YWCA Young Women and Money Conference

This past December I had the honor to speak at YWCA’s Young Women and Money Conference in Oakland, California.  If there’s one thing I love talking more about than women and motivation, it’s money, so you can guess this event was like opening Christmas gifts early!


Confidence in your financial situation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  In this workshop I lead about 50 participants in helping them become clearer on their goals, and then going over my personal money system to save for those goals.







For all of you who weren’t able to be there, here are two resources I sent to all the ladies following the event that all of you may enjoy!

The first is a Goal Setting Sheet.  Use this to get clear on what your want 2015 to look like:


click to access

The second is a Money Planning Sheet.  Use this to get clear on where you’re money is going and find out your “play money” amount:


click to access

A huge thank you to the Berkeley / Oakland YWCA for inviting me to speak.  I had such a great time working with all the women and hope to be able to return next year!


Time to Fail Fast

With the beginning of the year, I’m making it a mission to actually bite the bullet and print the long overdue shirt I had designed for Bitches Work.

For months the idea of actually buying, producing and selling the shirts have overwhelmed me to the point of paralysis.

Was the design good enough?  Would people actually buy it?  What kind of shirt was I suppose to print it on?  Where was I supposed to get it printed at?  Did I need to have a custom tag?

Well, it’s time to call my own fear and own ego out.   Time to do the damn thing, see what happens, learn, grown and keep moving forward.


The following article is by Doug Hall - the author of the Jump Start Your Business Brain book series. He’s also founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch. 

The development of a successful new product, service, or business is often the result of lots of learning from lots of failures. The key is to fail fast and fail cheap.

The classic mindset is to try to get a business plan or product 95% right before taking action. This is great in theory, but it rarely works. Why? Because as soon as you ship the product you immediately recognize its fatal flaws. By then, it’s often too late to change the packaging, the marketing, or the product itself.

The alternative is to get your idea about 50% right, then let customers tell you what your mistakes are. Listen, learn, get it 50% right, and put your idea through the process again. Keep at it until your customers say, “Wow!” Instead of debating options internally, you’ll be making your idea real, taking it to customers, and learning as it fails.

You can make an idea real by producing a “looks like” or “works like” prototype and showing it to customers. A “looks like” prototype can be as simple as a fact sheet or a sales letter e-mailed to friends or potential buyers. “Works like” prototypes are demonstrations. They don’t have to be pretty. They just need to show the overt benefit you are promising.

The power of a “works like” prototype can be immense. I observed this recently in the boardroom of an industrial products company. A young engineer demonstrated how his prototype could cut the noise level of the company’s equipment by 70%. The prototype was made from duct tape and other materials from a hardware store. But it was effective enough to win funding for its development. Thanks to that idea, the company is projecting 20% sales growth this year.

I am not encouraging you to fail. Rather, I am stating the fundamental truth that you can’t know the answers before you start. It’s foolish to assume you know things that it’s not possible to know.

We preach to our children the need to pick themselves up and try again and again when they fail. But we rarely live by our own preaching, continuing to view failure as a statement of our self-worth. And while we may complain about how long it takes to move ideas through our companies, we inspect and edit with gusto whenever a new idea passes through our finance, marketing, or legal departments.

Over the years we’ve failed fast and cheap on behalf of clients in restaurants, at medical trade shows, in convenience stores, in malls, and at conventions. And I don’t just promote the virtues of failing fast and cheap to clients; I do it myself. When I was thinking about entering the training business, I rented two booth spaces at a major industry trade show. Each was completely different, with different brand names, product offerings, and pricing. The “right” answer ended up to be a combination of ideas from each.

The only barrier to failing fast and failing cheap is your ego. - Doug Hall

The math of fail fast and fail cheap is simple. If it takes six months and $100,000 to take a product from idea to customer reaction, then at best you’ll get two cycles in a year. However, if you can do a complete cycle of learning in a week for $1,000, you can get 52 cycles in a year at about half the cost.

The only barrier to failing fast and failing cheap is your ego. You must be willing to fail, fail, and fail again if you are going to win in today’s competitive marketplace. Remember, even if you’re falling flat on your face, at least you’re still moving forward.

Start Now


“Start now,” that’s what I need to remind myself of today…

I’ve been going around and around about when and how to announce the re-branding Bitches Work, but nothing feels right.

I keep thinking…  How am I supposed to tell people?  Should I be doing more of a build up?  Has it been too long?  Will people still be following me…?  Around and around down that rabbit hole spiral we all know.

Too often we get stuck in a rut.  We procrastinate.  We doubt.

For me I’ve been looking for a right time.  A right way.

The longer I wait though, the more it has me thinking, is there a right way and a right time?  How do you even go about determining when something is right?

Too often it seems like we are waiting for “right,” but what we are really waiting for is a sign.

A sign that everything will be okay, that we are prepared, that we won’t fail, that people will still stand by us.

The thing is, this so called “sign” isn’t something I think we should stop our lives for, waiting anxiously as if it were like the mailman coming.

Sometimes we need to create our own sign.

We need to reassure ourselves that everything will be okay.

We need to reassure ourselves that we are prepared.

We need to reassure ourselves that we won’t fail, because the only failure is giving up.

We need to reassure ourselves that it’s okay to start.

And that’s what I’m doing today.  So with that, bah-dah-dah-dummmm, the new site is up and live!

Check it out at BitchesWork.com!


Why Keeping a Bucket List is a Must


We all have our bucket list.  Maybe it’s on paper, maybe it’s in our mind - but we all have that list…

That list of our hopes and dreams, of things we wish to do, learn, see, accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but many times mine feels like a brutal reminder of what I haven’t done… that I haven’t found the time, even though I know it’s available… that I’m scared to try out of fear of failure… or worse that I’ve failed to keep persisting when I tried without success.

Sometimes it seems easier to just erase some of the goals I set for myself.  Pretend I’ve had a change of heart and that it’s no longer important for me. Maybe just give in, and say, “It is what it is,” and accept life as an unchangeable object.

Yet still, I keep my bucket list.

I keep my bucket list because I know, no matter how long it takes, or how scary it feels, these are deep dreams I have for myself.

Because I know that erasing this list is like giving up on myself.

Because I know that with a determined heart I can make anything happen.

And I know that this is the same for you.

I know that no matter how heavy it may weight on your mind, how much you’d like to just throw in the towel and just say, “It is what it is,” like I sometimes do, it is worth it to keep your bucket list.

We have to push through and keep our dreams alive. If we don’t who else will?

Pretty soon I’ll be checking off cross country trip from my bucket list. Follow along, I’ll be posting my adventures on Instagram @kathlynhart

Get Out of the Way of a Woman on a Mission


“You have to be fanatical.  You do not give up. You do not take it too personally, you figure out how you are going to get up.  You do not let people talk you out of  your dreams, you do not let them tell you no.  And you OWN that you have to convince them.”

Ummm love it!  Wise words from Mellody Hobson (the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ariel Mutual Funds and the Chairman of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc..) on advice to the next generation: