calm, and serene place that is utterly magical even for children. The use of taupe canopy fabric, chair fabric, and cot bedding is an inspired choice - it’s soft, modern, and enough to satisfy any taste.

One important safety precaution that experts recommend is to make sure there are no items within a baby’s reach in their sleep area. Do not hang the bunting above your child’s cot, but rather use it on the window or pinned to a wall whereas

Darken The Tone


If you’re not into neutral color schemes, let your creativity flow with a bold paint palette and pattern. A sapphire blue and ochre scheme might not be the first one people think of for designing a nursery, but when paired with an innovative pattern and plenty of soft fabrics, the look is rich and comforting.

Mix in Monochrome

Paper Provision

The white-and-black look is especially chic in the nursery. White or a pale shade of grey as your base color allows for a light and airy feel. Black, dark grays and other deeper colors can be used as accents while you are free to play with patterning.

Creative Ideas How To Set Up a Nursery

If you want a pastel color room, use pink, purple, and other light colors in the mix as well. If you want more of an elegant nursery, opt for furniture with vintage style made of natural wood materials.

One way to prevent a clash between colors is to think about combining them, such as pink and grey, red and white, or all shades of pink and purple.

Wooden Furniture For Nursery


If you have all wooden furniture in the other parts of your house, there is no reason not to use wood for your nursery. This can create a cozy ambiance that connects with the rest of the room.

Start by using natural materials like jute and wicker, which will give the space an earthy tone.

Maximize Your Small Space

Source: @charlotteasquith

When it comes to accommodating small spaces, choose furniture that allows easy movement, such as cribs with built-in storage. Hang lighting fixtures high in the room rather than floor or table lamps, as they can take up valuable space.

Purple Small Nursery Design

A soft, deep purple rug is always a great addition to a baby’s room, but you may want to keep it clear of any irregularities in the flooring that might be too hard for your infant.

Fall Decor Nursery Room

I plan to settle on a comfortable and inviting beige and pink nursery in light of the forthcoming baby. White walls would be nice, but I am also considering curtains and furniture.

Pink And White Nursery Wall

This color palette is perfect for a little girl. The wall designs complement the room’s decor.

Unique Nursery Wall Decoration

The unique wall designs in this cute nursery will surely capture your baby girl’s attention. The soft color scheme also blends well with the room’s design.

Floating Shelves Nursery Room


Finding a room without any central furniture is often difficult, but this clever designer found a solution. Stefani Stein transformed her son’s playroom by removing the doors from his closet and covering those now exposed walls with cacti wallpaper. Adding floating shelves in the little room made it feel more intentional and comfortable while still allowing space to spread.

Nursery With Oversized Dresser


When mom, dad, and their newborn daughter needed a separate room in the Los Angeles home, they shared with her husband, yoga instructor, and holistic health expert Jessie De Lowe made it a guest room.

She distracted the small child with a rug and an oversized dresser. Shelves filled with blankets and toys keep the floor clear of mess.

Vibrant Colors Make Space Feel Larger


Don’t let a room seem small with ill-advised choices; fill it instead with vibrant colors and playful prints that add interest plus make space feel larger.

The nursery designed by Justina Blakeney’s friend-cum-client, Kim Muroff, is decorated with a 10×11 foot mural on the wall behind the crib. Accent lighting and a large round mirror reinforce this effect.

Owl Nursery Bedding for Baby Girl


The popularity of animal decals for baby rooms stems from the notion that these decals are cute enough to represent babies. The design is meant to complement existing decor and provides color in a room without any other distractions.

A pink and green combo may not be as popular as black and white, but it sure looks great together!

Minnie Mouse Theme Baby Bedroom


Many little girls become smitten with the vintage, pink version of this Disney character the first time they see him. This famous Disney hero is loved by children and adults alike. He would make an ideal main idea for a room theme.

The blue wall with Minnie’s signature color, soft bluish-green, ties the room together.

Peach-Colored Nursery Room


The peach color is a little more subdued than an orange’s - it has a hint of pink in its tone. No other colors are competing with it, which makes the peach wall really pop. The big window gives lots of light, and the white trim further brightens things.

The name of this baby girl was Savannah. You can replicate the design and change the letters to your child’s name. A nice curtain on each side of the crib and green pompoms above it help make this space special.

Baby Girl Decor for Autumn


Girls of all ages can enjoy updated decorations, regardless of the current season. Consider what you love, and keep in mind that any design should be baby-friendly.

The autumn motif in this bedroom is seen on the wall paint and wallpaper. There’s a sofa by the corner for breastfeeding, which both mom and baby enjoy.

Simple Bedroom Neutral and Minimal Decor


Regardless of the minimal decoration, the room is ticking off all my fantasies. The pompoms are placed high on the ceiling, and decor from around my house has been displayed to amplify what neutral furniture we have.

Grayish Baby Girl Bedroom


Their meanings often categorize colors, but grey is actually a cool and balanced color-therefore, it can be formal.

Compared to dark grey, light grey meshes well with light in color because of this balance, leading many people to choose gray as the feminine choice.

This baby bedroom features shades of light and soft gray that create an airy, stylish atmosphere.

Make the Most of Any Space

Although this space appears cheery and bright, it has a hidden identity. It is actually a nursery with clothing storage in the laundry area and a walk-in closet.

If you live in a small home and don’t have room to dedicate just to your baby, it may still be possible to provide for his comfort.

With the addition of a divider like a row of shelves or fabric panels and lots of personal touches such as rugs, plants, and baskets, your laundry room can be transformed into something more than “just” an area for doing clothes. Does the hum from the washer count as white noise?

Go Bold

It might seem counterintuitive, but averting from the conservative decor in a small space can make all the difference. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money updating your home decor when you have bold wallpaper or an oversized light fixture.

Pick Fun Furniture

In this baby’s room designed by Chango & Co., a lucite shelving unit is shaped like a dollhouse. These fun shelving units can make even mundane objects (like storage) into something exciting and inspirational.

Add a Gallery Wall

Studio DB installed fun photographs of sheep on the wall behind the crib to make it a more pleasant space for the baby (hopefully, they’ll help provide good luck with pleasant dreams and sleep). You could also add sentimental value by creating a gallery wall of family photos.

Neutral Colored Minimalist Nursery


Putting together a monochromatic color scheme of whites, creams, and beiges for your baby’s nursery is the best way to go if you want to keep with this minimalist style. Even the rocking horse and rainbow decal above the crib in this boho bedroom don’t have any color going on at all, so they create

Triangles and Stripes

Wall stickers are a perfect temporary solution for parents who want their kids to decide what color they will trade their rooms between when they’re a little older.

Sweet Shades

Flowers on the mural are painted in a soft black and white scheme to create an approachable atmosphere.

Baby Girl Room Ideas with Rabbits

One of the best components about butterflies as baby room design is that you might always keep them your kid becomes a little bit older, apart from other decors they might rapidly grow out of.

Space Themed Baby Girl Room

It’s a good idea to make your nursery a themed space because all the modern, space-themed design is now readily available in stores. To produce a space-themed room, you have to browse our pages of bed linen and other deep space room design.

In the end, your little girl’s room will be transformed into a fun and creative space where she can explore new worlds.

White Nursery Ideas

@birdcarlson via Instagram

If you’re painting your nursery walls white, it’s easy to clutter up the room with furniture and accessories that clash with other whites. With minimal exceptions, any bedding or accent pieces for the crib should match the color of its adjacent wall and limit anything on the carpeted area to truly essential items (like a changing table) if space is cramped.

Use texture in your interior design by adding textiles with different textures, such as corduroy or velvet.

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