Get Inspired With Stunning Industrial Living Room Ideas

Industrial-style design is becoming more popular in modern apartments. The effortless look of industrial-style interior design, which includes exposed brick walls, shaggy rugs, and iron pipes, is available in various styles to suit any home décor aesthetic.

Although you may not know it, there is more to industrial style than what meets the eye.

We are here to help you find great industrial living room ideas. Keep reading to learn more about this interior design movement.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

The interior design of an industrial building is a blend of mid-century modern and vintage styles, which typically entails raw, unfinished decor in large spaces.

Some of the most common industrial-style rooms are exposed ductwork, Edison bulbs, and distressed wood. It’s important to recreate an old factory setting that extends to architecture and the walls, ceilings, and floors.

There are many ways you can recreate an industrial-style living room. Adding dimensions in various styles will allow you to create a similar aesthetic.

To give you some ideas, here are a few industrial-style living rooms that demonstrate just how versatile this interior design concept is. Take a look and pick your favorite to get an idea of what you can use in your own living room.

Industrial Living Room Design Inspiration

Bright Industrial Living Room Design

bright industrial style living roomRedfin

This industrial-style living room has a glass ceiling with exposed metal beams and multiple hanging potted plants. Not only is it bright due to its double row of floor-to-ceiling windows by the red brick wall, but also thanks to an illuminated fireplace inside the adjoining family room.

Cozy Living Room with Industrial Touches

cozy industrial living room

After Khan’s innovation of requiring companies to build larger factories, they left the smaller towns and moved into more rural areas – leaving behind the old factories.

Once a downtown area, unused factories attracted people in need of inexpensive housing. It started with artists, followed by industrial-chic design.

And you can get inspiration from the industrial yet chic decorating designs like this cozy living room.

Minimalist Living Room Furniture

minimalist furniture industrial living room

As a minimalist, industrial decor grows in popularity. More furniture manufacturers are creating simple pieces with a modern yet classic feel. Knowing the difference between an urban and country space can help you select items that suit your desired home aesthetic.

If you want to create a minimalist living room design, use wrought iron or leather chairs with metal legs to complement the look. Making different sections of your living room fully monochrome will simplify the space, while lighting colored white and bright will help make it feel like a more industrial atmosphere.

Here, we see the bare, exposed brick wall as a typical backdrop for minimal lighting and seating. It also has dark wooden bookshelves for simple industrial-style living room furniture.

White Walls And Ceiling Living Room

industrial living room with white walls ceilingRedfin

The white, bare walls and ceiling and hardwood floors of this industrial-style living room are highlighted by the unique fireplace with a wooden frame that brings warmth to the green velvet armchairs.

Industrial Living Room With Metallic Elements

industrial living room with metallic elements

Given the popularity of metals during the Industrial Revolution, many American manufacturers began to produce metal goods such as furniture, plumbing, and lighting.

Rustic metal is often used in structural components of buildings such as shelves, tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures. One way to achieve this look would be to use wrought iron in your industrial living room.

Variety is the spice of life. This home decorating idea, designed with an abundance of black metal furniture and accessories, will look amazing in any room – rustic or not. Of course, you can also use other metals such as wrought iron or copper to achieve this contemporary-industrial aesthetic.

The rustic or contemporary industrial living room is usually minimalist-style with little furniture and one element that lends itself to a different style.

Rustic Concrete Living Room in Industrial Style

industrial traditional living room

The use of concrete and steel in industrial buildings began in the early 20th century. New technology allowed people to manufacture those materials on a large scale.

Albert Kahn, credited with designing the “one-roof building systems,” now all factories are centralized under one big factory space.

This rustic living room is a graceful nod to the early 20th century, with its steel beams and concrete.

Simple Industrial Living Room Design

white walls industrial living roomRedfin

This simple living room has an industrial-style background made of the sleek glass wall at the entrance to this home. The simple frames contrast nicely with all that light and greenery outside, making for a very nice view.

Industrial Living Room Combination (Vintage And Modern)

combination industrial living room

A modern industrial living room is versatile and can easily be transformed into a vintage atmosphere by adding antique furniture.

To offer an example, mount a modern TV on the exposed brick wall and then add various wrought iron shelves to it. Then, with some lights illuminating the area overhead, you can create a rustic vibe in your industrialized lifestyle living room.

This apartment is modern and vintage, thanks to brick walls, concrete floors, and exposed beams.

Second Floor Industrial Living Room With Brick Wall

second floor industrial living roomRedfin

This second-floor living room is adjacent to the staircase on one side, and beside it, there is a railing that stands out against the white walls, a ceiling accented with colorful painting across a green velvet sofa.

Eclectic Industrial Living Room Design

eclectic industrial living room

A contemporary living room design is also known for including an industrial and neutral color palette. This trendy living of light white, beige, browns, and blacks gives off a lightened, bright but eclectic vibe throughout the space.

While the mix of wood and metal gives this room a modern and industrial feeling, the pure white of these furnishings keeps it from being overwhelming. The funky collages on one wall are the highlight of this room. They work well with the rest of the decor.

Industrial Style Living Room with Exposed Bricks as Decor

industrial living room sideboard

The unused factory buildings are already being valued as cool places to live by some struggling artists. Some of the benefits include strong structures, large windows, and spacious room areas.

They also know there’s beauty hidden behind the unfinished, raw look. Communities grow as people grow, but where we live changes too; sometimes, it starts simple and becomes more stylized.

This example shows how enthusiasts of industrial-style layouts use the existing structures in such a design as decor for their rooms. Often they’ll exploit exposed brick to draw focus.

Industrial Style Farmhouse Living Room

urban industrial living room

In the early Industrial Revolution, it was so common for fires to break out that they became hazardous not just for workers but also posed a risk to insurance companies. So designers had to create looks that would protect against fires.

When a facility wants to obtain insurance coverage for their properties, they will generally follow the guidelines set by the insurer.

That is why many industrial designs now have a bare and minimalist look, such as this industrial farmhouse living room. This is for fire safety reasons, at least from its historical perspective.

A Vintage Luxurious Industrial Living Room

industrial living room storage

The strongest attribute of the contemporary design is its eclectic character. It takes anything and everything – from any period in history, synthesizing it with a modern touch.

If you want to be comfortable but get a stylish look, then vintage is the way to go. The style brings back memories with its dated features and designs.

This living room example makes you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, in a comfy way, to the heyday of the Industrial Revolution – complete with antiquated travel trunks and lavish leather couches.

Industrial Feel with Brick And Concrete Walls

industrial feel with brick or concrete walls

The easiest way to get the industrial look that so many people love in a living room is with walls made of exposed brick or concrete. This gives you a wide variety of colors to choose between red, whitewashed bricks, and more.

You can use bricks to make a statement or faux brick panels for an inexpensive look, as well as concrete on the ceiling and walls.

There is no denying that textures are a must-have for industrial living rooms. And once you add some metal covering on the walls, you will bring your cool industrial interior to a new level!

Small Industrial Corner Living Room

black industrial living room style

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you should abandon your plan of having an industrial-chic room.

Now you can convert a small room into an industrial-style dream space. It’s easier than you might imagine, as all the design eye wants is for you to strip down your room to its most basic format before setting out with bright ideas to create a space for expression with color, shapes, and materials.

Once you decide on the look of a room, only then should you start setting it up.

Modern Contemporary Living Room in Industrial Style

industrial shelving unit living room

The simple design of an industrial look can be easily mixed with other styles. For example, you could use a one-color scheme and create a backdrop for the space in your home.

For this example, you will find a spacious room painted the color of faux distressed wood and full of modern furniture and decor.

The room’s naked industrial tones balance one another in a way that makes for one of the best-looking living rooms on this list.

Concrete Flooring for an Industrial Twist

concrete flooring industrial living room

If you want to create a rustic and industrial-inspired space, the floor is as important as the walls.

Seamless-looking concrete floors are found in warehouses and offer a laid-back vibe. Adding minimalistic furniture completes the look.

The gray concrete floor in this living room blends well with the furniture and decor, giving a sleek finished look.

Rustic Industrial Scandinavian Living Room

white brick industrial living room

As we’ve discussed before, industrial design is versatile and can be mixed with all other styles.

Due to the simplistic and natural feel it takes, the Scandinavian design blends well with any style.

Scandinavian design has many similarities with industrial style, including a focus on functionality and an emphasis on form following function. The Northern design is minimalist in nature—though it varies from raw-edged to sleek and refined.

If you have an already industrial living room, all you need is a few touches to turn it into a comfortable Scandinavian living room like this one.

Industrial Living Room With Bold Colors

industrial living room with bold color

In living rooms with gray or brick-dominated industrial decor, it’s always a good idea to include bright colors. While we generally think of industrial design as bland and minimalist, adding vibrant shades can liven up space while keeping things eclectic.

The bright yellow couch and multi-color rug in this modern industrial apartment stand out, adding a fresh feel to space. In addition, minimalist furniture in bold colors helps make the room feel vibrant.

Cozy Gray Living Room Industrial Style

gray industrial living room

If you enjoy open flooring and light, industrial-style living rooms offer plenty of space to move. These rooms are also always larger than regular ones because they have fewer obstructions to take up the room.

If you also like the imperfection from a simple design, industrial styles are full of it. Although they may seem superficial and not perfect at first glance, industrial designs usually give her durable structures and materials to work with.

This lovely gray living room still retains its beauty, even with the occasional naked and cracked wall or unpainted beam. The wooden structures inside also add to this room’s coziness.

Wall Art Industrial Living Room

industrial living room wall art

Industrial-style living spaces often focus on bold colors and textures. But aside from those two aspects, other furnishings can also serve to add a sense of character.

Leather chairs and oversized wall art are just examples of how designers use textures paired with black metal accents to help complete an industrial living room’s aesthetic.

Though this living room is modern, its palette of colors creates a relaxed feeling. With so many textures and colors in use, any visitor can feel at ease!

Warm and Inviting Industrial Modern Living Room

modern warm industrial living room

It is possible to find a warm environment with industrial elements, such as wooden structures or facilities. The next step is choosing furniture and decor for the room and finally choosing its carpeting.

Colors play an important role in interior design. When choosing colors, it is wise to choose natural or neutral colors that are hard to screw up.

This living room scheme is a perfect example as it features cream-colored furniture with soft, neutral colors throughout.

Industrial Living Room Accessories

industrial living room accessories

Accessorizing your industrial living room can allow you to infuse personality into space. For example, table lamps and decorative pieces are great for adding character to a modern living room.

While industrial features may dominate the space, accessories will help balance it out. The possibilities are limitless when you envision new ways to complete your color palette or add variety to your room.

Regardless of what items you go for as accents, they should have lots of color and texture to give your home a more industrial look.

Homey Living Room in Industrial Style

homey industrial living room

For modern or more traditional country styles, an industrial style is always enough to make a minimalist statement.

This is because you can fill any industrial-style home with furniture of different styles.

In this example, there is a room that mixes industrial features with a country style. The result feels full but not hectic because the furniture has been arranged in an orderly fashion.

A Comfortable Industrial Rustic Living Room

vintage industrial living room

A well-designed industrial still can give you the warm, rustic atmosphere of a vintage cottage. This is especially true if you happen to have an old factory building at hand.

Industrial design’s raw beams, distressed flooring, and generally neglected wall plaster are not the source of its beauty. Keeping them that way is one reason why people like it here.

One reason not to overdecorate a space is that it may conceal the authentic beauty of an unfinished, industrial room.

Lighting Industrial Living room

industrial living room lighting

To decorate your living room industrial-style, you’re going to need statement lighting. Of course, you can brighten up your room with a simple chandelier or light fixture, but if you want to make an impression, it’s best to invest in brighter lights.

This industrial-style living room displays the decorative Edison light fixtures on white exposed brick walls. These lights can easily be mimicked throughout your own living space with one large fixture or multiple ones.

Cozy Gray Living ROom in an Open Layout

industrial living room design ideas

If you’re considering building an open-plan living room or already have it, then adding these items will turn your space into what the designer term “industrial style.”

Industrial-style furniture offers a lot of room in an open layout so that you can turn your living room into a relaxed and cozy space with just a few items.

A common trend in decorating is to combine modern and vintage pieces. As a result, a room such as this one will have metal, concrete, wood, and brick elements.

A Black-Themed Industrial Living Room Idea

victorian industrial living room

Industrial design usually does not have an aesthetic focus, with most aspects being geared toward functionality. For that reason, an industrial living room might appear lifeless and empty to some.

Contemporary home designs have shed the constraints of antiquated design elements, creating large and flexible spaces that are always ready to be improved into better living spaces.

With an industrial-chic décor, this living room manages to merge basic features with modern comforts. In addition, the black color scheme emphasizes a contemporary feel.

Japanese Style Living Room in Industrial Style

japanese style industrial living room

On the last list for these industrial living room ideas is a Japanese style. Along with the Nordic/Scandinavian styles, the Japanese interior design also significantly impacts minimalist designs.

The Japanese style is known for its peaceful, simplistic atmosphere that emphasizes harmony in the design.

This example shows an industrial feel, which meshes well in a modern Japanese living room.


Final Words

To summarize, an industrial-style living room can be done with limited spending! With a few additions to your decor, you can transform your loft apartment or open-plan living space just like an old warehouse.

A living room with a sense of tranquility in an industrial theme can be easily accessed without breaking the bank. With our list of ideas, you’ll be mastering this style without any problem!

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