62 Relaxing Pink Bathrooms Ideas That’ll Make Your Bathroom Fresher

It’s special to find a home where the decor extends to every detail, like a bathroom decorated with pink tiles. Some spaces get more attention in most homes than others, like their bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

A meticulously decorated bathroom shows a willingness to go the extra mile to renovate a room. On the other hand, Pink bathrooms show even more care and thought put into space—defined by someone who can take some chances when it comes to design.

Just because somebody is talented doesn’t mean they’re going to be predictable. Some people may love pink bathrooms and paint them nail polish shades of pink, which make the room rather impressive.

Bathrooms generally don’t have the budget to use elaborate wallpapers or color palettes. But some homeowners have been turning to wallpaper for decades, adding texture and dimension with the colors they incorporate in their bathrooms.

This house and room design decisions vary in their commitment to the color pink, but all of them consider the same goal: transforming a forgotten space into something special—a place that has worth.

The bathroom is one room that can really benefit from incorporating the color pink. Check out these 62 bathrooms for great uses of pink.

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Calming Pink Bathroom

Studio Life/Style

The bathroom designed by the Studio Life/Style editorial team is surprisingly calming to look at, and laying monochromatic tiles in a clean stack pattern helps elongate the room.

Retro Pink Bathroom

Trevor Tondro

Storm out of the colorless world with this bubble gum pink wall. Mix it up by trying colorful tiles to create an all-new pattern. This bathroom can serve as a simple example, using grayscale black and white tiles. It brings you back to life in a way that feels unexpectedly retro.

Pink Bathroom With Round Mirror

Arent & Pyke

The company Arent & Pyke knows what’s up when it comes to tile. The upper half of the wall is decorated with a row of penny tiles highlighting the round motif, from the round mirror to the round wooden drawer handles. Pink zellige rectangular stone creates an enlightening shine against the white plaster walls.

Vivid Tile

Michelle Boudreau Design

Suppose you want a pink bath, tile the whole bathroom with a vivid shade of pink. Yes, it’s expensive and time-consuming to renovate your bathroom. But if you’re committed to making that happen, painting the shower in bright shades of pink is the most efficient way to illustrate your enthusiasm.

Solid Pink

Cathie Hong Interiors

People can achieve a pink bathroom without the expense of building an addition onto their home or taking on a renovation project by simply painting one room.

When it comes to decorating your home, you have total control over the outcome. (For example, if you want a two-tone pink wall, you will be able to customize things until your heart’s content.)

Combine Dainty Pink Hue With Minimalist Elements.

Hearth Studio

Blush pink subway tile contrasts with terra-cotta flooring to create a vibrant backdrop for this minimalist bathroom. Simple, floating cabinets and an exposed plumbing sink provide the main focal point while creating a cohesive look that will never go out of style.

Traditional Cement Tile Flooring

Instagram @katiehackworth

Interior designer Katie Hackworth knew her daughters would enjoy a bathroom in black and white, but her youngest fought for pink tile. The result is striking: pink tiles that look cool and crisp in shades of blush or maroon.

Think Bright And Effervescent

Cortney Bishop Design

This home’s cheerful spaces make it the perfect space for “Good Vibrations.” It is stocked with colorful and lively rooms like this pink bathroom. The matching double vanity cabinet and atomic-patterned floor tile go along well with the bubble chandelier.

Terrazzo Might Be The Way To Go

James Morgan

The Budapest Cafe offers an unexpected change of pace with its pink terrazzo speckled bathrooms as well as curvilinear lines.

Punch Up Black Details

Instagram @dropitmod

This design, created by Drop It Modern, features a geometric pattern that is softened by pink accents. The bold black lines create an even more intense effect on the blue background.

Subway Tile Looks Better In Pink

Historias de Casa

We can understand the lure of art director Fabiana Zanin’s pink-roofed, decorative subway tiles-clad walk-in shower with exposed plumbing and a wood plank floor. The glass enclosure is a nice touch (although your mileage may vary on this item).

Contemplate a Modern Take On The Trend

Decus Interiors

Decus Interiors recently renovated this bathroom, and it certainly took the unconventional route. The shower is made of cement tiles that look similar to an old-school game console like Atari, punching pink into what would otherwise be a rather boring bathroom.

Draw The Eye With Symmetry

Dan Gayfer Design

This minimalist design by Dan Gayer uses symmetry to draw the eye. Dark accents such as grout and a black, wall-mounted faucet really make the pink tile stand out.

Stay True To Vintage Interiors

Instagram @vivietmargot

The bathroom of designer Charlotte Reiss captures the spirit of her online shop, Vivi et Margot. It has classic French touches like romantic roses and vintage accents, plus sweet artwork in pretty shades of pink.

Create an Accent Wall

A bathroom with a pink accent wallApartment 34

If you prefer more than one color scheme in your bathroom, why not paint a section of the wall pink? This is what Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34 did in her friend Chloe Roth’s bathroom, where pink accents were used as a finishing touch.

Safari Theme Pink Bathroom

Some people might think a safari-inspired theme is too bold for their space, but Balcon Studio has shown they can be done to perfection in one of their projects.

A design with multiple isolated accent walls, plants, and flora-inspired patterns, this bathroom is adorned with magnificent lighting fixtures. It even includes monkey accessories that the color palette evokes the playful nature of pink.

Luxury Pink Bathroom

The bathroom design by Lesya Pechenkina is fabulous! What do you think of the colors? We love these deep, cool shades!

Bright Pineapple Wallpaper

A bathroom with bright pineapple wallpaper, a lustrous pink vanity, and potted greenery that adds color to the room.

Contemporary Pink Bathroom

A cool pink and white contemporary bathroom with gold and copper fixtures and potted plants.

Glam Pink Bathroom With Gold Accent

A glamorous pink bathroom with a modern bathtub, sink, tiled walls, and gold accents.

Terrazzo Floor For Pink Bathroom

The gently lit, classic-style bathroom with white furniture and appliances is peppered in a delightful terrazzo floor.

Decorating With Gallery Wall

A light pink-colored bathroom with a gallery wall - the colors coral and mint are used to create a one-of-a-kind space that’s both cute and unique.

Wooden Vanity And Greenery Decor

Luminous pink tiles, white appliances, and a wooden vanity with greenery.

Large Hexagon Tiles Pink

Jason Frank Rothenberg

If you want to use a black and white color scheme, make sure there’s an accent in the room that catches your attention. In this walk-in bath, large hexagon tiles are used as the focal point of the room.

Mixing Black And Pink

Apartment Therapy

Mixing pink with black has been a popular style trend in the past, and the bathrooms below make it easy to see why. As long as you’re not crazy about everything done up for girls in pink, pairing them with black can be an effective way of balancing things out, just so (at least somewhat).

A retro bathroom that goes for a lighter shade of pink on the walls combines with a black tub, black and white tiles, and black framed wall art.

A Slightly Subtler Pink and Black Look


Though retro-style bathrooms often have bold colors, such as pink and black, a pale blue or warm off-white can make the experience more soothing.

In this next example, pink tiles are combined with black molding that meets the white walls.

Clean and Pink Retro Inspiration

This next example goes without the black and pink combination. It’s mostly white — with a few accents of pink, like in the tub, toilet, sink, and some tiling.

This Art Deco-inspired look incorporates a flower pot and vintage ladder to help it fit into the era.

Brick And Paint

If you want to paint a room with pink bricks but installation and painting seem like too much hassle, consider using an adhesive vinyl brick instead.


Various shades of pink and white, with a solid pink wall and floor, are not the focus of this room design. This means that there is no limit to how you can decorate the room because it starts off being blank—such as with this fern.

Pink Marble

At first glance, these floors and walls are beautiful with only a hint of patterns. The colors provide sufficient interest for the space to be considered complete without any additional adornments.

Contrasting Neutrals

When using pink, it’s a good idea to include neutrals in your design. This will calm down the color and also make it more timeless.

Sandy Pink

This bathroom utilizes an open design to fuse the outside of the house with interior decor seamlessly. The external desert blends beautifully with natural stone to create a cohesive sandstone feel that can’t be replicated indoors.

Light Curtain Pink Bathroom

In the master bathroom, there is a round cushioned chair between the sink vanity and a deep tub built for bathing. The gray tiled floor contrasts with light curtains hanging over the window.

Wall To Wall

Painting the walls pink and leaving everything else white is an easy way to incorporate a decorating detail in your room that doesn’t require too much work.

Creative Pink Bathroom


If your goal is to push the hot pink boundaries in the most fun and unpretentious way possible, you need this bathroom. Curved bars of a daring shade of hot pink clash with backsplash tiles shades lighter than the embellish surface.

Gray And Pink Bathroom

Kate Tsyganina

This single-colored, tall sculpture in the bathroom sets a statement. The pink ceramic column provides a trend-setting moment for the room with the addition of a matching toilet.

Pink Appliances

Ira Lysiuk & Stanislav Pashkalyan

You can give a stark white bathroom some needed character by incorporating hyper statement pieces. They could be a pink warm towel rail, what-nots in pinks for your vanity and mirror, and you can never have too many options for shower curtains.

This design features a black countertop with white fixtures, and the finished product allows pink tiles to be more visible.

Two-Sink Bathroom

Spotless Agency

Create a two-sink bathroom arrangement that includes one area of color as the focal point.

Pink Scheme Bathroom

Yuri Nulman

Choose a variety of different tile types to shake up your otherwise samey top-to-bottom pink scheme.

Hardwood Flooring Pink Bathroom

This bathroom features a round jute rug lying on the rich hardwood flooring. It also includes a drop-in bathtub and white vessel sink vanity under the glazed windows.

Tub Shower Combo Pink Bathroom

The wooden vanity has a tub and shower combo, with the toilet conveniently positioned underneath it. A lovely flower vase touching the top of the toilet shines when illuminated by a chrome sconce mounted on one of the pink walls.

Stylish Medicine Cabinet

In this primary bathroom, pastel decorative tiles provide a nice accent to the toilet and shower. The vessel sink vanity is paired with a stylish medicine cabinet.

Pink Bathroom With Window For Natural Light

Zillow Digs ™

This room is lit by a sconce mounted above the black framed mirror and washstand facing the freestanding bathtub. The floor is hardwood, with a window that lets in natural light through its glazed frame.

Frameless Mirror For Pink Bathroom

Zillow Digs ™

This spacious bathroom is the primary in this home, and it includes a tiled back panel and a light-coated wood vanity that’s enhanced by brass sconces alongside the frameless mirror.

Beige And Pink Combinations

Zillow Digs ™

To the side of a corner bathtub clad in beige tiles matching its backsplash and tiled floor. A white framed window casts light into the room.

Elegant Pink Bathroom


This elegant and modern primary bathroom is a beautiful example of design. The shower walls comprise pink marble that complements the wall artwork and carvings on the upper portions of the room. It contains both toilets, a separate sink, and a bathtub fitted with chrome fixtures.

Modern Pink Bathroom

Houseplay Renovations LLC

A mirror with a medicine cabinet sits over the top of the drop-in tub and sink adjacent to a toilet. The mirror is illuminated by a linear light mounted on one of the pink walls in the bathroom.

Tub With Subway Tile Backsplash

TW Homes LLC

This contemporary bathroom boasts a toilet, granite vanity top with a white framed mirror. It includes a shower and tub combo that is installed against the white subway tile backsplash.

Trendy Design Pink Bathroom

Cameron C. Habel Construction, Inc.

A pop-art design in primary colors (pink, red, dark blue) greets you in this bathroom. It has a walk-in shower and a drop-in tub with white framed windows looking out to the backyard. The opposite wall is contrasting dark wood with some artworks mounted on it.

Wall Mounted Glass Shelf Decoration

Susan Jablon

The deep, sparkling tub in this primary bathroom is a stunning accent. The tile-clad tub sits atop a wall-mounted glass shelf and is topped with an elegant vessel sink.

Pink Master Bathroom With Double Sink

Трипольская Юлия

This primary bathroom has a vanity available to each gender with toilets, a walk-in shower that faces the drop-in bathtub against the pink and tile wall.

Perfect Color Combinations

Home Styling Hamburg

This modern bathroom has a mirrored medicine cabinet and traditional toilet flanked by floating sink vanity and walk-in shower. The gray tiled floor is fitted with pink walls and a white backsplash.

Black Framed Artwork For Decor


In the bathroom, there are a black painted framed artwork and a deep soaking tub. It also features a sphere pendant with an acidic water sink near the nice window.

Girly Pink Bathroom Design

Cyrus Ghanai

A modern dual-functioning bathroom is strategically lit by track lights, showcasing a walk-in shower and freestanding tub. This contrasts with the black vanity that’s accompanied by a mirrored medicine cabinet.

Pink Master Bathroom

Ellis Custom Homes LLC

In this primary bathroom, an ornate wrought iron wall art stands out against the pink walls. This features a beadboard vanity and black diamond-patterned tiles with a toilet on one side of the room and a clawfoot tub with a candle chandelier on the other.

Navy Blue And Pink Bathroom Combo

41 West

Though the walls are pink and the vanity is navy blue, there is a striking contrast between these two color schemes. The shower is enclosed in frameless glass panels - this particular detail adds style to the bathroom and provides privacy from passersby.

Walk-In shower Bathroom

The main bathroom features a walk-in shower and a toilet, next to the natural wood vanity with a granite countertop. Gray tiled flooring and pink walls allow for easy cleaning while giving the room a delicate touch.

Beautiful Pink Bathroom Design

In addition to a walk-in shower, this beautiful bathroom has a toilet with an adorable pink lid cover. The sink and mirror stand out with subtle lighting from linear sconces.

Cool Decoration Pink Bathroom Design

Zillow Digs ™

An elegant rattan chair sits at a floating vanity. The sink is topped with black granite, while white-framed windows surround the tub and shower. Both have chandeliers to illuminate them in the evening hours.

White Appliances Pink Bathroom

A light-colored bathroom with white appliances and gold fixtures looks pretty, cute, and sophisticated.

Millennial Pink Bathroom

With a millennial pink bathroom, the floating vanity is clad in tiles. The contrast to black grout creates a funky and eclectic look.

The Glam Get-Up

here Birds Renovations

A pink and brass design scheme can be elegant in a bathroom. Rebecca Judd Loves incorporated this symmetrical combination with floating sinks on the wall and spherical mirrors to make it look clean while keeping its feminine charm.

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