25+ Corner Fireplace Ideas That Add A Focal Point To Your Interior

Top reasons for why people might want a DIY corner fireplace: not all homes have large, spacious fireplaces. They can be tucked into any nook to make it seem cozy and comfy. There are countless fireplace designs, so no two fireplaces will be the same. This corner of the room can be decorated to suit every season. It’s easy and inexpensive to do so, and you can add your own personal touch.

If you don’t have the budget for a full replacement, you can still jazz up your existing fireplace with simple decorative touches.

In terms of the shapes and materials used, indoor fireplaces come in a wide variety. The possible combinations are endless.

Before updating or refreshing your fireplace, it is important to know the style you are aiming for. For a cheery and old-fashioned fireplace, choose decorative molding and dark colors such as reds or blacks.

Adding modern finishing materials such as glass, slate, or concrete will give your fireplace a polished look. Symmetry is an important design element for corners of the room, which is consequently your fireplace. To have a balanced look, take note of doors, windows, and the overall symmetry of the room. Furniture can provide balance to your decor while also providing extra storage spaces.

Interested in learning more about the top trends for corner-style fireplaces? Here are some of the best design ideas and inspirations.

Rustic DIY corner fireplace with wrap-around mantel

Rustic DIY Corner Fireplace with Wrap-Around Mantel


Not everyone can have a fireplace in their home, but you can decorate other spaces with faux ones like this one. A while ago, I turned the uncovered corner into a cozy spot that is now great for lounging and reading books. With a white brick surround, the exposed red brick flooring sets this corner fireplace apart from all other fireplace designs. Any decor will work for this design as long as it is hung or placed on top of the mantel.

DIY tall corner fireplace


Who would have thought they sell DIY corner fireplace mantel kits that are both stylish and budget-friendly. With this tall DIY corner fireplace, the design is more important than its warmth alone. This project is all about creating ambiance in the master bedroom. Building a traditional wood-burning fireplace takes time, effort, and building materials. Those looking for the look without all the work can find an easy and less expensive DIY corner fireplace mantel kit to create a freestanding fireplace quickly. You can create a collage of photos or other items by adding exposed shelving to your home.

Rustic shiplap built-in cozy DIY corner fireplace


Fireplaces with built-in designs can make it difficult to add decoration. With a little wood detailing, the corner fireplace area becomes an inviting escape into a rustic haven. The shiplap backdrop provides lots of texture and warmth to this space, while a wooden mantle under the curved alcove makes for an impressive DIY fireplace. Place mirrors on the walls in an alcove/nook. It’s also worth adding a few decorative light sources like lanterns or candles to create more warmth and coziness for this type of space.

Farmhouse style wood burning stove corner design


When you want to upgrade your dark and outdated corner fireplace, all you need is a little light. There are many ways to brighten up any area of your home, but starting with white is one of the easiest ways. This fireplace is meant to be the focal point. I desperately needed a touchup, so I used white paint on the dark bricks and black paint over the stove. Taking these quick measures turned out to be enough. One way to create a bright and vibrant fireplace design is to add white décor pieces such as vases, flowers, and other light fixtures.

Electric corner fireplace on hardwood floors or carpet


A remote-controlled corner electric fireplace is on display in this store. The sharp corners and recessed design make the unit easy to fit into tight spaces, while a programmable thermostat makes it convenient for heating an expansive area of up to 1000 square feet. This sleek, no-frills fireplace is designed to be placed on either hardwood floors or carpet and operated by plugging in a fixture. Add candles, photos, plants to the top of this convenient faux fireplace for a cozy nook that can be placed in any area of your home.

Cozy corner DIY fireplace reveal with whitewashed brick


When this bride took on a DIY corner fireplace, she created something truly stunning. Raising the new concrete slab gave it a powerful feeling as if it were the focal point in an otherwise simple room. Although the artificial brick wall lends a rustic feeling, the framed portrait of an antique car adds to the seasoned and antiqued appearance. The stacked wood next to the stove not only looks decorative but also conveys a cozy atmosphere. So much attention is given to this primary fireplace arrangement that can be redesigned with various décor. This way, the design never gets stale and constantly stays fresh and welcoming.

Corner stone fireplace


One of the most popular, classic fireplace design options is stone. There are many ideal types to choose from, such as granite, limestone, and marble.

Corner white stone fireplace


Certain elements in an interior are bound to catch your eye. If the dominant color is white, it will be visually light and give you less of a selection for color schemes. Black tiles won’t have the same effect because they don’t attract bright colors like red or purple.

Gray stone fireplace


A gray stone finish will result in the look of a natural-looking floor. The less you alter the stone, and the more cozy this traditional design can appear.

Modern corner fireplace design


Modern design is a style that emphasizes clean lines and natural light. Ventless fireplaces are becoming more common because they use less energy and leave a smaller environmental footprint than traditional or “vented” flues.

Mid-century modern corner fireplace


Examples of a style known as mid-century modern include clean lines and wood, often in accent pieces.

Fireplace wall to add a focal point


When placing a focal point like a fireplace in your living room, it’s best to have an area of the wall that is decorated differently than the rest. This will create a decorative focal point and ensure people notice what you want them to see.

Wood burning fireplace for traditional decor


Traditional decor shouldn’t be without a wood-burning fireplace. With its use of earthy tones, the following space by renowned architect Peter Sellar is proof that such decoration can bring cohesion to any room.

Double-sided corner fireplaces

When looking for decorating ideas, consider double-sided fireplaces. This creates the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace from anywhere in the room. This P2 Design living room offers plenty of inspirational photos.

Rustic porch with corner fireplace


A great aspect of corner fireplaces is that they can be enjoyed anywhere in a room instead of being confined to a wall. For example, this rustic porch has been designed with the fire featured at its centerpiece. There is a fireplace near the sitting area. In addition, there are views of vast landscapes and windows that allow natural light into the room.

Cozy bedroom with corner fireplace

To make a bedroom cozy and welcoming, many people put in fireplaces. If you think there’s not enough space for one, consider a corner fireplace like this one. This fireplace takes up little space in an area that usually remains empty anyway. Neal Huston & Associates Architects also shares their design suggestions for maximizing space in a living room with a fireplace. Place the TV above the fireplace to make the most of that corner.

Fireplace design ideas by Farinelli Construction

A challenging design idea is to connect the fireplace with other elements in the room. Here you can see a corner fireplace harmonizes with that of the wall unit sitting next to it. Farinelli Construction created this design.

Cement corner fireplace

Fireplaces can be built with stone or mortar. Cement usually isn’t used for fireplaces, but modern cement corner fireplaces are a popular alternative that’s inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing.

Well design corner fireplace

This tiny corner fireplace is small but still has the functionality of something that can’t be replicated. I think this timeless take on a fireplace’s style is great for smaller spaces and weekend projects.

Ultra-modern corner fireplace

We want you find the perfect idea for your living room fireplace. Do you have a corner fireplace? Has it been eluding your best ideas this whole time? If not, consider these.

Tiny corner fireplace

At just 7.5 square feet, this corner fireplace design might be the smallest one on the list of ideas here. But even if you have minimal living space, consider it — especially if you are looking for an even more small-scale model. This tiny corner fireplace idea is great, thanks to its beautiful cabinetry and trim that wraps around.

Middle high corner fireplace

In order to get a modern living room that looks funky, one idea is to build around your fireplace. The design will be great for the style and shape of your house.

Long brick corner fireplace

Many people assume that corner fireplaces are more difficult to build than other types of fireplaces. That is not the case-here are some simple ideas for building an easy and efficient one. Don’t think twice, copy these!

Choose stone corner fireplace


Corner fireplaces typically made of stone are sought after, as the natural unrefined look provides a sense of coziness.

Rustic accent corner fireplace design


Check out this stunning DIY corner fireplace design. The centerpiece stone is the perfect complement to the room’s rustic appearance and hospitable qualities.

Simplicity stone corner fireplace


This simple corner fireplace and lofty ceiling with large windows create the feeling of vastness and openness in this chalet-style living room.

Stunning piece of art corner fireplace


With all the corner fireplace design ideas out there, you might think that it can’t get any more unique than what’s already available. But with just a few pieces of wall art or other decorations to spruce up your space even further and make it feel like your home instead of somebody else’s idea on how things should be done - then everyone will see their own little piece in this great work!

Bring the Rustic Back!


There are many ways to combine the traditional and modern fireplace corner ideas. Perhaps the most popular white corner unit with some earthy greens on the floor, like these ferns. I think it would be perfect if you added a bit more greenery.

White Colors For a Timeless Stylish Look


One of the more popular ways to decorate your fireplace is by playing with different colors. However, white paint tends to resonate the most, and it also makes space look bigger than it actually is; you will get to use less paint if you go for this color.

Decorative mantel for corner fireplace

One can’t deny that navigating the corner of a room is really tricky, but optimizing every inch with narrow spacing is necessary. For those looking for an excellent space optimizer, this fireplace should be considered!

Corner wood-burning fireplace in a minimalist living room

A typical look for a corner fireplace is present when the design provides warmth and a cozy ambiance inside the living room. With this unique look, it becomes the focal point of this space with its traditional-modern features. As a wood-burning fireplace, this corner model comes with wood chunks storage. Whenever you need to throw in more fuel for the fire, all you have to do are toss in the desired number of pieces into its opening.

Corner fireplace inserts for flexible use

A traditional wood-burning fireplace that comes in the shape of a fireplace insert is flexible and can be placed almost anywhere. Some of its features include using it in corners, such as an alcove or niche. The traditional wood-burning fireplace with inserts come in different shapes and sizes and are made to fit into rooms without taking up space. This fireplace provides sufficient warmth for a small living room. It also offers views of the fire, which is enjoyable in a casual atmosphere.

Feel the real warmth in a cold-tone living room with corner wood-burning heart

The following ideas for corner fireplace mantels need to add a different feel in modern living rooms. This traditional-modern style comes with a stone surround and works well open or closed. To elevate their appearance, place an elegant vase over the hearth.

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your living room, choose some pale-toned wall colors. You’ll feel cozy just from the color of the walls.

Elevate your interior with a unique chimney

The unique and bright chimney shown in this living area brings a new definition to the contemporary space. The small wood-burning corner fireplace designs can provide warmth to the entire room. The black fireplace contrasts amazingly well with the living room′s white walls and tile floors. Artsy wall art or a painting will add more value to your interior design.

Influenced by Art Deco corner fireplace

Art Deco, decorative architecture and art movement, began in the 1920s and became popular in the United States and Western Europe by the 1930s. To incorporate art deco in the fireplace design means to use appropriate decorative elements and find an appropriate location for it. Although its modern appearance may initially deceive you, this fireplace has many similarities with past designs. The materials used to create this state-of-the-art fireplace are what sets it apart from other fireplaces. If you have no space, then this corner fireplace design is perfect for you. Since it requires less room, it will work with a variety of budgets. But since less room gives us limited options for style, we can’t really go off the script too much.

Corner TV Fireplace

A smart idea for making your fireplace more enjoyable is to put a TV nearby. Electric fireplaces and stands can be placed in corners, which will free up some space because you’ll have the luxury of placing it wherever there’s an outlet available for power or on the wall near a window like this.

Bathroom Corner Fireplace

A “dream bathroom” has the feel of a luxury oceanfront suite. It includes its own sunken tub, fireplace, and view out to the sea.

A designer in Dana Point, California created this bathroom. Using white porcelain as a traditional bathtub design was too mainstream for her so instead she designed a sunken marble bath.

The impressive scenery visible from the arched window enabled the creator of this lavishly appointed bathroom to implement a sunken bath. This distinctive feature helps bring a sense of openness into space, which in turn makes people feel as though they’ve vanished as they ogle its rare features.

 Brick Corner Fireplace

A brick fireplace becomes a sophisticated focal point in any room with the right design, matching mantel, and decorations. In a living room like the one pictured, an old-fashioned brick corner fireplace is perfect. With the right seating arrangements and placement for your TV, this living room design will be simply adorable. One of the beauties about corner brick fireplaces is that you can paint them in any color you want whenever you are bored with their appearance. Even amateur do-it-yourselfers know that they can learn how to easily make their own corner fireplace look like new if they follow these steps and buy the appropriate tools.

A brick fireplace can provide a wealth of advantages, as well as disadvantages. The biggest advantage of using brick is that the materials and installation are cheaper when compared to stone. It is also easier to repair a single individual brick than replace a stone feature if there was damage. Brick can be aesthetically pleasing, giving you an idea of stability and strength in your property. The disadvantages of wood decks are that they require more maintenance and do not offer the stain resistance of composite decking materials.

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