55 Inspiring Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Industrial bedrooms are perfect for those who thrill at the creativity of artists and want an aesthetic that is raw with unpolished floors in which hints of color can be added. Seen is a collection of 55 industrial bedrooms created by artists across the country that utilize brick walls and polished metal siding to create their designs.

Hang rough-hewn wooden beds from the ceiling to get a glimpse of fond memories. Add soft cushions and throws for added comfort, as well as the guide’s tips on creating industrial bedrooms you’ll love.

Industrial-style bedrooms are simple and clutter-free. You will find this style a perfect fit for lofts or apartments, but it can also be used in homes.

The design scheme emphasizes the use of raw materials, emphasizing that metalworking is a unique art. When installing furniture, it should be clean and streamlined and consider showpiece items such as machinery.

Styling a room with an industrial aesthetic requires considering your lighting, wallpaper (or paint color), and accessorizing with plants. Though typically masculine in nature, using feminine colors and accessories can give the space a more feminine feel.

Setting up the perfect lit fixture for an industrial space requires consideration. Choose a combination of exposed wire options in black or white metal to achieve your desired look.

Many designers have attempted industrial design, yet its popularity only surged in recent years. The appeal of this style stems from the combinations of exposed beams and rustic brick pavements that give a window the appearance of being both elegant and sophisticated while also looking fresh at a glance.

This collection of 55 industrial bedroom ideas should give you some inspiration.

Yarko Kushta

There is a sense of industry in this bedroom, with its battered factory windows filled with stained glass and the searing pumpkin-colored leather bed. However, there are also reminders that you live in modern times; Bach floorboards and an exposed brick wall balance out the grated ceiling fan typical of another era to make different patterns across each room.

Anna Fedyukina

The exposed brick wall provides a touch of industrial charm to this bedroom, which the room itself makes use of with attention-grabbing elements like a caged pendant light with a triptych created from chalkboard panels and slatted wood ceilings.

The massive, rough-hewn wooden wardrobe and a blank white wall provide balance to the room, while a geometric rug invites people to sleep.

Isadora Omar

Long metal or iron pipes are heavy-duty, and they can also make the most of brick. A couple of pipelines running from wall sconces create a bed frame, while two hanging light fixtures span the room to support.

Factory windows reflect their lines underneath a metal extractor fan. The headboard from an antique can be seen in the background, with prints and bicycles littering the space.

Pipe shelving can be used to create metallic wardrobes or bookshelves. The rustic look of the pipes will add a unique and appealing nuance to your bedroom.

Denis Bespalov

Make a wooden wall panel the feature instead. Hovering white bauble lights people this funky bedroom, which pops with a sunshine crate table and sky-blue rug. Taupe curtains, an LED-lit wardrobe, and concrete walls and floors keep it classy.

Denis Osmanbegovic

Wooden floors and ceilings create a frame for a mix of industrial and art-deco design in this contemporary bedroom, with each piece of furniture taking on its own shape.

As a wooden artwork hangs over two rectangle-forming amps, the living room table mirrors their form. A low bed with an ottoman on top of it sits in between them while other pieces like bookshelves and TV cabinets mimic this very shape and help fill up space for anyone who might want some company when watching TV or reading before going to sleep.

Gruppo Tomasella

These windows make industrial architecture look fresh and clean. Shades of blue are visible as the light comes through this bedroom, sitting on the rug, chair, and bedding that has been laid out in white block furniture that leaves space for creativity. A grey painting on an antique pendant is a hint of luxury.

Designs for industrial interiors often feature high ceilings, similar to a warehouse loft space. If the ceiling beams are exposed and of wood, this makes it possible to suspend the bed from them using ropes along each corner.

The headboard looks like it is attached to the wall, and electrical cables run horizontally and vertically across space. The branch chandelier has 8 bulbs that emit light throughout this large open room.

Wall-to-wall exposed brick may be a common design feature in an industrial space, but it can provide a great backdrop for your bedroom with the help of some red bricks.

This bedroom is sparse, but the brick wall decoration provides an interesting and eye-catching pattern. A simple platform bed with a light bulb dangling from a wire on one side feels elegant, while a wood nightstand gives it warmth.

Industrial interiors are typically dark by nature. They either have concrete floors and/or brick walls that absorb light on their surfaces. Black floors and walls, which can also be found made from wood or tile, can provide a great backdrop for industrial space. This bedroom features black floor panels and a textured black wall tile.

Two white wall sconces provide light for reading time; a low black shelf built into the floor provides additional window seating and flat shelving space. The ceiling is painted white to reflect natural light.

This is an industrial design element that, thanks to paint’s flexibility, you can change with a little more ease. Painting all or just half of a brick accent wall in your bedroom, a light color transforms it into eye-catching wall art and opens up space.

This industrial bedroom has white brick walls on one side that contrast with red bricks and blue carpet. The white paint on the wall will reflect natural light from the large metal windows.

For a space that needs warmth, I recommend a rustic bed with distressed wood. This headboard goes well with clean sheets and a simple nightstand.

The accent brick wall and black metal frame windows give this bedroom an industrial feel. A vintage-style floor lamp, perfect for relaxing at night, sits in the corner.

Using heavy metal chains, four thick chains anchor this floating bed to the ceiling. It’s perfect for those who want a little more excitement in their bedroom or someone looking to escape something and start over fresh!

This black iron bed frame adds a nice contrast with the gray wall. The whole thing is lit by a string of decorative hanging lights that come from the ceiling, along with two lamps on each side of the bed and one article of brick left untouched so it can serve as decoration in this contemporary bedroom.

The corner of this industrial-style bedroom contains an accent chair with brown leather upholstery. The dark purple curtains frame the window provide darkness when sleeping.

An open-shelf black metal bookcase can serve dual purposes in a bedroom by storing books flat against the wall or using it as a room divider for privacy.

One of the important parts of this design, this bookcase acts as a divider separating the bedroom from all else below.

You have probably noticed this industrial-style bedroom decor idea already, so far! Gray and white are popular colors for bed linens in industrial-style bedrooms.

Here, the crisp white sheets combine with a gray wool blanket for an impressive bedroom setting. The bed frame in tufted oak provides a soft place to sleep in this industrial-style room.

Grillo Designs

This bedroom from Grillo Designs demonstrates how modern and industrial styles can be combined to create a sophisticated space that feels inviting.

You’ll love the way brush-and-ink prints blend with distressed mid-century nightstands. You should also be open to incorporating industrial design elements in your furniture; don’t be afraid to mix things up.

industrialhomeinc / Instagram

If you plan on researching industrial design, chances are you’ll come across a lot of exposed brick. This bedroom captures the appeal of industrial design.

Brick can help a room feel more textured and warm without the need for heavy wall decor.

druiventuintje / Instagram

If you want your bedroom to feel a little more industrial, swap out colorful art pieces for chic black-and-white photography.  The clean aesthetic lends sophistication and brings an air of simplicity to any space.

wonen_bij_chantal / Instagram

Giving aged materials like old steel stools or weathered shutters a new lease on life is a great way to achieve an industrial look.

The next time you are at thrift stores, don’t be afraid to take something old and make it new.

This room is a great example of industrial design. With its wide-open spaces, exposed concrete beams, and bright lights shining around the headboard, it’s a space that offers paint colors that offer excellent contrast from wall to wall but still maintains the cleanliness of this style. Throw in a fun rug and some plants to make it more livable.

While concrete is traditionally associated with a design concept, you don’t always need it. Other “bare elements” like wood, wire, and brick can create the same effect if they are weathered.

The Industrial movement isn’t just about the solid materials that you see in these industrial-themed houses. Elements like exposed wiring and concrete find their way into many of these designs, including hanging a bike on the wall!

Industrial doesn’t always mean old. The metal shelves to the side, white shelves, and wood walls that make up a large amount of the space and the use of dirty yellow lighting create an industrial look while also modernizing it.

Painted particleboard, exposed pipes running through the floor, and a brick ceiling? This is definitely an industrial-style bedroom.

Industrial design is best for rescuing old spaces. It may not be necessary to have an old space. Still, there’s something unique about going to a cold or uncomfortable location and adding a bit of comfort with industrial inspiration.

The exposed brick and ceiling pipes are softened with faux fur, ornate art decoring the walls and ceilings. The result is an industrial space that only adds to the glamour by showing you what lies outside: concrete.

The industrial-chic, red brick walls and exposed pipes create a bold setting within this bedroom. A metal bed provides an interesting contrast with the bright white of the ceiling while easily rolling away for easy access.

a vintage style bedroom with exposed metallic walls, brick accents, upholstered furniture, and chest for storage, all finished with animal skin rugs

The contemporary industrial bedroom with a faux red brick wall, floating bed, and nightstands are far from cookie cutter.

The mirror on the one side of this space is flanked by a pendant light hanging above it. At the same time, another hangs over the center point in front of you- both providing ample illumination for getting ready to go out or whatever else may be needed during daytime hours or at nighttime, too when those lights can put an end to boredom if they aren’t your thing!

The contemporary room has an industrial aesthetic with concrete flooring and exposed pipes. The furniture in the space is upholstered for comfort while still providing a modern look, plus there’s plenty of natural light coming through large windows that let you see all around the cityscape outside.

The lovely bedroom has a cozy industrial feel. The walls are shabby chic, and the bed is suspended in mid-air with wooden nightstands closes to it, as well as a dresser for your clothes.

This industrial bedroom features heavy brick walls to give it an abandoned vibe. There’s a metal bed, mismatched nightstands, and even an old gallery wall in one corner of the room.

What really attracts people to this bedroom are, more than anything else, those vintage-style items scattered around.

The modern industrial bedroom is a space where functionality and aesthetics combine in perfect harmony. This room features high-end upholstery, chic lamps, and built-in lights that emit the right amount of light to brighten any mood for every occasion.

The walls of the industrial bedroom are lined with a grid, giving it an edgy feel. The bed is rough and made from wood, while metal chairs take up space in this small room. Faux animal skins cover some areas, and a dark wall hangs on one side against all odds to break up the monotony that could come if everything was uniform.

A small yet chic industrial bedroom with red brick walls and a canopy bed quickly becomes one of the most popular choices for those who want that urban loft style. The room includes pottery lighting plus catchy textiles to make space feel more welcoming!

As you walk into the industrial bedroom, your eyes are immediately drawn to a large piece of artwork. The metal and wood furniture provide an interesting contrast against the brick walls and open closet.

This bedroom is simple and shabby chic with a hint of industrial. Industrial bedrooms are great for those who want to keep it minimalistic but still have some personality. The bedroom uses dark colors and wood furniture. This room also includes plenty of natural light, which helps make the space feel airy and cozy at nighttime.

This bedroom is all about the industrial vibe. The shabby chic walls and vintage suitcase combined with metal accents create a perfect look for those who love warm, inviting spaces.

A modern industrial loft bedroom that is perfect for a contemporary home. The exposed ductwork brings in an element of warmth to this space, while the color palette and furnishings are crisp and cool.This industrial-style primary bedroom has the warm embrace of a traditional fireplace that is inlaid with red bricks. This stands out against the blue walls but complements the wooden cathedral ceiling that has a ceiling fan over the four-poster bed. Redfin

This industrial-style room has a living, traditional fireplace. The red bricks stand out against the blue walls while complementing the wooden cathedral ceiling and altar with a fan above the four-poster bed. Redfin

The room’s hardwood floor is covered with a red rug inlaid with plaid patterns. The huge, black leather bed is flanked on either side by two industrial-style bedside tables and matching table lamps to provide some color.

Source: Redfin

The background of the brick walls is decorated with brightly colored abstract art. The brown leather chair matches the wood roof. Metal studs in the ceiling from overhead beams can be seen from all angles.


This spacious bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass for easy access to the balcony. The balcony is concrete, as are the walls beneath the green five-by-eight foot rug under the bed. The headboard for this green velvet bed stands in contrast against the white wall and thin windows of grayish tinting nearby.

The grey concrete wall and the black sheets of the low bed with a wood-framed headboard that also doubles as a stand for the bike provide a nice contrast. This acts as an accent to the grey wall, along with framed paintings and a standing lamp.

The light gray brick wall pattern contrasted by the white floor tiles and brightened up with a pair of tall windows makes for an interesting color balance welcoming.

This modern industrial bedroom reflects its brick and red wall with a decorative white artwork hanging above the crib. The bed covers are pink to evoke a sense of peace, while the pallet crate table acts as an endearing reminder that this room belongs to a baby girl.

This industrial-style bedroom wakes your eyes with a lovely textured white stone wall that complements the white bed and its matching side drawers. All of them glow from the natural lighting coming through the tall window, amplified by hardwood flooring.

The platform bed is framed by the wood headboard and floor, outlined with black concrete, and accented with various lights.

This bedroom features a customized bed with a frame made of wooden pallet crates and acts as the bed’s headboard. This design blends well with red brick walls, which fade into concrete.

The dark hardwood flooring contrasts with the bed’s light gray sheets and pillows. The plants by the window are a nice contrast to it as well.

This bedroom is a rustic take on the popular industrial style. A platform bed frame made of pallets blends with the dark gray walls and flooring while wooden structures contrast against the room’s grey finish.

The dark wood paneling and the mahogany furnishings are a perfect match against the linen bedding and beige walls. The headboard, dresser, and nightstand stand out brightly against this neutral tone in the bedroom.

This bedroom is industrial with an exposed-wire ceiling, white stone textured wall, and light gray floors that shine against the dark gray sheets on the bed.

Андрей Попов

This industrial-style primary bedroom has a large, customized four-poster bed with gray frames and a built-in chair at the foot of the bed. The setup works well with red brick walls and hardwood flooring.

Industrial design can be intimidating for beginners, but finding furniture, lighting, and décor to fit your aesthetic will be easy once you know the basics.

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