Front Step Ideas : Make Your Home More Welcoming With These Creative Ideas

The front steps are not simply a way to get from the outside world and into their home. Instead, in summer, they sit on them, watching their children play or chatting with neighbors while sipping iced tea.

Front steps are designed to welcome guests and serve as an invitation inside one’s home. Although they need to be sturdy, uninviting front steps are a problem that can be solved with clever design.

And yet, many homeowners overlook a fantastic opportunity to upgrade their front steps simply because they are so utilitarian.

A good front step can make a big difference in your property. In this article, we take a look at what to consider when it comes to ideas for improving the look of your porch or front steps.

Some Things You Can Do For Your Front Step

There are many ways to change the look of your front step, some of which are simple but effective and others that may require expert help. You might be able to make changes by considering these things while building your steps.

Boring Broom Concrete

stamped concrete front step and patio

Calgary’s most common type of sidewalk is a simple grey concrete mixture that’s poured and then broom finished.

Boring concrete is not a pretty sight, and it often becomes stained, faded, and chipped. Dressing up your front steps does not have to be costly, although we will talk more about some pricier options later on.

If you are a homeowner in Calgary, there are many ways to spruce up your step that will not cost much money.

Pour Dyed Concrete Over Your Step

You may choose to cover your existing steps with dyed concrete. The cost of this alternative is lower than poured concrete, and the finishing color of that material will usually be some shade of grey.

Concrete is a popular choice for outdoor steps, but it doesn’t match every home. A darker concrete will hide stains better than traditional light grey, so consider this option to fit your space.

To keep the concrete looking pristine and not chipping or cracking, you will need to make sure there is at least one inch of space between the existing step and your front door.

Concrete can begin to chip away if it is less than one inch tall. This can lead to costly repairs in the long run, so we recommend you keep your concrete at least one inch high for best results.

A Pour-Over With Stamped Concrete Or Exposed Aggregate

stamped concrete front step ideas

One of our top decorating ideas for your front steps is a pour-over with stamped concrete or exposed aggregate. This option will not break the bank, and its look will resemble if you had poured an entirely new step from scratch.

If you want to make your concrete look like stone, many different patterns give the material a natural or modern appearance. A dye is applied as part of the process to give the stamped concrete a finished color.

Exposed aggregate is another scenic choice for walkways if you have existing exposed aggregate walkways. It also looks great as steps with pavers or traditional broom finished concrete walkways, should you choose those styles.

As with the dyed concrete step cover, you will need to ensure you have enough clearance over your original steps for this design to work and last many years.

Installing Tile Over Your Front Step

tile over your front step ideas

Of all the front step ideas we’ve uncovered, installing tile over your front step is our number one pick. It requires less than half an inch of clearance below your door jam and won’t require a new foundation height for this option.

Finding the right solution for a crumbling step at home can be difficult. Pouring a new one involves labor and time, but with tile, you can save on both. While tile is more expensive up front, it does make up for it in other areas. The best option means finding a problem solution that complements your budget as well as lifestyle.

Tiles are often chosen for a front step, including stone tiles. Natural stone tiles have many advantages: they suit Calgary’s climate, and they’re less slippery than traditional concrete steps.

Installing tile over your front steps is a significant project that should only be done by an experienced and qualified professional. Poorly installed tiles can cause many issues and may not last as long because they’re not well-fitting or properly fitted.

Tile is the most expensive step purchase on your front step, but it pays for itself with its attractive finish. Tile suits any patio or walkway and styles seamlessly.

Break Out The Old And Bring In The New

It may be time to start over completely and break out the old concrete step. Removing your current wooden steps may be an acceptable option if you have limited clearance, making a pour-over impossible.

If you wish to start from scratch with your front steps, the old concrete must first be removed and hauled away before a new bottom layer can be poured.

Once your concrete perimeter step has been poured, you can choose between a poured stamped concrete or exposed aggregate. Or you can have an additional step built from either paving stones or wood.

Paving Stones For Front Steps

paving stones for front steps

Paving stones typically used for steps in Calgary is not an option we usually recommend. It can be the last choice for front step ideas.

When it comes to front steps, poured concrete is the best option because it lasts longer, and there are more ways of pouring it.

Front steps are typically used a lot over time; therefore, the structure needs to be solid. For them to be paved with stone, some retaining walls will need to be built.

The retaining walls on this project will be filled with gravel and sand, then paving stones are installed. This method means all of the layers can become worn over time.

If your retaining walls settle, then the steps between the steps and walkway will be uneven; over time, this becomes a tripping hazard. A concrete structure is much more durable in comparison to pavement laid into retaining walls.

A Fresh New Start For Your Front Step

As the weather heats up, you might find yourself questioning your front porch and wondering: “what happened?” The cold temperatures and brutal elements of winter took a toll on the exterior appearance of your home.

While drabby styles work well for winter, where people rush to the door without much thought on their way in and out of the house, homeowners now want something more than just an entrance to their home.

It’s time to make some changes to your home’s exterior, and now is a great time to get started.

Here are some helpful tips for getting your home ready to enjoy during spring:

  • Welcome mats are a great way to show off your unique personality. You can choose from the hundreds of designs available online or make one yourself!
  • Painting your front door, a bright, welcoming hue can lend an airy feel to the entrance and make it seem more spacious.
  • Install a walkway that leads people right to your front door
  • You can find any potted plant at a nursery. I recommend looking for something colorful, like orchids, to decorate your room with.
  • invest in an area for relaxing on your porches, such as a swing, hammock, or chairs

Best materials For Front Step

There are many options to choose from regarding the type of materials to use for steps. Here is a brief overview of what each material offers:


wooden for front steps ideas

The best choices for decking are ipe, redwood, and Alaskan yellow cedar. Ipe is a great, long-lasting option, but it does not accept paint.

If you’re using wet paint on a deck, spread some sand called Skid-Tex on the surface before painting it. The ground walnut shells are an option, too – they both help make surfaces less slippery when wet.

To prevent people from slipping on snow and ice, it’s better to salt rather than use rock salt as it does less damage to wooden floors.


stone for front steps materials

Stone materials such as bluestone, limestone, granite, and slate are more expensive than brick, wood, or concrete.

Concrete or brick

concrete or brick front steps materials

Many people use brick or concrete for the base of their homes. These are both cost-effective and long-lasting materials.

The Need For Railing

the need for railing front steps

If there are more than three steps or the top of the landing is 30 inches higher than the finished grade, install a railing.

Installing railings on steps that are more than a few feet high may not seem like a necessity, but I do recommend installing them if there is an alternative.

I often warned visitors, especially the elderly, to be careful after dark. Halloween was particularly nerve-racking.

Front Step Ideas To Check Out

Let’s explore the front steps and how you can take advantage of them.

Add Contrasting Step Colors

add contrasting front step colors

If you want to add a bit of drama and interest to otherwise basic designs, use colors. Let’s say your front step ideas are white. If they are already white, you could paint the tops in red or use a darker color that displays power contrasts effectively.

When you do this, the stairs have flair and beauty that will impress anyone who sees them.

Cover Stairs With Pavers

cover stairs with pavers front step ideas

It is important to know that you can cover them up with pavers for an improved look even if you already have steps installed.

Pavers are also easy to work with and inexpensive. They can dress up your entrance in a way that will give it an increased curb appeal. Alternately, you might choose to cover your steps with brick or another material; the choice is yours.

Pine Wood Front Steps

pine wood front steps

Working with pine is a great choice in many ways- not only does it come at an affordable price point, but it will also get the job done quickly.

DIY Outdoor Wood Steps

outdoor wood steps in white house color theme

These stairs were made from reclaimed lumber. If you’re using pressure-treated lumber, it might need to dry for a few months before adding a finishing coat.

Painted Front Steps For New Vibe

painted front steps for new vibe

If your home has steps, it is important to color them to increase your house’s curb appeal. Wooden steps can be painted or stained with paint for a new look. This will help both the outside and inside of your home with little investment.

Luxurious Hardwood Front Step Ideas

luxurious hardwood front step ideas

This particular wood is often mahogany or teak, perfect for giving your front steps a luxurious appearance.

Best Italian-inspired Look Front Steps Ideas

black and white italian inspired look front steps ideas

If you want your exterior staircase to have an Italian-inspired look and be black and white, make sure it’s only made with outdoor tiles that can withstand wind and rain.

Your home will have the best taste if you choose the front steps ideas. Just make sure installation and maintenance are done right.

DIY Front Step Makeover With Paint

diy front step makeover with paint

Before painting, the railings and stairs by the front entrance were drab. The paint job turned them from dull to fab!

DIY Concrete Steps Covered With Wood

diy concrete steps covered with wood

Rather than painting undesirable concrete steps, you can cover them with wood. You could even widen your entrance by using larger pieces of wood.

Front Steps New Atmosphere Ideas

front steps new atmosphere ideas

Front stairs can have a different style of architectural detail and various colors, both of which add to the atmosphere.

When painting exterior stairs, a good rule of thumb is to “pair” the black with another colo; reds and blacks are complementary, and, in fact, many people will put plants on the balusters for an added touch.

Refined Look Cedar Front Steps

refined look cedar front steps

Cedar is great for an elegant appearance, and they also last as long as treated wood. Cedar has more complex looks with a higher price point.

DIY Front Steps Decor

diy front steps decor

Sometimes a little bit of personal decor can alter the feel of your entrance. Consider using planters in interesting colors and place them symmetrically for an inviting feel.

DIY Painted Brick Front Steps

diy painted brick front steps

The best way to freshen up an old brick wall is with paint. Just make sure you clean and sweep it thoroughly first so that the paint will adhere properly.

Verdant Green Of The Plant Steps

verdant green of the plant front steps

If you’re adding plants to your decor, try to stick with the same colors if you want a more elegant look or mix it up for an interesting aesthetic.

If you are interested in obtaining a lush, elegant look for your front staircase, try adding plants. The green of the plant will contrast well against dark brick and unify all of the space.

Put A Light In Front Step Stairs

put a light in front step stairs

If you have an external staircase, put a light there. Not only does it provide extra security for your steps, but integral lighting means that you can use them in the evening when it might be difficult to see.

Lights are an attractive addition to your front step ideas, not only because they can add a unique design but also for protection reasons.

DIY Front Steps Tile

diy front steps tile ideas

These tile-step risers are not only good for kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the type of tile you’re looking for, it would cost you less than $100 to make them from scratch.

Strips Of LED Front Step Lighting

strips of led front step lighting

The strips of LED are great for this, and they can be integrated easily. If you add Zen-like features with small lighting in the plantings themselves, subtle light poles are also necessary.

The placement of light in the evening is important but not overwhelming. We need just enough to prevent people from tripping on stairs while walking down them at night.

Too much of anything can lead to clutter, so unless you plan on appearing like a commercial banner, I recommend keeping decorations simple. Adding a little light will also increase your home’s sense of design and interest.

Concrete Steps And Some Greenery Alongside

concrete steps and some greenery alongside

Rather than spend a lot of time, money, and effort improving your entrance, start with the railing. Strip it down to the bare metal and paint over it. Then spray pressure wash on the concrete steps to eliminate any grime before adding some greenery for an attractive backdrop for your entrance.

Treated Lumber Front Steps

treated lumber front steps

Treated lumber is best for projects like deck stairs and steps leading to the back porch or outbuilding. If you want them to last longer, choose a treated board.

DIY Front Steps Transformation

slate stone front step ideas

The best and often most creative innovation happens because of necessity. When bluestone pavers made a home’s stairs too tall to meet code and added step created a better solution, making the entrance more charming.

DIY Concrete Steps Update

painted concrete front steps

After the home’s outdoor carpet was removed, these steps were patched and painted, creating a new look for the home.

Front Step Ideas FAQs

What Does It Cost To Fix Stone And Sandstone Steps?

Spending $300-$860 to repair your stone steps is not always necessary. To avoid costly repairs in the future, you should repair your paint whenever it has small scratches and chips. How Much Cost To Build Stone Steps Off An Existing Stone Walkway?

Building a set of stairs connected to your walkway will reduce the cost and amount of labor needed, though it varies depending on the size. Typically between $800-$8 000 totals for material and labor with an additional landscaping charge to ensure safety due to raised steps.

How much Cost To Build Stone Steps Off An Existing Stone Walkway?

Building a set of stairs connected to your walkway will reduce the cost and amount of labor needed, though it varies depending on the size. Typically between $800-$8 000 totals for material and labor with an additional landscaping charge to ensure safety due to raised steps.

What Does It Cost To Build Other Exterior Stairs?

Staircases for the exterior of a house can cost between $800 and $10,000, depending on what kind of material is used.

What Does It Cost To Install A Railing On A Concrete Step?

Materials and installation costs for railing can be $20 to $50 per linear foot. This would give you a cost between around $500 and $1,250 total for ten to twenty-five linear feet. Wood is often more affordable than metal; but metal provides greater durability–including against saltsponging corrosion-even

What Do Precast Concrete Stair Treads Cost?

Typical prices for individual units range between $30-$70. A budget of $200-$800 for a 5-10 step staircase includes installation. Cement is poured beforehand, reducing cost and making the job easier to install.

How Do You Make Old Concrete Stairs Look Better?

The cost for resurfacing concrete staircases depends on the work being completed. Replacement typically ranges between $300 to $600, while sealant will add another hundred or so dollars. Resurfacing and sealing serve to make the material more durable and impervious to all elements.

Ending Thoughts,

If you need front step ideas for your home design, there are various options to consider. You may want them to be subtle or eye-catching, but regardless of your preference, make sure they have the right safety features.

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