Purple Living Rooms Ideas To Bring Class, Luxury And Style Into Your Home

Purple is a color that has been associated with royalty since the 12th century. It’s considered luxurious, and it creates an overall feeling of richness in a decorative scheme. It can also be used as an eccentric shade of color to create a spa-like feel or help you produce designs that are specifically unique depending on the type of purple you.

Regardless of how much or how little you want the color to be present, a lavished purple living room can be achieved using it as much or as little as you would like. A purplish living room can also be created by just adding in accents for more detail.

Are you considering adding purple to your living room and seeking advice on how to do so? Choose these ideas below for incorporating the luxurious color into a decorating theme.

1. Purple on the walls, or not?

Consider the quantity of purple in your room. If you already know the color of purple you want for space, decide whether it’s appropriate to have as much of that color or if it would be too strong.

Rooms painted deep purple will help create the sense of luxury that many people would expect from a room. However, keep in mind that darker shades can make your room seem smaller than it really is.

Painted walls that are darker shade can make a room appear smaller, but they can also offer a more intimate feel. For example, lighter, pale shades of purple paint on the wall may give the room a feeling of openness and even mimic the feeling of their home garden.

2. Purple accents

If purple doesn’t seem like a color, you would need walls painted to get the effect; use accents instead. For example: use furniture and area rugs with that perfect shade of purple, drape some window treatments in an accent color of purple (so there is still some light coming in).

When designing your living space, you can use accents to create a room in which the color’s many hues are visible. This is how: by controlling how dark or light the accent colors are; their size (e.g., a large area rug vs. pillow); and the amount of purple they contain.

3. Color coordinate

If you’re using purple in your room, try combining it with complementary colors to purple. They let the beauty of the purple really shine through without being overpowered by competing colors.

Purple and white are a popular choice for modern rooms, and deep shades of purple are paired with black. In addition, light shades of purple are often paired with yellow to create peaceful homes. When setting the theme for your room, coordinating colors with purple will help complete your look.

Purple Living Room Design Ideas Inspiration

Pastel Purple Living Room

pastel purple living roomHouzz

This living room has a feminine touch due to using shades of light purple for the walls and furniture. To achieve a balance between masculine and feminine, the homeowner also matches this hue with white accents, which gives this space an inviting feeling about it.

Purple Living Room With Brown Patterned Wallpaper

purple living room with brown patterned wallpaperThe most magnificent room in this home is the living room. It features a brown patterned wallpaper that’s accented with purple tufted panels. There are seats over the rich hardwood flooring combined with a floral pillow, which creates an elegant vibe that will make any visitor feel comfortable as they relax on its plush furniture.

Minimalist Purple Living Room Interior

minimalist purple living room interior

The contrast between the dark black furniture and white walls gives this living room a classy vibe.

Attic Living Room With Purple Accent

attic living room with purple accent

The elegant attic living room was lit by a sparkling chandelier that hung over the cozy coffee table with pillows and an accent runner. The drapes were black, as well as the sectional couch in matching colors.

Airy Purple Living Room

airy purple living roomThe living room has a welcoming vibe. There is hardwood on the floor and arched windows covered in striped drapes that give off soothing light. Besides you, there’s an elegant purple sofa with decorative bowls sitting atop it, lit up by the sun coming from outside through those same window stripes.

Large Window in Purple Living Room

large window in purple living roomLaura Garner

The natural light streaming in through the window creates a serene atmosphere. Likewise, this room’s furniture’s beige and green accents create an inviting ambiance, with its black floor lamp illuminating shelves filled to the brim with books that complete each side table next to it.

Living Room With Purple Accent

living room with purple accent

This loft has an open floor plan with the dining room and kitchen connected. The color purple is used as an accent, while colors such as moss green and cream white are also present. We suggest choosing a neutral brown carpet.

Gallery Wall Art Purple Living Room Decor

gallery wall art purple living room decorLinda Sonders Design

The living room is decorated with a modern amber chair that faces the wooden coffee table. The brick fireplace framed in gray surround and white mantel creates an environment of warmth and beauty for this area. In addition, this sectional has a photo gallery wall mounted on a purple wall, dark hardwood flooring topped by a colorful rug which adds to its charm.

Open Living Room With Sleek Sofa

open living room with a sleek sofaBruce Palmer Interior Design

The open living area is a space where you can entertain, work and relax comfortably. It has an expansive sofa that cleverly flows into the modern armchairs surrounding a glass top coffee table on an eye-catching rug which provides plenty of seating for guests or family members to enjoy your company with them! The walls are accentuated with lilac paint, while framed mirrors allow natural light from all angles – giving this home a real personality.

Modern Purple Living Room

modern purple living roomHouzz

Purple and white are an amazing combination because purple provides a dynamic ambiance, while the other color balances it out with its soothing appearance. I find that shag area rugs in plain rooms can give them an exciting, sensual feel.

Contemporary Living Room

contemporary living room

Billinkoff Architecture

When you want a place that feels like home, it’s important to have the right furniture. People love coming over and chatting with us because our living room is so inviting! Our favorite part of this space? The contemporary-looking couch-like photo above.

Purple Living Room Decoration

purple living room decorationSource: Gabriela Da Rocha

Setting the mood for entertaining guests begins before they even walk through the door with a stylish drum lamp over the coffee table. Cream walls offer an inviting backdrop to rich wood floors, while multi-colored pillows create pops of color against velvet sofas.

Modern Minimalist Purple Living Room

modern minimalist purple living roomTagota

This living room features a modern and chic style with a combination of purple colors that create an ambiance where you feel comforted.

Living Room With Dark Purple Color

living room with dark purple color

House to Home

The color of this space is just what you need! It does not feel like a regular living room, but rather it feels regal and special. You’ll know why once you see the dark-painted wall used in all rooms with contrasting white furniture that really stands out.

Eclectic Living Room

eclectic living room

One word that describes most, but not all, of the furnishings in this room, is eclectic. At first glance, the purple couch caught my eye. But, upon closer inspection, I found other pieces of purple furniture and many other colors scattered about.

Coloring purple was the last color we finished to get this room together. Upon looking at all of these items, I noticed that they are really well done, but the couch is center and has some great concepts written about it.

Classic Purple Living Room

classic purple living roomOLSON LEWIS + Architects

You see a classy black-and-white portrait and built-in bookshelves fitted on the wainscoted wall in the living room. Attached to one of these shelves is an elegant glass chandelier. You might be able to guess that under it are two ornately patterned sofas placed end to end.

Purple Sofa Living Room

purple sofa living room

Morgante – Wilson Architects

The seating area is the focal point of this living room. With varied materials around it, this space becomes a beautiful and cozy spot for any occasion.

White Purple Living Room

white purple living roomranzom

It’s so hard to find a color that can be soothing, complementary, and beautiful all at the same time. This living room makes it look easy with its gorgeous white couch set against purple walls for an irresistible harmony you have to see firsthand!

Feminine Purple Living Room

feminine purple living room

The majority of this room’s decor is purple, gray, and brown. Purple dominates the overall color palette, while the other two colors are more in a complementary role. There is a sense that the room feels very welcoming. With an adult tone and feminine aesthetic, this would be a comfortable place for anyone to stay.

Purple Living Room With Cute Decor

purple living room with cute decor

Blanco Interiores

The living room is a shade of purple that we love. The vintage-inspired sofa paired with the decors makes this one fancy space!

Traditional Purple Living Room

traditional purple living roomAmy Peltier Interior Design & Home

In this space, you’ll find a wonderful chandelier that illuminates the room. In addition, the large wall art on display is coupled with stylish full-length mirrors and purple walls – all of which can be seen from any angle in the living area! There are also gray armchairs to match your decor needs and a black coffee table situated over an area rug in gray.

Hot Purple Living Room

hot purple living roomVizimac

The living room is defined by its lively, sensual energy that emanates from the exotic purple hue.

Purple Living Room Furniture

purple living room furniture

The purple tones of this interior design are perfect and really set the mood. The crystals hanging from the chandelier complete it with sparkle, while you can find that coveted purple couch if you search carefully into the background.

Complementing the purple, this living room features various shades of pink and yellow. In addition, yellow trim is featured on the walls alongside light-colored hardwood floors.

Cozy Modern Living Room

cozy modern purple living room

The fresh colors and bold accessories make this room feel lively. I want to make sure you pay attention to the windows: an elegant purple curtain makes the layout pop with its simple yet daring placement. The walls and carpet are light neutrals. The furniture and purple hues make this place the most modern space you’ll encounter.

Classy Living Room

classy living room

This living space is a great place to host guests. Though this may look like just a dining set, it’s actually designed for your guest can enjoy their visit with you!

Elegant Purple Living Room

elegant purple living roomTimticks

Purple evokes a sense of elegance and classiness, so if you want to convey that in your living room interior design, purple is a perfect color.

The Purple Room

purple in the room

What better way to go all-in on purple than with this gorgeous room? White string lines the trim, and a few green items blend nicely throughout, but otherwise, everything is done up in gorgeous shades of purple. Please take caution when trying to replicate this design. It may not be as easy as it looks!

This room has three different shades of the color purple. The wall color and wallpaper are the same shade, as are the ottoman, lampshades, and rug. There’s even a loveseat/couch, pillows, and a lamp that has a purple color too. Using more than three different shades in a room will make it look chaotic.

Another key thing to keep in mind is the number of purples colors in this room. The designer used wood furniture for consistency throughout the space, which adds a clean and elegant look.

I am not too thrilled with the gold mirror. I believe you could find a more appropriate selection from one of our silver-colored or brushed nickel mirrors. It is possible that the designers wanted something different to catch your eyes, but I prefer things to be in sync aesthetically and would like that to apply to all surfaces in this room as well.

Country-Cottage Style Living Room

purple country living room with coffee table

To achieve a cozy cottage style, blend claret and plum with an earth-tone wood texture. Use mauve greys, browns, and greys for accessories to prevent the color scheme from overdrive.

Balance the look with weathered wood coffee tables and mix autumnal prints to capture the feel of being outdoors. Finally, dress up your space with plenty of blankets for comfort.

Bold Purple Living Room

bold purple living roomReastatic

The living room is a dazzling space with beautiful shades of purple and different textures. It creates an airy vibe that invites one to stay awhile!

Unique Decoration Living Room

unique decoration living room

The decor in this room is composed of many different colors, such as red and orange mixed with purple walls and plush brown carpet. White furniture provides a contrast to the bold color scheme, which helps to fixate on the center of the room.

Two colors of purple paint were used to make this artistic wall which appear seamless from afar. The lighter hue is accented with thin pieces of tape that create a grid pattern, and then an indistinguishable darker color was applied over it to complete the look.

White Stripes Purple Living Room

white stripes purple living roomPakwetnet

The vertical white stripes create the balance of this room on the purple wall. It also provides a nice geometric visual effect to make it more interesting!

Decorate Living Room With Dusty Purple

dusty purple living room

Dusty purple makes for a rich and indulgent environment, which gives the room a plush feeling with heavy velvets, buttoned upholstery, curtains of marbled textiles, touches of old gold.

Purple tones in artwork or fabrics can make a room feel dated, so try flat and chalky instead. Furniture with lots of texture will marry the two and breathe new life into your decor. For extra warmth, add blue accents to work.

Sleek Purple Living Room

sleek purple living roomRejgidesign

While it is arguable which colors look best together, some combinations are more popular than others. For example, the purple and white complement each other in this living room without being too matchy-matchy.

Mix Jewel Colour With Boho Style Living Room

purple living room design ideas


Evolve your boho-style room with contemporary furniture instead of a traditional country or vintage styles. This will give the space an eclectic feel and allow you to change it in the future.

To create an elegant boho style, use dark, mid-weight, and light colors in layers. A watercolor or oil painting print can provide a finishing touch to any piece of furniture. Oversized chandeliers are also effective for achieving this look without much effort.

Charming Purple Living Room

charming purple living roomFor some reason, this living room feels like the pattern’s best choice. In addition to its splendid appearance, it also has a pretty and cozy atmosphere.

Modern Space with LED Lighting

modern living room with led lighting

The interior design is a masterpiece of fashion and art. The primary light color inside this house is purple, highlighting red, green, and blue stage-style lighting spots. There are also plenty of white furniture pieces in the home and bold accents created by bright colors like reds that provide an elegant look to every room within its walls.

Mellow Brown Tones Purple Living Room

purple living room with purple sofa and rustic furniture

Choose a mellow, brown-toned mauve to give your sexily sophisticated room color without being too intense. They work well with rich accents and brass accents, as in the example seen here (pic), or you can keep them more muted by experimenting with different shades of gray indoors.

Final Words

Purple is an excellent color for many uses, including in your living room. Look over the examples above for some design ideas that can be a complete refresh or parts of your new look. Professional interior designers can guide you on how to create the desired effect within your living space. They may either assist with the work themselves or guide the implementation of the project.

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