31+ Bedroom Flooring Ideas That Will Make Comfort For Bare Feet

The bedroom is where we retreat for relaxation. Choosing the flooring for your bedroom is mostly boundless, but there are a few restrictions. Carpet, hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and cork are possible options.

Selecting the floor for your bedroom should depend primarily on whether you prefer a comfortable surface to walk on barefoot and what design look appeals to you. Choosing the flooring for your bedroom sets the tone of the space, so make sure to spend some time thinking about what design style you are going for and how you want to feel in your room.

The best flooring for a bedroom is comfortable standing on with bare feet and matching the interior design style preferences.

Many flooring options meet the criteria of inexpensive and comfortable, including wood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet. However, you will want to decide which type of floor best suits your style preferences as well as your budget before making a final decision.

Our plank flooring collections come in various sizes, stains, and textures, making it easy to find bedroom flooring that suits your tastes.

For some of the latest bedroom flooring styles and ideas, keep reading.

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Concrete Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Nowadays, it’s common to walk into a bedroom and see concrete flooring. With the popularity of minimalist decor, concrete is not only popular but preferred.

Your concrete floors can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. The shade or finish you choose for your floor can make an enormous difference to your bedroom’s appearance and several other rooms in your home.

With the use of professionals, patterns can be made out of concrete that looks like marble.

Concrete Floors for Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Using a material such as concrete that does not contain volatile organic compounds will be better for your family’s health during installation.

Such floors are durable and can’t be removed easily, so if you get sick of the look or want to add other materials like carpeting or wood flooring, it’s easy to do.

When choosing a colored floor, be sure to pick one that will not require you to change color over time. This is a grey polished concrete floor in the bedroom which is friendly for the environment.

Bright blue accent bedroom combined concrete floor.

Colombini Casa

With bright blue accenting all three major features of the room: a wall, bookshelves, and bedding, white and light wood provide a perfect backdrop in this modern bedroom. Similarly, wide windows, concrete floors, and a lot of open space make for an area that is not cluttered.

Bedroom concrete floors for a unique appearance

Concrete floors can be perfect for bedrooms— they offer a memorable look and create beautiful, polished surfaces. Take some inspiration from concrete’s unique appearance to apply muted colors in neutral shades using natural elements or chic wallpaper.

Bedroom Concrete flooring ideas


The master bedroom features rough-hewn, exposed aggregate concrete that blurs the transition as you step outside. The result is a beautiful space where inside and out merge seamlessly, creating an inviting environment for rest or relaxation.

Tiles Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Tiles are usually the best option for many rooms throughout the house. They provide a color and design element that often works well with specific styles, such as traditional or rustic. Tiled floors can be uncomfortable if they’re too cold to walk on barefoot or noisy without area rugs.

However, if your home primarily has bold colors and patterns, they make a great option for bedroom decor. You can use them in any number of ways, from as an accent to create a focal point as seen with Mediterranean or eclectic styles, or you could use stone tiles to add the perfect rustic touch.

Traditional tile and stone flooring


Stone and tile are an excellent option for any room in the house except a bedroom. They’re considered too hard, noisy, cold enough to make it uncomfortable when you walk on them barefoot at night.

Using a theme in your bedroom remodel is an excellent way to liven up your space. If you want to go the tiles and stone flooring, themes such as Mediterranean, Mediterranean, Spanish or Moroccan may be what material you best.

Stone and Ceramic Tiles

Stone and ceramic tiles are a great addition to any bedroom, especially if you want something easy to clean. In combination with soft fabrics in the bedroom or oriental rugs for added texture, these flooring options create aesthetically pleasing spaces where people can escape from their worries of day-to-day life.

Tile Bedroom Flooring

This elegant bedroom features two seats set around a small table, with the tiles on the floor providing an easy surface to wipe up any spills.

Floor Tiles for Charming Bedroom

This bedroom is bright and charming, with green and white walls, floor tiles on the ground, a lamp table beside the bed.

White Tile Bedroom Flooring

A contemporary bedroom with an enchanting rug and smooth white tiles floor is a perfect place to escape. The walls of this room are stylized so that they surround the entire space as if it’s your own world unto itself.

Wood Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Wood floors are versatile, suitable for all bedroom designs. Wooden flooring ideas make the interior design look and feel comfortable and welcoming. Traditional wooden color contrasts nicely with cool colors in bedrooms like blues or blacks to create a more traditional room design that is warm looking while balancing modern elements such as white furniture pieces on darker wood tones using natural materials such as stone accents or reclaimed oak planks from old barns.

Hardwood Bedroom Flooring Ideas

@themaplefarmhouse via Instagram

Wood flooring is a classic symbol of luxury. Its beauty can last a lifetime, while the option for unique stains and finishes gives you the flexibility to match your interior design.

One of the hardwood’s greatest qualities is that it coordinates with any design theme. For example, light or distressed wood flooring would be perfect for a farmhouse-inspired bedroom, and if you have an industrial theme without stone or concrete surfaces, then aged hardwood floors are the way to go.

When it comes to finishes in your bedroom, try coordinating them with any other natural finishes elsewhere. You could do this by selecting the same texture and shade of wood throughout the entire room or choosing different types that still complement each other’s look.

Hardwood Flooring Design

Homespun Furniture Inc

Hardwood floors are not considered environmentally friendly because of deforestation’s problematic issue, but there are still options available.

Reclaimed hardwood floors are an eco-friendly choice because they use the woodcut down centuries ago.

Hardwood flooring in bedroom suites at beach houses or cottages looks great.

Elite solid wood with Parquet flooring

Montgomery Custom Homes

If you’re looking for a floor that will never go out of style, wood is your best bet. You can choose any wood—from elegant hardwood to engineered or solid wood—to design the room with stylish touches.

There are many bedroom hardwood flooring ideas to choose from if you know what you’re looking for.

It is possible to enhance a traditional room with features like authentic wood knots and grains, or if you prefer modern decor styles, then whitewash coverings, and light oak are perfect.

Grey Wooden Floors for Minimalist Bedroom

Mimar Interiors

This blue and grey bedroom features a typographic wall, an enclave laid out in blue, light chiffon curtains, and low furniture. Some blue decor bedroom touches provided features a by a blue scheme and with mat and accent wall that reads “OPEN YOUR MIND.” A typographical feature wall leads the space, framing a seating area—low furniture showcasing sophistication without pretense. Polished wooden flooring paired with sheer blue curtains creates a calming ambiance for space.

Traditional Bedroom with Hardwood Flooring

Traditional bedroom featuring a vaulted ceiling with beams along with a hardwood flooring topped by a classy rug.

This traditional bedroom has a vaulted ceiling with beams, hardwood flooring, and a classy rug.

Maple Hardwood Bedroom Floor

This luxury bedroom features a white ceiling and walls with dark-toned maple hardwood floors. It has a central black metallic chandelier to give the space a slight classic feel.

Tigerwood Bedroom Flooring

With its rich stripes and natural resistance to decay, Tigerwood is an excellent flooring surface for homes. In this contemporary bedroom, the piles of wood are a pleasant contrast to the deep red color on the tigerwood floors.

Dark Oak Floor

This contemporary master bedroom features a dark oaken surface in planks complemented by the surrounding windows—the crisp walls and ceiling balance out the mood created by the wood.

Red Oak Hardwood Floors

This bedroom’s warmth is furthered by the rich texture of its red oak hardwood floors and its elegant fireplace. A vintage chandelier hangs overhead, adding to the room’s luxurious feel and cozy ambiance. An added perk is the Mediterranean style finishes, like a balcony view out onto your world below.

Bedroom Light Wooden Flooring


Design a light blue and yellow bedroom that’s soothing for the eyes. The pale green of this boudoir covers the walls, door frames, and corridors. Light wooden flooring provides a relaxing feel reminiscent of a beach house. White curtains allow for natural sunlight to enter through windows as eye-catching potted plants provide decoration near.

Bedroom Hardwood Flooring and Rug

Elegant, white-painted walls and ceiling lighted by a stunning chandelier. Below is a hardwood floor with a top layer of the classy rug.

Bedroom Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Giffin & Crane General Contractors

Bamboo floors are one of the most eco-friendly flooring options, and they’re a great option for anyone looking to get their green on. Since ancient times, people have been using bamboo as building materials, which means it’s an elegant yet sustainable choice that can offer lasting value for your bedroom.

Bamboo is a durable, stylish flooring option. It’s stronger and harder than wood floors while also coming in many colors and styles to fit any décor!

Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Flooring

For environmentally-minded homeowners, bamboo flooring is the perfect choice as it has a lot of advantages. For one, bamboo floorings are made from natural plant life, requiring very little upkeep, and recovers quickly if damage occurs. If you are concerned about breathing fresh air without pollutants, bamboo floors are one of many factors to consider.

Bedroom Carpet Ideas

Carpet floors are an inexpensive way to create uniform surfaces for your bedroom design or beautiful decoration patterns that compliment the room’s décor. When created from natural fibers, modern carpet flooring can enhance comfortable bedroom designs and create an ambiance of warm, relaxing, pleasant home interiors.

Carpeted Bedroom Flooring Ideas

@spacefordreaming via Instagram

The most popular type of flooring for bedrooms these days is carpet. After all, who wants to step out of bed in the morning only to feel a cold, wet floor underfoot?

Rather than settle for your parent’s outdated beige carpet, there are numerous exciting options available. Whatever the look you want to achieve in a bedroom—subtle or dramatic—there is a perfect carpeting option out there.

Even though it can be expensive, wall-to-wall carpet is an investment that requires regular upkeep to stay looking its best. Shag—inspired carpets may look nice, but they are a pain to clean. Instead of using a shag variety in high-traffic areas, consider laying down an area rug to provide the same style without all the work.

Carpet for Bedroom

Carpet is a great choice for primary bedrooms. It’s appealing to look at and offers warmth and soft, comfortable surfaces to walk on. Carpets can also be less expensive than hardwood or other flooring options, which provides an economic benefit. One of the best qualities of carpet is that it deadens noise in your bedroom.

Bedroom Area Rugs Flooring Ideas

Area rugs are a great way to increase the softness and noise-dampening qualities of your hardwood floors. You can also use them for decorative purposes as well. You can group chairs and sofas with a rug to create an area separate from the rest of the room.

Area rugs offer an advantage over carpeting. They have no installation cost and are less committed if you need to change your bedroom decor. The carpeting could have bolder patterns or colors that would look overwhelming if you laid it on the floor. Less is more, as the saying goes.

Classy Bedroom Flooring Rug

This bedroom features stylish flooring and a classy rug. There’s also a little living space close to the fireplace.

Bedroom Laminate Floors Ideas

If you are looking for the look of a hardwood floor without the expense, laminate flooring is your best option. It’s created with fiberboard instead of wood or stone and has an image applied to resist scuffs and scratches.

The laminate flooring is available in various styles and colors so that you can easily find one to match your home’s style. Quality brands of laminate flooring look almost as good as expensive exotic woods like teak or bamboo. It will also hold up well to typical bedroom activity, making it a wise choice if you’re on a budget.

Bedroom Laminate Photos


To make your room a soothing space, the designers chose a light hue for the veneer of the bed and laminated flooring.


Goodrich Coffee Oak, Parquet, Engineered Wood Flooring

In recent years, parquet flooring has become hugely popular. And with good reason — its timeless style and clean look make it a perfect choice for modern interiors.

The clarity and warmth that characterizes the Goodrich Coffee Oak floor would make this a wonderful choice for the bedroom. The natural details of the oak withstand traditional class, making it an enduring material with some unique qualities.

Parquet flooring is best for people who want the charm of both classic and modern design, as well as a home that looks uniquely inviting.

Use of Parquet Floor Design

The following design for a wooden floor is an example that has a charming look.

In this type of design, motifs and colors are quite varied. Although it is a flooring that has a factory touch but still like the original.

One strength of using parquet flooring in a bedroom is its durability. It’s also an advantage because it can complement simple design elements that don’t need to be sacrificed for utilitarian features such as cleanliness.

The Use of Designs with Textured Floors

Ceramic tiles are a great way to add color and texture to any space. You can choose from plain ceramic floors or opt for the fun patterns in contemporary, retro, traditional designs like marble mosaics, geometric shapes, etc.

There are so many variations on the ceramic floor which means your home will have an exciting texture. Maybe a lot of people think that these types of floors only look good in bathrooms or toilets, but they can also be used for bedrooms! Nowadays, there are plenty of tile makers with different styles and textures to offer you as well - it’s just up to you what works best for both your space and budget.

Minimalist Design Scandinavian

The floor design in this bedroom will surely be entertaining as a resident. You won’t become bored when using the type of flooring because it’s so creative and different from other designs!

Combining bricks with white ash, strong wood, and black and white decoration pieces will give the impression of a perfect country.

Scandinavian style has been a growing trend for the past decade.

Classic Minimalist Use

If you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, this bedroom design idea is the perfect option. The use of monochrome and neutral colors will help your room feel calm while also giving it style.

You can choose a floor with a wooden motif and vinyl or even add textures to your walls for a classic feel.

The bedroom that has a Feminine Design

This bedroom’s design makes you feel like a Princess King. Not only does it look harmonious, but there are also more details for your enjoyment. The use of furniture and decor is both luxurious and soft to provide the best comfort possible at all times to make this room as enjoyable as any other space available!

The marble floor of the bedroom is a key element in achieving perfect elegance; it’s decorated with art and rich fabrics to create the ideal environment for the couple who lives there.

Bedroom Design with Large Format Paintings

Alberto Maciel

Large-format paintings in the bedroom don’t typically become a nuisance with low beds; instead, they create an elegant appearance thanks to the uncluttered layering of dark wood and plush fabric.

Mediterranean Themed Bedroom Design

The Mediterranean-themed bedroom features a fireplace and rustic ceiling with wooden beams. An elegant rug tops the tiles flooring for comfort.

Rich Dark Wood Floor, Gray Walls, and Fabulous Fireplace

When you enter this Lindsay Vonn home, the spacious primary bedroom with dark hardwood floors is the first room you’ll see. The angled fireplace-the most notable feature of this space-is flanked on one side by wood paneling on the upper facade that matches its rustic decor.

Bedroom with Living Room and Patio

Kris Jenner’s house is beautiful, and this bedroom in which all surfaces are either a light shade of cream or white except for the dark, rustic wood floorboards. The furniture has earth tones that correspond to the rugs; interestingly, there really isn’t much detail beyond those surface conclusions but the stand-out feature.

Transitional Primary with Fireplace Wall

One of the most memorable transitional primary bedroom designs is one that I love. I enjoy the dark wood flooring on this room and contrasts with the cathedral ceilings and beams that are all white. The fireplace wall takes up a lot of space and separates the sitting area from where people lay to sleep. In conclusion, this design was wonderfully made.

Bedroom Turquoise Floor


The features of the bedroom are rich with color. Fronted by an abstract oil painting in a shade of blue, the walls at this room’s back are mid-blue. The flooring is turquoise and cushions decorating it emit a sea-green hue. The bedroom’s intense colors are given some breathing room with white, grey, and purple pops.

White Bedroom Floor

The Graphic Designer

This modern white room features lighting panels in the ceiling, under-bed skirting, and around the desk. The blue lightbulbs give it a New York at night feel. White floor tiles keep it looking sleek.

Dark Bedroom Flooring Ideas

You can add some drama to your home by using dark flooring. Hardwood, stone, or carpet can all be used, and each offers a different look.

While simple dark floors can work well with any decor style, consider adding texture to the flooring of your bedroom. Dark wood grain blends nicely, especially with mid-century and modern styles.

Putting light-colored furniture against dark flooring schemes can provide a stark contrast that will appear clearer and more elegant.

Since the new flooring was dark, they wanted to add an area rug of the same color.

Animal Prints Bedroom Flooring

Mary Prince Photography

It’s a good thing that you don’t need to have prints of leopards or zebras for your flooring to be fashionable nowadays. With the rise in popularity of animal-themed rugs and carpets like zebra print decorating items- which are quietly incorporated into the modern home design instead of being used as primary focal points- owning an exotic carpet has never been easier!

Experiment with Features and Borders

If you’re looking for something unique in your bedroom, a bordered feature area with complementary shades is one way to really make the room yours. In this festive space, Cornflower Blue Lattice by Dee Hardwicke takes center stage. Stop on over to our patterned flooring page, where we showcase stylish and contemporary styles from top British designers.

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