Stunning Enclosed Patio Ideas That You’ll Love

Home entertaining is about creating a space where your guests will have an enjoyable time and engaging in meaningful conversations. However, when you do not have enough money or space for a big construction project, what do you do?

Consider installing a patio enclosure, as it will allow you to stay connected to nature while accommodating your needs.

There are some ways to enclose your covered patio while still making it a warm and inviting space for guests, family, and friends. We will discuss these strategies in the following article.

A well designed patio can help give homeowners control over their environment, as well as add value to the property and improve its return on investment.

Patio Enclosure Cost

According to Home Advisor, the cost of building an enclosure for a patio ranges anywhere from $2,900 to $40,000. But on average it sit around at about $16,238. The costs vary depending on the size and features you want in your patio enclosure but they generally range from $8,372 to $24,377.

The cost will depend on these following factors:

Size Of The Patio Enclosure

A larger patio with a roof will cost you more than one that is smaller, so it really depends on your budget. It’s important to figure out how you want your balcony space to look before deciding what size to make yours.

Think about an outdoor patio as a long-term investment in your home. However, don’t reduce the size so much that you can no longer enjoy it.

Materials Of The Patio Enclosure

When considering the construction of an enclosed patio, there is a vast array of different materials to choose from. The cheapest material may seem like a bargain but will not be as durable and long-lasting as other choices.

Different screen materials offer different things. For instance, for a patio space without privacy you might want to purchase a material that won’t allow neighbors to see in.

Next, consider buying pet screens to protect your doors from scratching. It is highly recommended if you have a cat who likes to scratch at the door.

Roofing Options

When you plan on building an enclosed patio, the cost of roofing can be a large factor. You won’t have to worry about this if your existing patio is covered by your home’s roofline since it extends beyond or because the new deck won’t be under that line if the structure ever needs to leak water, say,

There are two basic options with roofs, which include installing an insulated roof for cheaper than traditional roof shingles and using the same material throughout your home.

However, insulated roofs don’t usually hold up as well as traditional shingled roof. Additionally, you can cover the entire structure with screens on all sides.

Flooring Options

Your enclosed patio flooring can be customized with many different finishes. The choice is up to you and whatever you decide, we can make it happen.

For outdoor patios, you usually want a material that will be durable under the weather. However, an enclosure can permit a little creativity with what you choose for your patio surface.


Concrete, because it is durable and low maintenance, allows you to choose the type of finish for your floor. You can opt for a smooth concrete finish, stamped concrete or patterned concrete with inlay designs using pebbles.


Bricks are not just sturdy, but also very versatile and have a stylish look which complements any outdoor patio area. Bricks can be laid in different design patterns like herringbone, running bond or jack-on-jack.


Flagstone provide excellent traction in wet conditions. Like various types of stone, size and shape variances are common as well. Flagstones come in sizes ranging from one to three inches thick. Sandstone, limestone, bluestone, and quartzite are the most common flagstones available.


Pieces of interlocking pavement fit together like a puzzle, giving you the options of brick pavers or cobblestone look.


Consider a variety of patio tiles for your enclosed patio, starting with ceramic tiles. Terracotta and porcelain unglazed tiles are appropriate if you’re looking to create an earthy feel. If you want better traction, quarry tile would be the best option.

To protect your tiles and make them more visually pleasing, we recommend that you apply sealers and coatings periodically.

Cut stones

The following stones are cut into square or rectangular shapes and used as finer design choices such as granite, marble, slate, travertine, limestone, blue stone and phyllite.

Wood tiles & wood flooring

A wood-look tile can be used directly on your patio to create a warmer ambiance. Real hardwood tiles are not always necessary for the design, and there are many ceramic wood-look flooring options available today that will give you the same look with superior durability and cost efficiency.

Loose materials

With dry climates as their primary use, these materials are a great alternative for lawns. They include crushed stone, aggregate stone, bark mulch, rubber mulch, and decomposed granite.

Artificial grass / Artificial grass tiles

It is easy to maintain, great for kids and pets with allergies, soft on the feet and doesn’t attract bugs like real grass. Additionally there are no allergens from an actual lawn.

If you have a large space, make sure to mix materials to create visual interest. You can also split your area into smaller sections or use them as focal points within an enclosed patio.

Additional Features

Wall material

You could use reclaimed storm doors to enclose your patio, creating a solid wall of windows while maintaining an open feel for the outdoor space. One door on its hinges may function as an entryway.

Frame material

When searching for patio enclosures, most people look for aluminum or vinyl. Aluminum is strong and durable, but it makes the entire porch hot because of its heat reflecting abilities. Vinyl requires less maintenance and isn’t susceptible to scratches - it does have a tendency to dent though.

Pre-constructed window wall system

This customized window wall system is designed to fit the openings in your patio that you would like to close off. There are several sliding panel and swing-open designs to choose from; each type of door allows maximum airflow into the enclosed porch area.

Outdoor curtains and drapes

Porch curtains and drapes add a sense of elegance to an outdoor dwelling. A specific type of porch curtain is one that prevents mosquitos and other insects from entering but still allows for airflow; this therefore can be less expensive than screens.

Benefits Of An Enclosed Patio

There are plenty of benefits to having an enclosed patio. Some of these benefits might be obvious, but others can sometimes slip your mind.

Increased Property Value

Having an outdoor enclosed patio or deck can be a great way to attract potential homebuyers as it puts more light on the exterior of your home. It may seem costly to build, but you will likely recoup this cost when you decide to sell in the future.

Additional Storage Space

Enclosed patios provide a great buffer against weather storms and allow you to store anything from shoes and clothes to tools and equipment. While you want the area to be neat, leaving that one corner empty as storage space makes good sense.

Additional Security Measure

An enclosed patio can be a burglar’s worst nightmare. It not only provides another layer of protection, but the thief has to go through an enclosed area in order to get into your house.

Burglars may decide to look for a more easy target and break into your home or condo rather than try to get inside your enclosed patio area.

Protection From The Outdoor Elements

It goes without saying that the outdoor elements such as rain, snow, wind, and heat will affect your trip. But think about the potential risk of any bugs coming into your house through open windows or when opening doors to let fresh air in.

And you don’t want to leave your food on the table or patio for long periods of time because there are going to be flies all over it.

An enclosed patio can help protect you from the UV light emitted by the sun, especially those with sensitive skin. Quality mesh screens will also reduce glare, letting more of the sun’s heat into your home and less onto your face.

Most Stunning Enclosed Patio Ideas

Beautiful Reading Space

If reading books is your guilty pleasure, why not have a space of your own for enjoying them? This unique inspiration idea is perfect for the book lover. We are sure you will enjoy snuggling up with your favorite book in this cozy corner.

Add a bench with your favorite kind of seating arrangement and you’re all set, making this space cozy and nostalgic. You don’t want to forget the added feature of cabinets for snacks or beverages either.

Striking Covered Patio with a Gable Roof


One of the best covered patios for you to use is one that is spacious and makes it feel like you are completely outdoors.

Even if it’s too cold or rainy outside, you can still read a book, eat dinner, and hang out with friends. The outdoor space is also equipped with lights which make the patio more inviting at night. There’s also an L-shaped couch, which provides enough room for more people to sit comfortably and enjoy the evening together.

It is Time for your Customized Cafeteria

What could be better than drinking espresso with your morning coffee and gazing at an impressive view? This enclosed patio idea will impress all you coffee addicts and crema lovers. Imagine having your very own café with the morning sun on one side and a sunset view on the other!

A coffee bar can be customized with all of a person’s favorite instant coffee flavors and accessories to ensure the right brew is always available. Customizing an area for drinking by adding couches or bean bags makes it more comfortable.

Inviting Three-Season Enclosed Patio

If you have a small patio, this is one of the best enclosed outdoor seating designs you could possibly look into. The enclosed design helps banish all bugs and make it perfect for hot summer nights.

Roof extensions attach to the current roof in your house. The design offers such an amazing place to enjoy both inside and outside activities at once.

Decorate an Amazing Hobby Corner

Time spent on personal hobbies are the best way to stay organized. An enclosed patio can be a perfect place for creative pursuits, with space for your works in progress and production area.

Multipurpose furniture can save space, or be used to create a more functional area without taking up much room. There are many different styles and pieces of multi-function furniture available.

Enclosed Patio with Year-Round Elegance

This enclosed patio is fit with glass walls and a roof, essentially giving this space the feel of an outdoor room. The porch is accessed by two doors that open wide onto the deck for entertaining purposes.

The attached patio is a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors, but it might not be large enough for events that invite many people due to its exposed brick walls.

Gorgeous Sunroom with Attached Garden

Turning your enclosed patio into a sunroom, or Florida room, is an excellent way to update the style of your home. You can choose to make it private space where you soak in the jacuzzi and enjoy the sunshine coast, convert it into a funky color-splashed playroom for kids or turn the space into a relaxing hot tub

When selecting artwork and window treatments, bear in mind that sunlight is the enemy. You can either choose pieces resistant to damage, or include outdoor-style seating, tables, and an attached flower garden for the complete look.

Enclosed Patio with Wood Ceiling

With the substantial wooden ceiling, this patio is converted into a living area. The natural wood accent matches well with the outdoor furniture and it’s stone fireplace.

A Comfy Enclosed Rooftop Patio

This small roof deck offers a good degree of privacy and is the most relaxing space on the property. You can dine, read or nap anywhere here without disturbance.

Though the green views from this roof deck patio can be appreciated throughout the year, they are more enjoyed in warmer months due to all of the enclosures.

One upside to this room is the shades of orange coordinate with each other and provide a warm, inviting environment. The downside of using this design is that it does not contain any planter plants that typically would complete an arrangement.

Patio with Green Awning

Needing a patio that will complement your home? This patio, with green stripes and old-fashioned brick walkways, is perfect. It’s spacious so you can decorate it the way you want without limiting yourself due to lack of space.

Wooden Outdoor Patio

If your home feels cramped or lacks outdoor entertaining space, this inventive patio design with the perfect furnishings and finish is exactly what you need. Creating an embellished patio that provides a mini-entertainment zone for yourself is just like having your own indoor space outdoors.

Patios are typically decorated with furniture made from the bark of a tree that will give your patio the perfect look you want.

Sun-Room Patio

If you are considering a patio enclosure, this glassed-in space outside the house which can also be used as an outdoor living area, is a great choice.

Modern Screened Patio with Floral Touch

Screen rooms are an optimal choice for those who want to enclose their patio with a view of the sky. These enclosed patio could serve as an outdoor living room and provide you with a conversation space for entertaining your guests.

Pros of using screened patios are that the cushions typically match the overall design perfectly. Cons of screening include not being weather-resistant, and this problem is particularly relevant when there is snow on the ground.

Covered Enclosed Patio Ideas

The easiest way to protect and structure your patio is to install a retractable cover. The cost for these covers are affordable, as well as easy to construct. A shade sail, retractable awning, or pergola are all long term solutions that can be taken down when you no longer want the structures overhead protection on your patio.

To add protection and make your natural exterior feel more like an interior, have a roof installed on the patio area. The traditional option costs the most but creates seamless transitions with the overall structure of your home.

One easy way you can make your home energy-efficient in the summer is by installing a metal roof. These are more affordable than standard roofs and attach to the top of your house, slanting downward as they extend out.

The Thatched Patio Enclosure

Would you like to have some old-style charm in your backyard? Use these Patio ideas with a thatch roof design to provide serenity and romance. Add contemporary furniture to give the space a stark contrast.

Beautiful Glass Enclosed Patio

When the walls and roof of your patio area are made of glass, you’ll love having an outdoor space without sacrificing being indoors.

This glass roof patio not only offers a cozy dining area, but is also positioned to allow for the enjoyment of the warm summer days - this porch has advantaged both style and functionality, with its versatility providing inviting arrangement seating..

DIY Enclosed Patio Ideas

When building a permanent structure that attaches to your home, you’ll need to obtain building permits. This is best left for those who have familiarity with the particulars of this process and know how it relates to your existing home.

When constructing a new deck, you don’t want the weight of the roof pulling away from your house and taking chunks of the existing roof or walls with it.

DIY homeowners can now invest in pre-designed pergolas, gazebos, and awnings to accessorize their living spaces. These kits attach directly to the outside of your home by way of hooks or screws and are high quality in design so as not to interfere with the integrity or stability of your property.

Wall Of Windows Enclosed Patio

It’s great to enjoy the terrific weather without being out there. With an enclosed porch, despite not feeling the heat of sunshine or rain on your face at all times you’re in the protected area, you can still feel one with nature-without the inconvenience of carrying around a poncho and umbrella.

If you want to enjoy a nice thunderstorm at night, without risking your own safety, a space with few or no windows is not the best idea. Wider windows offer an excellent view and allow for less dangerous viewing of these powerful storms.

Rustic Enclosed Patio Ideas

Though you want to enjoy the rustic beauty of nature and be able to admire the wilderness around your home, you don’t want to actually spend time with nature on a regular basis due its fluctuating temperatures, dirtiness, and bugs.

An enclosed porch may feel like a safe haven from the outside elements, but it can also give you the perfect spot to enjoy nature.

Try incorporating the natural beauty of nature into your rustic outdoor space with exposed wood beams and paneling. Consider arranging handmade and/or rustic looking furniture for places to sit.

Wooden furniture with carved legs and intricate designs will give your home a rustic feel. Adding a porch swing to the mix for that country-style setting is perfect for you.

Stick with plants that grow well indoors and are native to the area you live in. This will help create a vegetation outdoors on your porch that blurs the line between where the inside stops and outside begins.

Small And Snug

If you are only two people without much company, it may not be necessary to have a large patio. In this case, you can always dedicate an exterior room to act as a porch instead which will still provide the outdoor experience that many outdoor enthusiasts seek.

Create a comfortable lounge chair area in your living room, and decorate the space with warm colors. Use this space to read or meditate in a relaxing environment.

Deck Enclosed Patio Ideas

Building a deck in your backyard will improve the ground surface and provide an elevated platform for sitting or lounging. Your deck can be attached to your home or be its own independent structure elsewhere in your yard.

When building a deck to accommodate a hot tub, make sure it has enough square footage of space. At the very least, there should be an open area around the hot tub for people to stand before getting in. A better design includes benches and more decorative elements.

Fully-Furnished Patio in Cabin

A completely wood enclosed patio with glass windows can be costly, but it is never a bad idea.

Rooms such as forests or gardens are important in that they can serve as excellent places to relax and spend time with friends and family. With the addition of comfortable couches, a wooden table, some plants, and a few lights, one could potentially live there (instead of sleeping in their bedroom).

Make your home inviting and natural by filling it with as many pieces of furniture, plants, and decorations you can.

Furniture Enclosed Patio Ideas

Different types of outdoor furniture require different protection. If you choose an enclosed glass patio, the furniture is not harmed by exposure to elements such as rain or snow.

When creating a patio space with an outdoor living area, it is best to use wicker furniture for both the protected and uncovered areas. This material will help give your home a tropical feel and also offers durability for furniture that’s used indoors as well as outdoors.

If you have a screened-in or other exposed patio, make sure the furniture is durable and that it’s made of hardwood frames. You can use cushions with this type of decoration to give your patio more modern feel.

Resort-style furniture will turn your backyard into a resort. This furniture has large bulkheads and cushions, making it easy to lounge around on the porch.

Simple Minimalism

People often forget that simplicity can be appreciated for its own sake. One of the best ways to achieve that is by not bringing too many objects into your patio.

In order to create a space that is inviting, you simply need some chairs and nothing else. The site doesn’t have a use live furniture of any kind; as long as people can enjoy their time there they will be satisfied.

Placing these outside areas near green space will lead to better results. For extra benefits, make sure the windows are made of glass for optimal visibility of nature from inside the home.

Final Words

With this help, you will now know what type of patio design best suits your needs and budget. Hopefully we’ve helped narrow down the possibilities!

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