Eat-In Kitchens: The Timeless Kitchen Layout That’s Having A Moment

No matter how impartial we may be, our preference for an eat in kitchen is undeniable.

Even if eat in kitchens lack the formality of designated dining rooms, they’re having a moment because visitors might want to spend time at the table with friends and family. It’s no surprise then that one architect believes this classic kitchen layout is en vogue once again.

“I believe that a kitchen with an eat in area is essential to our lifestyles these days because we always seem to be in a hurry,” LeeAnn Baker of LeeAnn Baker Interiors LTD says.

“An eat in kitchen provides a space for families to spend more time together while preparing meals, homework, or just socializing,” the designer explains.

An eat in kitchen means guests can gather while entertaining since they inevitably end up in the kitchen. Between the ever-popular eat in kitchen layout and our trusty stock of favorite design ideas, we’ve put together a few of these kitchens.

Dining room alternatives can be found below.

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How to Create an Eat In Kitchen Space

There’s nothing better than designing your dream kitchen, and it might not be as hard as you think! Whether large or small, narrow or wide, every kitchen can be turned into a canvas for customization. Our professionals have plenty of creative eat in ideas that prove function can also be fun—even in the smallest kitchens!

Mix And Match

round tables for their cozy-retro feel eat in kitchen ideas

When it comes to choosing furniture, try playing with different shapes and heights. If you have ample space, round tables are a cozy-retro choice that will look great paired with mismatched chairs or sleek furniture in matching designs.

Slide a backless chair under the table to maximize space. Choose a pedestal or high dining table with bar stools for your eat-in kitchen that has polished looks.

Use Benches To Save Space

built in banquette for white eat in kitchen ideas

If you have a nook with a banquette, a rectangle, or a square table, buy one bench and preferably two to nest under the table. This allows for more mobility in the room after eating.

Think outside the box, and you’ll find an entryway or bedroom bench is useful for extra storage space. Add a comfortable cushion for additional comfort and color to brighten up the room further.

Take note of the height. Some benches are higher than 18 inches – which is the standard seat height for dining, so measure before purchasing to ensure a comfortable fit.

Create Your Own Nook

breakfast nook eat in kitchen ideas

If your home doesn’t have an extra nook, that’s okay. Consider the extra curved wall or unused window as a good opportunity. From tulip tables to metal benches with storage drawers, these quirky spaces can be maximized in style.

The Eat in Kitchen With Custom Made-in Small Dining

made with custom nook eat in kitchen ideas

Here we provide a custom-built drawer for cooking equipment to have enough storage space even when some pans are not frequently needed. This kitchen gives you a sizeable eating area with plenty of room to accommodate up to 7 people.

Multitask Your Space

modern farmhouse counter height table counter eat in kitchen ideas

Counter-height tables serve a dual purpose. They can be used as both workstations and dining areas simply by moving things around. It’s even better if you use the table area for serving food or drinks when entertaining guests.

Mirrors can fool the eye into thinking you have more space in a smaller room. Combine that with furniture on wheels, and you can easily move your living area around to suit any situation.

Optimize space in your small kitchen by hanging a mirror opposite you as you cook or replacing cabinets with mirrored ones.

Find Storage Solutions

kitchen storage eat in kitchen ideas

When space is limited, shelving can be a lifesaver. Exposed shelving options—ranging from bookshelves to wall shelves—are practical solutions for displaying serving ware while making it easy for you or your guests to reach the plates or glasses necessary when sharing dishes.

If you find yourself short on storage space for your pot and pan collection, consider a wall-mounted rack with slatted shelving. This is especially handy if you have large pots or cookbooks that do not fit traditional cabinet racks well.

Show Off Your Cookware

hang cookware and specialty pieces eat in kitchen ideas

Copper kitchenware collectors don’t have to hide their favorite pieces. Hanging cookware and styles from hooks will make it easier to access them, plus visual displays of graphic aprons and artful dish towels create personality in the space.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eat in Kitchen Layout


The advantages of eating in your kitchen are many. The open design makes for a better entertainment experience, and it allows you to stay close with the guests while preparing food. This is especially suitable if your home has modern or contemporary style concepts throughout- not just on the inside but also outside! It’s great because there will be more natural light coming from other rooms and windows as well.


The disadvantages of an eat-in kitchen include having to have custom cabinets instead of standard ones, inconveniences such as noise, smell, or smoke while fixing your meal.

So, consider your needs for an eat-in kitchen design. To do this, I will give you some ideas about the most popular eat-in kitchens used by homeowners in America today.

Tips And Tricks To Upgrade Your Kitchen:

There are a lot of ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen. Upgrading something will be based on what you feel is worth spending money on. Instead, if you have a large budget for upgrading, often think outside the box and focus more on nuance details, like countertop materials or paint colors.

When limited funds are the focus, upgrading lighting is an easy way to make a big impact in your kitchen.

With these statement fixtures, you can accentuate your design while also brightening up your kitchen. You may want to consider choosing lighting that is best for function as well as pricing and style.

Before upgrading your kitchen lighting, you need to consider this point. Bright lights can have a nifty three-way setting for their use. You might also find it handy to use this triple function light in your kitchen to administer more lighting on that space specifically.

Eat in Kitchen Lighting Tips

Ambient Lighting Way

Ambient is a great way to add light to your kitchen. You might have more than one ambient light, depending on the ceiling height and color of the walls.

Task Lighting Way

Your kitchen’s natural light is sometimes not enough to provide adequate illumination. This makes it essential to install a lamp or other types of task lighting in the area.

Accent Lighting Way

We recommend accent highlighting to give your space an extra bit of interest. Accent lights can be used to show off favorite features like a brightly lit cooktop or bar.

Eat in Kitchen Lighting Options


black white pendant lights eat in kitchen ideas

A beautiful pendant light will add to your kitchen decor, and you can adjust the location depending on what effect you want. Hang it lower for a more intimate feel or higher if you love to cook but don’t enjoy cooking in low lighting conditions.

Alternatively, you may want to hang a pendant light over the counter or kitchen island. That will provide proper lighting as well as enhance interest due to its flexibility. It also breaks up the austerity of an otherwise bland kitchen.


geometric lighting eat in kitchen ideas

Chandeliers make kitchens shimmer. One way to enhance the look of your kitchen is by choosing a chandelier that matches perfectly with your interior décor.

The best kitchen chandeliers have a clean, elegant, and minimalistic style with a touch of modern design.

Close To Ceiling

close to ceiling light eat in kitchen ideas

This light fixture is perfect for smaller areas with limited space. It could work in a bigger kitchen as well, depending on how much additional lighting is required.

You can mix close to ceiling lights with pendant lights, and you can customize the cover or make your own.

Favorite Shape And Color

eat in kitchen tables and chairs

This style is based on your desired shape and size – e.g., square, round, or other preferred shapes. You can also alter it to include a pattern of light or otherwise play with the aesthetics if you have artistic inclinations.

When choosing paint colors for your kitchen, you must first consider which color is your favorite. In addition, take into account how much natural light the room receives.

Group Of Eat in Kitchen Ideas

Dining is a wonderful experience when you have an eat-in kitchen. Options include countertops that match the sheen of your cooktops and lovely upholstery to fit into any sized kitchen. Here are some ideas to do your cooking and dining memorable.

Modern Eat in Kitchen

comfortable and inviting modern eat in kitchen ideas

This modern eat-in kitchen benefits from an upholstered banquette attached to the back of the kitchen peninsula. The dining area is positioned away from the appliances and cooking area so that guests can enjoy a meal with a view while maintaining an open feel.

Big Gathering Eat in Kitchen

big gathering eat in kitchen ideas

A kitchen in which you prepare food and can eat it, such as a dining table, may also be called an eat-in kitchen. Various eating implements in the kitchen encourage people to stay and dine with family members, from building a cozy table for visitors to create at or making worktops either conveniently.

Small All-white Eat in Kitchen

white kitchen island with seating eat in kitchen ideas

This small kitchen blends both cooking and dining areas. The arrangement of white L-shaped counter space, round table, and two painted Scandi chairs creates a seamless design at once homey while also being such minimalism. A simple rattan percent lights up the all-white kitchen but without feeling overwhelming in design.

Comb In Cooking And Eating Space

combined cooking and eating eat in kitchen ideas

A kitchen with this type of layout is beneficial, as it ensures that fruit and vegetables don’t spill on the floor or table. It also prevents spills onto carpets and across the furniture.

Furthermore, because the table could also be used as a consigned space for kitchen-prepared food if nobody is eating, it would remove all meal activities from one part of the house.

Designed For Love Eat in Kitchen

designed for love eat in kitchen ideas

This two-person dining table by the window is perfect for those empty nesters or newlyweds. The cabinet space in walls allows you to store things when not in use, and it’s easy to move this set around spaces as needed.

White Is Bright Eat in Kitchen

white is bright eat in kitchen ideas

This Colombian kitchen will be sparkling with white lights that are friendly to your eyes and the environment.

The two little white chairs sit beside the stove, which has the secondary function of ensuring heat is dispersed evenly to keep the kitchen cool.

Dramatic Wallpaper Eat in Kitchen

nook with a built in banquette eat in kitchen ideas

Cecilia Casagrande, an interior designer, used dark floral wallpaper in the eat-in kitchen of her Brookline, Massachusetts home.

“No matter how kitchen wallpaper looks you, it is always a conversation starter,” says Casagrande. “This bold floral design reminds me of the Dutch paintings I’ve seen and enjoyed over time.”

Casagrande used a banquette with a prominently raised back to evoke the look of the Parisian bistro experience. The design choice was further enhanced by using pillows in various fabric designs and adding ambient lighting throughout the room.

“I also wanted the room to feel cozy and reflective of other rooms in the house—comfortable, not just a box of white tile and cabinets.”

Ease In Paradise Eat in Kitchen

ease in paradise eat in kitchen ideas

A good view and an arrangement that can satisfy all your cooking needs: are the features of a smart kitchen design. A new, efficient way to handle dirty dishes is freeing up precious counter space for you to chop veggies or cook in a while, also having everything out of the way.

Eat in Breakfast Bar

eat in kitchen breakfast bar ideas

When it comes to dining spaces, think about where you’ll use the space. If the only need is for a formality-free option in your kitchen or entertaining style with an eat-in bar, then you have more freedom in choosing what design elements go into it if you want to create a chic yet modern feel and additionally have a traditional.

Cozy And The Captivating Eat In Kitchen

the cozy and the captivating eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen’s design makes it clear that finding captivating moments is an important part of its aesthetic. The deliberate placement of two chairs at the counter brings to mind the notion that three might not always be a crowd- which rings true in this kitchen, given how abundantly accessible the cook is to the island for easy access during cooking.

Luxury Type Eat in Kitchen

luxury type eat in kitchen ideas

When you have a very large or traditional kitchen with archways, it can be advantageous to purchase tables that end up fitting from five to twelve people. From vintage heirlooms and modern metal and glass trends, you’ll find chairs that match your style in no time.

Modern Galley Eat In Kitchen

long and narrow eat in kitchen ideas

This single-wall kitchen is long and narrow, but the addition of an eat-in table and three chairs on one side doesn’t feel cramped. The generous window lets in natural light from the other end.

The high ceilings, white paint, and black backsplash balance the room without overwhelming it. The floating wood shelf anchors the space in a modern way that doesn’t seem like too much.

Double Deal Pleasure Eat In Kitchen

double deal pleasure eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen features two eat-in kitchens, a round table with matching seats, and bar stools on the countertop. The latter makes for quick bites, while the round table can accommodate a more elaborate meal with friends.

Eat in Kitchen For Small Apartment

a kitchen for every space eat in kitchen ideas

Your apartment may be small and has limited space, but there’s one kitchen design that can still fit your needs. It won’t mean you have to give up your taste for nice things no matter where in the world you’re living – yes?

This kitchen is well organized and contains a plant in the space that might have held garbage disposal. It also features an induction cooktop.

Classic Eat in Country Kitchen

country eat in kitchen eat in kitchen ideas

This country kitchen in England is a 17th-century house, and it has rustic beams, vaulted ceilings, hanging baskets, and a green pendant light that hangs over an antique table. It seats people that can fit around the simple dining table with rustic wooden chairs.

Minimalist Elegance Eat In Kitchen

minimalist elegance eat in kitchen ideas

The beauty of small things is highlighted with this petite but artsy table with a basket-style seat. Leave the knives in the drawer, cooking utensils on the countertop, and chit-chatting with friends will be more enjoyable in this eat-in kitchen.

Eat in Kitchen Designed For Kids

eat in kitchen designed for kids

The kids’ eat-in kitchen includes a perfect breakfast bar for younger children who are in the habit of eating cereal and milk for breakfast because it is so easy to clean up. The bus won’t need to wait while the kids get ready because they will be eager to head off on time, and neither will you.

The kitchen is designed with artful care. There are two counters; one for a cook and one that features three chairs. The furniture fittings in the eat-in nook should be more than enough to satisfy kids, and this eat-in space should be designed as such.

Define Eat in Kitchen Areas With Lighting

kitchen lighting eat in kitchen ideas

This enormous eat-in kitchen features a large kitchen island near the chopping and cooking space, blends nicely with the full-sized dining table on the other side of the space.

Dining tables and kitchen islands are anchored by pendant lighting with a similar look but varied shapes. The beams of the wood add warmth to the home’s open space.

Natural Luxury Defined Eat in Kitchen

natural luxury defined eat in kitchen ideas

Add these communal-style chairs to your eat-in kitchen. Bright colors and a pendant light make for an enjoyable dining experience.

Homegrown flowers beside your kitchen scales, the aroma of food filling your nostrils, and a well-designed eat-in kitchen with great seating – that’s one way to define luxury.

L-shaped Italian Eat in Kitchen

modest l shaped italian eat in kitchen ideas

A small cafe table and chairs offer an inviting space to sit while drinking coffee or enjoying a meal in this kitchen.

The informal seating arrangement inspires whimsy and spontaneity, while the cafe furniture lends this space an air of occasion that will make eating at home seem like a special event.

Bring Out The Snazz In This Kitchen

the art of the snazz eat in kitchen ideas

There are quite a few features in this kitchen that make the space feel luxurious; the faucet below the window (washing dishes while you look out through it), the transparent chairs by the counter, and also an unusually long kitchen counter means all sorts of room for other cooking utensils.

Open and Airy Eat in Kitchen

luxury bright eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen features a variety of black and white décor, floor-to-ceiling windows with an open feel to the outdoors, and black granite counters.

While the kitchen has plenty of counter space for eating, not everyone in your party might want to eat at the counter. Here, the island provides space for meal prep and displays some flowers.

Off to the side, in a shady area that feels like its own private space, a table and chair set with white chairs and Op art-inspired black fixtures create an eating area within this minimalistic eat-in kitchen.

Super Rustic Setting Eat in Kitchen

super rustic setting eat in kitchen ideas

If you love the idea of country living, your home may be a rustic farmhouse-style house without even knowing it. The exposed wooden beam ceilings and painted black furnishing on distressed white walls are just some features that scream “country life.”

High Stool Bar With Seats Eat in Kitchen

create your private bar eat in kitchen ideas

This reclaimed wood high stool bar with seats and a colored counter brings an artistic statement to your kitchen. Grab a seat and have a drink using the water purified by a suitable water filter.

This style of the bar makes for a great addition to the home, and it can be used when having friends around and for small celebrations.

Eat in Kitchen Bay Window Areabest twin cities eat in kitchen ideas

Bay windows that span the height of a kitchen are great for improving your floor space, which can make more room available for new eat-in kitchen opportunities.

Bay windows also provide a greater sense of open space. Homeowners in Minnesota, for example, like their kitchens to be brighter during winter when daylight hours are diminished.

You can choose to hang modern blinds that filter the light to prevent the strong glare during intense daylight hours or for added privacy after sundown.

If you want to know what this will look like for your kitchen, one of our project managers can sit down with you before answering all your questions.

Remodeling your kitchen by adding a bay window is less expensive than adding an entire room to the back of your house.

This design has accommodated all sorts of budgets while still providing ways to make your kitchen an energy-efficient space, which is incredibly important for every family who wants to have an eat-in kitchen.

Family Friendly Eat in Kitchen

family friendly eat in kitchen ideas

Space is a luxury in this eat-in kitchen design, and it’s arguably the best feature of the space. Throw in some artfully designed bar stools and their minimalist appeal on top of that, and you don’t find many spaces better than this one.

Well Lit Eat In Kitchen

well lit eat in kitchen ideas

The extra lighting in this eat-in kitchen reflects off the decorative chairs and compliments the light finish on the wooden dining table. Your dinner table is at the center of the room, allowing you to avoid accidentally banging into kitchen equipment while cooking.

Nice And Easy Eat In Kitchen

nice and easy eat in kitchen ideas

Scandinavian-style living is all about looking for elegance and simplicity in their homes and their own items. A typical example would be their interest in beautiful kitchen towels.

Neutral colors like white, black, and grey with green filer through the design make it appealing for both inside or outside use. The utensils are placed close enough for ease of use.

What’s A Pleasure Eat in Kitchen

whats your pleasure eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen has a counter like a bar with high chairs to match, yet its finer details could also be reminiscent of the central kitchen area of a small restaurant.

Do you prefer to stay in the kitchen for some drinks and a chat or make a quick dash for something from the cook? Our kitchen caters to everyone.

French Charm Eat in Kitchen

french brick and flint country house eat in kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for an eat-in kitchen with old-world charm, this French brick and flint country house from German interior designer Peter Nolden provides just that.

The walls are decorated with vintage-style wood shelving, and the seats of the dining chairs have a checkerboard pattern fabric. A curtain made from two different colors of checked fabric hangs under a tabletop storage space, providing even more lighting for it.

Hanging black metal vintage chandeliers and the lettering “bookstore” in French create a timeless feel in this eat-in kitchen. Hanging copper pots also add to the timeless design by reflecting light throughout space.

Eat in Kitchen With Nature Attraction

nature attraction eat in kitchen ideas

A combination of rustic and modern, the novelty of this kitchen makes it stand out. You can feel as though you are embraced by nature while being in touch with the forest. Meals are easy to grab and put away your trash is effortless.

Art Installation Eat in Kitchen

art installation eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen design is found inside of a residential house that weathered through Hurricane Sandy. A beautiful piece of light hangs above the kitchen counter, dividing the dining room from the rest of the open space.

Unique L Shaped Eat In Kitchen

unique l shape eat in kitchen ideas

While planning a multiple-purpose kitchen, be thoughtful about the space in an L-shaped kitchen near your sink, heater, and freezer. You can easily set the table up with loved ones for cooking and dining close to where you’re working.

Country Cottage Eat In Kitchen

country cottage eat in kitchen

This 16th-century Sussex cottage known as “The Folly” has what today we would call an open living area where the kitchen and dining room are housed, with a table from Arts & Crafts by Alvar Aalto.

The kitchen is light and attractive, painted blue with light wood furniture and framed artwork. It features a George Nelson pendant lamp over the central table area.

Black And Brown Sleekness Eat In Kitchen

black and brown sleekness eat in kitchen ideas

This design is modern and sleek, which draws the attention of most people. Dark brown and black colors are very welcoming with a vibe that has you amazed.

Fancied eating super spicy food? This design gives you quick service so you can get everything right in your hand and ready to serve as soon as you want.


So, before you remodel your kitchen, here are some ideas to help make your decision. These eat-in kitchens will help you with the layout and design and start making it a reality. Regardless of whether you do it on your own or hire someone to work for you, an eat-in kitchen is the best remodeling idea for the kitchen so that it can become your favorite place at home.

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