40 Awesome Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

A mid-century modern design is a fantastic style choice for the bathroom. This design trend has been heating up recently and will continue to grow in popularity as architects integrate this look into renovation projects across the country.

Modern design came after the war era, marked by the use of plywood and steel. With flat-roofed or gabled homes (modern ranch houses), open floor plans, and expanses of windows encouraging movement between indoors to outdoors, mid-century modernists believed that such design would lead to healthy lifestyles.

In today’s society, design is key to making your home stand out in the crowd. A distinctive and simple mid-century modern style can be achieved by anyone with a little patience and an eye for detail.

For a mid-century style bathroom remodel project, you’ll need some fixtures like mirrors and light fixtures, plus accessories such as rugs, towels, and bath mats. You have several options in the style of the bathroom. We put together a list below with mid-century modern styles that might help inspire the design.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity

Simple Small Wooden Vanity

Brass faucets handles and sconces are undoubtedly trending at the moment. Fortunately for you, it is easy to add brass accents to your property because they are so popular right now.

You can also add brass with your light fixtures, door and drawer handles, or even plant hangers.

Place the small wooden vanity with a white basin. Then, add a rectangular mirror and purple lining within a golden framing to melt into the brass faucet. For even more sophistication, coats of cream paint could serve as an accent wall.

Wooden Vanity

If you prefer the contemporary design, then this option may be for you. You can mix many styles of furnishings in your bathroom.

Traditional bathroom accents like old-fashioned light fixtures and vintage style tiles are modern in this mid-century modern design.

Homeowners sometimes prefer marble countertops, vessel sinks, or under-mount sinks. White subway tiles work well with dark wood cabinetry in some bathrooms.

Lighting fixtures are just as important to the design of your bathroom, whether a chandelier, pendant lights, wall sconces, or even some mid-century style lamps on the countertop.

Floating Vanity

A subtly cool feel is what you get when walking into this bathroom with its black and white tiles, a floating vanity, and bowls that bring to mind the New York City subway. Dressing up this bathroom with lush leaves from plants generates an organic vibe.

Elegant Wooden Vanity

It is not easy to understand why modern people get so excited about a decor style that’s 50 years old - this style provides them with all they need.

One of the most inviting aspects of the old architecture is its organic curves, contrasting colors, and efficient layout. You can playfully trigger memories from your own childhood just by looking at it.

Double Sink Vanity Top

The rustic look is a nice touch in this Mid-Century design. The vanity and mirror are made out of reclaimed oak, and the stone wall adds warmth. The classic lamp complements it with its natural details.

Vintage Vanity

It’s time to upgrade your Mid Century modern bathroom. The best way is by adding a vintage accent, which will bring out the beauty of its functionality and design.

The white walls and penny tile flooring create the perfect balance of light and modernity: the antique wooden drawer and round mirror complement one another in a stunning mid-century style.

You can add a vintage element to your bathroom by hanging a vintage wall-mounted lamp beside the mirror. Place a patterned rug on one side of the room for decoration. On the other side, place a potted plant for a fresh ambiance.

Modern Vanity

The Marquam double vanity has plenty of storage space and a Mid-Century design. The wood is crafted with high-quality teak to last a lifetime, with a porcelain top surface drilled into several ways.

The double vanity features storage and multiple finishes to match your space.

The vanity comes in a slick, polished brass finish with four drawers that open and close. The top two drawers even come equipped with an innovative design that allows space for the sink’s plumbing pipes.

Retro Vanity

Mid-century modern design can be an innovative departure from more traditional designs, which is why you should combine elements of retro and modern design for something special.

Luxury Vanity

This luxury vanity will add a touch of mid-century flair to your bathroom set. With an inset hardware design and tapered legs, this vanity will complement the exact look you’re going to want in your home. You can also enjoy the smooth texture finish and its decorative pattern along the faux drawer fronts for added detail appeal.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Lights

Pendant Lamp

Mid-century style bathroom lighting fixtures are both modern with subtle touches of elegance. Two glass pendant lamps adorn this corner vanity and pair nicely with the neutral tones and blue fractal tiles.

Light Bar with Large Bulb

The Hollywood-style vanity mirror has been with us for so long that it’s time we bid farewell to the giant pieces of furniture adorned with a fence of lights.

For a more subdued take on mid-century design, install light bars that have large bulbs. This look successfully captures the simple yet bold properties of the furniture style without appearing cliché in any way. We’re ready for this close-up!

Cone Shape Wall Sconces

People who are not fans of curved fixtures should try angular ones. By Shea from Studio McGee, these wall lights have a cone-shaped shade and adhere to midcentury modernism’s pared-down aesthetic but feel elevated compared to something made out of fabric, for example.

Brass Orb Pendant Lamp

For a look that’s straight out of the 1960s, you can bring your bathroom to new heights with a pendant light. This style is particularly at home in modern spaces, such as this one designed by Amber Lewis. Hang it near the ceiling or even next to your bathroom mirror for an unexpected take on wall sconces.

Stylish Sconces

If the sheer mention of wall sconces makes you feel like you’re in your grandmother’s stuffy old house, feast your eyes on this room from Dabito. The curvy fixture pays homage to mid-century modernism without making it seem too archaic.

Give this vintage look an updated feel by pairing it with dramatic green walls, a marble countertop and backsplash, and many pillows.

Unique Vanity Light

When designing a Mid-century style bathroom, one of the most important things to consider is lighting. The light fixtures you choose can drastically change the look of your room and should be chosen based on their aesthetic qualities.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Tile

Symmetries Tile

Instead of a single vanity cabinet, this bathroom accommodates two matching his-and-her vanity cabinets. The wall tile mimics the angularity of the room, and it also helps better define its function.

Carara Marble

The Carrara marble and cement tiles used in this architect-designed residential space complement the elevated aesthetic without competing with the more audacious elements.

Emerald Teal Print Tile

a modern bathroom with a wall the color of teal, flooring with green tiles, a gold vanity, and touches of emerald.

Black Hex Tile

The chic bathroom has black hex tiles on the floor, a boho rug, and a floating vanity made of wood. Gold touches add color to space

Colorful Tile

the bathroom features a green backsplash, mosaic tiles on the floor, pink decor, and artwork

Penny Tiles

a gorgeous two-toned bathroom uses penny tiles for a monochromatic look and curves up to the mirror with a floating vanity in mustard yellow for brightness.

Mosaic Tile

This modern-styled mid-century bathroom features neutral colors of off-white and gray with graphic accents to create an eye-catching, modern feel. For color balance, the geometric blue mosaic tile is paired with a simple white ceramic vanity.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

Dark Wood Cabinet

Mid-century style is defined by dark wood that contrasts with the lighter hues of ceramic. This effect gives mid-century modern homes a more visual appeal, which can otherwise be boring to look at.

If you find a color unappealing in the bathroom and want to opt for a neutral, not overly clinical look, go with dark wood. This provides a retro feel without extensive remodeling required; this is an easy way to spice up your existing space!

Straight Line

One of the key characteristics that make mid-century modern bathrooms stand out is their straight lines and sharp corners. The edges in this bathroom are all very straight, with utilitarian tones throughout.

Accent Wall

If you’re remodeling your bathroom with a larger version of the mid-century modern style, consider adding an accent wall with trim and tiles that fit in well.

The accent wall in this bathroom serves as a great example of how to add some flair. ​You can go eclectic, like its abstract pattern, or you could spice up an otherwise bland wall with wood paneling or temporary wallpaper for some extra pop.

Wood Paneling

With its associations to outdated design choices, many view wood paneling in a negative light. However, when used properly, it can be an excellent design choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. You can use the rich textures of this material by framing your shower or lining walls with it, giving any room a sense of timeless elegance.

Pastel Color

A few of the fun colors seen during the decades that mid-century modern covered are pink, teal, olive green, and orange. If you have a color like bubblegum pink, usually just in your clothes, try using it for your bathroom. This will make your style consistent throughout the house.

Oval Mirror

The different circumferences of circular shapes in the bathroom complement everything from the angles used on the vanity and tiles on the floor. It is also reminiscent of mid-century modern design and means that this bathroom will be timeless for decades.

Art Deco

The blues in this bathroom are a great way to blend the iconic styles of two periods, with deep shades and metallic finishes that can be found during the golden era and when mid-century modern architecture was popular. To mimic this look, you’ll want to stay monochrome (or at least as close as possible).

Fresh Elegant Color Scheme

This bathroom is one for the books. The funky tile coating the walls gives it a certain elegance while also incorporating some characteristics of mid-century modern, such as boxy furniture and contrasting tiles.

If you want your home to pull from eras past while mixing in current trends, this is the design for you.


Boho and modern design have opposing aesthetics—the former is loose and free-flowing with funky color patterns, while the latter is sleek and sharp. They’re on opposite ends of a spectrum from one another, thus look quite contrasting in general. However, boho rooms can contain midcentury modern furniture as well; when combined, they both create exquisite styles.

Spa Bathtub

The mirrored wall, rounded spa tub, and ample wood flooring give off major ’70s vibes-producing the perfect escape for self-care nights. This little sanctuary embodies the last part of the mid-century modern era. Designers should find inspiration in this retro-inspired design.

Plaster Wall

This refined mid-century modern bathroom features plaster walls, a wood vanity, marble hex tiles, and a navy skinny tile accent wall. These updates are refreshing but retain the character of this mid-century home.

Wooden Ceiling

A modern, white bathroom design with small penny tiles and a wooden vanity. The room has an open space feel courtesy of the round mirror on the ceiling.

Stone Wall

Creating the perfect balance between nature and luxury for your bathroom can be achieved by installing stone walls and reclaimed woods. Place a glass door with large mirrors in your mid-century modern design to achieve a signature style.

Brass Faucet

While brass is used in many Mid Century-style decor motifs, such as fixtures and trimming, it can also be used on the faucets.

As the Mid-Century style seeks out the natural colors, it often features similar colors to or derived from those found in nature.

This mid-century bathroom features brass faucets and showerheads that give it a warmth that contrasts with the cool white tiles.

Apartment Bathroom

Space is a challenge in apartments, but that doesn’t prevent you from decorating your bathroom with style.

As a neutral backdrop, apply the white metro tiles vertically on the wall and complement them with black honeycomb penny tiles.

Next, choose a wooden drawer with white sinks and countertop, forgoing a gap between the wall. Place mirrors alongside it with golden frames that’ll blend nicely with the other gold lights mounted on the wall.

Terrazo Flooring

Terrazzo floors are a great way to incorporate art into your bathroom. The artistic element is created by using terrazzo tiles that blend color with an inherent hint of materiality. Unless you want a floor that looks faded and shabby, it’s important to use the best quality materials for installing terrazzo tile, such as TerraClear products because

Abstract Accent

One way to improve a bathroom’s decor is with abstract accent colors. As an example, consider this design that incorporates white tiles and deep green walls. This particular design also includes a simple sink with storage underneath so that there is room for you to store your toiletries without having them clutter the room’s floor.

You can also add a mirror to the wall, preferably in an oval shape. This will give your room more of an art deco feel. A small hanging lamp - or another light fixture - would complete the look.

And, just as a matter of preference, installing a giant window to look out on your own garden can make it all seem less artificial. They also help infuse light from nature into your bathroom.

Large Window

In this Mid-century bathroom, a large window with a wooden frame provides the light source from sun daylight. The room’s white walls, floor, and cabinet are complemented by decorative rugs, ladder towel racks, and brass ornamentation. A tall plant is also present in the room to provide refreshing greenery that gives it an inviting feel.

In Conclusion

Designing a mid-century modern bathroom is easier than you might think. These elements are popular at the moment, but they’ve been given a modern twist.

You don’t have to go too far from home to make your space look like it was taken out of the 50s-60s. What’s more, you can still maintain a modern feel in these vintage styles by updating them with current pieces and then becoming your own.

Mid-century modern design is a fantastic style choice for the bathroom, and this trend will continue to grow in popularity as architects integrate it into renovation projects. I hope you find inspiration from this blog post. Comment below if you have any questions about mid-century modern bathroom design.

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