Best Entryway Rug Ideas To Give Your Entrance Hall The ‘WOW’ Factor

A rug can protect your floors from dirt, snow, rain, and sunlight. I suggest you put a doormat outside the front of your door to give people an easier way of wiping their feet before they come inside.

A small bench near the front door encourages visitors to remove their shoes, preserving rugs, carpet, and flooring. Placing a high-quality rug pad under your entryway rug also prevents it from moving around or bunching up. The extra cushion is not only comfortable but helps extend the life of your rug.

Your home’s entryway is one of the first things guests will see, so it’s important to make a great impression. We’ve assembled everything you need to know about choosing a rug for your entryway and our go-to rugs that are perfect for this space.

We will guide finding the best type of rug for your front door.

What Size Should An Entryway Rug Be?

Smaller rooms should allow at least 18”-24” of floor space between the rug and the wall. Larger rooms can have a greater distance without hurting the room’s design.

Measure your entryway, then decide how much of the floor space you want to show. If you love your hardwood floors, for example, don’t cover them up. But if they’re worn down and tattered looking, go ahead with a rug.

Choose a rug shape that matches the dimensions of your home’s entryway. If you have a narrow space, use a runner; if you are working with an open space, use a rectangle rug.

However, you can add interest to your space with a square or round rug in place of the standard rectangle. Center it under the chandelier to create an exciting focal point in the room.

Best Material For An Entryway Rug

Your entryway rug will receive a lot of wear. It is in an area where there are many people and has dirt from their shoes on it. Be sure to choose one t that can handle this type of abuse.

Jute and sisal

Jute and sisal rugs are popular in large entryways as they offer more durability than other materials. They need to be vacuumed often but can still be shaken out to remove debris without any maintenance. However, natural fibers such as jute and sisal are more porous and will absorb moisture. If your rug gets wet, hang it up to dry completely before placing it back on the floor. This protects your flooring from mold or bacteria growth beneath the rug.


Designers widely utilize Wool-based rugs due to their durability and low care requirements. Naturally, wool is stain-resistant and does not absorb odors as linen or cotton fibers can.

This rug spot cleans well with soapy water and a rag. Wool also has properties that help resist fading, wear, and stains from spills. You can protect your rug by installing a rug pad.

Synthetic fiber

Synthetic rugs are a good selection for entryways. These synthetic fibers can be dyed to show vivid colors and intricate designs, making them ideal for any entryway.

Stain-resistant and easy to clean, but they tend to show traffic wear over time. With a smaller price tag, though, they can be an attractive, affordable option.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing For The Entryway Rug

at first discussed with the right size and material for the entryway rug ideas. In this section, there are a few things you can use as inspiration.

Color Of Entryway Rug Ideas

Picking out the color of your entryway rug comes down to personal preference, but there are a few things you should consider. For instance, white and brightly colored rugs may look great for a time, but they can quickly get dirty when dirty shoes step on them.

The entry rug will likely see a lot of dirt, mud, snow, and water over the years, so keep in mind the climate and how much traffic the area sees on any given day. If your entrance is used mainly by guests, then you may not need a more durable rug like those typically found at indoor entrances.

Patters and darker colors on rugs may help hide footprints and dirt, while a well-designed pattern can add visual interest. For the entryway in your space, bright patterns in bold colors are an easy way to spruce up the design.

Shape Of Entryway Rug Ideas

Another thing to consider is the shape of your entry rug. Rectangular rugs are a popular choice, but you may also want to consider square, oblong, and runner options.

Consider the size of your entryway when deciding on carpet design. Smaller spaces can work with runner rugs, while rectangular or oval rugs can suitably fill larger openings. Even if you have an arched door, circular rugs add a pleasant touch.

Entryway Rug Cleaning and Durability

Color and pattern affect how much dirt is shown on your entry rug, but inevitably you’ll need to clean it. Deep-cleaning should only be done when the rug is filthy.

How often you need to clean your rug depends on the amount of traffic and the weather. This is good advice on what to consider when choosing a type of fabric for your rug.

Wool rugs are typically more durable than other types of natural fibers such as silk or cotton. Wool is made to withstand a higher level of abuse and typically will not shrink or fade when properly dyed.

One of the best rugs for your front door is durable and resistant to stains. You may want to provide a mat outside your entrance to assist visitors who have not yet wiped their shoes.

Whenever you purchase any new rug, the rug must look good over time and last a long time.

Use Rubber Pad Underneath The Entryway Rug

One way to prevent a rug from slipping is by placing grip pads underneath it. Before you start, measure the length and width of your rug. Lay the nonstick rubber pad down on a flat surface before placing the carpet over the top.

Measure and cut your rug to size. Measure the desired length and width of your rug. Place the mat underneath it.

Entryway Rug Style

Rugs can be an attractive addition to any room, especially when they are made with vibrant colors or patterns. Choose a rug that matches your décor or style preferences and enhance the look of your flooring throughout your space.

Another way to get more use out of your rug is to make it match your entry door style. Doing so can help emphasize the beauty of both these items and add a sense of uniqueness that you won’t find in any store nearby.

It is important to consider the furniture, curtains, and decor currently in your entry when deciding where to place a new rug.

Entryway rugs may seem like an extra expense, but they play a large role in your home’s decor. Especially for guests, make sure you have an entryway rug that complements the style of your house and feels like it belongs to your home.

How To Clean Entryway Rug

Many of us invest in rugs for the aesthetic and functional value they bring to our homes. Rugs need regular cleaning to maintain their quality and longevity, which includes vacuuming or using a shaggy rug sweeper at least twice per week, as well as spot-cleaning stains when necessary.

When it comes to carpet, you should vacuum weekly but only deep-clean the rug when it’s visibly dirty. To test whether your carpet has too much dust, pick up a corner of the rug and let it fall back down. If you can see any dust coming off, the carpet is dirty and needs to be vacuumed.

Remove Loose Dirt On Rug With Vacuum

First, vacuum the rug from both sides before moving on to other tasks. Don’t forget to clean the back of the carpet since it tends to accumulate crumbs and dirt over time.

Test The Cleaner On Your Rug

You have two choices when it comes to cleaning:

  • When using a store-bought rug cleaner, follow the instructions listed on the bottle.
  • To clean your dirty laundry, add a couple of capfuls of mild dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Avoid using hot water, which may cause shrinkage or fading if it contains colors.

To test if the cleaner will cause colors to run, first make a small inconspicuous area of your carpet look like it does with any other stain.

Work The Cleaner Into The Rug And Wait For Several Minutes

Scrub the shampoo or detergent into the rug with a sponge or brush until suds form. Allow it to sit for several minutes before rinsing.

Hose Off The Rug

Completely rinse the rug with a garden hose, making sure to remove any soap suds before you finish.

Use A Squeegee To Remove Excess Water From Rug

If this squeegee tool is typically used for windows, it should also work great to absorb excess water from your rug. Press the rubber-edged blade firmly into the rug and pull in the direction of the nap, being sure to go slowly so as not to damage any fabric.

Let Both Sides Of The Carpet Dry Completely

Place the rug flat on a towel and allow it to dry. After both sides are dry, flip the carpet over to receive an even drying time.

Vacuum Or Brush The Rug

If you have time, run a vacuum or soft-bristled brush over the rug to loosen up fibers that may have compacted during the washing/drying process. This will help your rug lay flat again and be more comfortable to stand on.

Regularly washing and cleaning your rug ensures it will continue to serve as a home or host for your family, hosting surprises like board games, TV marathons, and fireside snuggles.

List Of Entryway Rug Ideas

Vintage Look With A One Of A Kind, Hand Woven Rug

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rug, be sure to visit Revival Rugs. Handmade with wool and hand-knotted in Turkey, the rugs feel like heaven on your feet!

This rug has a traditional pattern and bright color that will make your entryway more welcoming.

Natural Fiber Entryway Rug Ideas

Safavieh’s handwoven jute rug is an attractive, eco-friendly option for your space. It can blend in with nearly any color palette with sublime, natural colors and a rich texture.

Although natural fiber rugs can be stained fairly easily, they are made with renewable and biodegradable materials. As a very eco-friendly choice, natural fiber rugs also make for an excellent base rug beneath other layers.

Embrace The Dark Side Entryway Rug

With the change of seasons comes yard debris and tracking dirt into your home. While you should regularly clean high-traffic areas, it’s important to keep an eye out for small day-to-day tasks that can help make things easier.

We learned from this house some of the decor tricks to select darker colors that won’t show dirt as easily, the Band-Aid solution.

Embrace Bold Colors Entryway Rug

Be brave and use a bold color in your entryway. Entryways tend to be smaller than other rooms, so this is the perfect time to experiment more with your palette since it won’t affect the flow of space as much.

This medallion mosaic rug has a vibrant color scheme that would look great in any high-traffic area. Made out of durable materials, it is ideal for entryways or foyers.

Oversize Entryway Rug

To add contrast to a basic hallway, decorate with a striking textile. Thayer Gowdy’s Bolinas, California home does this by displaying her collection of wood accents and white walls against the colorful textile.

The space is large enough for guests (to repay the many favors called in), and it has a beautifully raw feel with unfinished window frames and oversized rugs from Soufiane Zaria, a dealer in Marrakech.

The predominant natural elements, such as a woven basket by the front door and wooden pegs for storage, add to the beach vibe.

Handmade Jute Entryway Rug

Our beautiful natural textured rug is made from a combination of Jute and Sisal, giving it its gorgeous color and texture. This material is naturally resilient as well as eco-friendly, making it perfect for your entryway.

This rug is made from natural materials, so it works with any decor style. It looks best in this brightly colored entranceway, but it’s still a great choice for any home area.

Contrasting Black Entryway Rug

Designing your entryway with a contrasting rug is an inexpensive way to make a big design statement.

This black jute rug looks great against a light wood floor, and it is perfect for a busy family home. Because this rug is 100% made from natural materials, you benefit from both stylish design and environmental friendliness!

Go Minimal With Black and White Rug

For a modern, minimalist look, this black and white long entryway rug is an excellent choice. The design will complement most interior décor, and the timeless elegance it offers will add ambiance to your entryway.

Like this one reflecting the natural light with its bright colors, a rug in light colors would work well to help brighten up a dark space.

An Equal-size Runner Entryway Rug

Australian designer, Sibella Court, has been filling up long hallways with the help of a runner. She’s found that making an entrance look cozy instead of “an unloved spot for coming and going” will make your house appear welcoming to guests.

Bring In Some Sunshine With Yellow Rug

This sunshine yellow rug is sure to provide just the happiness you need when approaching your home from a difficult day at work. Yellow is a joyous and radiant color, which makes it ideal for welcoming you in from your day.

This rug is woven from wool and polypropylene fibers which are ½” high, so it feels soft underfoot. It can handle any amount of traffic in your hallway because it is both comfortable to walk on as well as durable.

Nylon Rugs from Giza by NuLoom

If you love a vibrant, colorful rug but need to worry about natural elements like dirt or spills, then this is the best choice for you. These rugs have bright colors and are highly resistant to stains, making them perfect for outdoor spaces where there’s a lot of dust and dirt.

A nylon rug is good for people who have pets or children prone to spills. They are also very soft, suitable for small children who may be crawling on the floor.

Nylon is so durable that it’s nearly indestructible, and it’s also easy to clean.

As the name suggests, nylon rugs are modeled after silk rugs but with added benefits in low upkeep. If you want a high-quality rug that doesn’t break your budget, go with a nylon rug.

Vibrant Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug

For a unique, more welcoming entryway rug, check out this Moroccan diamond shag rug. With its heavyweight texture, space will feel warm and inviting.

This rug is constructed from 85% real wool, making the soft, thick material feel great underfoot. Bright colors and eye-catching designs are also sure to make a lasting statement for anyone who enters your home.

Polypropylene Entryway Rug


One of the most durable substances, polypropylene, can resist stains and mildew. It is also simple to clean up, making it a suitable rug for indoor or outdoor spaces.

This type of rug can be used both inside and outside by the pool. The polypropylene fiber is durable, will not fade in the sun, and maintains its color well.

Polypropylene, an artificial material, will hold up after heavy use and is also easy to manufacture. This keeps polypropylene rugs affordable.

Though these rugs are not as soft to the touch as you may think, they’re completely non-toxic so that your pets can use them safely.

The geometric design in this polypropylene rug from the Rafetus collection by Surya is beautifully executed, making it ideal for both modern and mid-century designs.

Turquoise Floral Entryway Rugs

If your entryway is small, it can be difficult to find the right-sized rug that suits your home. A runner rug serves as a great solution.

Runner rugs are often able to cover up a runner’s hallway, so even if you don’t have an area for your front door that is typically called a foyer, they can still beautify the space.

Stack-On Layers Entryway Rugs

Two rugs are the best option when you want a warmer home on cold days. The woolen rug is thicker and more durable, while the jute rug adds depth.

Scale To Fit Entryway Rug Ideas

Carefully consider the proportions of your rug and entryway—a smaller rug would look unbalanced if paired with an equally small entranceway.

Final Words

A rug is a great way to spruce up your entryway and make it more welcoming. Not only does the rug provide style, but it will also protect your hardwood floors from heavy foot traffic in these specific areas of the home where there’s high dirt/dust accumulation just by sitting there!

When choosing an entryway rug, consider the color, texture, pattern, and material of a rug to make sure it coordinates with your decor. When considering the size for that space in which you have chosen the rug to be used, get one size larger than what is needed to fit nicely throughout the space.

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