Stylish And Comfortable Deck Furniture Ideas

By using the right furniture, you can transform your outdoor living space into a charming retreat for family and friends to enjoy.

There are many deck furniture ideas that can impress guests or provide a comfortable spot for outdoor time. All you need to do is identify the right patio furniture designs for your new environment.

Decorating your deck is challenging. We offer you a variety of design ideas and tips on how to use deck furniture to create a space that’s uniquely yours!

How Do You Layout Deck Furniture?

It’s crucial to decide on your purpose before you start putting together an outdoor furniture layout. Will it be functional? Who will use it? How many people might inhabit this space and where can they enter and exit the area?

When planning your outdoor entertainment space, an important first consideration is how to plan the room so that it has adequate space.

If you want to entertain guests by setting out food or drinks, where on the table would be the best place for their drink? Properly positioned coffee tables, end tables, or outdoor tables can go a long way towards creating a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

This small adjustment can make a big difference to the feel of your outdoor entertaining space.

There is a lot of factors to consider before selecting and customizing the best deck for your needs.

How large is your deck?


When considering furniture layouts, be aware of spatial limitations. You can’t cram a full-sized dining set and an outdoor living room with couches that cannot fit into your deck which only has space for a few pieces of furniture.

Make sure you measure the available space before beginning to plan the layout of your deck. Small decks often feature outdoor furniture along the edges and railings with open spaces in between them.

How many entrances and exits are on your deck? Where do they lead?

The location and placement of your furniture will depend on the answers to these questions. The more space for walkways you have, the closer you can position dining furniture to a door leading into another room or entranceway until you reach your desired amount of living space.

The layout of walkways and staircases leading to your yard, the direction they lead and where you position your signature furniture pieces will impact how much foot traffic you receive.

What is the primary purpose of your deck?

You need to consider what you plan to use your deck for before making final decisions about furniture placement. Do you want the area primarily for sunbathing? Birdwatching? The layout of your deck should reflect the main purpose as much as possible.

Keep your deck’s functionality in mind and prioritize the addition of furniture that can be arranged however you like.

Size of Layout Deck Furniture

Large Layout: Family Barbecue


When choosing a dining set take into account the size of your family and the anticipated volume of gatherings you host. Huge family gatherings require traditional 9-piece dining sets, while smaller decks and families should opt for 5-piece bistro sets.

Place this set near the kitchen or close to the grill so you can transport your food short distances.

If you have any deck space at all, add a counter near your outdoor dining area where you can serve food and snacks.

Essentially, on one-half of your deck you should create an area for relaxing and sitting — something as simple as a settee, rocking chairs, and a coffee table will do. Place the settee against the barrier of your deck and arrange the rockers perpendicular to each other to make a small square.

Large Layout: Beautiful Vista

Perhaps your deck overlooks a rushing river, or an ocean view with swaying palm trees. Regardless of what you see, try arranging your outdoor furniture in a way to keep the focus on your view without obstructing any lines of sight.

Start by placing the largest piece of furniture, such as a swing or bench, against the longest wall that is oriented in the direction of your desired view. Include a coffee table and side table with this arrangement.

For larger decks, two chairs positioned independently should be placed diagonally in front of the sofa or alongside one wall, with a single side table between them.

If you are a sunbathing addict, consider putting two chaise lounges in place of chairs. Spring for a set that includes a side table so that you can enjoy your mimosa or magazine.

Clear pathways at least 48” wide should be maintained, as well as avoiding large structures that surround an indoor or outdoor space. If this is not feasible for your project and doesn’t clash with the existing architecture, consider using a glass deck railing for the view of outdoors..

Small Layout: Corner Retreat

Consider limiting your deck furniture to one cluster on smaller decks to maximize space. Plus, with two seating options arranged in an L-shape, you have a little more privacy for after work or mornings organizing the garden.

You may find that different seating arrangements suit your needs. For example, those looking for some comfort and support may prefer deep and plush upholstery on a sofa. A glider is good choice if you want to read, hold an infant or lay them down to sleep.

For a smaller seating option, go with either a deep seating chair or  a rocking armchair. It’s best to pick one that is stationary and makes it the focal point of your living room.

Set your furniture towards the corner of the deck and leave plenty of room for walking near entrances.

Deck decorating is not just about furniture and accessories anymore. Decorating with a vertical wall garden or screen will help you feel like you are truly alone in nature.

Small Layout: Casual Hangout

Looking to create a space for conversation? Set up seating in a circle so anyone can hop into the group or pop out for a drink refill at any time. Adirondack chairs infuse any deck with a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere that encourages laughter, good times and conversations that last throughout the night.

When organizing your deck space, you should sketch a layout and divide up the available space for paths that will be used to move around on. Place the conversation table in the middle of an empty area and arrange chairs accordingly; 5-piece or 6-piece Adirondack sets are good inspiration.

Any-size Layout: Cocktail Party

If you plan on hosting cocktail parties or evening tango get-togethers, make the center of your deck open. Place a few seating options, like benches or sofas along long walls around the perimeter.

Consider adding some bar tables to the wall near entrances and exits so that guests have a place to set down their drinks or appetizers while they enjoy the music.

Build your deck with a variety of seating styles, including small groups with tables or counter space, some open space for guests to enter the party, and then two or three instances of this pattern throughout the deck.

Material Deck Furniture

You have already stained, sealed, and readied your new deck for outdoor life. But before you can enjoy it with friends, you need some furniture. The good news: there are more types of deck chairs than you can shake a bratwurst at.

So while you may not be able to afford the best of everything, here’s a rundown on what you can expect when considering.


Wood exudes a welcoming feel that is perfect for your deck. Just be aware that all wood will eventually develop gray marks from prolonged exposure to sunlight, so it’s important to give your furniture periodic refinishings with high-grade oil. This will maintain its shade while the wood darkens naturally over time.

During the winter months, you should store your wooden deck furniture indoors or under wraps.


Although inexpensive, pressure-treated wood does not last long. We are not fans of this type of furniture because the wood is usually lower grade, and it tends to crack or split over time (48-inch round table with four benches seats for $450).


Durable outdoor furniture range from $800 to $1200. These sets are made of cedar and need to be refinished every other year with a quality sealant.

Some sealers add UV light protection, while others have a tinted coat that improves the appearance against harsh sunlight.


Although expensive, this preferred decking material for wooden sea-going boats is also gorgeous and long-lasting. (7 Piece Dining Set, $1500 to $5000)

Wrought (and cast) iron

If you live in an area that gets a lot of wind, then you may appreciate the durability and weight of iron. Iron deck furniture can rust over time as it is exposed to the elements. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to get messy and dirty. It’s important to keep the outside surfaces clean to avoid rust

To seal and refinish iron furniture, use either auto wax or touch up paint. Iron emits heat when left in direct sunlight, so not to worry about a few burns. Outdoor cushions for the butt and back are needed—iron is hard on sensitive skin! (7-piece dining set, $1,000 to $5,500)

Cast aluminum

If you’re thinking about updating your outdoor furniture this spring, consider aluminum casting. This versatile metal can take on the form of sleek modern or industrial pieces with ease and you won’t have to worry about rusting.

Powder-coated aluminum deck furniture does not build up corrosion, and is resistant to scratches. It provides an attractive surface for chairs and dining room sets (7 piece set ranging from $800 to $6,500)


Powder-coated steel has a low price point and offers durability that falls between other metals. It is not as maintenance free or sturdy as stainless steel but will last for years without any special treatment. (7-piece dining set, $800 to $2,000)


Wicker is a general term that applies to any furniture item made of woven fibrous materials. Traditionally associated with the Victorian era, wicker can be found in many new and innovative styles.

All-wicker dining tables are hard to find; take note of the type of support underneath. Pair kitchen chairs with fat cushions for Gatsby-like homey comfort.

• Wicker furniture is typically made of rattan, cane, bamboo or seagrass stalks. After sanding and lacquering the weaved seats, unfinished chairs are best to be stored under a roofed veranda where they will endure rain while remaining outside in the sun.

• Synthetic wicker woven from impervious materials such as vinyl and resin offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional wicker in outdoor settings. Cheapo versions of this material exist, so you need to check reviews before investing time or money. A 7-piece dining set can be found for $500 to $1,200.

Deck Furniture Inspiration Ideas

Light Wood Cushioned Storage Bench


This bench has a lot of character, which makes it perfect for an outdoor setting. It’s never too late to prepare your outdoor furnishings and cushions with items that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors- even during a rain shower in spring.

This project is ideal for people who need a simple way to store supplies or other personal items on their workbench.

Poolside Furniture

Poolside furniture offers a more inviting and comfortable environment to reading, relaxing, or tanning during the summer. Provide an attractive bench with pillows that are practical for your space instead of plastic pool chairs.

One way to maximize your closet space is by looking for items with built-in storage. Pull-out drawers make it easy to store towels during the summer and blankets in winter months.

Divide Your Narrow Porch into Two Seating Spaces

If your porch is long and narrow, you won’t be able to seat someone at the one end next to someone as they are seated farther down. Divide your space into two sections.

Fill one end with two loveseats and chairs, then do simple pairs on the other side for a more intimate setting to read books. Plus, when guests come over you have enough space to entertain comfortably.

Dividing a room is sometimes the best solution if it isn’t possible to design one seating area that can accommodate all needs.

Add a Fire Pit for Warmth and Style

If you’re looking for a way to make your deck useable during all seasons, adding a fire pit is the answer. A few people choose to center their deck on the fire pit and arrange furniture around it as well; however, there are other creative ways of utilizing this space that give you even more options.

When designing your seating arrangement, it is important to create spots for people both far away and close to the heater. This type of asymmetrical setup can produce a more stylish area that is equally utilitarian.

To add texture to your outdoor space, string lights and fairy lights can create a focal point for guests to gather at night.

DIY Backyard Cooler Table


This table is perfect for hosting a large gathering or keeping the drinks close at hand while you’re out in the sun. The little cooler section will keep your beverage of choice nice and chilled!

These tables can accommodate a large number of people. You could have a picnic with the whole family right there! One of my favorite things to do on hot days in summer time is eat outside – and now I’ll be able to enjoy all those delicious foods as well, without having to go inside at any point during dinner.

Create an Entryway Outdoor Sitting Area

The deck is a great place for social gatherings. It also can serve as an entryway into your home. Create a cozy living-room atmosphere on your front porch to turn it into your entryway.

Use a couch, coffee table, and potted plant indoors to welcome guests. You can also add outdoor elements like an area rug underfoot so the two are tied together.

Beachy Natural Wooden Benches


Building a bench that is versatile and sturdy? This is an easy choice for your first-rate bench. The dark wood color fits in with any outdoor setting, making it easy to maintain.

Adding cushions that fit with the other elements of your patio design can help round out your furniture!

Design Ideas for Small Decks

Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy some quality conversation? A matching set of weatherproof chairs and a small table, complete with accent lighting and plants can create the ultimate intimate setting.

An ottoman not only offers more seating options for your guests, but it also creates the cozy indoor feel. Adding a few plants such as cacti or succulents to bring color and life into your home is essential.

All-Weather Concrete and Wood Patio Table


One way to fix the problem of a warped wooden table is by building an outdoor concrete tabletop. Simple squares of concrete pavers and some pine boards will make constructing this easy and quick project that’s perfect for your outdoors space. To ensure everything stays in place, use strong adhesive on underside.

Repurposed Pallet Sofa

I love creating projects with recycled materials and this sofa made of recycled pallets is the perfect example. You don’t need any heavy power tools for this project and you can use it on your porch or deck.

Get some old pallets, which you can find from any number of sources, and with a bit of ingenuity (and cushions/pillows), this is the perfect couch for summer or winter.

Deck Dining Furniture Ideas

Outdoor deck decor is successful because it generally centers on a thoughtfully laid dining table with chairs. The arrangement of the furniture can be altered to satisfy any desired number of people, requiring few modifications.

Adding a second seating area as you would find indoors can make dining out on the deck just as relaxed. Adding an umbrella or other partial enclosure keeps it accessible in hot, sunny weather or even with a rain shower.

Pretty Pallet Outdoor Living Set


Pallets are an affordable option for outdoor furniture, as they create a rustic yet charming finish. This set uses untreated pallets mixed with cushions and a glass table topper for the perfect look.

If you are decorating your porch with pallets, try to find ones that haven’t been damaged or painted.

Large Sectional Perfect for Outdoor Hosting


While this outdoor sectional design is more expensive than others due to the cedar planks, this look is worth it. You have to shell out a little extra cash, but you end up with a cozy and solid nook that can be used for parties.


Finding a furniture mix-and-match to design your outdoor living area is a tricky but complicated task. There are many options when it comes to designing the space that can add visual interest in addition to providing comfortable places for guests.

In order to maximize your seating on your back porch or deck without breaking the bank, mix upright wood chairs with partially reclined lounging chairs and weather-resistant padded furniture.

Your chairs don’t have to match exactly for your event to look refined. Introducing neutral tones like white or gray can create a calm and cohesive aesthetic.

By placing well-selected throw pillows and blankets in contrasting colors, you can tie together the mismatched pieces.

Work a Chaise into Your Porch Arrangement

A chaise lounge can serve as a sofa or chair, and you often find them by pools. Here, we created an asymmetrical arrangement with our Amalfi Collection of a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, and the chaise in the opposite corner.

Outdoor Convertible Sofa Daybed


napping is an excellent way to pull a little self-care even in your busiest times. The Tulle Outdoor Convertible Sofa Daybed by Cambridge Casuals offers the perfect solution for any event or gathering outdoors with space constraints.

With this three-seat sofa, you can transform it into a reclining chaise or spacious day bed with the push of just one button.

The furniture is made from beautiful mahogany in a pleasant weathered gray finish, and the blue spruce cushions can complement any type of décor. Whether your style leans more towards boho-chic or Mediterranean eclectic, this piece will fit right at home!

Entertainment Center

A small furniture configuration that seats two-to-three people may be all you need to create the perfect multipurpose entertaining space. If your environment allows for it, adding a pool table, foosball table or card table can enable designated areas for group activities in many settings.

Creating an inviting space for entertaining doesn’t have to be difficult. With furniture that’s lightweight and easy to rearrange, you can fit almost any size group into your home.

Creating Waiting Spaces

Creating a casual gathering area? Opt for a serving station instead of traditional dining table. Add a couch or bench at the end of the table to provide guests with an informal, relaxed space to sit while they enjoy refreshments.

Dining & Seating in a Small Space

When building a porch, you often find yourself in a dilemma: do you want to have an eating or sitting area? What if you want both! One way to bring both elements into a smaller space is by installing just two chairs.

Using benches instead of chairs and a coffee table creates more space when using two seats in the room. We substituted traditional dining chairs for benches to create enough space without feeling cluttered.

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