009: Listening to Your Intuition with Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

If you find yourself crying every day after work you know something might be wrong…  For Caroline Winegeart this wake-up call was the beginning of a journey of learning to really listen to her intuition and find the courage to act on it and become her whole authentic self.

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In this episode, she'll be sharing:

  • 3:25 - How she found her entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of her design studio and blog Made Vibrant.
  • 7:38 - Early days in marketing, learning to listen to her intuition, and dealing with the fears of quitting her job (especially around disappointing others)
  • 17:35 - A huge life decision she had to make which helped to built her courage muscle
  • 21:00 - Differentiating between your intuition talking vs. knowing if you need to just keep persisting, and the mental tapes that play in her head and how she deals with them
  • 25:30 - Final words on her recent TEDx Talk and now how her journey has lead her to helping business owners find and share their authentic voice online through their branding

Caroline's advice for big dreamers:

  • Pay attention to how you are feeling. When Caroline was working in marketing she literally felt her body aching and would go home crying. Learning to pay attention to your body can hugely serve you to become more in touch with your intuition so that you can live your best and happiest life.
  • Find people that will expand your perspective.  After Caroline became friends with her now boyfriend, her world expanded as she began seeing the life of an entrepreneur.  If you are unhappy where you are, go out and meet new people.  You never know the different perspective that they can bring to your world.
  • Don't let one uncomfortable talk keep you in lifetime of unhappiness.  When Caroline was quitting her job she was so scared of talking to her boss and potentially disappointing him.  At the end of the day though, she says that she'd would rather have one uncomfortable 10 minute conversation than to spend the rest of her life in a job that she was unhappy in.
  • Remember how good it feels to be authentically you. For Caroline even today she continues to have the negative tapes telling her not to disappoint others and questioning if people like her and what she is doing playing in her head.  The important thing she notes is learning to be able to work through these tapes by reminding yourself how good it feels when you are authentically you.

pst. If you are looking to get past negative tapes I would HIGHLY recommend following Caroline on Instagram @ckelso to keep up with her latest project “Daily Abstract Affirmations” like the one below.  They are beautiful and so very vibrant ;)

Caroline's newest project Daily Abstract Affirmations. Follow along on Instagram @ckelsco

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