39+ Shower Bench Ideas To Make Your Bath Time More Relaxing

The term “shower bench” can refer to various fixtures, including built-in benches, folding seats, and others. A shower bench provides many benefits for people using the bathroom space, such as shaving their legs or sitting down and refreshing themselves during long events.

There has been a trend in recent years to install showers with built-in benches. Unlike most trends, shower benches actually have more functional benefits than aesthetic value. Adding a bench increases safety in your space and decreases the chances of you or someone in your household slipping while bathing themselves.

Showers benches help ensure you get a thorough shower with various benefits. They not only make hard-to-reach areas such as your legs and feet easy to clean, but they also decrease the chance of slipping in the shower.

These top 47 best shower bench ideas are tangible proof that a little bit of self-indulgence can provide you with minutes of reprieve during the most basic and mundane everyday rituals. Your bath or shower time can become better due to resting your feet, leaning back, enjoying a moment alone without worrying about anything else.

Pattern And A Bench

Create a new look and feel for your shower by adding patterns. Small patterns make an eye-catching style that will still fit the rest of your décor. A pattern can be incorporated as part of the background on your bench, creating a unique look with some flair.

Consider using a lot of colorful accents to create appealing and bold furniture layouts. A bench with patterns usually requires a lot of space, making sure you have enough room for the desired pattern/s to be displayed beautifully. The best way to create a bold design in your shower is by using an abundance of color. This will also provide ample space for you to work with the pattern that you desire on your bench.

The Shower Bath Bench


Many people enjoy the benefits of a complete shower that clean water and soapy suds encourage as an excellent way to refresh and recharge the body. However, some might feel that a bath can provide relaxation and retreat where they will be more eager to take their time and spend the appropriate amount of time in the tub.

A custom built-in tile shower seat would be a one size fits all solution, and it still offers the ability to wash thoroughly while seated. However, you also have the option of resting instead of standing up during your recharge, just as you once did when using your bath. To take your shower from a normal sit-down waterfall to a stand-up waterfall, add a custom seat. This will provide the relaxing soak of reclining in the water while also providing the convenience and stability of getting out quickly in case you fall.

Shower Bench for Relaxation

Homeowners are often looking to update their bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere often seen in popular bath and shower products. These stacked stone showers offer private and relaxing moments surrounded by soothing textures, making the bathroom experience more luxurious.

Add Shower bench for Accessibility.

One benefit of a bench is the ability to sit in your shower. For some, this could be part of a spa-like experience while taking a “home spa” shower. A shower bench can be a useful design feature for people temporarily disabled. Being able to move around without the risk of injury or falling over is lifesaving when it comes to doing daily tasks, but being able to do so in safety whilst bathing gives the injured person their dignity back and makes them feel human again. Adding a folding shower bench to an existing shower can create space for a third person or, as an alternative, offer more standing room in the shower.

Corner Shower Bench

The marble wall tiles in the walk-in shower are gray with nickel fixtures, providing a comfortable bench and an infinity drain.

Marble Shower Bench Ideas

The walk-in marble shower boasts an exquisite marble hexagonal ceiling with a round satin nickel rain head. The tiled bench is a perfect way to rest your tired feet after a long day on the road.

Marble Floating Shower Bench

Glass-enclosed shower space is situated in the center of this bathroom, with a marble floor and bench that match.

Granite Shower Bench


Granite and marble are both beautiful, but for the same reasons, they can also be expensive. They absorb liquids quickly because of their material composition, which is why you should avoid spills on such surfaces at all costs.

When using a porous material for a shower bench, it would need to be sealed very well at first. The sealant also wears off over time, so you would need to reseal your shower bench now and then if it is heavily used and wet.

Rich and high maintenance, granite and marble were not the right choices for us. But both stones can add a higher-quality look to your shower. You can see a little bit of the elegant black granite bench in this picture.

Quartz Shower Bench


Quartz is manufactured (and not a natural stone) and non-porous, meaning you won’t need to apply sealers or worry about re-applying later. We liked this low-maintenance feature, and we loved the idea of having a solid surface like quartz, which is less work to clean than tile. Not have to do any cleaning means it’s always a plus!

This bathroom is a showstopper with a sleek and modern design. The walls are made out of gray marble, and the floor has an attractive basketweave pattern that looks rough to touch but feels smooth when you do so. It also features a long white quartz shower ledge for easy footstep access into the bathtub or onto its built-in bench, which can be used as seating space in this spacious room where every detail was carefully planned down to minor details such as how comfortable its seat should feel!

Floating Shower Bench

Floating benches are firmly attached to the walls of a shower, but the underside is open. You can find these benches made out of waterproofed wood or stone. To match your shower, you might want to order one that’s tiled and matches your chosen tile design. Though floating benches may look simple in form, the project requires careful engineering. This blue-striped marble shower has two floating benches that take up no space at all.

Fold-Down Benches for Solution Small Space

If you are looking for a space-saving solution for your shower, consider installing a fold-down bench. When seating off your bench, make sure you have enough to support the weight it will need to carry. Here is an example from a pure white build with frosted glass doors and wooden corner pieces that can inspire you!

White Floating Shower Bench

Seamless glass doors give the room an ethereal look. The pure white shower space features a floating bench, and the marble tile floor is absolutely gorgeous!

Wooden Floating Shower Bench

The bathroom is decorated with a minimalist feel. The shower has frosted windows and only one floating bench, while the floors match and an indoor plant for some life.

Rustic Shower Bench

There is nothing like an old, weathered wooden bench to add some character to any bathroom. And thanks to our selection of modern materials, these benches don’t have to be at all rustic for them to be featured on bathroom furniture. See how this gorgeous bench with beautiful reclaimed wood tops the modern and contemporary tile work in this master bathroom shower.

Monochromatic Shower Space

The shower space is a classic example of what you can achieve by building on an understated bench and using mosaic tiles to create the perfect focal point for your bathroom.

Built-in Backdrop

Studio McGee

There are a lot of misconceptions about the word “classic.” You may think that classic is boring and outdated. But if you take a look at this bathroom from interior design firm Studio McGee, then your opinion might change! This shower bench doesn’t make any statement on its own, but it becomes one major design moment with those patterned tiles.

Marble Slab

Amber Interiors

This shower from design firm Amber Interiors is a great example of how opposites attract. Typically subway tiles and marble are two unlikely materials, but they actually make for an amazing combination. The secret to this shower space is choosing materials of a similar color palette. The mix of tan, beige, and white here creates an equally soothing and stylish look.

Contemporary Marble shower bench

Ali Budd

While purchasing a store-bought shower bench may be less expensive, this option doesn’t have to look cheap. For some luxury in our favorite shower bench idea, select an equally durable and divine material. Interior designer Ali Budd reimagined the shower bench, inspired by a sleek Parisian aesthetic, which would be perfect in any five-star hotel.

Teak folding shower seat

Do you have space in your current shower for a shower bench (but not one that is its own furniture with legs)? When you’re limited on space, you might find that a wall-mounted folding bench will work much better. For example, the one shown in this My Urban Orchard tutorial is made from teak wood and can fold up when not in use.

Teak Shower Bench

There are many types of wood, and some are better for certain circumstances than others. Teak is no exception: it’s a durable type of wood that can withstand moisture very well.

Teak makes an excellent bath bench because it is waterproof, not susceptible to mold or termites, strong and stable, making it both a stylish and functional addition to your shower.

Twin Home Walk-In Shower Design

A gray-toned bathroom appears inviting and chic at first glance, with a bench seat inside. The neutral colors reflect the traditional atmosphere but offer an updated feel that is also modern.

The high-power showerheads come in a stunning range of colors and styles to match any bathroom. This room is designed with luxury and functionality in mind with no fuss, and we love that!

Stunning Glass Design Shower

We fell in love with this entire idea and space, so it made sense to recreate the warm feeling inside. The glass walk-in shower includes an outside bench that provides a place for you to take a seat while enjoying your water time - not to mention it holds your towels!

Amazing Design Walk-In Shower

My favorite walk-in shower design is incredible. It has a perfect look and feels that will stand out to see it. Twin showers, with a brick bench in the center and 3 windows on the side to let natural light inside. A set of large solid glass doors and a jewel in the crown, a center shower head. Dark wood flooring completes the beauty of this bathroom’s look.

This interior design steps outside the box in many ways. From a mixed-material feel to hipster vibes, we can’t get enough of this space. We love all the modern influences and detailed aspects of the room, but we love the inclusion of a stone-style bench in this shower even more. It’s an unexpected element in a space that doesn’t usually have a lot to offer design-wise.

Simple Walk-In Shower

Though this example is small and traditional in size, it still has space for seating and storage. You can store your things underneath the bench when necessary. This theme has a more masculine feel, but that doesn’t mean eliminating luxury.

Loft Bathroom Shower and White Bench

With a shower seat that is all glass, you are able to see the full size of your walk-in bathtub. But it has a more feminine touch with mixed cabinets and a silver ladder for hanging towels.

It’s got a clean and contemporary feel that we love.

Universal Design Features

This home features all of the best Universal Design necessities with grab bars, a shower bench, and a recessed light inside.

Natural Brown Color Teak Wooden Bench

These wooden benches offer a glossy finish and natural brown color for an elegant touch to your bathroom. The single-shelf seat features slatted detail and is made from teak, which resists decay. Its feet are slip-resistant, too. Create a luxurious spa-like ambiance by placing your lights against an all-white or beige background with plants in aqua and white.

Bamboo Shower Bench

This shower bench blends smoothly with many color schemes, owing to its neutral tones and clean, sculptural outline. The bamboo seat can be placed in bathrooms, mudrooms, and even patios.

Utilize its design to create a rustic atmosphere in your favorite room with the help of magazines, towels, and toiletries.

Luxury Bathroom With Teak

Sometimes you might prefer a larger bench that can accommodate more people, and at other times you might want something small enough to fit in an intra-bathroom space. This bench will make you feel as though it’s a natural part of your shower. It can also be easily moved around to give you the option to use it in whichever way you need.

Monochromatic Bathroom

When decorating, always select a monochromatic color scheme. By doing so, you will feel a sense of calmness when your palette is soft and welcoming. Furthermore, if your bench coordinates with the rest of the room, it won’t take away from the other décor

Simple Bench

If you need a bench in your shower, it’s either bulky or overbearing. Creating a simple approach by minimizing the bench will work. One way to accomplish this is by swapping out your current one with a simpler version so that you have more appeal elegantly. Seating may not be needed in a small bathroom, but you might find the use of a stool for storage and sit usefully.

Honed Marble Slab on Shower Bench Seat

A shower bench is a great place to sit and relax while scrubbing off the day’s grime. The marble is stylish yet durable because it was carved from an ancient mountain range by skilled masons.

Add Wooden Bench for Perfect Touches in this Shower Space

Pebble tiles on a floor mixed with white ones on walls to create this cool walk-in shower. Although, a perfect touch is a wooden bench that looks like it would be quite comfortable to sit and relax in a while taking your morning or evening bath.

Gray Subway Tile and Long Bench Shower


The subway tile is beautiful and long. It’s topped off with a marble bench that seats two people comfortably.

Shower Bench for People Enjoy the Shower Time

There are two types of people regarding how they view their showers: Those who prefer a quick, no-frills experience. And those who like to linger in the decadent pleasure only come so well with time and peace. If you’re of the latter persuasion, enjoy our selection of walk-in shower designs with seats!

Classic Style Shower Bench

Step up your shower game with a contemporary marble-tiled walk-in shower design. This classic style offers serene seating and an elegant finish for the modern bathroom. We know that having time to take care of yourself is important, so why not start in this luxurious new space? The flooring provides you with less slippage while utilizing water pressure from any direction.

Create Bathroom Feel Spa-Like with Shower Bench

One of the more obvious advantages to having a shower bench in your bathroom is that it lets you have somewhere to sit down in the steamy, spa-like environment. It’s also convenient for people who may need lower leg support and want something sturdy which won’t take up too much space. The only thing you need is some sort of seat like a bench or stool. if there isn’t enough space, you can make a folding bench.

Let the seat in your bathroom correspond to the style of bathroom you have: if it’s a nature-inspired bathroom, you may go for a large stone instead of a seat or pick up an aesthetically pleasing wooden one. If you’re showering alone, it might be a good idea to have at least one small window that can open.

Rainfall Shower Combined with Small Bench

A travertine shower with a rainfall shower and small bench has a corner bench built-in, and a shower, towel rack, rain shower, all finished in oiled bronze.

Marble Bathroom with Shower Bench

Marble shower benches make a great addition to an already-hostile marble bathroom. The key is choosing the same color for both your bench and shower tiles. Consider adding a large bench or small one to your shower design and seamlessly blending it into the rest of your bathroom. For a marble bench, consider installing a thicker base for “grand” appeal.

Teak Bench in Front of Wall Mounted Shower Head

With only a small corner shelf as a holding area, this walk-in shower benefits from the addition of a teak bench. Set near the entrance to the shower, the bench holds sponges and towels until it’s needed to offer seating in front of its wall-mounted showerhead.

Portable Shower Bench

If you’d like to avoid committing your shower area into a permanent seat, moving stools or benches should come in handy. They can be positioned beneath the spray of water and are great for catching all those necessities-shampoo, conditioner, soap. Keep stools made from moisture-resistant materials like teak, bamboo, plastic, and resin to endure through years of showering.

Put Bench Shower near Window

Windows are a great place to enjoy natural light and views, but if you want near them might be worth it. You can s if you want the bonus of comfort it back in that comfy seat while using your handheld spray bottle. This modern high-end walk-in shower includes a tiled window alcove with a marble-topped seat, which takes its cue from black accent tiles.

Attic Shower Space with Bench

A black and white shower in an attic space with mosaic tiles is a creative way to enjoy your cleanliness. It includes a bench and niches for storage.

Shower Seating

Today’s showers are like a spa-like atmosphere with built-in seating. If you’re not willing to commit to building in bench seats, water-resistant benches can also do the trick of creating this special shower for your morning routine or evening relaxation time.

Yellow Shower Bench

There’s no better way to cheer up a bright and light shower than with the right piece of decor. A matching swing arm wall lamp and shower bench in shades that match your favorite sunshine yellow will make this already cheery space even more joyful!

Wooden Bench Inside of Shower Enclosure

This simple vanity unit echoes the design used in your master bathroom setup, but this time with only one vessel basin. The wooden bench provides a seat inside the shower enclosure if you need to get out and sit while washing up.

Glass Cubicle combined with Shower Bench for Modern Bathroom

The shower is a modern wonder of water conservation and comfort. The glass cubicle ensures that the shower looks incredibly clean, while the bench offers convenience when you’re not standing up in it to wash your hair.

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