Nautical Bathroom Ideas: Island Escapes From Sea To Tubs

These nautical bathroom ideas will take you to the ocean. If you love the idea of an island escape all year long, these nautical-themed bathroom decorating themes are perfect for your space. Why not incorporate the illusion of being near a seaside with all things nautical by placing it in its own space and using colors that inspire those feelings?

Yes, your bathroom may be a great place to convert into an underwater atmosphere. Whether you’re near the sea or right in the heart of a desert, there is no better excuse for having an ocean-themed bathroom than because you love it. Additionally, nautical decor ideas have multiple components that work well together.

Some nautical-themed bathroom decor ideas include seashells, fish and other marine life, ships, waterwheels, and seagrass. You can mix and match these decorations to create your own version of a beachy space in your bathtub.

If you need some motivation to get started, see examples of nautical-themed bathroom decor below.

How To Get Nautical Bathroom Ideas

minimalist nautical bathroom decor ideas

Blue paint

Nautical decoration lends an air of maritime life to any room, from the soothing blues of the sea to a ship on the horizon.

A successful attempt at a nautical theme should start with blue accents. The easiest way to achieve this is with the paint color – choose from a wide range of blues, dependent on your preference for intensity.

Aside from decorating your bathroom with blue tiles, you may paint certain wall and floor areas blue.

Circular mirrors

coastal porthole mirror for nautical bathroom ideas

The porthole, also known as the bull’s-eye, is a circular window that brings light and air into the ship.

Choose round mirrors in the shape of a porthole to further accentuate your maritime feeling. To do this, ensure that the frames on the mirror match those on the porthole or have maritime design features like a ship’s steering wheel.

Choosing a non-reflective mirror over the standard reflective options creates the illusion of a picture where you can imagine that you are viewing the sea.

Maritime Accessories

maritime accessories nautical bathroom ideas

To create a nautical theme in your bathroom, consider the following list of maritime accessories: anchors, ships, sails, steering wheels, ring buoys, seashells, and corals.

With a wealth of novelty items available in various colors, these accessories are an excellent way to add some color to your bathroom. With options ranging from orange and green shades, it is possible to incorporate items for decoration that range from coral design lamps and starfish hooks for towels.

Decorate With Shells

decorate with shells nautical bathroom ideas

Seashells are instantly recognizable from a distance and make your bathroom feel like you’ve got the beach in reach. Plus, they can be decorated in many different ways.

To add some seaside décor to your bathroom, you can place a conch shell on a shelf or fill up a jar with shells collected from the beach. You might also look for another item in the shape of shell-like cabinet knobs and drawers pulls.

You can combine shells and rope with adding a nautical look to any frame. Also, pair these elements with other decor items, such as corals and starfish, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Use Nautical Fabrics

nautical fabrics for bathroom ideas

Consider adding some textiles to your nautical bathroom that will help you feel more at home. Nautical-themed fabric is one of the classic ways to add color and life to space.

A gray, navy blue, or other bluish hue shower curtain can create a nautical look and feel. You can also use a printed shower curtain featuring nautical lines to resemble ocean waves along with your other decor.

There are many different nautical prints available at your local shower curtain store that can bring the ocean into your bathroom. For a more comprehensive nautical-themed bathroom, consider adding curtains in navy and white stripes to occlude a nearby window. Adding bath mats that have been designed in the same color pattern will add some cohesion to your look.

Nautical And Beach-Inspired Wallpaper

nautical and beach inspired wallpaper bathroom ideas

Wallpaper is a great choice for finishing out a beach theme bathroom. There are several design options available on the market, including yachts and nautical charts. Wallpaper is an excellent choice for adding character to a small room. When you want to do the same in a larger space, opt for a feature wall instead.

Put Rustic Materials For Nautical Look In Bathroom

rustic materials for nautical look in bathroom ideas

Rustic materials are better suited for bathrooms to create the illusion of a nautical theme. Specifically, finishings such as shiplap beadboard or wainscoting will help you achieve this effect in your bathroom.

You can create a nautical look by incorporating rustic or distressed wood, rope, glass, and metal. Wood crates hung from the wall could be used for storage. Wooden signs or prints in wood frames can be hung on the wall to use as decoration. Wooden slats and boards can be used to create an accent wall, or you could even go with a wood ceiling!

By installing ropes in areas such as hallways or bathrooms, you can have a towel holder. You can also tie the ropes into intricate knots for design purposes, which will get people thinking about your creativity when they look at them.

Adding metal hooks to hang decor, towels, and more can make your space organization handier. Wicker baskets come in a variety of styles and sizes that can be used for storage or decoration.

A rustic wooden ladder is an ideal way to store towels vertically. Hanging the towel on the ladder’s rungs or hanging a basket for extra storage and easy access is possible. A repurposed paddle can be hung using hooks or even a wall within which it serves as a towel rack!

Pebble Tiles

pebble tiles in nautical bathroom ideas

Pebbles are a common way to make bathrooms feel like beaches. One suggestion for this is to use rippled tiles on an interior wall or floor, which are a comfortable nautical bathroom idea that will transport you to your favorite beach destination.

Awe-inspiring Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Do you want to feel inspired? Take a look at these nautical bathroom ideas.

Nautical Bathroom With Wooden Bath Panel

nautical bathroom with wooden bath panel

Choose neutral colors for your room base: you can open up even a small space by painting white walls and floors. Add natural, earthy accents to give the room a warm feel. You may choose wooden bath panels if you want to shake up a blue and white room.

Yacht Club Inspired Look For Nautical Bathroom Ideas

yacht club inspired look for nautical bathroom ideas

For a yacht club-inspired look, combine maritime elements. For the walls, use smart stripes to add some color. And for the flooring, find a rug that coordinates with your curtains and cushions. It will give you a cohesive and considered look without much work!

To add the feel of a coastal summer lifestyle, opt for Venetian-style blinds. These will let in natural light while retaining privacy. Seaside-inspired accents and rich blue linens will complete the look.

Work in raw materials Nautical Bathroom Ideas

work in raw materials nautical bathroom ideas

Transform your bathroom into a flashback of days spent at the beach with a stunning photo of an ocean landscape above your bath. Choose any favorite image and transform it into a large-scale print, flyposter, or wall decal. Seal with varnish to make sure that the print is watertight so that you can enjoy it year-round.

Salvaged wood panels can be added to your bathroom walls and floor and used for creating a salvaged look in other rooms of the house. While sometimes it may seem frustrating to find reclaimed lumber, any previous damages will only add character once layers of paint hide them.

Nautical Bathroom Ideas With Brushed Brass Features

nautical bathroom ideas with brushed brass features

This nautical-blue and white bathroom by Tracy Lynn Studio is certain to add luxury touches to your house. The bathroom is in a century-old Craftsman-style home.

The bathroom has been renovated to consider the home’s original style, with white wainscoting and a pristine vanity with shutter-style doors. The navy blue walls are a stunning contrast that makes you feel like you’re sailing on the sea.

The brass pendants reminiscent of marine lighting are a touch that lends warmth to the bathroom. The photos on the walls, which feature those who have been lucky enough to enjoy nearby beaches, bring a warmth that is comfortable for home living.

Paint It White Nautical Bathroom Ideas

paint it white nautical bathroom ideas

Picking a nautical bathroom color scheme should be relaxing and lived-in, and the coastal palette certainly fits this description. If you’re unsure of what colors to choose for your bathroom, paint it white with weathered accessories that can easily be changed if desired.

When decorating a nautical bathroom, opt for beachcomber-style furniture and accents with a driftwood-esque feel. For a freshly built bathroom, create wooden paneling to resemble the fisherman’s huts of coastal Britain.

Small Nautical Bathroom Ideas

small nautical bathroom ideas in blue sea color

This small bathroom features a nautical theme using light blue paint for the sink wall and the tub base. The circular mirror is a perfect nautical accent, as well as the square framed mirror. The toy sharks that act as soap dishes add some beach atmosphere to this bathroom.

Nautical Bathroom Ideas Decorating with Paddles

nautical bathroom ideas decorating with paddles

Add a paddle to your beach-themed wall for that extra touch of fun. Use hooks for towels, beach bags, or other accessories in your bathroom and hang signs or pictures of the ocean around to add the nautical theme.

Elegant Nautical Bathroom Ideas

elegant nautical bathroom ideas

When gazing out of the window, it feels as though you’re at a beach oasis. The elegant bathroom is designed with a blue vanity to create this effect and stands proud against the rest of the room.

Stylish Yacht Bathroom With Nautical Details

stylish yacht bathroom with nautical details

In this seashell-inspired yacht bathroom by interior designer Anne Michaelsen, the walls are decorated with wallpaper that repeats the cool tones found in the quartz countertop. A decorative accent in the bathroom, such as an aqua towel with a nautical knot, can evoke underwater feelings.

Nautical Elements Bathroom Ideas

nautical elements bathroom ideas

Traditional bathrooms are a great option for those looking to make a statement without going overboard and utilizing patterns or colors, which might feel too childish. Blackband Home and Design has shown that this effect can be achieved with designs featuring fish on their wallpaper but maintaining neutral colors.

The centerpiece of this bathroom is mother-of-pearl tiles punctuated by a mirror with a warm antique copper finish. A chiseled stone sink lends an offbeat feel to this space.

Perhaps that is why the wood vanity resembles a vintage steamer trunk, as at one time, crossing the ocean on a luxurious steamship was typically regarded as first-class travel.

Classic Country Style Nautical Bathroom Ideas

classic country style nautical bathroom ideas

Combine the city-chic of a nautical décor with classic country style to achieve both emotionally fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing design. This design will never go out of style, simple enough to customize but always elegant.

When adding nautical and seaside motifs and accessories to your room, do so sparingly – especially in the bathroom where they could easily come across as clichéd. When space is limited in the bathroom, prioritize simplicity over extravagance. Using a smart boat bath in the center of the compact under-the-eaves room is a good idea.

The black-and-white color scheme complements this bathroom’s simple and easy feel due to a lack of natural light from the tiny window. Tongue-and-groove paneling provides storage space for plumbing pipes while also adding artistic appeal to the walls.

If you want to avoid a coastal feel bathroom, you can focus on nautical accessories that are simple enough to change. Pops of blue and red introduce the perfect coastal theme with marine colors.

Sandy Tones Nautical Bathroom Ideas

sandy tones nautical bathroom ideas

For a seaside bathroom without obvious blue and white components, seek out sandy tones and influences. Carefully chosen nautical accessories introduce the trend while maintaining a neutral hue – perfect for relaxing. Above the sink, a porthole mirror and large sand-filled vases create an aesthetic that nods to nautical style but still has characteristics of calmness.

Bathroom Accents Inspired by Seafaring Vessels

bathroom accents inspired by seafaring vessels

A bathroom that has a nautical theme does not always need to be a deep or bold hue in color. Here, a light scheme establishes the color palette for an Alisberg Parker Architects and Good Bones Design-designed nautical bathroom using cool gray tones.

Though it is usually found on oceangoing vessels, the milk glass sconce on the wall was inspired by starboard lighting. Adjacent to it is another nautical-inspired feature—a medicine cabinet that resembles a submarine door. The walls are protected from water with glazed subway tiles in soft shades of grayish-blue.

A Mini Gallery Wall For The Nautical Bathroom Ideas

a mini gallery wall for the nautical bathroom ideas

Give your bathroom a nautical feel with a focus on the water at both an eye level and lower focal point.

Coastal displays can be created from handmade canvases embellished with seashells, starfish, and rocks. The display is framed in a wooden frame that has been weathered to match the effect of driftwood on the shoreline.

Nautical Guest Bathroom Design

nautical guest bathroom design

A new approach to a standard guest bedroom can include designing it with a coastal bathroom look. A circular mirror on the blue wall can create a nautical feel, while a wooden vanity paired with a white sink could convey rustic appeal.

Modern Nautical Bathroom Ideas

modern nautical bathroom ideas

You don’t need to paint the bathroom blue to give it a nautical feel. In this space, creams and browns help create that wonderful beachy atmosphere.

Nautical Inspired Wallpaper Ideas For Bathroom

nautical inspired wallpaper ideas for bathroom

When decorating a bathroom with coastal-themed features, nautical wallpaper is an ideal decal to add. With options for design ideas including yachts, chart patterns, seagulls, and timber cladding effects, there are plenty of designs available. When decorating a bathroom, a lovely choice is to wallpaper the wall, but you should focus on one feature wall with more space.

Nautical Bathroom Ideas For Sparking A Child’s Imagination

nautical bathroom ideas for sparking a childs imagination

Bathrooms with a nautical theme are perfect for children.  Here is an example, for instance, by the interior designer Laura Hildebrandt. The bold gray and white stripes on the wall evoke the color of ocean water.

This bathroom is designed to transport you to the seaside, from the tan floor tiles to rope-wrapped mirrors and round lanterns. The dark cabinetry in the room invites you to imagine standing at the helm of a ship or the captain’s quarters onboard one.

A pirate-themed shower curtain and accessories help to personalize the children’s bathroom. Additionally, a decorative rug, towels, and wall art give the space more character.

Builder Grade Bathroom With Nautical Accents

builder grade bathroom with nautical accents

We love re-imagining a typical space with personal style. For example, this ocean-inspired bathroom by IDF Studio is amazing because they only needed inexpensive accessories to achieve the similar look that was achieved with expensive bathroom features.

Take a look at the brass light on the wall. It was created to look like an antique fixture that sailors would have seen centuries ago when sailing ships. Under the light, you’ll see the rustic medicine chest made from wood scraps that take on the appearance of driftwood.

A playful shower curtain depicting waves and octopus tentacles is the perfect addition to any coastal-inspired bathroom.

This type of vanity is often found at any home improvement store for a low price. We also love the option to paint it with whatever color we want. The towel rack is an upcycled utility basket that looks good feature of this bathroom.

Nautical Bathroom Cabinets

nautical bathroom cabinets ideas

Accent colors in this bathroom are much darker than the rest of the room. The cabinetry’s nautical theme has been continued to red towels and decorative pieces. The dark marble vanity is matched with dark-framed mirrors and a blue rug.

Vintage-inspired Seaside Theme Bathroom Ideas

vintage inspired seaside theme bathroom ideas

The design of a sea-side themed bathroom is inspired by the old times, including wallpaper and painted wooden furniture, making it look nostalgic.

If you want to decorate your bathroom with nautical items, check out charity shops for affordable artwork. You can also add plaques and other items with a traditional or classic feel like fastenings on the wall. If you want a more modern coastal look, choose things like novelty toilet seats.

Old wooden crates can be used in addition to a high shelf as an unusual bathroom decoration. The crates don’t have to be expensive, and less-than-perfect ones are often attractive enough for this purpose.

Nautical Feel Porthole Bathroom Window Or A Mirror

nautical feel porthole bathroom window or a mirror

Look to the sea for inspiration when designing your bathroom and use a porthole window or mirror to evoke a nautical-themed design. Add light fixtures, decorative oars, and paintings with coastal themes for an attractive effect.

Calming Whites And Cool Shades Of Blue Nautical Bathroom Ideas

calming whites and cool shades of blue nautical bathroom ideas

If you want to create a chic coastal feel, calming whites and cool shades of blue will do wonders. Combine shades of blue hues with sandy browns for a coast-inspired look. Purchase aged linens and textiles in the same color scheme to achieve an authentic, weathered feel. This nautical theme bathroom can be enhanced by candle holders and other accessories in the same color scheme.

Final Suggestions For Amazing Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need much money or elaborate, lavish decor to have an amazing bathroom. In fact, as long as the room feels open and spacious already–halfway there!-choose minimal furnishings, but prioritize functionality for storage and ease of use over decorative features.

To go with a nautical theme, you’ll want to incorporate blue and white colors—the signature hues of the ocean. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating blue and white accents like ship wheel wall decor, empty bottles, shells, wooden boxes in your décor, as well as using striped white fabric.

You don’t need to limit your bathroom decor to blue, white, and green when you have a beach-themed bathroom. Use different colors like olive and burnt orange for a modern nautical look.

For example, a white palette in the bathroom can be overwhelming. When everything from floor to wall to vanity is white, it might make for an overly sterile feeling.

There are many design plans for nautical bathroom decorating ideas. In any case, you should have some incredible inspirations here for your beach bathroom ideas. We hope you have luck achieving your goal!

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