All About Basement Bathroom Ideas That Must Be Considered To Avoid Future Problem

Bathrooms in the basement are an ideal choice for transforming your basement. Putting one in the basement can help you have a place to retreat during days when you’re too tired, and it’ll be just enough privacy to relax completely.

Interior designers have found an opportunity to decorate basement bathrooms, and it is not surprising that you are considering one.

While renovating the basement or refurbishing an old basement, you might wonder how to design a bathroom for it. This post features some great ideas for your project.

How To Add A Basement Bathroom

floating bathroom vanity

Plan Carefully

Before laying the plumbing for your bathroom, it’s best to consider what you want in there: where will you have a shower cabin, toilet, bathtub, or steam room. Don’t forget that once you lay the plumbing and commit to it, you won’t be able to change up anything else.

Insulate And Do The Plumbing Properly

Insulating the basement bathroom properly will make it usable during cold months. Failing to do things correctly may make this seem difficult and time-consuming for you, but hiring a plumber should help if that’s happening.

Decorate Your Basement Bathroom

After you finish the hardest part of your work, decide on colors. It is important to consider the colors you choose when decorating your bathroom. Light shades visually enlarge your bathroom and reflect on the walls, which can create a pleasant atmosphere. If you don’t opt for light shades, it’s best to pick neutrals or warm colors that feel comfortable.

There are many different styles you may try for your basement bathroom. You can choose from: modern, minimalist, rustic, industrial, retro, and farmhouse. Consider your bathroom style when choosing accents: brass for retro-inspired bathrooms, pipes, and metal for industrial bathrooms, rough wood, or natural stone if you want a nature-inspired look.

When it comes to decorating, be creative and use anything that fits your style, including wood, metal, tile, or stone, in different textures.

Vary according to how you plan on using them, where they will be placed in your home, and what kind of protection from the water you want. Lights primarily need protection from water to avoid mildew growing on the electronics inside.

Light levels should be at a comfortable level, and it’s a way to expand the space. Since basements often lack natural light, you will need more than what they already have for it to be bright enough down there in your basement.

Things to Consider When Planning a Basement Bathroom

bathroom wall color

Type of Bathroom

It is recommended to have a full or three-quarter bathroom if you plan to use your basement as any of the following: guest room, family bedroom, living suite. Full bathroom installations need about 60 square feet of space, while a half-bath or small bathroom installation might take up only 30 square feet. If you plan to create a basement rec room or entertainment center but do not sleep in the area, this would be best.

Plumbing and Electrical

When finishing a basement, efficient use of space is key. This means that the bathroom should be located as close to plumbing and electrical lines as possible. So place it below your upstairs bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about expensive renovations.

Multiple considerations should be taken into account before deciding where to locate your bathroom. The general location must take the ventilation needs of exterior walls into account. This will ensure that there is an adequate amount of airflow for maximum freshness in the room.

Before embarking upon a basement remodel, consult local building authorities about zoning ordinances and deed restrictions. It is even more important if you plan to add a bathroom.

Bathroom Design

Do you want:

  • A regular flush toilet or a specialized toilet to ease concerns about drainage?
  • A bathtub, shower, neither or both?
  • A pedestal sink or vanity with sink, countertop, mirror, drawers, and cabinets?
  • A full-sized shower with tile walls or a prefabricated shower stall?
  • Possibilities here include:
  • An up-flush toilet.
  • A pressure-assisted toilet.
  • A composting toilet.
  • A sewage-ejector system.

These factors, such as economic considerations and available space, will guide your choices in these areas.


There are many options for flooring when renovating a basement, but two options that should be avoided in the bathroom are laminate with a fiberboard core and solid hardwood. Both are vulnerable to moisture and will warp when exposed to excessive water.

Lighting and Ventilation Systems

We are dealing with a basement that is prone to be damp and dark, so it’s important to include proper ventilation and lighting.

Hint: Installing a high-powered ventilation fan and floor drain may help eliminate dampness. If your bathroom faces an above-ground exterior wall, you can bring in natural light by installing glass-block windows.


  • One fantastic way to keep your bathroom clean and dry is by using the shower corner.
  • If you’d like to install a toilet without breaking up the floor, an upflush toilet will enable you to do so.
  • If you do not have underground drain lines, an upflushing toilet can be useful.


  • Bathrooms with upflushing toilets can sometimes have odor issues.
  • Upflush toilets with macerating system help eliminate odor and lead to a sanitary bathroom. But they are expensive.
  • Because it’s underground, the bathroom tends to become damp.


Bathroom fixtures range from basic to deluxe. Your typical fixtures come with a sink, toilet, and faucets; tubs; showerheads. And vanity with towel racks/shelves. It’s important to take color/style into consideration and safety options for any family members who may have mobility issues or disabilities.

There are two main ways to design a bathroom basement: You may choose a lavish style or go with something more ascetic, depending on your needs.

Storage Space

If the basement bathroom is going to be used regularly, it might be a good idea to install a linen closet nearby to store clothes, towels, paper products, washcloths, and so on.

A linen closet would have increased the scale of the project’s transformation, but many people prefer to go all-out when finishing a basement and opt for an attractive finish.

How To Put a Bathroom In a Basement?

The process of constructing a basement bathroom is akin to putting up any other one. So for this question, you need to think about four considerations before getting one for your basement.

The first thing to consider is what permits are required for a new bathroom in the basement of your home. Ask your local building authority, and make sure of any specific restrictions on basement bathrooms. Second, assess your electric and plumbing systems in the basement. These should be in good condition if they were previously intact to save you from more expensive work later.

Third, will you opt for a less expensive half bath or a grander full-sized bath? Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each as well as what else you want the room to do. Fourth, consider installing a drainage system. For the other four points on this list, you should consult with someone who knows waterproofing and construction.

Basement Bathroom Cost

The average cost of converting a basement into a functional full-size bathroom can range anywhere from $10k - 20K. This estimate includes the cost of materials, permits, labor, and assessment by licensed engineers who specialize in home design.

Basement Bathroom Size

If you are renovating a transitional basement with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, you should reserve three-quarters of the space for the bathroom. If you want space for a bathroom in your basement, make sure it is no smaller than 30ft2 for a half bath or 60ft2 to accommodate a full bath.

However, we found designs for small bathrooms that are less than 30 square feet in size. It is worth pointing out these designs are meant for basements, and you should always follow your local codes when building a small size bathroom.

This is why you need to know the local laws and regulations about what can and can’t be added when setting up an additional living space in a basement.

4 Ways To Modify The Bathroom In Your Basement

18) Extreme Ecstacy

Whether you’re installing a half bath or building the master suite of your dreams, these unique ideas will ensure you love the result.

Add a Full Vanity

Pedestal sinks, which are more space-efficient than traditional vanities, have ruled for many years because homeowners who install them typically focus on saving money. Pedestal sinks extend out from the wall, limiting space for storing items in your bathroom.

You can benefit both long and short term from a basement bathroom by installing a full vanity. It’ll make space feel more finished and thought out, rather than like it’s an addition to the rest of your home. But also it will provide you with an area for personal toiletries and store guest towels.

Give Each Side of The Mirror Lighting

When you install a bathroom in the basement of your home, it’s important to have proper lighting that illuminates the space. The usual problem is whether there will be any natural light coming from upstairs or other windows nearby. If this is not the case, improper lighting can make a restroom seem dark and low-quality, which may discourage use.

To create the most luminous space possible in your bathroom, follow these tips:

  • Light the sides of the mirror. To avoid harsh shadows on the mirror surface, install lighting on both sides of the mirror rather than above. To make it easier to accomplish tasks such as shaving, applying makeup, or taking care of things like teeth hygiene, you should mount a sconce on either side of the mirror at eye level.
  • Pay attention to wattage. When you install lighting in your bathroom, look for bulbs that offer 75-100 watts of illumination. Wattage equivalents are 24-26 under CFL and 20-25 under LED bulbs. Add a dimmer to make the bathroom more customizable and flattering.
  • Add ambient light. If you have a basement bathroom, ambient light is an important element because it lends to the atmosphere and makes space feel more welcoming. So include a few ambient lights along your wall for indirect lighting.

Consider an Upflush Toilet

The toilet in a basement is one of the main obstacles to creating an additional bathroom. An installation can add dramatically to the cost of your project, and you may have to deal with plumbing challenges unless there are already pipes installed for that purpose.

Luckily, there is an alternative: installing upflush toilets.

Upflush toilets, including the Saniflo toilet system, use a macerator to grind waste before sending it up against gravity into your home’s main plumbing stack. This unique design prevents you from destroying your floor or laying down expensive pipes to install new plumbing. You can have your shower and sink hooked up to the same water plumbing, giving you an amazing bathroom in what was once a closet or useless space!

Go for Light Colors

To make your basement bathroom feel more welcoming, consider adding a light or neutral coat of paint. If you’re feeling cramped in your basement bathroom, adding a light coat of paint could help. Either pop on a new shade or use fill-in colors to make space feel larger and more open than it might otherwise.

You might want to keep this in mind as you purchase your fixtures and cabinets.

Basement Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

22)Pop Of Pastel Green!

Now that you’ve reviewed our design tips for transforming your basement into a more functional bathroom, here are some common design mistakes to avoid as you work on designing the perfect space.

  • To add a new toilet, first install the trim and wainscoting. Then, paint over it all to create the desired color. These things will be more difficult to install and do well after installing the toilet and vanity. With this in mind, these elements should always come last on your bathroom project timeline. Near-finish elements like paint, wainscoting and trim should always come first.
  • Not taking advantage of your new plumbing. If you now have your basement system functioning, take advantage of it! When you install a utility sink under the bathroom wet wall, keep in mind that it should be on the side of your preference. This provides a place to wash muddy shoes, paintbrushes, and anything else you do not want in the kitchen.
  • Not adding a window if you can. Add a window to your basement bathroom, if possible. This will improve the light quality and provide air circulation in a damp space like the basement.
  • Install as much storage as possible. Your basement bathroom could be an ideal storage space for some household extras, like paper towels and toilet paper. Add extra storage to take full advantage of all your available space.

Basement Bathroom Design Ideas Inspiration

Moroccan Basement Bathroom Tiles

This bathroom’s white walls create an illusion of space that appears larger than it actually is. White is also a great color for bathrooms because it reflects light and does‒t show dirt as easily, such as water stains on the floor tiles. The frameless glass enclosure offers a clean, open environment in which you can gaze at your surroundings.

Intimately Cozy!

19)Intimately Cozy!

A small bathroom means you should consider space usage. A clever way to deal with a smaller basement bathroom is by separating the toilet area from other features, such as lighting and a shower. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s also well-lit - perfect for your tiny living quarters!

Basement Bathroom Paint Colors

The light gray paint on the walls, vanity, and floors offers a sophisticated appeal. The wooden floor adds to the timeless feel of this bathroom. The ceramic tile work is attractive; it looks so inviting! Flowers and plants provide pops of color, which would otherwise be neutral.

Contemporary Basement Bathroom Ideas

White ceilings, toilets, baths, and a floating vanity give the room an open feel that is not as constrained by the size of its room. Cream wall tiles create a tranquil atmosphere.

Unfinished wood flooring offers a natural aesthetic perfect for those who want to embrace a contemporary style.

Industrial Basement Bathroom Ideas

The black floor, vanity, and faucet bring a masculine vibe to the space that is nicely contrasted by the white toilet, sink, and subway tile wall.

Exposed pipe and metal ceiling light combine with a concrete wall to create an industrial aesthetic. A wooden framed mirror gives the space warmth.

Extravagant Ventures!

15)Extravagant Ventures!

If you like luxury and elegance, this mountain getaway is perfect for you! Take your pick of the grand floor-based bathtub or a more private shower area. For ambiance, take in the star-themed chandelier or maximum light from the translucent glass walls.

Compact Bathroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love 7

When a basement bathroom is not the main one in a home, it does not need to be very large. The best designs will be both functional and attractive for their size.

Monochrome Basement Bathroom

You may want to consider a monochrome color scheme for your bathroom. White walls and black tiles convey sophistication and style.

A frameless full-height mirror enhances the bathroom’s attractiveness. The counter is set off by a pedestal sink and its partial wall, which powerfully conveys an airy setting.

Basement Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The simple white marble floor and wall exude unparalleled beauty in this bathroom. The black and yellow glass pendant lights softly dangle from the ceiling, adding a touch of elegance to the room. A vase full of flowers creating a soft contrast makes your journey to the toilet more calming.

Small Bathroom Designs with Shower

A partial white wall provides privacy, while subway and mosaic tiles in the small wet room offer visual interest. Wood flooring balances out the black metal accents, while a shag rug provides maximum comfort underfoot.

Vault style basement tub and shower

If you have a cramped basement, put in a vault-style bathroom that looks like it’s been carved out of the Roman age. Have two separate shower chambers and one central tub. Use large and small cobblestones to give it a rough touch and enclose it with sliding timbers.

Rustic Basement Bathroom Ideas

Wood-look tiles add a rustic touch to the basement. Frameless enclosures provide cleanliness in the bathroom. Cream walls and ceilings give a feeling of relaxation. Dark wood trim creates an inviting atmosphere with a mirror and vanity framed by dark wood that will make you feel like you’re at home when you enter the room.

Luxurious Basement Bathroom

The stark contrast of tan walls in this shower is juxtaposed against the white ceiling. Creating a clear border visually elevates the effectiveness of this space. Marble tiles create an air of luxury and are pleasantly contrasted by wooden vanity, shag rug, and towel to exemplify a cozy setting. A curbless shower leaves ample floor space with light spilling over.

Modern Basement Bathroom Ideas

Watery blue walls with a modern white bathroom set the stage for coastal living. Herringbone wood floors warm up this bath space without ever going over the top. Sharp edges and clean lines give this designer-inspired space some sleek contrasts. Marble and mosaic tiles are used sparingly throughout to accentuate various features while never overpowering.

Cool Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement_bathroom_shower_ideasdesign trends

When you have a stressful day, even just 5-minutes in the spa can make you relax. To improve your spa experience at home, find peace and relaxation by staying in your warm bathtub.

If you’re inspired by the idea of having a spa-at-home experience, here are some ideas for transforming your bathroom into an oasis that will instantly help you relax.

You can create a space in your bathroom that is both relaxing and specifically designed for taking a warm bath or shower. The design of the bathroom should be appealing as it sets the tone.

Choose to have minimalist style as it helps open up the room and give you surrounding a restful feel when you want your bathroom to feel like a spa. Painting the walls with earthly colors like green or brown will also provide a calming effect.

Toronto Basement Bath

Studio Inc

Sage Design Studio Inc.

The industrial look has been around for a while, but it seems to be making a resurgence within the bathroom. This is shown in this sleek, sophisticated design that will have you feeling like royalty!

Stone tiled basement bathroom

Stone tiled basement bathroom

Stone-tiled bathrooms can be a great addition to any basement, especially if you don’t get much natural light. If possible, avoid placing furniture or other obstructions in front of the window for best results. During daytime showers, let your showerhead soak up all that sun coming through and enjoy some scenery while it’s there! Complementing the stone tiles with dark neutrals is always an elegant look but feel free to add brass accents here, too-nothing looks better than this combo against those stone walls!

Basement Bathroom Shower Ideas

If you’re worried about the limited space in your bathroom, take a deep breath and know that there are ways to make it seem bigger. A basement bathroom shower is one of the best ideas for making bathrooms look more spacious. It can also be stylish!

You can give your bathroom a cool modern feel with basement bathroom shower ideas. The overall look of your basement will also be extremely soothing and very charming. The basement bathroom shower idea is excellent for elites & rich people.

Bathroom Ideas Cream Tiles

Could you use some help with achieving your dream basement bathroom? This idea is a perfect choice. With this design, you’ll create a charming and stylish look for your entire bathroom.

With this idea, you can make your bathroom look larger, even if the space is limited. Putting two bathroom sinks in your bathroom creates a very spacious and serene atmosphere.

Additionally, installing a bathtub in your shower would help create an awesome feeling and provide additional design opportunities for the room.

 A Single Plane

17)A Single Plane

This project is not for everyone, but it appeals to many people who want an intimate connection with their partners. A bathroom connected to the bedroom at all times would expand your bathing options and offer a private space that you could share without leaving your room.

Dramatic wallpapers

Dramatic wallpapers

Basement powder rooms are very trendy because they give the home a more stylish appearance. Wallpapers are less common in these bathrooms, but they can create a dramatic effect similar to other parts of the house when used as an accent wall.

A dark floral pattern contrasted with the geometric tiles below creates a cool look for a low-ceilinged basement.

Basement Bathroom With Bright Hues Painted Wall

Funky basement bathroom

You can also have your basement bathroom be a standout. If you want to make sure it is, use colors boldly - - for example, paint the walls in bright hues and then go conventional by installing a white tub and toilet (see example below). This type of funky laundry room makes for a lot of personalities.


A basement bathroom is one of the best decisions you will make for your empty lower-level if you manage to carry out a good design. However, aesthetics are not the most important considerations when designing this space – other things must be taken into account first.

Before you begin to design your bathroom or basement living space, be sure to adhere to all regulations on permits and other legislation. You also need to think about your existing basement situation. Most important, you should examine the condition of the walls, flooring, and most importantly-the electric and plumbing system.

Lastly, building a basement for your bathroom can cost more than anticipated. Be sure to account for this upfront. If you meet all of these requirements, you will be ready to install whichever bathroom style you prefer.

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