Cool Bunk Room Ideas: Maximizing Space And Making The Bed Time More Fun

The Bunk Room is a single room that contains several beds or bunks to maximize space. Rooms often end up becoming the most favored spot of all because there’s always something fun going on.

Many places can be used for a bunk room. For example, the room could be located in an attic loft, basement, or traditional bedroom, and it could also be built over a carport or garage. Beds can be built into knee walls that are set at a low angle. Building bunks on a screened sleeping porch is also recommended for added sleep opportunities.

There are a large variety of bunk bed styles to choose from. The most popular design is the traditional twin over twin bunk. However, there are unlimited variations to choose from. Oversize bunks designed to accommodate larger mattresses like those of a queen or king-size provide extra sleeping space and an interesting twist.

Bunks can be built into unexpected places such as dormer windows or the space under a set of stairs. To make additional sleeping space and provide a cool look, consider installing twin bunks hanging from the ceiling. Underneath, there is a queen bed.

If you’ve added built-in bunks to your bedroom, don’t forget to include details that make the area complete.

The Benefits Of Building A Bunk Room

benefits of building a bunk room ideas with striped red comforter

A bunk room is beneficial for many reasons: they offer the perfect space for hosting overnight guests in your home. Whether your neighbor’s kids or family friends, bunk rooms allow you to host multiple people easily. They are among our favorite features to include in a new home. We recommend installing one in any new house we build.

Bunk rooms are versatile and accommodating. Sharing a room with kids of all ages is an exciting adventure; you’ll appreciate the convenience offered by having everything at hand when guests stay over.

If you have the space for it, buy queen-sized beds for your children’s bedrooms. This way, adults can sleep comfortably in their kids’ rooms when necessary while the kids relocate temporarily to the bunk room with their cousins or friends.

Additionally, bunk rooms can be just as nicely designed and furnished like any other room in the house. The choice of whether to invest in a space like this one is up to you – but the result will always be as good.

Now you won’t have to turn your guests away for lack of sleeping space. Trying out an air mattress or hunting down a place to sleep could be a hassle in the past. But with your bunk room, you will be able to provide both convenience and comfort for all of them.

Bunk Room Checklist

bright teal and white color for bunk room ideas and inspiration

The best bunk rooms are the ones where everyone is comfortable. Here’s what to think about when planning out a bunk room:

Size Matters

kids bunk beds for bunk room ideas

Before you decide how many beds to include, you also have to choose what size to make the mattresses; full- and queen-size mattresses are popular choices, as well as extra-long twins. Customizing your mattress is also a possibility if you want something different.

For instance, McCullough asked Verlo, based in Colorado, to create a roll-up mattress that she made as a bunk bed set.

Built-in Versus Freestanding Bunks

corner sloping ceiling bunk room ideas and inspiration

Installing built-in bunk beds in a room will give it more of a finished look than free-floating beds. You’ll also be able to create designs with staircases and shelving while still being able to storage space below the lower bunk bed as well.

Lights And Power

bunk room lights and power ideas and inspiration

Bring a reading light and electrical outlets to make bunk rooms more inhabitable.


end-to-end twin beds with pullout trundles for bunk room ideas

Railings and ladders need to be sturdy enough for the type of person expected to occupy the bunk.

Be Flexible

be flexible bunk room space ideas and inspiration

Designing a space with simplicity in mind makes it easy to keep the room child-friendly or adult-friendly. Replacing linens, pillows, and coordinating accessories are all that’s needed to turn your bunk room into a comfortable retreat for everyone.

Bunch Of Bunk Room Ideas

The list below of the best bunk room ideas from the earlier discussions.

Fill A Bunk Room Corner

fill a bunk room corner ideas

When maximizing space, position bunks against the wall to free up floor space for a desk or small play area. Then, add flush-mount sconces on this same wall to provide light in the bunks while using minimal floor space. Of course, if every bunk has its own on/off switch, this is even better.

Rustic Bunk Room With Great Rustic Interior Ideas

rustic bunk room with great rustic interior ideas

These bunk beds can sleep four guests comfortably. All the lighting is from Filament Lighting in Minnesota and assurances of quality for your visitors. It is not hard to fall in love with the textures and warm colors found throughout this space. The flooring consists of mixed oak and pine timber, while the lounge area is traditionally used for reading, lounging, or simply enjoying time spent with friends.

Hang Curtains On Cozy Dark Bunk Room Space

hang curtains on cozy dark bunk room space

Would your kids love to sleep in this sweet dark bunk room space? Functional and extra luxurious, it’s a great choice for families.

Bunk Room In The Plans

modern rustic aesthetic bunk room in the plans

To have space for everyone in their large extended family, the couple’s architect included four master suites, a junior suite, and a bunk room in the plans. Abby Hetherington, the interior designer for the home in question, had the reclaimed wood bunkbeds paint-coated with Benjamin Moore’s Calypso Blue.

The beds are full size and also include other options for adults. The custom linen headboards by C&C Milano and Coyuchi bedding make the room feel comfortable and professional. Plus, with bunks that have reading lights and more space for bookshelves, there’s plenty of room to plug in your electronics when you need.

The family wanted the guest accommodations to be designed for potential visitors of all ages, not just their four grandkids. One corner features a stool with a fringed leather seat from North Mountain Gallery in Cody, Wyoming.

Boys Bunk Room With Gray Awning Stripe Bedding

boys bunk room with gray awning stripe bedding

This stylish gray and white shark-themed boy’s bunk room is perfect for children. The hardwood floor has a Gray trellis rug next to it, illuminated with recessed lighting.

Two sets of white, built-in bunk beds line one wall. They are separated by a small walk-in closet fitted with gray striped bedding and an iPad for each child who sleeps here! Built-in reading lights highlight their favorite books. The window has roman shades to block out any light from outside that would disturb them at night.

Stunning Shared Boys Bunk Room

stunning shared boys bunk room

The boy’s bunk room is a perfect sanctuary for an imaginative child. The stylish gray built-in bunk beds, the cool black pinstripe curtains, and pillows give this space its finishing touches with character.

As you make your way to the end of the long room, a curved modern white desk chair sits in front of a blue-framed window. The recessed lighting above creates an atmosphere that is soft and bright with its warm glow throughout this cozy space.

Side-by-side White Bunk Beds Bunk Room Features For Boys

side by side white bunk beds bunk room features for boys

The Boys bunk room is a fun and welcoming space that gives young boys the opportunity to be part of an organized system. The white bunk beds are fitted with storage drawers for keeping things like clothes, personal items, or books out of sight from other people. In addition, white bedding dresses each twin-sized bed in blue striped sheets, making it easier on laundry day when they can all go into one load!

A set of clean white beds flank a wall with an elegant nightstand finished off by cup pulls and lit up from below by a lamp. The room’s windows are covered by fashionable shades of tan and blue stripes. The roman shades frame the beige walls.

Nautical Themed Bunk Room Features

nautical themed bunk room features

If you’re looking for a room with a nautical theme, then this is a perfect choice! This bunk bed set features two-toned built-in bunks and white ladders on rails. The matching blue striped sheets are embroidered with an anchor design to provide that extra touch of style.

Sconces mounted on a white shiplap wall above each bed create lighting while also adding charm at night time too! This bunk bed sits beautifully against our painted blue flooring combined with a woven basket.

Shiplap Bunk Room With Ping Pong Table

shiplap bunk room with ping pong table

The boys’ bunkroom is a peaceful place with white shiplap walls and built-in beds fitted next to each other. The room has a black ladder on rails for the beds, which match the bedding color of black and gray. In front of these twin bunks, there’s also a ping pong table where you can play some games while in this home away from home.

Keep It Natural Bunk Room Ideas

keep it natural bunk room ideas

If you’re looking for a style that feels sophisticated and timeless, clean lines and natural wood will do the trick. For an even more personal touch? Try adding some headboards with custom-sized pillows to your bunk beds!

Bunk Room Layer With Shiplap

bunk room layer with shiplap

Adding interest to the bunk room can be as simple as shiplap walls behind your bunk bed. The horizontal lines mimic those of the rustic-looking bunks and help create a uniform look that is both pretty and practical.

Side by Side Boys Bunk Room on Gray Shiplap Wall Ideas

side by side boys bunk room on gray shiplap wall ideas

The bunk room is painted in shades of gray, accented with white. The decorative wall oars are fixed to the outside wall. Two sets of white bunk beds have been finished off nicely by adding simple ladders. The window has been fitted with blue fabric blinds that provide privacy and light during daytime hours if need be.

Built-In Cork Staircase On Boys Bunk Room Ideas

built in cork staircase on boys bunk room ideas

The boys’ bunk room has a built-in staircase that leads to the top bunk and colorful bedding on both beds.

Boys Bunk Room With Denim Blue Bean Bags

boys bunk room with denim blue bean bags

The white and blue boys’ bunk room is a perfect place for an imaginative boy to have fun. This bunk room featured two bunk beds, including ladders in front of the windows dressed up in blue grosgrain curtains while “Beach” letters mounted over one window between them. Grey vertical shiplap frame each window adding more detail as well as making them all feel homey! We do not forget about your comfort, too: denim bean bag chairs sit right near this sleeping nook.

Playing House Bunk Room Ideas

playing house bunk room ideas

Ann and Bill Coburn built a whimsical bunk room in their ranch south of Crested Butte, Colorado.

The residence was designed with separate wings for each family member. When designing a wing for their daughter and son-in-law, the architects originally planned for a large bedroom and closet to be within the space. Still, they changed this plan so that one of the two bedrooms would have bunk beds fitted into it to accommodate a couple’s two young children.

Ann says the pine structure had a little roof and windows, twin beds, bookshelves, and interior lighting. Wall decals add a nature theme. Although the rest of her house is very contemporary, she likes aspects that are sweet and childlike. It became a new favorite playroom for the grandson of four.

Boys Bunk Room With Black And Gold Stars Wallpaper on Ceiling

boys bunk room ideas with built in bunk bed staircase

Bunker-worthy feels in the room design, a set of twin bunk beds combined with black and gold stained star wallpaper installed in the ceiling. Alongside this feature is a light yellow bedspread alongside gray drawer handles and end posts. The yellow and gray bedding contrasts with the white walls, creating a calming atmosphere for sleep. The x-safety railing is sturdy enough to help prevent falls while also being aesthetically pleasing in its design and appearance.

Beaucoup Beds For Bunk Room Ideas

beaucoup beds for bunk room ideas

A couple envisioning living in their Grand Lake Colorado home imagined for 4 children, friends, and extended family 2 bunk rooms. With a sliding door, the “his” and “hers” rooms can be opened for play space but closed for privacy.

Tenaya McCullough of Bryan Pulte Interiors and architect Jim Fisher designed the bunkbeds. Ryan Schlaefer, who owns a furniture-making company, made them in his studio before dismantling and reassembling them on-site at the property.

Each bunk room contains two sets of queen beds, each with a custom built-in trundle bed at the bottom. The staircase is extra deep so children can store books in the riser sides.

The windows of this property offer a view of the lakeside while also providing blackout shades that can be pulled down for extra sleeping privacy. Space has been painted white with yellow accents, so children should be very comfortable. With new lines, it will also work well for teens or adults.

Dark Blue Bedding Features in Boys Bunk Room

dark blue bedding features in boys bunk room

The boys’ bunk room is a light blue, navy, and military-inspired space with playful accents. The first thing you’ll notice about the room’s decor is that it has clean lines complemented by its dark blues bedding. There’s also an industrial sconce in each corner of the ceiling, giving off plenty of soft lighting to keep things feeling bright during those late-night explorations or campout adventures!

Boys Bunk Room Features In White And Blue

boys bunk room features in white and blue

White and blue boys’ bunk room features a white custom bunk bed with a storage drawer placed beneath it, an off-white jute rug that decorates the space.

Every bed is furnished with white linen and blue fringe throw blankets, along with various decorative pillows in green, white, and blue. Upper bunks are supported by white lattice safety rails.

Boys Bunk Room With White Plank Bunk Beds

boys bunk room with white plank bunk beds

The boy’s room is a space of creativity and fun. The bunk beds are dressed in cheerful colors, with storage drawers for their clothes on each bedside table; the light fixture hangs above them from an abstract chandelier made out of wire baskets that add color to the otherwise monochrome palette. Along one wall sits an item of black furniture. To create more ambiance, they have draped white curtains around it not to bother those nearby when studying at night time under its glow while also adding some privacy.

Built-in Bunk Room Storage

built in bunk room storage

Add storage space to your bunk bed by installing pull-out drawers beneath the lower beds and drawer space between the top bunks.

Go for A Creative Bunk Room Railing

go for a creative bunk room railing

House in Sullivan’s Island has a lattice railing for the girl’s bunk bedrooms designed by Sally Markham. Benjamin Moore’s Peacock Blue painted the insides of the rails to match the rest of the room.

Make It A Queen Bunk Room Ideas

make it a queen bunk room ideas

Bunk rooms can be the best way to make your space versatile and personalized. One awesome strategy is making one or two of your bunk beds a queen size for adults while still having enough room on both bunks for kids in need of some extra sleepovers!

Build In Sneaky Storage Bunk Room Ideas

build in sneaky storage bunk room ideas

Designer Jenny Keenan used chic, contemporary linens, and sleek finishes to make bunk beds feel grown-up and more adult-like. With limited room for storing clothes in their bedroom, she also included built-ins with bottom drawers.

Customize Steps For Bunk Room Ideas

customize steps for bunk room ideas

This Studio Lifestyle built-in bunk bed with steps to give easy access was customized for the homeowner. Contractor Tyler Ferrell shares some of his best tips for building a bunk room.

First, measure the space to make sure your kids will have enough room. Then, leave at least 40 inches between the top bunk’s mattress and ceiling, so there is no risk of head injuries, and two inches on either side of the bed for an easy bed-making process later on.

Then, secure the bunks to a wall stud and anchor them when necessary by attaching them to a corner post that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Make sure the top railings are at least twelve inches high, so no one falls out.

Animal Instincts Bunk Room Ideas

animal instincts bunk room ideas

A veterinarian and her husband, an investment banker, asked for help designing an animal appreciation-themed home to live in with their three young children.

So it only makes sense that the kids’ bedroom would match its motif. Faced in a weathered gray-and-brown corral board with a wire-wheel finish, the four built-in bunks have a steel railing and staircase between them.

There is shearling lining the bunk headboards, adding an element of luxury and warmth (as well as some cushioning should one of my guests bump their head in the night). I am also making sure it’s a fun place to play as well as sleep. There are plenty of books and games for them on my polar bear bookcase and baskets to store their toys.

The animal motif can also be seen in the curtains and bed linens. The bunk room is adjacent to a recreation room, which will be more popular with kids as they grow.

Consider Longevity For Bunk Room Ideas

consider longevity for bunk room ideas

The bedroom in this photo designed by Amber Interiors is planned to last over the years. The bottom bunk bed and twin on top can provide space for a child to grow while having the larger size of a more mature design. This makes it feel more spacious, with soft colors that make it youthful at the same time.

Ships Cabin Bunk Room Ideas

ships cabin bunk room ideas

The bunk room at a house located in Marin County, California, feels like a ship cabin lined with six bunks on one side and two on the other. The curtains give off bubbles while brass porthole mirrors provide décor as an option for young kids who may not want to see themselves when they sleep.

Make A Fort Bunk Room Ideas

make a fort bunk room ideas

For this Provo, Utah bunk room, Alicia Lane Interiors drew inspiration from a train car. Walls were decorated with Thibaut wallpaper, and curtains invited weekend sleep-ins. In addition to the bed’s built-in storage cubbies for shoes, it had another unusual feature: an elevated ceiling that cocooned the beds and framed the view outside of.

Add A Slide Bunk Room Ideas

add a slide bunk room ideas

Enter the ultimate sleepover space. Studio Lifestyle designed this bunk room with a bed, play structure, and treehouse combined into one epic design. The cactus print wallpaper adds a nice neutral splash of color to make it even better!

Hand-paint Details Bunk Room Ideas

hand paint details bunk room ideas

Circus-like whimsy and vibrant energy are the main features of this bunk room by Bailey McCarthy. Primary colors, hand-painted details, and statement chandeliers fill this space.

Bunk Beds For Small Bunk Rooms Ikea

bunk beds for small bunk rooms ikea

Ikea is a good resource for purchasing cozy bunk beds for small bunk rooms. Many models can fit with whatever theme you need, from children’s room settings to adults’ practical needs as well.

Two-tiered bunk beds are a popular choice among families with young children. They come in neutral tones that can be mixed and matched easily with any other colors or pieces of furniture.

There are bunk bed frames available that have more than one mattress. Depending on the number of people using them, you can attach a mattress to the top and turn it into additional space when needed. Other beds offer storage with their frame, such as an attached wardrobe or shelf within the frame.

To Summarise The Above,

Alright, that just about wraps up our list. If you find yourself building one of these bunk rooms, let us know in the comments section. Remember that you can always adapt these plans to different sizes or change them with your own personal touches. You can also browse Pinterest for some truly awe-inspiring DIY projects.

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