Bathroom Ceiling Ideas To Add Character And Visual Aesthetics

Bathroom remodels old news; few people take the time to see what could really make their bathroom exciting.

Changing light fixtures and repainting walls are just the beginning; You can fully customize your bathroom space with several touches. These don’t just go for minor surface decorations but bigger projects that will give the washroom an entirely new sound.

Installing an elevated ceiling and new design in your bathroom instantly opens the room and adds ambiance on a larger scale. Cathedral ceilings, vaulted arches, and coffered ceilings are a few of the ways you can make your bathroom feel more inviting.

A coved ceiling and additional beams make this décor feel old-world with a rustic charm that gives the occupants an instant sense of being home. A glass roof allows you to bask in natural light all year round and brighten the house even further.

Bathroom ceiling ideas are much more than a plain paint coating and popcorn molding; they are an opportunity to revitalize an often overlooked part of a daily routine. Your bathroom ceiling is so beautiful that you may no longer look at a standard bathroom the same way.

Best Materials for a Bathroom Ceiling

Many materials can be used to make a fitting and appropriate bathroom ceiling. The best material varies depending on the cost and durability of the different types of material available. Bathrooms are often moist with water and exposed to extreme heat - they need a material that can withstand them. It can be a delicate room, so ceilings must have some durability to prevent any future repairs and potential remodeling. This article will explore which type of material is best for a bathroom ceiling.

Drywall and Greenboard

Drywall can be used on top of your non-tub and shower areas. However, in some areas of your bathroom exposed to water and moisture- such as the expanse just above the shower, you will need specialty drywall or greenboard that is resistant to moisture. Greenboard is much more resistant to the effects of water and moisture than standard drywall, but it comes at a higher cost.

Installing greenboard is very easy, so much like installing drywall. This makes it ideal for use on the ceiling of a bathroom.


The sheets are made from resin, which is fiber in nature. Recent years have seen an increase in popularity for acrylic, a popular choice among homeowners. Acrylic is available in a range of designs and sizes. You can also pick a type based on color and pattern. Another factor to consider is whether the acrylic is transparent or opaque. Your bathroom ceiling design should also consider the aesthetic qualities of the room and your personal preference to determine which material is best for your specific purposes. Acrylic sheets are lightweight, non-porous, and easily movable in case maintenance work is needed.

Aluminum composite panels (ACP)

ACP is a thermoplastic polyethylene core encased in aluminum sheets. The lightweight, rigid surface can create very flat products with reasonable strength and rigidity.

You can find a variety of ACP sheets, including plain/metallic textures as well as marble. It is available in an array of sizes. ACP makes a good choice if your bathroom is typically damp and you are looking for a ceiling solution that will not be affected by the moisture level


Gypsum is a sheet made of POP (Plaster Of Paris) that is available in many sizes. This inexpensive material for bathroom ceilings is great for homes located in hotter areas.

Water-resistant gypsum boards are a good option for your shower ceiling because they effectively keep moisture and mold away.


Tiles are an exquisite and classy option for the floors and ceiling of your bathroom. They are waterproof and easy to clean, which is why they have so many benefits. Besides the normal, tiles come in a wide variety of designs that can give your bathroom a new lease on life after installation. For a seamless experience, you need to seal your joints with waterproof material. Damp-proofing not only prevents water damage to the ceiling but also ensures that any seepage is stopped immediately.

Cement Board

Cement boards are perfect for wet areas that you may want to cover with tiles. It is an appropriate and fitting sheath. Tile is known for its water resistance properties, but in reality, it’s not waterproof and can seep through any cracks or crevices. This can lead to moisture penetrating deep into a tile’s substrate. Consequently, cement board is a preferable material for use as a backboard to avoid these seepages.


This type of material is popular for its resistance to water and affordability. In the bathroom, it can be used on the floor and up across the ceiling. Fiberglass does not require a high degree of technical expertise because it is pre-cut before being acquired. Fiberglass is uniquely designed to provide you with protection from any water damage or other elements, no matter the amount of time. This substance will not make your shower leak, and it will not allow for anything else to splash onto the ceiling either.

If you need good material for your bathroom ceiling, then drywall, acrylic, ACP, gypsum, cement board, fiberglass, and tile are great options. The best thing about these materials is that with so many types available, there’s bound to be one that meets your needs and gives your bathroom a finished look. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and can be afforded by the average homeowner. Reading this article should have decided what type of material to put in a bathroom ceiling easier. If you’re still uncertain, it is best to consult an expert as they know all things technical. They will help you select the right materials for your ceiling while still accommodating your wants and desires.

Best molding materials for your bathroom ceiling


Although we’re discussing bathroom ceiling materials, the moldings cannot be left out. Solid bathroom molding can be used in non-shower and tub areas in your bathroom.

But you can get around this by considering alternative materials that offer more moisture resistance for the entire area, such as plastic or PVC moldings. Plastic or PVC moldings are similar to wooden moldings, except they can be cut into pieces, installed, and painted using the same methods.

Avoid using medium-density fiberboard (MDF) molding or similar composite materials for your bathroom ceiling. They could look good, but exposure to moisture from a tiny crack or damage will cause swelling and deterioration over time.

Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas Inspiration

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The ceiling consists of reclaimed wood boards that have a rustic texture and timeless grandeur. At night, three hanging iron pendant lamps provide the space with light when it becomes dark outside.

Decorative Ceiling for Gold Bathroom


The ceiling is a work of art in its own right, even though it only covers one aspect. Whoever designed the lights certainly went to great lengths because they come with a dimmer switch. The lamp on the ceiling also deserves some attention because the ceilings are so high up that they create an intimidating effect when you enter.

The border between the bathroom and the ceiling is incredible because it divides a wall from the ceiling. The gold paint on the floor reflects beautifully against the white paint on both walls, creating a soothing atmosphere for sightseers.

With the decorative ceiling, this bathroom never fails to impress guests with its beauty. The color pairing doesn’t seem overbearing, and we still feel serene in here.

Vaulted Ceiling for Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, consider adding a vaulted ceiling in the hope of making it look more spacious. Choose lighter wood panels for the walls and ceilings for contemporary appeal, or choose weathered wood beams with vintage chandeliers as fixtures.

Amazing Bathroom Ceiling with Wood


The ceiling in the bathroom tub area is what catches our attention. This area contains a spa-style bathtub, highlighted by the reflective, white ceiling that separates it from the rest of the room.

The light reflected in the bathroom tub through the glass material lying on top of the wooden ceiling will make you feel natural. The ceiling reflects how creative a designer can be with wood, too.

The wood features a large circle in the center, which suffices for decorating the bathroom.

Creative Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The pillar, classic wall sconces, and geometric floor tiles in this luxurious bathroom break up the expanse of a small space.

Curved and recessed ceilings are one of the qualities that scream elegance. Flowers and leafless tree decor emphasize the scheme.

Skylight in Bathroom

Cathedral ceilings open up this bathroom, making it bright and spacious. Skylights let in light and help you gaze at the stars while taking a bath. The sleek wooden beamed ceiling provides an aura of luxury reminiscent of royal palaces.

Defying Gravity


Even the walls seem to defy gravity in this striking bathroom. The back wall is wooden and lit from below, which presents an illusion of buoyancy. The double sink unit appears as if it could float, although its size (length) defies physics in that it’s able to maintain attachment to the wall without any support on the floor. The ceiling throughout the room contrasts hues with dark and light colors, suggesting that the space is not solid. The thin wooden strips crisscrossing in every direction are overlaid by their reflections from the mirror wall, giving an impression of height. The floor tiles also work in tandem with the taupe paint on the walls to fill out this room’s calming ambiance.

Coastal Feel Bathroom with Beadboard Ceiling

This bathroom’s beadboard ceiling gives the room a refinement that feels coastal. The narrow planks of beadboard also bring in a rustic, charming feel. Additionally, there is enough light thanks to white paint, creating an instantly bright appearance for your guests in need.

Medium Yale Blue Ceiling Bathroom Paint

The ceiling is painted medium Yale blue, which draws the eye upward. White molding, walls, and fixtures produce a clean environment. Blue and white French country curtains add color to this space.

Contemporary Bathroom Ceilings

Modern bathroom ceilings have been trendy in recent years. Different fixtures, such as ceiling lights or chandeliers, can complement the unique feel that these modern ceilings create. There are tiny bathrooms in this building, but that shouldn’t discourage you from making them your own. Contemporary ceilings can help provide a creative spark and create a new oasis to relax in.

Victorian Splendor


The Victorian-styled bathroom is outfitted with practical wood cladding at the height of its stylish design. Ceiling cladding can disguise a multitude of sins. If your current ceiling plaster isn’t up to snuff, this tongue-and-groove paneling offers an easy and uniform covering that can be painted in a silk finish for light control. The feng shui balance is achieved with the wood of this ceiling, which compliments the stone on the vanity unit, the metal of the bath, and the glass shower screen. Stunning.

Bathroom Ceiling Cladding Wood

Gray subway tiles create a sense of sophistication on the bathroom’s walls. The windows lining one wall allow natural light, enhancing the coziness. A wooden ceiling with a pattern forms interest among its simplicity.

White Painted Ceiling with Recessed Light

Neutral colors give the bathroom a serene atmosphere. The white-painted ceiling creates an inviting, cheerful atmosphere without being overbearing. Recessed lights in the ceiling keep it bright and warm at all times of the day.

White Color Ceiling for Small Bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom can be difficult, but using white as the main color is a good starting point. The smooth surface of white ceilings makes your space look bigger and modern, while luminous accent lights and recessed lights provide ample light where it is needed most.

Zones Of Luxury

Bathrooms don’t need to be homogeneous, and this clever use of contrasting textures is an excellent representation. The plain white of the floor and wall tiling create a reflection in the monochromatic plastered ceiling. Suddenly that flat white space is divided by a very striking wooden bathing platform. A haphazard tessellation of redwood panels breaks up the geometric perfection of the striking zone. This inviting woodland characteristic is reflected in this calm but natural territory. The bath towel mirrors the dark chocolate window frames, casually draped over the edge of the stark white bath that unifies both colors and materials.

Black Bathroom Ceiling

The black paint on the walls and ceiling of this bathroom seems to give the room an added height that tricks your eye into seeing a taller space.

Mounting flush mount lights and sconces on the wall gives a room both depth and luminosity. The black ceiling creates drama.

Wood Ceiling for Beach Style Bathroom

If you love beach style, then you’ll want to try this idea. The white wood ceiling showcases the ambiance of seaside living, with starfish ornaments dotting the walls.

Tray Bathroom Ceilings

There are two ceiling-high cream floral patterns in the bathroom. Together with the walls, they promote a peaceful ambiance. White crown moldings contrast against the ceilings perfectly, while carvings at base molding add an even more royal feel to this room.

Bathroom Ceiling Wallpaper


Usually, we only see wallpaper applied to bathroom walls. However, this example goes the extra step and applies wallpaper to both walls and the ceiling. This is achieved with the seamless placement of the papers.

With green as the backdrop color, this wallpaper is a restful and natural presence. The wallpaper has no empty spaces, with birds depicted in flight, trees, and flowers. It captures the attention of those with large pendant lights hanging prominently on the walls above.

Subway Tile Ceiling combined with LED Light.

Slim taupe subway tiles gently cover the ceiling and walls, defining an open setting that includes a claw-foot tub. A tall glass enclosure provides light through its panes. The remainder of the ceiling is painted gray, which provides additional light and creates a soothing ambiance with the help of accent lights or LED lighting.

Creative Bathroom Ceiling Light

The ceiling is light gray, which provides a good contrast to the white walls. The many pot lights in the ceiling make it seem as if stars from around the world are closer than ever before. From a simple place to an elegant one, the bathroom’s white and gray mosaic tiles lead our eyes to be inspired by slight changes in color. A light gray towel hangs from a wooden shelf.

Faux Skylight

Sometimes it’s impossible to add a skylight to your bathroom, whether that’s because it’s engineered wrong or you have a second-floor bathroom. What are the alternatives for creating more natural light in this situation? As pictured above, you can opt for an elegant hand-painted skylight to give your bathroom a touch of classical art-perfect for large stone bathrooms. Hand painting a blue sky on the wall is expensive and time-consuming. You can use light or permanent decals; however, if you want more of an illusion, adding a frame with artificial trim around the decal will help trick the eyes into seeing a skylight in your ceiling. However, if you have recessed fluorescent lighting, installing light-reflective stickers on your ceiling gives the illusion of natural sunlight.

LED Lights for Modern False Ceiling

This bathroom is made more spacious thanks to the modern false ceiling. It creates a dramatic effect and makes you feel like there’s even more space in the room. The downlights and LED lights work together to cast an atmospheric glow over everything. With such artwork in the view from every angle, you won’t want to leave!

Create Natural Scheme Bathroom with Drop Ceilings

As you can see, the bathroom’s slanted and drop ceilings have been painted crisp white. Crystal flush mount lights and downlights maintain their dazzling appearance. Planting on top of a neutral scheme adds splashes of color to an otherwise bland setting.

Luxurious Bathroom with Recessed Coved Ceiling

This downstairs bathroom is luxurious because it has a recessed ceiling to give the room more Victorian charm, accent lighting for ambiance, and pot lights set in each corner of the bathtub.


Decorating and personalizing a bathroom can be challenging. You spend almost an entire day in the bathroom, which means there are plenty of opportunities to customize it to fit your needs best.

When choosing bathroom ceiling material, you want to be sure that it is moisture- and mold-resistant. This prevents any unpleasant odor or the growth of bacteria that can cause stains on surfaces.

To keep your ceiling from deteriorating over time, make sure space is well ventilated. If your bathroom layout doesn’t have adequate ventilation options: install a good-quality vent fan — according to the size of the room. This will ensure controlled humidity levels and protect your ceilings in the long run.

It’s your choice to either hire a professional or tackle the project yourself. Either way, I hope my useful tips about adding bathroom ceiling lights make the process easier for you!

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