Unique Hallway Lighting Ideas That Are Not Only Functional But Aesthetic Too

If you want to make your home entrance perfect, then we recommend changing out the hallway lighting. Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to designing and decorating spaces. We want to help you see the benefit of hallway lighting and how it can make your space feel larger by brightening what is typically a darker area.

So, whether you want to create more light in a dark hallway or look for a stylish statement lighting solution, we have the perfect fixture. Please scroll down this page for our edit of stylish hallway lighting ideas.

Why Is Hallway Lighting Important?

If you are feeling insecure about the dark hallway within your home, there is a solution. The right hallway lighting ideas will ease every step you take in style and assurance. There are a variety of options to consider when choosing your lighting. One option is track-lighting, which comes in a few different styles with varying levels of sophistication looking from simple to elaborate.

How Do You Light Up A Hallway?

To light up hallways, most homeowners use either a pendant or a chandelier. A traditional lighting option for hallways with high ceilings is the use of a pendant; however, this may induce claustrophobia in low-ceilinged corridors, so it is best avoided.

Wall sconces are a good option for wider hallways, or you could also use another type of mixed lighting to provide an architectural touch.

How Much Light Do I Need In A Hallway?

Before installing lights in your hallway, you need to consider three factors. The first factor is ambient lighting that lets you move through the space using an average level of daylight.

The second consideration when installing hallway light is task lighting which makes it possible to do things such as shaving and apply makeup in a mirror or perform complex tasks such as repairing objects. Last, bright lighting is important in hallways so that work tasks, such as reading, can be completed.

Adding decorative, feature lighting to your home can help improve its visual appeal and provide a beautiful ambiance.

What Do You Need To Consider?

The hallway has been looked at as just a corridor between Point A and Point B, but these days it can be so much more than that. Concluding the journey with an immaculate touch can do wonders for your home’s appearance.

A single shapely chandelier or pendant can often suffice for smaller spaces, but large halls will need a more extensive approach. Along with artwork and decorations, lighting is key to making your hallway inviting. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to personal expression.

Tips For Choosing Hallway Lights

When designers create spaces, they usually think about the dimensions and appearance of an area, but good lighting makes all the difference in terms of function. With this in mind, here are a few tips for choosing new hallway lights.

Choose Lighting That Functions Well

It may be intuitive, but many light bulbs will not function well in a long narrow space. Hallways by nature are thin and awkward - those who live in custom-built homes often have the space for seating at one end, while other people barely fit enough people to walk through at once.

When installing lighting in a high ceiling room, many people have trouble finding the right light fixtures. However, there are a few options out there that will work just fine. My personal preference is pendants which are space-efficient and simple yet decidedly stylish. I chose these brass pendants because our ceilings were high enough for them, and they fit.

If you have a wide hallway, wall sconces are a great choice because they stand out from the wall. Pot lighting can light another good option to consider if your hallway is limited on both height and width. If they were not previously installed, though, much extra work needs to be done on them.

When space is limited, flush mount lights are attractive options. These lights come in a variety of styles and can create an elegant look for your hallway. Another option is track lighting, which provides both a contemporary feel and adds architectural details to the space by running along walls or ceilings.

Make Sure You Have Enough Lighting

Hallways lack natural sunlight and can seem dark and boring. Make sure there is enough light so that they feel warm and inviting.

Hallway lights should be eight feet apart or less. If you are using lower-watt bulbs, then they can usually go in the middle of a hallway to provide adequate light for the entire area if you want to draw the eye away from a long and boring hallway, place fixtures at either end of the hall.

If you’re not sure if there is enough light in your hall, take a walk to the end and see if it has any dark spots. The lighting should keep consistent as you walk, keeping the space feeling open. If you have dark spots, consider adding another fixture.

Choose Lights That Mimic Other Design Elements

Hallways are, by definition, transitional spaces, so it’s important to use the same elements as you would in other rooms, like light fixtures.

One way to link a hallway to other spaces in the house is by matching some of the light fittings with those inside one of the rooms attached to it. You can use finishes, colors, and styles similar so that people might not even notice at first glance.

Our new hallway lights have a similar clear design to our office and the bathroom fixtures, which brings the spaces together nicely. This makes them much nicer than before when they were encased in black light fixtures.

Hallway Lighting Ideas

Lighting your hallways is not an easy task. It would help if you balanced various conflicting factors such as your budget, DIY work, and taste to make the right decision. Lighting a small space can be challenging. These ideas will help you out.

Use Wall-lighting To Illuminate Specific Hallway Zones

Adding wall lighting to a larger hall is a great idea for those looking for an elegant design. A stylish light fixture can improve the look of your hallway in many ways, including by illuminating any specific zone you need it to, like the coat closet or console table. Chandeliers and pendant lighting styles can look beautiful, but they require a high enough ceiling. If you wish to make an aesthetic statement without these constraints, wall sconces are the way to go.

Bright And Cheerful Hallway

Flush mount ceiling lights can provide the perfect amount of ambient light in your hallways. Opt for contemporary lightings, such as flush mount fixtures with a traditional design and opal white diffusers. If available, lights that offer variable brightness or on/off switches are even better.

Nula Pendant Light For Hallway

Pendant lighting is an excellent choice for a transitional space between rooms. Lending charm and warmth to the atmosphere around it, do not forget to pair them with other lights to achieve layered illumination.

Create A Focal Point With Hallway Lighting

Let your hallway lights do the talking with a design that complements the size of the room. A clear shade and simple detailing on this Large Browning Lantern Pendant from Neptune will look great in a modern or classical space.

Different Light Sources To Serve Different Purposes For Hallway

When thinking about what kind of lighting to use in your hallways, try and determine which atmosphere you’re looking to create. If for practical purposes alone, a table lamp will do the trick. But if you’re looking for something more atmospheric (especially when guests come over), combining both fixtures should suffice.

Harper Ceiling Light For Cohesive Hallway Lighting

A spacious entrance hall that opens into a stairway needs ample ambient light for safety, but there are ways to incorporate stylish lighting. Use a larger semi-flush mount at the widest point of the hall and smaller fixtures in the same style throughout the length of the hallway for cohesiveness while still maximizing lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Hallway With Nash Mini Pendant

You can give the hallway a modern farmhouse feel by installing a pendant light. This will install it close to your accent wall, next to a small table used to store general items, such as keys and wallets.

Oversized Caged Chandelier Hallway Lighting

If you have a large hallway, especially if it has an organic or plant-oriented design, consider an oversized cage chandelier. If the hall is very long, hang more than one fixture down its center so that there’s plenty of light throughout.

Hallway Table Lamps

If you have room in the hall for a console table, shelf, or sideboard, it’s almost a given that you will get an entryway lamp to complement the space. Not only does an appropriately sized plug-in option help with outfit checks before heading out of the house, but it can also be left on during the night when you need light for runs to the powder room.

Hallway Wall Sconces

Sconces are the workhorses of hallways lighting because they’re easy to reach and install. This makes them a better solution than chandeliers in case you need to change lightbulbs. Homeowners typically love these small fixtures located on the inexpensive end of the spectrum, and they are seen as attractive to wall decor or paintings. They can be especially useful in a long hallway, whether you’re talking about an entryway or a passthrough between the living room and bedroom.

Multiple Ceiling Lights

Mounting multiple corridor ceiling lights, such as these that I’ve got here is the easiest way to provide light in a really long hall. When you have multiple fixtures, only use a single light bulb. A singular one will provide enough illumination without blinding anyone in the hall with its intense glare.

Mini Flush Mount Fixtures Hallway Lighting

Mini flush mount light fixtures with an uncommon design are a great way to brighten up your hallway. Install these in a pattern, either parallel or semi-random, down the hallway for best results.

Contrasting Colour Hallway Lighting

Visible hallway lighting is surprisingly important. Choose a striking design that contrasts with the wall paint or wallpaper for the best effect.

This hallway has been painted in the beautiful Lulworth Blue from Farrow & Ball, and this gold light really pops against it. For a similar type of lighting, try Made, or for more inspiring ideas about painting your hallway, check out our feature.

Effective Lighting Option In A Darker Hallway

For a more seamless light in darker hallways, consider installing row after row of fitted hallway ceiling lights. Subtle and understated while maximizing the space with its brightness!

Brass Finish Desk Lamp For Hallway

Add a punch to your hallway with this table lamp. A table lamp in brushed brass is perfect for any hallway, allowing you to personalize with designs ranging from classic to modern and simple silhouettes that will work well no matter what design scheme feels right at home.

Semi-Flush Mount Drum Light

As a homeowner, you should know that the output tone of voice should be helpful when trying to make your hallway more inviting. If your hallways already have lighting, but it’s boring builder-grade fixtures, then this can easily be fixed by replacing them with semi-flush mount drum lights!

Ceiling-mounted fixtures give off a more elevated style light because it is mounted higher than standard, cheap lights. Drum ceiling shades are also more modern-looking and will provide the same amount of light without looking so unsightly.

Hallway Hanging Pendant Lights

For a unique look, try hanging pendant lights down the center of your hallway! If you have tall ceilings, hang them in the center. For shorter ceilings, start to bring them closer to the wall, and they will still provide all of that gorgeous light while looking stunning.

Choose something with an opaque shade, such as in this photo, if you want a lot of light. If you prefer a darker look, find a shade with solid colors that allow the light to shine downward rather than all around.

Decorative Flush Mount Hallway Light

Lights can do more than brighten a room, and they make space look better overall. This light does that for sure.

This beautiful hallway light can magically transform your home’s space. We advise this fixture for any large hallways with wall decor and complement metallic colors and warm lighting.

Stand-alone Piece Hallway Lighting

In addition to providing a practical function, hallways can be used as a design feature. So why not consider balancing the two with a statement floor lamp that catches the eye as you enter?

White And Gold Hallway Lighting

The combination of white and gold in this hallway provides a wonderful-looking space. The white spherical blown glass lighting pendants are finished with a gold band around them, which gives them such a cool effect! And I love how the doors, walls, and other areas around the house have been carefully chosen to match its color scheme.

Improve Hallway Lighting by Adding A Large Mirror

Two large globe pendant lights in this vibrant hallway make the room brighter. But the mirror placement enhances their light by reflecting it and making the room even more vibrant. I really like the bright color of this paint. It matches the blue in the floor tiles and storage doors. Plus, it makes this room even brighter!

Dramatic Chandelier Hallway And Staircase Lighting

If you want to add elegance to a grand hallway with high ceilings and a staircase, go for dramatic chandeliers. Make sure the fixtures are refined enough so they will last for years.

Rustic Metal Pendants Hallway Lights

This hallway is styled to look like a beautiful boho bedroom entrance with its neutral tones and contemporary finishes. It wouldn’t so fit then that the lighting reflects this. These rustic metal pendants work well against the white walls and peach built-in cabinetry as they create the boho vibe before you ever enter the room!

Table Lamp For A Softer Finish Hallway Light

If you are not into the idea of bright hallway lighting or want to create a more inviting atmosphere in your hall, an unobtrusive lamp that blends with your scheme is a good alternative. Position on a console table and add photo frames or house plants next to it.

Iron Up Lights Hallway Lighting

We’ve talked about downlights and up-downlights, but what about just up lights? I love how the up-light on this hallway really brings out the pattern in the wall and makes it look inviting.

Led Strip Light Path On Hallway

You can make your hallway, even more, inviting by installing an LED strip light. They provide an easy-to-install, quick solution you can use to brighten any area and add a pretty glow.

Hallway With Skylight

A skylight allows natural light to enter a building, whether indoor or outdoor. The hallway in this picture has a skylight that is making the plants thriving indoors!

Luxurious Hallway lighting

This hall has an opulent and expensive style. Look at the golden pillars! An Elvis mugshot is even hanging up there. The extravagant gold chandeliers are perfect for this exquisite but also ostentatious exterior.

Up Downlights Hallway Wall

When the light switches up and down to signal completion of a task, they’re called “up-down lights.” I particularly love the effect these lights provide against a dark background. Not only are they attractive, but they’re also functional.

Final Words

So, what will you choose? Hallway track lighting, recessed hallway lighting, or candelabra sconces create a unique and retro look. With so many options available – this can be a tough decision to make! As you’re looking for the perfect skylight, keep in mind that it will need to fit into your budget and provide enough light.

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