32 Best And Smart Attic Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

When choosing attic storage ideas, it’s helpful to think of what your needs might be. If you’re turning your attic into a bedroom, for instance, it makes sense to take clothes. If your attic is of sufficient height, you may be able to hang clothes in the eaves. Alternatively, full-height wardrobes are an option if careful consideration is given to their location.

Other people are making their attic into a storage area or “storage zone” of sorts. The contents could range from anything, depending on who is storing it there. In this case, it is beneficial to have ample shelving for organizational purposes. If you live in a loft apartment, your requirements will be slightly different. It should be noted that the following ideas are for more standard storage.

Below are some pictures of attics from real-life homes. These will help you with your plans for storage space in your attic.

Sloped Ceiling Attic Storage by House Logic

One of the trickiest aspects of using the attic is how to deal with the slanted ceiling. Fortunately, this neat idea for storing clothes fits perfectly in an attic closet space.

Use your creativity to maximize storage in this difficult space. Here, clothes and accessories for kids are a perfect fit in this miniature built-in. Toys that fill the top shelf of an awkward space can be stored on these shelves as well. Other ideas for using the space? Folded linens, spare pillows, or toilet paper in a triangle.

Attic Clothes And shoe Storage

Closets are traditionally reserved for clothes, so your basement or attic can make an excellent space to store belongings if you don’t have a lot of closet space. Install built-in units in the eaves for storing clothes and shoes. Hang some wall shelves for storage under the roof. To declutter a space, storage units may be open or closed. If the attic is small, add more light to make it feel bigger.

Attic Book Storage Ideas

What I love about my attic library is that the books can be stored there very efficiently. There’s something so welcoming about the sound of rain while reading on days when it’s raining outside, too. Order bookshelves and place them on the wall to the roof. You can also order triangular bookshelves if you want more space dividers.

Attic Bookshelf Storage


Think about all the space you have in your attic. Why not use it to store books? You could create an entire library for yourself and spruce up your living situation that much more!

Use of Wall Mounted Metal Shelves

If you want to keep your space uncluttered, don’t put up shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. Wall-mounted metal shelves can be the perfect solution for organizing and creating use of dead space you otherwise couldn’t utilize.

Attic Storage with Sliding Door

One more cool idea is to create a hidden storage space above your attic with sliding doors that match the rest of your house. This way, you’ll get all sorts of extra storage without sacrificing an inch from any room in the home!

 Simple Wreath Attic Storage by Porch Day Dreamer

A wreath hanger is a smart way to store your wreaths. This keeps them right out in the open, so you will be able to see and appreciate them all year long, rather than hoarding them away for one big or quick mowing day of the season.

Suspended Shelves

A handy option for storing items vertically is to install suspend shelving that you can attach between the trusses in your attic. Keep items on these shelves in the medium-to-light weight range to best protect your trusses over an extended period of time.

Clear Plastic Bins

Using clear plastic bins over cardboard boxes is a better choice for attic storage because it is sturdier, easier to see into, and durable if keeping some contents for long-term storage.

Drawers or Small Cabinets

Installing additional storage units near the entrance of your attic-including drawers and small cabinets-makes it easy to store smaller items separately. This makes them easier to locate, especially in natural light that’s less available closer to the ceiling.

Attic Closet Storage With Shelf


Closet space is key for your attic living quarters. When you design, make sure to include some closet spaces in consideration of the layout of the room and consider lighting and ventilation because these elements can be problematic when designing a wardrobe space with low ceilings or inadequate natural light sources nearby.

Build Angled Cabinets

Think of wasted space as unused potential. Build cabinets under a sloping ceiling to use every inch of the room. You can leave them open or add doors for easy access and cleanliness.

Think About in-built Storage

Eric Roth Photography for Kathleen Walsh Interiors

You’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect outfit again! Ever dreamt of a walk-in closet? Well, your attic could be one, and it will make use of every nook and cranny you can find. The built-in storage is just what you need for extra space without any awkwardness with dressing room privacy. This design from Kathleen Walsh Interiors and Hutker Architects feature built-in shoe cubbies that work harmoniously with the slanted ceiling and exposed beams.

Double Up on Function

Helen Norman Photography for Liz Levin Interiors

If you haven’t already received this message, here it is again. Storage doesn’t have to be just storage. This girl’s bedroom by Liz Levin Interiors features built-in bunk beds with drawers alongside a sweet window seat reading nook that also has room for clothes.

Incorporate Low Shelves

Laura Butler Madden

Your attic might have sloped ceilings, which means you won’t be able to fit freestanding storage and dressers. You can use low and long items like the shelving unit in this attic bedroom.

A closet with a drawer on the lower end of the attic

In this picture, the owner has transformed their attic into a clothing storage space. This is a perfect example of a minimal closet idea. Clothes storage with drawers is beneficial when sorting outfits or deciding what to wear in the morning.

Designing Storage shelves out of wooden crates

The attic is often overlooked for its livability, but many cozy areas can be converted to reading spots or floor sitting play areas.

If you’re planning on getting a bookshelf, think about building your own storage shelves with wooden crates. Ideally, you would build or buy wooden crates with a size and scale to match your attic space. Decorate the crates as per your color theme and stack them on top of each other to create a staircase in the attic.

Maximized Shelving

You can maximize space by placing as many shelves up until the very last corner of your attic! You’ll be able to find your stuff quickly and easily when you need it with these storage spaces.

Install Attic Shelving

Floating shelves are a practical way to maximize your attic space. The shelves allow belongings and excess items to be lifted off the floor or ground, freeing up valuable space on the ground. You can build your own floating shelves with wood in about a weekend like the ones pictured here. Alternatively, install brackets on your walls using a store-bought kit and then install an IKEA rail system to make installing shelves easy.

 Construct a Walk-In Closet

It’s a common problem. Having too many clothes and not enough room to store them all. The best solution is to organize everything in the attic strategically, so you have an efficient way to find anything easily. Clothes and accessories are easily displayed on hangers or built-in shelves attached to the walls. The island dresser is a perfect solution for an open attic space, serving both fashion and function.

Sliding Door As Your Attic Storage

Adding a sliding door can free up space. Check out this idea by gruffarchitects. The architects added a cabinet to the desk area for storage. To prevent the person at the table from being disturbed, they installed a sliding door so people can get in and out without stepping around them.

Attic Reading Nook

Transform an empty attic room into a sanctuary for book lovers by building bookshelves or installing the already there ones, depending on your personal preference.

You can also use the attic for reading. You could put a couch or bed in there and then install some lights to make reading easy. To expand the room visually, use a white-dominated color scheme and complement it with dark hardwood floors.

Pull-Out Wardrobe Attic Storage

If you are running out of space in your room and could never find enough shelves for all the shoes, then the last place to look would be in the attic. This pull-out wardrobe idea maximizes the use of tight spaces and allows for ample storage, suitable for bulky items like sweaters. This attic is relatively compact; however, it’s perfect for anyone who requires stylish storage in tight spaces. Overall, the color scheme is a bit too heavy for such a small room. Generally: in small rooms, lighter colors that evoke space are preferable. The red highlights the feeling of confinement, decreasing the perception of luxuriousness from this clever dressing room. However, this sliding wardrobe is one of the best methods we’ve seen for maximizing attic space.

High-Ceilinged Attic Storage Ideas

These shelving units make shrewd use of wasted space that’s too low to stand in but perfect for stashing your stuff. The doors blend in with the walls, making color less of a distinguishing factor when they are closed. This shelving unit isn’t big enough to store a full-length raincoat or ball gown, but it has plenty of space for hanging coats, shirts, trousers, and skirts. The drawers are an attractive addition to space, as they provide some much-needed extra room without filling the floor with clutter. This high-ceilinged bedroom is flooded with natural light, and the skylight windows paint a smile on your face each morning. Get the perfect organization for your shoes with this innovative storage solution.

Gable Roof Storage Ideas

The bespoke wardrobe is built into the gable roof, providing full-height and mid-length hanging spaces that fit snugly in the corner of the room. The drawers are built into the hidden gable, which is both neat and luxurious. The room shows no signs of its dusty history. There’s even a shelf for potted plants or your favorite baubles. The grey wood of the built-in furniture accentuates the light ceiling and walls while being offset by the luxurious shag carpet, giving this opulent bedroom a feeling of unmatched seclusion.

Entrance Bookshelf Attic Storage

This useful construction transforms this staircase’s floor-level entrance into a functional bookshelf, adding stability to the building’s entrance and space-saving options for those who want to combine functionality with durability. The magnificent gable room celebrates its beamed ceiling with aplomb. Even with its powerful rafters and vaulted ceilings, the room has been carefully refined to reflect luxury living. The knotty oak floor is beautiful, while the glass screen on the right side of the entrance prevents it from feeling closed off. The contrast of the dark wood beams with the blue teal wall and white trim is mirrored in the bookshelf, which softens as it reaches down to the floor. This is a luxurious room conversion, complete with an en suite. It seems as though this was made for someone who loves quality. Wonderful.

Be Creative With Clothing Rods

One of the features we love about these rods is their flexibility and ease of installation. You can install them in almost any room in your home, but they will sometimes require a little tweaking to get right. The most challenging part is figuring out multiple answers to the problem that you’re having with your space. Nowadays, people use rods to outsmart the limitation of space in the loft. They can be used for hanging or rolling clothes. Clearly, the idea of mounting your items on an unused wall will save space and clear up clutter from your room. One thing, keep in mind is to install extra safety clamps for added support.

Window Seat With Storage Project Idea

If we can’t use height, it’s helpful to employ different ways, such as using most of the storage space in a room. It’s also helpful to add benches, boxes, and trunks to get more space.

In this room, you have drawers on one wall and a window seat with cupboards nearby. It’s an excellent space to hide toys and provides a comfy spot for friends. Amazing!

Try Open-Closet System

As someone neat and organized, you may be interested in an open closet storage system. This type of setup will work best for well-ordered people.

This system will help you be organized by unlocking the hidden space. You can switch open clothes panels for mirrored ones to double the available room and provide more light and free up storage.

Built-In Drawers And Tables Under The Eave

We have to admit, and it’s a clever idea to get more space for your much-loved high heels: Your ceiling will provide the additional storage you need.

The owner designed the cupboards to fit the loft precisely, with drop-down doors. Hence, the designers took advantage of every inch. To protect garments, there are made-to-order drawers for creating spaces to fold tops and socks.

 Painted Wall Color Attic Storage


Loft rooms will appear elongated when space is tight, but you can use color to change the atmosphere. Painting one end of the room a warm red will contribute to a shorter space and make you feel less claustrophobic. Paint the other three walls pale and neutral colors.

Luxury Closet

Mary Cook

Let’s start with slanted attic closet ideas. The attic is a flexible space that can be turned into just about anything, including a closet. Although flexible, the main downside is its awkward shape, particularly the slanted walls and a narrow ceiling.

To deal with such a situation, you can add cabinets and shelves where the wall is straight. Adding dark wood furniture will help as well.

This one here is a great example of such ideas. The cabinets and shelves are functional and, at the same time, move the attention away from the slanted walls to them.

Attic Walk-in Closet


One of the best things about attic ideas is their flexibility. You can’t go wrong because an attic has many great potentials; it’s up to you and no one else to create your ideal space.

For example, if your attic is long, consider installing a one-sided walk-in closet. One-sided closet installations make it easier to organize and utilize the entire attic. The bonus is that your space looks great!

Wall Closet in Attic

When we said you should be creative, that includes using every brick of your home. Even if you have a pillar in the middle of the attic, rather than thinking of it as an obstacle to your décor, think of the pillar as a visual separator that divides the space.

On the right side, there are clothes, shoes, and other items. On the left of this room, a person could sit in comfort with storage space for more items. With the pillar separating it, the attic is now aesthetically and functionally partitioned. If you have a pillar or the likes, this is one of the most creative types of attic closet ideas to try.

Comfy Closet with Bedroom

If you have a large attic, there are more attic closet options to explore. Do you have room for more than just a closet? Why not opt for adding a bed too? After all, most people say that having two rooms in the same place is not allowed anyway. So, go ahead and try out this idea.

One problem with these attic bedroom ideas is how the attic is arranged. If arranged properly, like this one here, then the cramped bedroom will look tidy and welcoming. Otherwise, it will be disorganized or, worse, cramped.

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