Dog Room Ideas : Everything Your Pet Needs For A Storied Stay

Dogs are more than just pets. They’re a part of the family. So we need to ensure that our dogs have everything they need – from good food and plenty of playtimes to a designated place for them to call their own.

A dog room is a private space for your pet, as well as a designated space meant to clean and pamper them. Dog rooms can be either baths or mudrooms with cabinets for storage and feeding stations.

Doggy beds, baths, and allotted play areas allow your pup to enjoy being in a space with familiarity while preventing messes from spreading into your greater living area.

With every type of décor available, from all black-and-white spaces to brightly colored and patterned designs, your pup can enjoy the signature lifestyle to which he or she has surely become accustomed.

Dogs who are loved and cared for in their own place deserve personal thanks. These personalized dog room ideas make your furry family member feel appreciated while also making his home stylish.

Should Dogs Have Their Room?

The Advantages Of Dog Rooms

The benefits of giving a dog a dedicated space include.

  • He will like that there is plenty of space to play and sleep in his area.
  • He respects personal space, such as in kitchens and dining areas.
  • If you have your dog stay in a separate room when guests arrive, he will not be able to make any messes or noise.

The Disadvantages Of Dog Rooms

Although there are many benefits to having a dedicated dog house at your place, here are some reasons not to:

  • Reducing clutter inside your home
  • Making new changes always costs you an investment in terms of time, effort, and money.

Dog Room FAQs

What Do You Put In A Dog’s Room?

Based on the needs of your dog, you can decide which items to put in his room. Commonly, there are toys for your pup, food to help keep him healthy and strong, utensils for eating and drinking, a comfortable bed or pad for resting activities, furniture with multiple purposes such as a small table or chair.

If your dog tends to destroy things, you’ll need to protect any items in his room from him. However, if your dog is more relaxed or doesn’t have a history of destroying things, you can store items without worry.

Here the list of dog room items :

Dog Bed

cosy bed for dog room ideas

When you select a bed for your dog, the size of the space in which it will live can be crucial. The bed should create aIn addition, a soft and warm feeling.

Dog Crate

dog crates for dog room ideas

Dog crates are always popular. You can choose some attractive and colorful containers for your dog.

Dog Feeding Bowl

dog feeding bowl for dog room ideas

A dog bowl is a necessity when establishing a space for your dog.  Always maintain clean bowls so that bacteria do not build up in them.

Dog Armoire

dedicated armoire for dog room ideas

If you have a lot of clothes for your dog, it may be helpful to keep them organized by storing them in an armoire.

Dog Toy Chest

toy chest for dog room ideas

Dogs love toys, and you should store all their toys together. You will need a place to keep these toys; they could be stored in a dog chest or container specifically for this purpose.

How Do You Hide A Dog Crate In A Living Room?

The most popular way to hide a dog crate in a living room is by building one into the furniture. Some companies build such dwellings, and they double as housing for your pet.

You can choose between a coffee table, end table, or even an ample-sized hutch. Of course, you could also build one yourself as long as you have the time and skills to do so.

Where Should I Build My Dog’s Room?

If you can build your dog’s room anywhere in the house, it’s best to build it near where your family spends most of their time. This is typically adjacent to a kitchen or living room.

If space is limited, any room that can be clean and safe for your pup makes a perfect bedroom. Of course, what you pick will affect your choices with the design – so choose wisely. Consider these:

Laundry room

While you may only come in here to clean your laundry, your pet will love the cool tiled floor and the constant noise of the washing machine while you’re away at work.


A converted attic space can make a great location for small dogs to enjoy the day. This is because space must be on the ground floor, allowing you to carry your pup when necessary.


If your garage appears to be empty, you could transform it into a cozy space for your pet.

An Unused Recess

If there is space under the stairs, this could be ideal for a dog bed.

Tips To Make Your Dog Comfortable

Create A Cozy Sleep Spot For Your Dog

Articulate the needs of your pet dog and determine which mattress offers them the best comfort.

Elevated Dog Beds

elevated dog bed ideas

Raised dog beds are a comfortable sleeping option for dogs. The elevated height also prevents your pet from damaging their joints by lying on hard surfaces such as the ground or floor.

Memory Foam Beds

memory foam bed for dog room ideas

The best choice for any pet is a bed made from memory foam, which will offer support and comfort for both puppies with growing bones and senior pets with arthritis.

Beds With Bolsters

beds with bolsters for dog room ideas

Dogs’ beds with raised edges can make a nervous dog feel comfortable and safe.

Dogs were domesticated from wolves that dwelled in caves. This helps explain why many dogs look for a sense of safety by having the option to hide in a crate when they’re feeling unsure or unsafe.

Bolster dog beds are ideal for dogs who like to rest their head/legs on an object when they sleep or curl up in a ball. They’re also perfect for cuddlers and can be used as a substitute pillow if desired.

Self-warming Beds

self warming beds for dog room ideas

A heated bed can be beneficial for dogs without fur or with thin coats who easily get cold during the winter.

In addition, smaller dogs (including puppies) may need more warmth since they have a greater surface area per pound than larger creatures.

In addition to the comfort for older or infirm animals, heated beds can also be a great soother of stiff and cold joints since they provide warmth and support.

Orthopedic Beds

orthopedic bed for dog room ideas

Orthopedic bedding conforms to your dog’s body, redistributes their weight evenly, and provides tailored comfort.

These orthopedic beds are not just for older dogs; they offer joint support and comfort to keep your dog comfortably resting throughout his or her lifetime and would be perfect for young, growing dogs as well.

Cozy Caves Dog Bed

cozy caves bed for dog room ideas

Hooded dog beds, also known as cave dog beds or nesting dog beds, are covered and provide the feeling of being inside a cave.

Cave beds are typically dog beds with roofs, but the roof sometimes drapes down a bit, providing somebody contact. The enclosed space can provide comfort and safety for anxious dogs.

Choose The Right Dog Crate

choosing dog crate for dog room ideas

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a dog crate that is neither spacious enough nor one which will be snug enough for their pup to grow in. Often they purchase either too small or too large and end up with difficulties during potty training.

Dog owners considering a lifetime-buy might want to invest in a crate that is sized to accommodate the dog’s growth. However, if you give your puppy ample space, it may end up filling the crates with urine and feces instead of learning its boundaries.

Dog Room Cleaning Tools

cleaning tools for dog room ideas

Regular housekeeping helps reduce dog smells.

If you have a dog in your household, you also need to be cognizant of how they impact the cleanliness and fresh odor of all areas in the home.

Ensure you have the supplies you need handy, including a pet hair vacuum and other tools to control dog hair. It’s also a good idea to keep sponges or a mop as well as water buckets close by so that pets can clean up pawprints and spills from their bowls with minimal fuss.

Create A Dog Food Station

food station for dog room ideas

Choose a cabinet that you think may look good with your décor, and use this to store your dog’s food, drink bowls, and feeding bowls.

If you want to add fun elements to the environment for your pup, consider getting interactive feeder bowls or a snuffle mat. If you don’t want them to overeat, get a self-feeder as well.

Place a waterproof mat under your dog’s bowls to make cleaning up easier.

Dog Room Ideas

There are several options for creating space inside your home that will work well. These will be the best to choose if you have limited space in your house.

Mudroom Dog’s Space

mudroom for dog room ideas

Mudrooms aren’t just for shoes, jackets, and umbrellas! They are also the best place to store your dog’s crates as well as toys and leashes.

By making the mudroom your pup’s space, outdoor messes will no longer spread throughout the house.

Dog House Under the Stairs

dog house under the stairs

Look for an area that is already under-utilized in your home, such as beneath the stairs or where a staircase meets the wall. The building can be tricky, so use a stud finder to avoid partition walls.

Stairs are the perfect place to make a cozy dog house!

Dog Room In A Corner Or A Closet

dog room in a corner or a closet for dog room ideas

Rather than dedicate an entire room to your pup, try using the corner of a flex room or subdividing a bonus room for their bedding and other supplies.

Getting a closet ready for their bedroom will also allow you to hang up their winter clothes and sweaters, and seasonal clothes as well!

Dog Room With Tent Anywhere

dog room with tent anywhere for dog room ideas

These rooftop tents are more typically seen in children’s playrooms, but your dog will love having a designated space. Plus, this will help hide and disguise toys. Use a cute tent to create the perfect pet space.

Medicine Cabinet Turned Dog Bed

medicine cabinet turned dog bed for dog room ideas

You would never have guessed this bed for Teddy had a previous life as a medicine cabinet! So what’s the secret to transforming it? Makeover a room in your house with paint, furniture legs, and a blanket over memory foam. Personalize it by spray painting designs or stencils onto the walls.

Dog Crate On Living room

dog crate on living room for dog room ideas

If you have a dog, you might need to purchase a pet kennel or learn how to build one. However, if you have the room and want style, why don’t you get yourself a stylish chest to also serve as an end table?

As the saying goes, beauty is in simplicity.

Install Faux Flooring For Dog Space

install faux flooring for dog space for dog room ideas

Pets are to be loved, but not in the way they can love your pet-free floors! Tile and hardwood are easy to clean up but expensive to repair if damaged. Instead, try laminate as an alternative for flooring…since this option is budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

Doggy Door Makeover

doggy door makeover for dog room ideas

If your dog regularly heads in and out of your house to romp in the backyard, consider placing the doggy door inside a set of kitchen cupboards. This hidden door is both out of sight and easy to access from within the kitchen.

The Designer Dog Room

the designer dog room for dog room ideas

When it comes to home design, we usually assume that only professionals can create a good-looking space. But, travel around the corner, and you’ll find that’s not always the case here in Vern Yip’s home.

Yip’s home includes many design elements that are just for his pets. This bedroom isn’t the only one, but it is certainly one of the most impressive. If you like this room, there are pieces in it that can be re-created for a fairly low cost at any location with spare space- including your own closet.

Pretty In Pink Dog Room

pretty in pink for dog room ideas

This is a dog room within a room, which houses two small dogs. The inside of the room is made up of two custom beds and bedding, custom window treatments with art, and storage for toys and accessories in niches.

You can reproduce this look in a closet with much less cost.

Utilize Dog Stairs

utilize dog stairs for dog room ideas

When designing your pet’s bedroom, remember to account for practical dog room furniture. In addition, senior pets may need a little extra help getting on and off the couch or in bed, so it is important to either buy some steps or make a DIY ramp!

Room For The Big Dogs

room for the big dogs for dog room ideas

Large breeds need additional consideration, especially those who enjoy running and playing. If you have larger dogs and would like to offer them indoor accommodations, a design such as this one may be in order.

The venue houses two play structures where the dogs have enough room to stretch and run around. The contemporary finish of the walls looks great and will disguise any scratches or stains on the surface.

Dog Room With Emoji Puppy Bed

dog room with emoji puppy bed for dog room ideas

This DIY dog bed is sure to be a standout piece in any room decorated for dogs. This project starts by cutting out vinyl shapes that will create the playful emoji face of your choice.

Make a Ball Pit On Dog Room

make a ball pit for dog room ideas

Sure, a playpen full of plastic balls might not last for long, but it will provide plenty of entertainment for your pet. There are several ways to create a doggy ball pit: start with a large clothing hamper and small towels or blankets, add one or more kiddie pools, or cover the floor of a pet pen with towels.

Get a Slide For Dog Room

get a slide for for dog room ideas

What’s the most important part of dog room design? Creating space for play! If you have a pet with lots of energy, purchase a small slide to provide endless hours of fun.

Complete Dog Bed with a Lounge Room

lounge room for dog room ideas

If you have more than one dog, consider enclosing the bigger bedroom in your home with a gate to create a space for all of them. It’s best to put dogs who get along together, so they can play.

However, even with the expansion, you’ll want portable or built-in cages, so your pet has a place to escape for some private time.

A comfortable couch or armchair is sometimes the best spot for a dog to lounge on. However, consider leaving their water and food bowls nearby if they need to snack or drink throughout the day while playing with others.


Industrial-Style Dog Bed

industrial style dog bed for dog room ideas

This DIY tutorial beautifully showcases recycled metal pipes in a chic industrial-style dog bed. You can leave the pipes their original color, or you could consider painting them to match your home decor.

Share The Room For Dog

share the room for dog room ideas


It can be quite challenging for those living in apartments to create an individual space for their dog. In this case, they might consider sharing a room with the pet while giving them an area to call their own.

Dogs do not need a large space to call their own. They can fit in any corner of your house, and you can even make a dog bedroom in the laundry room. As you share a room with your pup, consider using room dividers.

I suggest you buy a few cubes or shelving units to separate the dog’s room from other areas of your home. This will help keep clutter away and could also be used for storing items such as pet food.

Geometric Dog Cubby

geometric dog cubby for dog room ideas

In Tanika and Bryan’s NYC apartment tour, there’s a dog cubby that would be perfect for small dogs. HomeMade Modern has instructions for a similar bed, which costs roughly $30 to make.

Murphy Dog Bed Upgrade

murphy dog bed upgrade for dog room ideas

Sarah Gibson of Room for Tuesday has one solution for compact living: a Murphy bed that folds away when not needed.

To match her office decor, she gave the cabinet a fresh paint job that would be good to use. She also reupholstered the cushion for easy use and hardware on top, so it was easier to store when not in use.

Top-Notch Dog Bed

top notch dog bed for dog room ideas

Create a durable dog bed using high-quality fabric lining and filling to withstand your pet’s digs and chews. In addition, the fabric can be matched to the colors and style of your room for an extra thoughtful touch.

Mid-Century-Inspired Dog Bed

mid century inspired dog bed for dog room ideas

Gabrielle of @gabs_projects fell in love with an expensive dog bed, so she set out to explore a DIY version. Starting with some leftover wood and plywood from another project, she sanded and stained the boards before cutting them into a box shape and getting hairpins for her DIY legs.

A Refined Flair Dog Room

refined flair dog room for dog room ideas

To create a refined yet welcoming room for dogs, this would serve as inspiration. The plaid wallpaper creates an upscale appearance, while the black dog beds and chest with their clean lines make it inviting.

The vibrant patterns in the fabrics used in this space are eye-catching and fun, and a touch of whimsy is added with dog pillows shaped like treats.

Custom Dog-Sized Room

custom dog sized room ideas

Rachel’s dog bed frame is composed of leftover wood, which would raise it off the ground.

But she didn’t stop there—she took a corner of her home and revamped it to create a space tailored for little dogs. The dog-sized room includes custom decorations like a gallery wall of pictures of small dogs and even a water bowl that hangs in the air so your pup can easily drink from any direction they please.

Indoor Dog House

indoor dog house ideas

Inspired to create a dog bed frame that matched her son’s home, Susan used wood to build a “frame in the shape of a house.” Then, after adding a dog mattress for cushion and finishing touches like an industrially-inspired light fixture and carved welcome sign, it was ready.


As A Result,

And that’s all it takes to make your house pet-friendly. Instead of investing in a separate room for your pet, you can add on as needed. The best And part that’s it! Instead, these additions or modifications are inexpensive renov mandating won that house for a cost extra a room arm, you and a can leg. Improvise and still save money.

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