25+ Apartment Patio Ideas To Create Cozy Space

Outdoor entertaining can be challenging when you live in an apartment with a tiny patio. However, there are ways that you can still enjoy barbecues and include a garden on your property with just a few changes. There are plenty of innovative approaches for freshening up your outdoor space with just minor alterations.

It is important to choose your outdoor furniture carefully- so it can adapt to the weather both indoors and outdoors. Make sure you only use furniture made of wicker, plastic, iron, or wood to avoid disasters.

The size of apartment patios is significantly smaller than the outside space in houses, so it might be best to stick with a “less is more” mindset. Along with a tea table and chairs, adding planters or anything else can make it seem crowded. Rather than adding a bunch of items all at one time, start with what’s important to you. If you feel like it’s not enough, add more later. For example, if your balcony or patio doesn’t offer much privacy, potted plants can create a cozy space when no one else is around. Wall dividers, hanging pots, and umbrellas are also excellent methods of creating more privacy from nosy neighbors.

We’ve gathered 32 apartment patio ideas to help you create a space you’ll love spending time in.

Double Duty Furniture and Affordable Decking


A common balcony is usually made of concrete and lacks any personality whatsoever. Fortunately, interlocking deck tiles are easy to install by snapping them together, making it a cinch if you’re renting the apartment.

The IKEA RUNNEN tile, designed for balconies and terraces-in a 9 sq. ft. area-is a simple way to transform the appearance of your space without breaking the bank.

When designing your patio or balcony, there are a few decorating ideas worth borrowing from Jana’s. The bench on the left compresses into a mini barbecue stand and potting soil box, providing extra seating for two people.

DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

Silver Rose Sewing

Anyone can quickly create an affordable privacy screen by following this simple DIY project from Kelsey at Silver Rose Sewing. Blogger buys several bamboo poles at a local store for less than $2 per piece. After connecting them, she installs her new privacy screen. She finishes her project by topping it off with lantern string lights.

Mini Urban Oasis

Engineer Your Own Space

“The DIY Diva behind Engineer Your Own Space” Isabelle LaRue transformed her small, concrete balcony into an urban oasis. First, she added architectural interest to the surfaces around existing walls by installing a white ledge.

The sitting area created an opportunity to purchase potted plants and another decorative decor. Next, the homeowner provided her outdoor space with a tropical twist by using bamboo fencing. You can find rolls of bamboo at most home improvement stores for less than $30.

LaRue installed white lattice panels to provide privacy because her balcony faces other buildings. She also built a storage bench, which she uses to keep gardening supplies out of sight.

Balcony With a Planter Wall

Decora y Vendo sets the tone for this lovely balcony with a planter wall. Globe string lights add a festive touch. Below is an outdoor sofa styled in a wood pallet look, complete with weather-resistant cushions. This sturdy sofa provides extra seating for guests outdoors on any forecasted day—rustic floor poufs made of straw.

Fancy Privacy Screen

Linear Concepts

This balcony for the Delhi-based architecture and design firm Linear Concepts, enclosed with an attractive privacy screen, has several benefits. Potted plants add a pop of green to its hard features, and wicker furniture adds color to its lively shade options.

Solid Fabric Privacy Screen


Wind, sun, and curious passersby can make for a difficult time when you’re traveling. To avoid these sources of distraction, consider using a privacy screen, as seen on Alvhem. These come with little fasteners that allow them to be set up quickly and inexpensively through home decorating stores starting at $15.

Concrete Furniture

John Kraemer & Sons

There is a huge increase in the use of concrete in-home features and decorative accessories. This includes an accent table which makes for a fresh take with its rustic finish on otherwise modest outdoor space, courtesy of John Kraemer & Sons, a custom home builder from Edina, Minnesota. Improve the clarity with more words and sentence structure: The club chairs are made from either wicker or teak wood. Above, the concrete floor is adorned with teak tiles.

Water Hyacinth Furniture

Paradise Restored

There is nothing like a natural, hand-woven appearance. A tiny balcony at  Paradise Restored, a landscaping company, based in Portland, Oregon, features furniture created of water hyacinth. The typically coarse fibers add a pleasing texture to space, both rustic and sophisticated. It’s no surprise that outdoor furnishings made from such material were popular on the French Riviera during the 1940s.

Outdoor Pallet Sofa

Villa Snow White

Becky proved that just adding plants and furniture to her balcony could make it inviting without an amazing view.

A sectional sofa made from a wood pallet (3 meters long) and outdoor cushions adds some coziness to an otherwise drab balcony. You can spruce up the fenced-in balcony with just a roll of inexpensive fencing, which also helps toughen up the look. Paper-lantern-style string lights add ambiance.

In addition to the IKEA wood tiles, there is also a machine washable cotton rug. Love the idea of greenery on your balcony but don’t want to have to take care of it? Put your plants in these faux pots (pot-in-pots), and then you won’t have to worry about their well-being. Another item to keep in mind that will shield you from the hot sun is a good, quality outdoor umbrella.

Blocking the Sun With a Fabric Canopy

Mora Korytowska

Mora Korytowska, an interior designer from Tel Aviv, shared her stylish balcony on Instagram with a Mediterranean view. IKEA’s ÄPPLARÖ furniture pieces were made using acacia wood and fabric lanterns to brighten up the space day or night.

The planters are made from solar-powered light. It provides additional lighting to the area, which is essential for Korytowska because she spends hours on her balcony during the day due to its sunny environment. A canopy with a high UPF rating was installed overhead to provide more shade and protection from UV rays.

A Little Urban Jungle

It’s Pretty Nice

Add a little nature to your balcony by transforming it into an urban jungle with lovely green plants and flowers. A blog called ‘It’s Pretty Nice’ shows a balcony covered in greenery and black flower pots. A bench to the right of this room provides a place where people can sit and store items. The accent table is also used for storage when flipped over. A black-and-white rug adds color to the floor.

DIY Multifunctional Patio Furniture

We all know that the outside of our home is just as important as how it looks on the inside. But you can make your patio look amazing with a few simple carpentry skills and some well-treated wood. You will get enough space to display whatever you like in this outdoor area, whether paintings or old trinkets from grandma’s past.

The patio design features enough room under and between the seating area to be used as storage for other items. There are two specifically designed spaces built into this outdoor space, which helps eliminate unwanted areas to store personal belongings. One of the excellent benefits of such an idea is that fake turf can be utilized on visible flooring or worn tiles.

DIY Apartment Patio Bar Table

If you often hang out with friends and family on your patio, you probably have a table. A smaller space can be created by getting rid of the table. Install a table on the balcony ledge that doesn’t interfere with your view. For instance, a couple of wooden fence-type pieces can be placed at an angle to create a makeshift dining area.

“As you can see, adding a table to your balcony will not only provide outdoor dining options but also give you visibility out into the world.”

DIY Potted Plants and Wicker Furniture Patio Design

The following post will provide more insight into apartment patio ideas. Most people feel an increased sense of peace with the artistic combination of plants around wicker furniture. If you feel more energized in well-lit areas, then this backyard design would be a perfect choice for your patio. If you’re interested in peace and relaxation, complement it with a Zen garden to create the ultimate combination of serenity.

Build a Personal Outdoor Garden

Ideas for apartment gardens offer a more natural presentation than traditional front lawns. Decorate your way to an oasis with all the plants, trees, and bird feeders you can carry. Add potted plants, flower boxes, and any other outdoor decor until it looks like a glowing oasis in your backyard or on your patio.

Wishing You Had a Backyard? Lay Down Some Fake Grass

If you live in an apartment without a yard, fear not. You can still make your patio or balcony into the perfect outdoor space with artificial turf for dogs. Add faux flowers to complete your design aesthetic.

spacious L-shaped balcony


If you have a small balcony, design two separate areas for the space to double functionality. This spacious L-shaped balcony-designed by Keesha Franklin of Halden Interiors—features one area for lounging and another for dining (both with views of the cityscape).

Apartment patio with classic white daybed

Have limited space? Avoid multipurpose plantings, patterns on outdoor rugs, lighting, and full-fledged furniture layouts. Instead, pick one statement piece to serve as your star of the show. This classic white daybed with wood framing will fit the bill. Surrounded by lush potted plants, it provides a plush spot to enjoy the view without taking up precious floor space in the process.

City Serenity

“To achieve a tranquil atmosphere away from urban Philadelphia’s vibrant Center City, we chose natural finishes and materials that brought softness and comfort to the barren rooftop,” says designer Barbara Eberlein. “Chic outdoor furniture does not need to be stored indoors during the winter, and direct sunlight can’t even touch it with enormous cantilever umbrellas. I prefer an all-weather armchair in my own city sanctuary.”

Container Garden

Container gardening can be vibrant and bring joy to your busy household. Follow the lead of this urban balcony where an artful array of colorful plantings burst from vessels large and small, creating a peaceful spot in the middle of your bustling surroundings. A dynamic garden is one that’s been made with diversity in mind. You can achieve this by using plants of different textures, sizes, and colors to create a beautiful landscape you’ll enjoy tending every day!

Bring the Indoors Out

Bring a luxurious, outdoor feeling to your balcony or deck by decorating it like an indoor living room. Designer Abbe Fenimore made this apartment’s balcony into a sophisticated outdoor living space by adding a substantial chaise lounge and heavy stone coffee table. Embracing a bold and bright color palette, the open-air lounge is a refreshing break from the dark interior of this city home.

Secret Garden

This cozy corner lounge is the perfect escape from a hectic workday. Lush potted plants surround the space where you can curl up with a book and glass of wine. Two folding chairs are positioned around the outdoor wicker table for occasional seating. The chairs can be easily stored when not in use.

Zen Zone

This rooftop terrace is a peaceful and serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The pergola provides shade while you work, read or lounge on the deck chair. It offers an intimate space for gatherings with friends over cocktails or family dinners during those rare sunny days.

Install Functional Furniture

Small apartment patios are often lacking in space. Considering your furniture placement to make your patio seem larger than life is a great way to follow that important rule. When entertaining, place chairs, tables, and ottomans on the lawn to create a lounge-style dinner party atmosphere in your own backyard. For an extra touch of glamour, try outdoor couches and loungers.

Garden Apartment Patio Ideas

If you have a green thumb, an apartment patio is far more than just outdoor space. It also represents the only way you can grow a garden while living in a tiny apartment or condo. A more innovative approach to small-space gardening uses plants for decorative purposes by placing them in containers or on shelves. Plants trained up the side of a wall add privacy, while vines give an elegant touch to any balcony railing.

Furniture for Apartment Patios

If traditional furniture isn’t your style, that’s okay! Outdoor living space is the newest trend, and you can find tons of pieces made for outdoor life in a more classic style-sofas, tables, chairs. A table or piece of furniture with coffee table functionality is also a necessity. If you don’t want to fill your entire small patio with furniture, a folding table and lounge chair are an excellent compromise. You can turn the outdoor space into a private escape in just moments.

Outdoor furniture cushions need to be sturdy, which is why you will need outdoor upholstery. Make sure your outdoor pillows stay in place by using Velcro or tie-downs. The last thing you want is for someone to lose their pillow to the wind during a storm.

DIY Apartment Patio Ideas

If you rent an apartment, you are prohibited from making any interior renovations. That includes changing the appearance of your deck. However, some simple improvements can help make space feel like it belongs to you.

It can be difficult to hang signs or other decorative pieces on brick or vinyl, as they may spoil the look of the exterior. You can protect both without worry by using wood paneling to cover both without altering the appearance. Wood paneling will not experience any damage from drilling small holes for mounting sign holders or trellis’.

Hanging string lights in your apartment’s patio is an easy and inexpensive way to make it feel more welcoming. It provides enough light for wine and dines, which might be easier than cooking out in the dark (or not at all). You can practice verticality by hanging them overhead or along your walls. String lights can be placed on.

Privacy Screen Apartment Patio Ideas

Privacy is a finite resource when living in modern condos or apartments. Whether you rent or own, being so close to your neighbors can make outdoor space feel unusable. Privacy screens allow families to reclaim their apartment decks as comfortable outdoor living spaces.

If you’re looking for a privacy screen alternative with more flexibility, consider planting hedges of vines. If you don’t have access to green space or live in a colder climate and can’t grow real greenery, try faux foliage designed to mimic the look of leaves.

Privacy screens provide more than one benefit. If your patio is in direct sunlight for a significant part of the day, investing in an outdoor privacy screen would protect you and your loved ones from sunburns as well as heat-related illnesses.

Bring in Greenery

Add planters to your balcony that is filled with lush plants. Not only will they add a nice earthy feel, but they’ll make your balcony smell great too!

Add some plants

When designing your balcony, try to incorporate plants and other greenery. Not only can this help space feel a bit more welcoming and cozy, but it is also a fun way to spend time with your kids (by helping them plant their own garden).

Greenery brings a lot to be considered for your balcony. The possibilities are limitless, whether you want the responsibility of planting your own vegetables and fruits or choosing only those plants and blooms you like best.

Add a cozy sitting area

While lounging on your balcony can be wonderful in sunny weather, it might not always feel as inviting. It might require a few adjustments to make the space cozy enough for you and your family. For example, you could add a small table and chairs to create a cozy sitting area. The best part about this is that they could be set up however you like-you’re not limited by traditional furniture layouts.

If you prefer to think of the product more than how it will look, you could also add floor pillows and a hammock for a bohemian feel. One benefit to a small sitting area is that it doesn’t take up much space. For example, if you have limited balcony space, this could be an excellent choice for you.

Added Style and Function

Craft fair

Antonia Schmitz is the creator of Craftifair, a style blog for small-space decorating ideas. One example of this was how she transformed her slightly awkward balcony (it faces a building’s roof) into an urban oasis, thanks to smartly curated furniture and plants.

The picture to the left is a comfortable and durable outdoor seating option that also provides an impressive appearance. Toward the center of the image, there is a folding side table with ample surface area for couch-side snacks or meals. At right, you will find a portable cotton rug machine-washable enough for at-home use in case any.

Schmitz’s front porch is transformed with a bit of creativity. Old crates are put to new use as plant holders, and there are more than a dozen planters for natural greenery or flowers that bring a welcoming appeal.

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