Piggy Banks Ideas : Easy And Creative Ways To Save Money

These days, most people access their money via online banking and the use of a debit card. Having a piggy bank can be an excellent way for your child to learn about the value and importance of money.

You can make a piggy bank customized for your child instead of buying a generic one in the store. Click below to see different piggy banks you could make at home with your child, as well as other resources on how to save money and teach kids about saving.

Why Use A Piggy Bank?

Historically, piggy banks have been used by parents to teach children how to save, but they’re also a great way for you to establish your savings account.

Keeping your savings in a piggy bank is a great tip for adults who may have forgotten or would like to keep themselves mindful of the importance. Here are a few reasons why:

Organize Loose Change

glossy pink piggy banks ideas

You might accumulate a lot of loose change in your purse or pockets at any given time. Instead of leaving the coins lying around and forgetting about them, why not use them for something worthwhile?

You can use a piggy bank to save up coins, but metal containers like this are often impractical because they represent your old money.

Even though you might not have that many coins at first, saving money quickly becomes a passive effort and results in savings habits.

Money Easily Adds Up

gold car above large jar for piggy banks ideas

Setting financial goals and teaching children the importance of saving can be accomplished using a piggy bank.

Saving your change can quickly add up if you use a piggy bank. For example, perhaps your kids want to buy a new toy, and you’re saving for an upcoming vacation.

It is a fun family activity that lets you see how close or far away you are from achieving your goals. When each member has their own goal, it can help create a sense of unity and bonding.

Teach Kids To Save

teach kids to save with piggy banks ideas

Teaching your children to save money can be difficult, but it’s possible to do with piggy banks. You will not only teach them about the importance of saving and patience but also consistency.

For children who would like to buy a toy or shoes, saving on a piggy bank will help them understand how much they need to save if they want to purchase something in the future.

It can be even more rewarding for kids when they see how their parents earn money. That way, they will better understand that hard work often equals a job well done.

Helping your child understand that they will need to work hard to own and use the objects they desire is vital.

Develop Good Savings Habit

Setting aside a portion of your earnings in a piggy bank helps you and your child develop good savings habits.

You can also use this as a reminder to your child that when they get their first job, they’ll need to save some of their paychecks.

You’ll also teach them about the importance of saving money, having patience, and being able to wait for something they want.

It is a reminder that saving money is important, not something you forget about when you grow up.

Great Things To Use As Piggy Banks

Coffee Tins

lovely animal printed on coffee tins piggy banks

You can use used coffee tins to make a piggy bank, too. They work the same way as metal pots with lids (reservoirs), but you should punch several different-sized holes in the lid if it’s made of plastic – like that from Trader Joe’s brand.

Next, note which of the following four coins each slit represents: nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars.

This won’t actually separate the denominations in the bank, but it adds an extra layer of thought to your kids’ experience–which is never a bad thing.

Oatmeal Containers

If you’re looking for a hardy container to store your change in, an old-fashioned oatmeal jar is perfect. Just cut a hole and tape the lid on!

This is a big one, and it may be tough for your kids to wait until they open the piggy bank. But, you’ll have to choose them wisely because this will be where they store their jaw-dropping savings!

For added humor, you can tape the word “Bank” over “Oats” (if using Quaker Oats, for example), and your kids may enjoy investing in “Quaker Bank,” with the friendly gray-haired Quaker Man available to solve their problems.


mason jars piggy banks ideas

When you’re done with that spaghetti sauce jar, don’t discard it. Instead, remove the label and cut a small hole in the top of the lid to make an easy-to-fill piggy bank.

Next, decorate a label-sized piece of paper. Then place the decorated paper on an exterior side of the jar and tape the lid shut to discourage prying hands from opening it.

Also, use a mason jar for larger savings goals. The mason jar’s glass is likely thicker and more intricate, making it better suited for long-term savings than the standard spaghetti sauce jars.

Bleach Bottles Or Milk Cartons

diy milk box piggy banks ideas

The plastic bottles from bleach are a perfect piggy bank since they have child-safe lids and can hold plenty of money.

Milk jugs might not be as durable as jars, so they may require you to refill the jug more often. However, they allow your children to watch their savings grow over time if you use one with a transparent lid.

When using either of these containers, make sure to wash it thoroughly before and after use – bleach can be harmful if ingested, and a few drops of milk could spoil the term “clean money.”

Large Yogurt Containers

Although the small prepackaged yogurt cups don’t provide enough space for your spare change, their larger counterparts can be used to store it.

If your children are younger and still in the “eating stage,” as with an oatmeal container, they won’t have to end up cleaning up their money if it ever breaks.

Soda Bottles

soda bottles piggy banks ideas

Though 16-ounce and two-liter bottles have tiny openings that cannot be easily opened with coins, one-liter bottles have larger caps that allow a coin to enter. Be sure to glue the cap on tightly.

How To Make Your Own Piggy Banks

Take an hour or so when the weather is bad and educate your children about saving money. They’ll enjoy decorating a piggy bank with you or make their own stuffed animal’s bank.

You could create three or more piggy banks to help guide your children’s saving habits. For example, one bank for savings, one for charity, and another to use in their spending.

You’ll never have to spend money on a piggy bank again — as long as you have the items needed for this project in your home.

Impulse control is a significant obstacle for children. A good strategy may be to invest in a piggy bank inaccessible until you have enough money to fill it up.

If your kids can access money in a bank account whenever they want, it may be too tempting for them to squander the money.

Hopefully, after filling their first piggy bank, they will be satisfied by reaching their long-term saving goals.

How To Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank

cute pink unicorn piggy banks ideas for childrens room

From an early age, kids should learn the importance of saving money. The traditional way for kids to save is with a piggy bank. Decorating it with fun and colorful art supplies will make the experience even more exciting.

Step 1: Make Your Own Piggy Bank

You can buy a store-bought piggy bank, but you can also make one using supplies you already have at home.

Find an object that will be turned into a bank. Objects made of metal and aluminum, such as coffee cans, soda cans, small storage boxes, and vintage lunchboxes, work well because they are easy to seal shut with simple fasteners.

You can use items like shoeboxes or empty containers of oatmeal, though you will need to have the appropriate tools with which to cut them open.

You can cut a coin slot into the bank in one of two ways. For softer plastic banks, use a knife. For tougher metal or glass banks, break out your tools and get to work.

Be sure to use the same tool you used to cut your opening to also make a hole at the bottom of your bank for accessing coins. You can temporarily plug up this new hole with a cork or other item.

Step 2: Embellish Your Piggy Bank

There are several options available for decorating your newly-created piggy bank.


painted piggy banks ideas

One easy way to transform the piggy bank is by painting it. If you bought the piggy bank in a store, it is probably already glazed.

To apply the paint, use a paintbrush and let it dry in between coats. You may need to provide help with the application depending on how thick you want your stripes.

You’ll need to coat the piggy bank with several thin layers of paint before sealing it by spraying it on top with a clear acrylic gloss.

Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard paint piggy banks ideas

Kids often need a little help deciding what they want for their bedroom. If they can’t pick one of several colors, chalkboard paint is a great choice if you want to have more flexibility in the future.

Chalkboard paint comes in various colors, and you can wipe it off with a damp cloth just like an old-school chalkboard.

You can decorate your wall by painting the piggy bank with two coats of chalkboard paint. Then, have kids draw on it repeatedly using white chalk or make a fun, colorful background with multi-colored chalk.


beads piggy bank ideas

Suppose you want the piggy bank to sparkle, glue beads to it using a clear adhesive. The placement can be either random or in fun patterns depending on the child’s preferences.


stencils piggy bank ideas

Secure the stencil to the bottom of a metal piggy bank with masking or adhesive tape, then have kids use acrylic paint to paint over its design.

It is best to find a flat surface for this, but brushing paint onto curved surfaces can be challenging. Be sure to stick with smaller stencils, as this will give you better results.


decoupage piggy banks

Do a DIY craft project with your kids by cutting shapes from magazines and gluing them to a piggy bank.

Once you’ve cut out all the magazine clippings and placed them on top of the surface for your bank, seal it with one more coat of decoupage adhesive. Allow drying overnight.


glitter paint piggy banks ideas

Glitter may seem like a good idea for adding bling to your home, but there is an alternative that won’t leave goop all over the place. Glitter glue has a paste-like consistency that still offers enough sparkle as traditional glitter.

A quick and easy way to use a paintbrush or the built-in applicator is to spritz it with glue. It’s a great way to add flair to your custom piggy bank.

Some List Of Appealing Piggy Banks Ideas

Totoro Piggy Banks

totoro piggy banks figure ideas

This Totoro piggy bank is a great addition to any desktop decor, coming with an eco-friendly vinyl material design. It would make for a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your kids and friends.

Bulldog Piggy Banks Figure In Home Decorations

bulldog piggy banks figure in home decorations

The dog is the highlight, of course, but it also has a nice style to it. It actually looks like an Apple product which can be good for decoration purposes as well.

Awesome DIY Mason Jar Piggy Banks

awesome diy mason jar piggy banks

Every time you receive change for a dollar, it’s important to do with the coins. There are ways to spend them, but tying up your loose change is the best option.

To quickly save up, make your own piggy banks out of an old canning jar and decorate it with paint or whatever creativity you can muster. Then, on the side, list what you want to put into the jar: Spend, Save, College Funds?

Sparkle And Shine DIY Mason Jar Coin Bank

pink glitter gold piggy banks ideas

Collecting your daily coins is an easy way to accumulate a sizeable sum and use the money for something big.

To save your coin collection, you’ll want to make this utterly cute DIY Mason jar bank into the shape of a sparkly coin. Then, simply throw coins in until it’s full!

DIY Minnie And Mickey Mouse Mason Jar Money Banks

diy minnie and mickey mouse mason jar money banks

Wanting to establish money-saving habits in your kids? Giving them a great piggy bank is an excellent way to do so. Make one at home for the best results.

If they need to save money for their Disney land trip, then these cute mason jars filled with Minnie and Mickey Mouse stickers are a great way to buy them a little something secretly.

Easy DIY Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks

minion mason jars piggy banks ideas

If you are looking for ideas on what to make with your kids this season, the minions can inspire your next project.

This fun minion mason jar lets kids save their coins in it and offers a colorful decorative option for tables or another spot in the kid’s room.

Mason Jar Superhero Bank

diy a mason jar superhero piggy banks ideas

Kids are thrilled when they start earning money, but saving up their dream purchases can be difficult. Making these adorable superhero banks on your own will help them save money faster.

So if you want to make a no-sew superhero cape, grab some Mason jars and cut out a coin slot in the lids. Paint one jar like Batman and one-pot like Superman.

Stunning DIY Painted Globe Bank

diy globe piggy banks ideas

If you’re looking for a beautiful, eye-catching decoration that doubles as functional decor, this guestbook-inspired coin globe is perfect. Unlike other seemingly temporary decorations, it’s designed to be long-lasting. It will likely become a permanent part of your home even after the kids have learned all about money counting and saving.

Formula Can Piggy Bank

formula can piggy bank

Create a coin bank from an old formula by embellishing it with decorative fabric, ribbons, and a ‘dollar tag.’

Handy Hamm Piggy Bank

handy hamm piggy banks ideas

This adorable piggy bank is made from a plastic jar that screws open for easy access to the saved pennies.

Metallic Coin Vaults with Pallet Wood

copper piggy banks ideas

Wall-mounted vaults are attractive, but they also serve a functional purpose by allowing you to store pennies and foreign currency.

Transparent Piggy Bank

wood and glass cheap piggy banks ideas

Counting is so much fun with this three-sided piggy bank. It has a wooden side for counting and an easy-to-push lever on the plastic middle that makes piles of coins spill out onto the floor when you’ve counted them all up.

Gold Piggy Banks

decorative gold piggy banks ideas

It can be hard to guess that this stylish-looking piggy bank is actually an upcycled thrift store find—a thoughtful gift for a spendthrift child.

A Pattern-Centric DIY Coin Bank

a pattern centric diy piggy banks ideas

To make a cheerful gift during the holidays, you can fashion a chic coin bank from a milk carton or an eco-friendly container.

DIY Cereal Box Piggy Banks

cereal box piggy banks ideas

Taking inspiration from your child’s favorite animated character can be a great way to encourage them to save money. This DIY piggy bank craft idea by the robot and the piglet promotes saving with its creative ideas for coin banks.

Spend, Save, Give Piggy Bank

spend save give piggy banks ideas

You will need 3 Mason jars, some wood, and a saw to cut out three circles of wood and tags for the names.

Cut the three holes into the wood first. They should be similar to the opening of a Mason jar and be done by an adult. Children can customize the wood with their favorite color.

Once the jars are cut, slip the opening of each jar into a hole.

The third step to building your own jar savings plan is to create three Mason jars labeled “Spend,” “Save,” and “Give.”

This type of piggy bank will help your child keep track of their money, making them more aware and organized.

Eco-Friendly Piggy Bank

wooden eco friendly piggy banks ideas

This DIY requires a plastic bottle, an empty one preferably for safety. You’ll also need scissors or a knife to cut slits in the top of the bottle and some other embellishments like paints for your bank.

First, cut a slit in the side of an empty plastic bottle big enough to fit all coins and dollar bills through. Have one parent do this.

Then, let your child decorate their piece of craft with the arts and crafts materials. They can make a piggy bank or do whatever they please with it.

This piggy bank is designed for our children to learn the value of money with every deposit and help teach them how recycling can save resources.

“Feed Daily” Piggy Bank

feed daily piggy banks ideas

You’ll need an old piggy bank (or something similar) for this project and some paint.

You can reuse an old piggy bank by painting over it to give it a new appearance. In a different color, paint “Feed Daily” to remind yourself that you need to feed the animal every day.

This will give your child the opportunity to feed their bank and, in turn, teach them about the importance of savings.

Piggy banks are a great way for little ones to manage and organize their money.

When making your very own piggy bank, your child gets the opportunity to learn creativity and eco-friendliness.

Final Word

Even though piggy banks maybe a kid’s toy, they are also used by adults. So whether you buy one or make your own, pigs are enjoyable to have around the house.

Plus, you’ll spend time with your children in an enjoyable way. Please encourage them to participate in things you’re doing and create memorable moments together.

One way to teach your child about saving money is by creating a piggy bank together. Arts and crafts are always fun for kids, so you can use this as an opportunity to let them explore their creativity while learning how to save.

Designing a new bank, jar, or other container and using it to store your coins is an exciting way to save.

There are many very different ways you can design a piggy bank: have fun while saving!

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