Treat Yourself This Weekend: A Hot Tub Deck Ideas For Your Backyard

A hot tub is among the highest rank of luxuries you can have in your home. You get to enjoy this mini luxury when you have a hot tub in your backyard. It’s like having it at that vacation resort despite not being there.

With the end of a work and school week, you deserve to treat yourself. Drink some wine with your dinner or have friends over for a Saturday night celebration.

The hot tub is the first step in getting an all-encompassing backyard experience. The right deck design will be what makes it easy to access your hot tub.

It can provide shade from the sun and shield you from unwanted stares.

Need To Consider In Your Hot Tub Deck Ideas

This page examines hot tub deck ideas that you may want to implement into your next renovation project, along with the reasons why.

Think Carefully Where You Locate Your Hot Tub

hot tub is located close to the patio door with stone deck

If you live in a cold climate, it’s better to have your hot tub close to the patio door.

Installing a hot tub far from the front door creates less temptation to use it and is especially useful during winter.

In addition, the wiring for a hot tub becomes very expensive as it is measured by the foot. All of these are reasons enough why your hot tub needs to be close to the door.

Choose The Right Hot Tub Decking Material

hot tub decking material

There are many hot tub decking materials, but some professionals prefer Western Red Cedar because it is resistant to decay and insects.

A deck can also be a beautiful extension of your outdoor living space when paired with one of our fully furnished hot tubs. Decks are perfect for reflecting your personal style and creating comfortable areas for socializing, entertaining, or simply relaxing in the outdoors.

Your hot tub deck should be aesthetically pleasing since it’s a place where people often socialize and relax.

A Solid Deck Base To Support The Hot Tub’s Weight

solid deck base to support the hot tubs weight

One way to get a sturdy structure for your deck is by building the base independent of the deck.

A professional can provide accurate load calculations to determine if posts and foundations are needed.

It would be wise to call in an engineer if you want your hot tub to rest on the deck.

The Best Hot Tub Color And Design To Purchase

best hot tub color and deck design

There are many color options available to suit your home décor. This means you have flexibility when deciding on the design and color of your hot tub.

Synthetic cabinets are available in various colors, so you can compare them to your backyard environment to discover what suits your preferences best.

Some builders even have templates for figuring out the size of the hot tub you’ll need.

Consider The Gap between The Hot Tub Deck Boards

gap between the hot tub deck boards ideas

When designing a deck, you need to consider the lumber longevity and safety of soakers.

The gap should be large enough to allow wood expansion and contraction and water drainage, but not so big that toes will get stuck. A half-inch space is an ideal size for professional projects.

Leave Some Space For Hot Tub Tech Support

hot tub deck with tech support ideas

When picking out a hot tub, make sure there is enough space around it for troubleshooting or other maintenance.

The pump is built-in with removable floor panels to make it easier to maintain.

Consulting a professional technician for the occasional maintenance work is wise because they have more experience and skills than you.

When setting up your outdoor spa for the season, try to leave a minimum of 18 inches around it for tech support.

Maximize Your Hot Tub Deck Views

360 degree hot tub deck view ideas

Although installation on the deck means that your spa is visible from all angles, you get a 360° view to enjoy, and it does not affect functionality.

For those who prefer a hot tub with an appearance unlike any other, installing it sunken into the ground is a good choice. Just be sure that functionality isn’t sacrificed for form when designing your outdoor space.

Hot tubs add a lot of charm to the outdoor space by providing an attractive design element. A short deck layered with various elements can fit in any space.

Finally, if you have an outdoor deck or patio area, consider improving the design to allow entertainment and relaxation.

List Of Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Here is a variety of hot tub deck ideas. Let’s explore these and inspire ourselves to go outside and relax in our very own oasis.

Poolside Hot Tub Deck Ideas

poolside hot tub deck ideas

On the same level, hot tubs and pools can be connected visually with a deck that wraps around both. This creates a cohesive design for your backyard.

The most popular way to deck a pool is around the entire area with wood. But if you’re not in favor of that, then it’s possible to add just some wood running along the perimeter.

This affordable and simple idea will provide both the functionality of a hot tub and the beauty of landscape design.

Hot Tub Deck Landscaping Ideas

hot tub deck landscaping ideas

When designing your backyard, don’t be afraid to include plants and grasses. You can still plant trees and bushes around the outside of your deck.

Place native plants around your house. They not only create a privacy barrier, but the landscaping will also look natural instead of manicured just for show.

If you only have a small yard but plenty of wall space, you can plant a vine that will grow vertically on the wall. If your climate is warm enough for lush vegetation to thrive, consider birds of paradise or palms.

For a deck in an arid southwest climate, water-hardy plants such as cacti and grasses are perfect. Potted plants give you the freedom to choose between changing colors with seasonal flowers or adorning your deck with living features year-round.

Composite Hot Tub Decks

composite hot tub decks ideas

You don’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of wood when it comes to a lot of upkeep. Wood looks beautiful straight out of its installation and for many years afterward. But it then requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing to maintain an attractive appearance.

If you do not refinish your wood, it will start to fade, splinter, and warp. This can make the floors look ugly and be dangerous for people to walk on them barefoot.

If you are looking for alternatives to the expensive option of cedarwood, then composite may be your answer. As with any other material in this category, it does not last as long but at a much lower cost and can serve as an aesthetic alternative to cedar.

You’ll get the most bang for your buck with these options. You won’t need to sand, seal, stain, or paint them. Give it a once-a-year cleaning, and you’re all set!

Decking made of composite materials is resistant to stains, insects, and fading. Therefore it will look beautiful for years longer than natural wood decking would.

The life of your natural wood deck is approximately 10 to 30 years, while the composite decking may last anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Hot Tub Decks For Simple Backyards

hot tub decks for simple backyards

Designing your backyard’s “in-between” style means embracing minimalist aesthetics with a modern and clean look. This way, no matter what size your backyard is, you can create an outdoor living space that has minimal landscaping and simple details.

One of the most popular hot tub decks for simple backyards is to use stones or wood decking to create a large area around your hot tub. You will need one type of woodcut into uniform shapes and sizes to complete this style.

If you want to add detail, then it is recommended that you build multiple levels. This will make your lounge level easier for users to get into and out of the hot tub.

When making your simple backyard design, avoid using railings for a deck, decorative designs on wood or lighting.

Large Decks For Hot Tubs

large decks for hot tub patio ideas

If your backyard is large enough, you may want to include a hot tub with an outdoor living plan. This is common in areas where the ground isn’t flat, and people build an elevated deck on the same level as their second-floor home.

Raising the deck to an elevated patio surface is common in areas with more level terrain. If you have an elevated porch, installing a railing for safety purposes is necessary.

You need a way to enter and exit your home. It would be best if you had stairs that allow you to go through the back door to take steps down from the elevated backyard deck or use ground-level stairs for smaller decks.

One area should have your outdoor hot tub. Another can have a fire pit with seating or even space for a table and chairs. This will provide an extension of your home when you are entertaining outdoors.

Hot tubs, which are filled with water, are very heavy. If you want to place a hot tub on the ground level of your house, make sure that there is sufficient support underneath it. A professional building inspector in your area can help ensure safety and legality.

Modern Balcony Hot Tub Deck Ideas

modern balcony hot tub deck ideas

A beautiful deck with a rustic finish is installed upstairs in the house. The deck contains two levels, which houses the hot tub on the first floor and merges into the second level to make up for a semi-inground hot tub that looks classic and modern.

Unique Patio Hot Tub Deck Ideas

unique patio hot tub deck ideas

The red and white brick patio-raised deck and traditional hot tub in this idea all blend to create a spot that is so unique. The mix of these design elements made the outdoor space cozier, making it even better for your home’s attractiveness.

Tiered Decks For Hot Tubs

tiered decks for hot tubs

For a personalized look, it’s helpful to divide your deck into sections or zones. Ladders, stairs, and platforms are all good examples of ways to create tiers.

One way to help with a sloping yard is by installing tiers. This will provide an area flat enough for your children to walk out of the door.

Another option for the deck is to have a step-down or up to tiered seating. You could build your deck in a different direction, creating an area with a separate tier for your hot tub. You can then add more areas like casual seating and a fire pit.

A successful tier system should have few steps up or down. This takes out the traditional staircase from one level to another one.

Privacy For Hot Tub Decks

privacy for hot tub deck ideas

Picture this: While you’re relaxing in your backyard jacuzzi and washing away the stress of the day, you notice that someone is looking through their kitchen window as they wash dishes.

And maybe your hot tub is in your neighbor’s master bedroom window. You can’t blame the neighbor; new housing is built close together, and being able to see it entertains.

If you feel exposed when in your hot tub, then it’s time to enclose yourself with some privacy. Naturally, the most obvious way is by building a privacy wall; however, there are other options available that may work better for your needs.

Depending on what you’re aiming for, various hardwood and stones can be used to create a spa-like atmosphere around your hot tub. Another idea is to use your landscaping to create a natural wall of bushes.

Multi-level Hot Tub Decking Ideas

multi level hot tub decking ideas

Decking spaces can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including seating and storage. Outdoor showers may also be included in the design, along with bbq areas and planting beds.

Elegantly Comfortable Hot Tub Deck Ideas

elegantly comfortable hot tub deck ideas

An outdoor hot tub with multiple functional features for all ages – and spacing to have an unforgettable time. It’s perfect for dining a 5-piece rattan set around the table while others relax in the hot tub or on a love seat up above.

Build A Modern Hot Tub Deck Design With A Rooftop Patio And Sofa Seating

modern hot tub deck design with a rooftop patio and sofa seating

Privacy and shade can be attained by implementing a rooftop patio and hot tub with clever screening measures. Parents considering this installation need to ensure that there are no special structural considerations before moving forward.

Hot Tub Decks For Natural Outdoor Spaces

hot tub decks for natural outdoor spaces

One of the most pleasant aspects of installing an outdoor hot tub is being able to soak in nature. You can breathe in the pleasurable sounds as you listen to the birds chirp nearby.

For people who live in a remote place, access to nature can be hard to come by. These homeowners might consider an outdoor pool or hot tub as their only home away from home.

For those who can’t find mountains or oceans near their home, backyard design elements such as a pool deck level with the top of your hot tub can create this feeling.

Create an illusion of it, feeling like you’re surrounded by your surroundings using rocks to create a privacy fence and planting lush greenery around the hot tub. Use flowers and plants that will attract birds or butterflies.

Small Hot Tub Decks

small hot tub deck ideas

If you have a small hot tub, it’s important to create the illusion of having a larger one through the decking. The trick is to construct proportional decking around the space.

Have the deck wrap around the hot tub entirely. This will create a sense of space when you walk around it and onto it to get in or out. Next, drop your hot tub into the hole in the floor with a staircase leading up to it for easy access.

A wood deck flush with the top of the tub hides its bulk and makes things seem smaller than they are. Try to design a patio area for a more cohesive effect when building your deck.

You could build a bench around the outside edge of your hot tub, which would allow you to socialize both in and out of the water.

Alternatively, you could put a deck area next to the tub. This lets you get up and cool down nearby when it’s time for you to do so.

Wooden Hot Tub Decks

wooden hot tub deck ideas

Wood is the most common material for building a deck around backyard pools or hot tubs. You will need to place your hot tub on a concrete slab.

This stability is achieved by providing it with a stable and secure base, strong enough to support it. But concrete isn’t attractive.

You must use only pressure-treated wood or hardwood for your deck project. Anything else may absorb moisture and rot.

Even with pressure-treated wood, you should treat all sides of each piece of wood before assembling a deck. This will ensure the best protection for all sides.

Pressure-treated wood is less expensive than hardwood, but its ability to withstand moisture and outdoor conditions makes it a good choice for decks.

Rustic Elevated Hot Tub Deck Ideas

rustic elevated hot tub deck ideas

If you have a large backyard, you might want to try this idea for an outdoor space. It has everything that you need to enjoy the outdoors.

One of the most popular deck designs is the rustic and elevated hot tub decks.

Moreover, there are relatively few furniture pieces situated across it. Consequently, your outdoor living space will appear more spacious and organized.

Heavenly Hot Tub Deck Ideas

heavenly hot tub deck ideas

You could transform your leafy backyard into a living area using this design.

The property’s natural stone cladding and wood decking blend perfectly with the surrounding nature.

In addition, the hot tub and wood furniture create a lovely contrast.

Pergolas Gazebos And Covered Hot Tub Decks

pergolas gazebos and covered hot tub deck ideas

If you love to use your hot tub, but the sun makes it uncomfortable, a simple roof structure can be placed above it.

Deck plans should include a pergola. These standalone structures are supported by four posts and usually feature open spaces between the cross beams.

This gives you a shaded area below and creates plenty of space for some air flow to move through.

Since trees tend to drop leaves, pine needles, branches, and other debris onto your hot tub, you’ll want to build a more solid roof.

When constructing your shade structure, think about the sun’s movement. This will help you to determine the best placement for enough shade throughout the day.

A Hot Tub Deck In The Corner

a hot tub deck in the corner

Some people do not want to install their hot tub directly adjacent to a sitting area. As a result, they decide to place the hot tub slightly farther away from the sitting area and partially hidden by landscaping.

If you like this hot tub idea, it is also possible to construct a deck surrounding the tub on all four sides.

To ensure you enjoy your time in the tub without interruption, this arrangement separates the tub from other areas of bathroom use.

An important safety feature is to have a bench nearby the hot tub. You can sit on this bench and dry yourself before stepping foot outside of the bath.

In addition to being close to the entryway, the tub should be installed so that it is easy to enter and exit.

Hot Tub Deck Ideas With Nature Elements Combination

hot tub deck ideas with nature elements combination

This hot tub design mixes natural materials – like wood, stone, and water.

The hot tub deck with a stone cladding wall is perfect for areas with mild climates because it doesn’t have a roof or screen to offer protection if the weather changes.

Furthermore, anonymity is great for you if you don’t care about privacy.

Dark And Masculine Hot Tub Deck Ideas

dark and masculine hot tub deck ideas

Transforming a small deck into a hot tub for your backyard is incredibly easy to do. You can see it in this dark and masculine outdoor space. This doesn’t use up much of the yard but still looks wonderful.

The dark wood around the decking and railing add a sleek masculine look. Meanwhile, the low hot tub in this space doesn’t seem to confine.

In addition, this outdoor space includes benches and throw pillows for comfort.

If you would like to avoid dark deck stains and railing, you can have it in white or beige. Lighter colors tend to make your space look more spacious than the darker ones.

Hot Tub Deck Ideas FAQs

Is The Size Of Hot Tub Important?

Hot tub deck designs come in a wide variety of sizes. Hot tub size is important to make sure you design the right deck style around your hot tub.

It’s also vital to consider your deck size if you already have a hot tub. Check the measurements of your yard and hot tube tub before getting started.

Do We Need A Fence Around The Hot Tub?

Be sure to check the laws for your area, as requirements vary. In many states, a fence is required if any body of water (including a pool or hot tub) is deeper than 300mm (about 1 foot).

One way to safely enjoy your hot tub is by building a fence on the deck directly beneath it. Most people decide to enclose their whole backyard with this type of fence as well.

Is Deck Building A Diy Project?

If you are not confident in using power tools and working with wood, then it is best left up to a professional.

If you’re thinking of building a complicated deck design, beware that it’ll take an expert to do the job properly. Remember that guests will be walking on your deck, so there has to be safety and security.

After All, Is Said And Done,

Now that we have looked at these deck ideas and pictures, you may feel inspired to start working independently. These plans work for an above-ground pool, too!

I hope the motivation to convert your backyard into a space you love has not escaped you. Would you be interested in installing a new deck by making your own hot tub?

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