020: Creating Your Own Big Break with Lindsay White of Lot801

Want to start a business, but don't feel like you have the skills and know-how to make it happen?  Take it from this week's guest - if you have a vision, it's all about committing to it full heartedly and then putting yourself out there before you feel ready.

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Tune in as Lindsay White, founder of children's clothing brand Lot801 shares…

  • What drove her to start a children's clothing line
  • How she got her start without even knowing how to sew
  • The early days of Lot801 and the vision that drew her to keep growing her business
  • Major marketing and PR tips she used to grow her business and get celebrity endorsements and land collaborations with companies such as Honest Company and Birch Box
  • Final nuggets of inspiration for aspiring business owners

Lindsay's advice for big dreamers:

  • Start simple.  Before building her full site 8 months into the business, Lindsay sold Lot801 products exclusively on Etsy because it was an easy place to get her start. In the beginning, she also chose to only make leggings.  For one it was a simple pattern she could master, but more than that it gave her focus in her business.
  • Remember Google is your friend.  When Lindsay first started Lot801, she knew she wanted to create custom clothing, but didn't know how to go about making her own fabric, yet alone sew.  Instead of letting these setbacks stand in her way, she went to town Googling everything from “how to make your own fabric,” to “how to sew leggings,” to “how to take pictures in your own home.” Through her curiosity and dedication, she was able to learn her way to building her business.
  • Create a clear vision.  From the beginning Lindsay's goal has been to be the owner of a company (not just a one-woman shop), and have her brand so big that it's sold in major stores like Nordstrom's. This vision pulls her everyday and helps guide her on how she should grow her company.  When starting a business it's important to be clear on what your goals are - how big do you want your company, who are your ideal customers, where do they find you?
  • Get strategic…  An early goal of Lindsay's was to somehow associate Lot 801 with Jaime King.  Without any money for PR or actual connections, she again turned to Google and began researching everyone associated to Jaime - from her manager, to her publicist, to her wardrobe stylist, to her assistant.  Thankfully she was able to find the contact information for Jaime's wardrobe stylist, whom she emailed right away along with some pictures of her clothing saying how she would love to help style Jaime King's son. As luck would have it, within a few hours she heard back from Jaime King herself, saying that she would love to receive her clothes!
  • …and don't take no for an answer. Lindsay persistence was again tested when she wanted to do a partnership with Jessica Alba's organic company, Honest Company. The first time she reached out however she received a no from them.  The second time a no.  Finally on the third time she got the green light and landed a partnership with the company she had been dreaming of collaborating with. The big takeaway, think strategically and then just put yourself out there - you never know what might happen :)
  • Break down your goals into manageable chunks.  When Lindsay first started she had a goal of getting to 10,000 followers by the end of her first year. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the number asked herself, “How many followers would I need to get everyday?”  After doing the calculation she realized that if she wanted to hit her 10,000 goal she needed to get 35 new followers each day.  While 35 still seemed like a stretch, this smaller number help her to make achieving her goal much more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Really take the time to think through your ideal customer, and only market to that person. Ask yourself, what kind of movies and TV shows do they watch, what kind of music do they listen to, what kind of clothes do they like to wear, what bloggers who do they follow?  Then craft your marketing around what that person would like, and before hitting share, ask yourself would my ideal customer find this visually appealing and interesting.  If the answer was no, Lindsay encourages you not to post them.
  • Engage in the community.  Lindsay recommends finding hashtags that your ideal customer would actually relate to and use them.  In addition don't just slap on a bunch of hashtags on all your pictures and call it a day.  Actually, take the time to also genuinely engage with people who have themselves used the hashtags.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Lot801 - Lindsay's adorable children's clothing line
  • Spoonflower - an online shop where you can create and shop custom fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrapping
  • Etsy - Where Lindsay kept Lot801 for the first 8 months
  • Lot801 Marketing - where you can find Lindsay's Instagram King course and PR course
  • Upcoming WordPress Workshop with Kat - come spend the afternoon setting up your first Workpress website!

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