Finally In Nepal

We finally made it to Nepal!! Not going to lie getting here was exhausting. Yesterday went to bed at 3am after packing all our things. 4 hours later up and heading out of Rishikesh for our 6pm flight out of Delhi. We thought six hours extra would be enough and boyyyyy were we wrong… Five hours later we’ve only made two hours progress because all roads being blocked for sugar cain transport. 2pm our driver drops us off at train station saying he cant take us any further. 330pm out train arrives en route to Delhi. 9pm we finally arrive in Delhi but have definitely missed our flight.  We buy a new tickets and wait outside airport sleeping on the ground till 2:30am when we are allowed to enter the lobby.  2:31am are told we cant check in till 5:00am so find a coffee shop and knock out on bench. 7:00am, 24 hours after we started this journey, a solid 18 extra hours more than it should have taken, we are finally able to enter the airport. Its been real, and its been exhausting but I’m on cloud nine to finally be here… and now we celebrate, aka now that we’ve gotten our drink on we go to bed :D (at The Tom And Jerry Pub)