Amazing Interior Window Trim Ideas That Will Enhance The Sophisticated Style Of Your Home

Interior window trim is a decorative wooden casing covering the perimeter between the window frame and the wall. It comes in styles to cover different gaps depending on energy efficiency needs.

Window Trim Basic Types

window trim basic types

Interior window trim adds an intentional touch to any room with windows. It elevates the design impact of your exterior windows and makes them a focal architectural point in your room’s design. The right window trim can transform the look of your interior or exterior space entirely.

Interior window casings are a finishing touch for an installation. They are often coordinated with baseboards and door moldings to give the room a cohesive look.

Windows have two types of trim: single-layer and multi-layered or stacked. Either option can increase the window’s decorativeness with a simple drywall return.

When designing trim for a house, it’s important to choose the style to keep with the architectural era. Victorian homes, for example, might not look right if fitted with trim from mid-century Ranch houses.

Here are some common types

Low-profile casing

low profile window casing type

Low-profile casings are designed to be more utilitarian than decorative. They rest flat against the interior wall and give a finished look that helps tie it visually to the room.

High-profile casing

high profile window casing type

High-profile casing offers several advantages over other home cladding installations. With high-profile casings, you don’t need extensive carpentry to install the materials. More specifically, high-profile casings are an especially appropriate installation for traditional and Victorian homes.

Modern casings

modern window casing types

Modern window casings come in various styles and colors that seamlessly match the rest of the window. MIn addition, modern urban home design focuses on showcasing glass rather than decoration around it, allowing light to flow freely through the entire house.

Traditional casings

traditional window casing type

Traditional casings are like low-profile types in that they usually suit older homes and run flush against interior walls.

A window seat typically consists of a single layer of wood or composite material. Often the design is minimalist with an understated profile and moldings such as the stool-shaped molding supported by an apron along the bottom of each side, a slightly protruded header molding, and decorative column designs flanking the frame.

Complete Casing

complette casing window trim ideas

If you want to make your windows stand out, try using window moldings. These are usually a simple layer of molding or multiple layers in a stacked molding that trim the edges of the window. This is typically decorative and attractive, though many homeowners decide not to use them for specific reasons.

Interior linings typically match or complement the interior molding throughout your home.

Window casing styles

kitchen window casing styles

Styles of window casings can vary depending on your personal taste, the architectural style of your house, and what will best complement any furniture with similar detailing. Consider whether you prefer a modern or classic style.

Colonial Style

colonial style window trim

Trim with a colonial-style can be more elaborate. It will typically include decorative pieces and thicker baseboards as well as optional crown molding. If you want your trim to be the focus, then choose this option.

Ranch Style

ranch style window trim ideas

It is typically relaxed and transitional. However, it can also have a “simple elegance,” neither standing out nor detracting from other elements.

Craftsman Styleclean simple lines craftsman styles window trim ideas

Craftsman-style homes are typically simple and tailored; however, they may also be more detailed. Craftsman-style roofs are typically thick, with various multi-piece trims.

The Provincial Style

french provincial style window casing ideas

The provincial style is an understated design that is fundamentally practical but often appears in various shapes. This aesthetic can be seen in many homes throughout the United States and often accompanies country-styled or intricately designed houses.

Tips For Choosing Window Trim

interior trim around the kitchen windows

Interior window trimming is designed to hide any gaps between the wall and windows, and it also protects your home’s interior from outdoor weather, bugs, etc.

The color of the trim can set the tone for your room. To ensure that it fits with your interior, make sure to choose a trim that matches your color scheme.

To choose interior trim for your windows, keep these things in mind:

Use wall color to help choose

To make your windows blend with the walls, you should paint the window trim the same color.

You can contrast colors by using colors that blend well together, like cream and light blue, or contrasting color pairs such as red and green.

Match sizes on all sides of the window

The size of trim on a window should match all the other sides.

For example, if you have two different widths of trim on your fence, it will look sloppy.

Consistency Of Style

You can opt to keep your window trim simple or elaborate, but it is best to be consistent across the room and, ideally, the whole house. If this varies too much from room to room and space to space, your home will feel chaotic.

Keep Each Room In Mind

For small rooms, the trim should be thin. Larger rooms benefit from an increase in trim width, serving as a visual anchor when laying out the room’s decor. But extremes are not recommended: large trims in small spaces may overwhelm the space and can make walls feel too narrow; narrow trims in large spaces may create an uneasy feeling.

Choosing Between Stained Or Painted Trim

dark wood window casing and trim color

Determining whether to paint or stain the woodwork in your house is largely dependent on the style of your decor, natural lighting conditions, and personal taste. Staining woodwork can be a great look for certain decorative styles, while painted work is often better suited for others.

But when it comes to choosing wall colors, there are definitely some differences. When you paint to trim the same color as your walls, it can make space seem larger and suit almost any color palette.

Stained wood may be more resistant to damage caused by regular use and friction than painted wood. Yet both stained and painted can require some maintenance, depending on how they are used.

Stained Trim

For stained trim, select a wood species to coordinate with the other woods in your home. Popular choices for window casings are pine and oak. Pine has a fine grain and is best suited for painting or staining.

Oak is a hardwood, which makes it popular with homeowners to use its durability and versatility to suit their needs. Whether you choose light-toned or darker color stains for trimming the oak, people have options depending on what goes best with the décor of their home.

Painted Trim

Light-colored Window Trim

A lot of designers feel that white trim is one way to produce an eye-catching, refreshing look. While colorful combinations can be popular, the design can also provide contrasting colors for a simple but elegant appearance. With different color schemes and wall coverings, this decorating trend offers possibilities for many environments.

A white window frame with white trim can give the space a lighter, airier look, while a black window frame with white trim is more contrasting and can produce a modern or farmhouse-style feel.

White doesn’t have to mean a stark white. You can choose from classic, bright, or linen whites for your casings. We’ll simply prep them so you can paint the color of your choice.

Dark Window Trim

Dark trim, especially black or very dark gray, can look great with modern or industrial-style homes. It provides a bit of contrast without being too vibrant and helps to heighten the intensity in a space.

Dark window trim can be achieved with a stain instead of paint to achieve a rich look. To create the best contrast, consider using wood for the trim then staining it black or dark charcoal color.

Trim Colors

Some homeowners and designers choose to make the trim blend with the walls. And this can be accomplished by painting the woodwork in a color that matches your wall paint. But other homeowners may opt for contrasting colors.

You can customize the color of your window casings to match your home. If painting is not in the budget, you can order them primed for painting before installation.

How To Install Window Trim Over Drywall

If you’re looking to save money or prefer installing window trim without adding a window jamb, it can be done. Ideally, a window jamb should be included when framing new windows as they are often not positioned plumb with the wall otherwise.

Adding window trim to an existing wall is possible without installing a window jamb, but you need first to make sure the window is plumb and flush with the room. If it’s not properly aligned, then install your trim right over the top of the drywall.

This installation method is not the most ideal for installing profiles on your window. Choosing this will result in there being a gap between the trim and drywall around your window.

Caulking can solve the recurring issue of a loose cap by sealing it tightly over the top. The caulk will shrink over time, but the adhesive will keep the seal tight, so it doesn’t come off as easily.

Window Trim Ideas

The following are several ideas for window trim. Feel free to make use of these suggestions when working on your own creative designs!

Reflective Room Window Trim

window trimmed in white with black curtains rods above

When walking into this house, you are immediately surrounded by windows. But because each window has its own unique trim, space never gets boring.

All the windows have white trim around them except for a few with stained glass at their top. Yet others have empty stone or wooden grids below their windowsills.

Kitchen Couture Window Trim Ideas

modern kitchen window trim idea in white

Kitchens typically have multiple windows for light and ventilation. The good idea is to frame the windows in color matching those of the other trim, such as the green crown molding and white cabinets in this kitchen.

Shiver Me Timber Window Trim Ideas

rustic look clear varnish window trim ideas

Most people can use standard framing from the local hardware store for their window, but if you want to spruce it up with a nicer look, you might consider doing the trim yourself.

You can paint or stain the old furniture to protect against water damage. If you’re trying for a rustic look, a clear varnish would be best.

Modern Window Trim Idea

colonial style window casing in modern farmhouseA modern farmhouse can receive this window trim idea to bring simplicity and beauty. Inspired by traditional designs, this molding adds simple elegance to the home with a beautiful design.

The structure of this house is beautiful, with clean lines and a well-structured nuance. The paint and trimmed windows add visual interest to the room.

White Color For Window Trim

white color for window trim ideas

White is a beautiful color choice for the exterior of your windows, especially during snowy months. It creates an enchanting scene if done right, and it contrasts beautifully with siding colors such as red brick or stonework.

But, since the white does not hide dirt as much, we have to work a bit harder to maintain it. One thing to remember about snow is that it always appears pure white, but it actually comes in many different shades. Cheery Window Trims Color

cheery pink window trims color

Homes without natural light can make people feel gloomy and down, so it’s essential to allow sunlight into your home.

Painting the window frames a happy color will make your home seem more cheerful and illuminate the room. Sunshine pouring in can turn any frown upside down on miserable days.

Colonial Style Window Trim

colonial style window trim on the kitchenThe colonial-style window molding is a beautiful way to preserve and improve the appearance of an older home.

Though it’s old-fashioned, this trim matches modern styles and is suitable for any room in your house, including the kitchen.

Ranch Style Window Trim

ranch style window trim on living spaceThis kind of window trim not only functions but also decorates. For example, the ranch-style has an inviting look with an open style, creating a larger visual image.

When the window casing is combined with the siding, it contrasts with even more brightness and vigor than blades of freshly mown grass.

Craftsman Baseboard Window Trim

craftsman baseboard window trim in white

A baseboard is only necessary in one of two cases. First, it can be a part of the window trim if your windows are floor-to-ceiling, and it will complement different interior design styles by adding architectural interest.

Simple Beige Window Trim

simple beige window trim on dining room

Beige is a soothing hue that will make your home appear more welcoming. Painting the window trim to match the shelves and furniture will blur the line between inside and out, making it appear larger.

Balanced Bathroom Window Trim Ideas

dimmer bathroom window trim ideas

When designing the trim around your bathroom window, the dimmer (rather than brighter) materials you use will be better. After all, it’s the most vulnerable space in your home–you don’t want anyone watching uninvited!

The windows in this bathroom are framed by white, and the glass is made up of narrow panes. They reflect the vertical PVC wall panels, but with a difference: they’re on point opposite from each other.

Internal Window Trim

traditional homes internal windows trim with black frame and glass

Houses in the past only had openings with wooden doors to keep them shut. This is not the case with homes today.

Introducing glass windows for a separation in the rooms sounds like a modern addition to this old architecture. In addition, internal window frames using white or light colors can add to the visual appeal of our design.

Wondrous Beige-themed Kitchen Windows

wondrous beige themed kitchen windows

When designing this beige-themed kitchen, the designer made every surface look like a window except for the actual windows. This appearance is accomplished through carvings that mimic window frames on many surfaces, including drawers and cabinets.

To help break up the visual exhaustion, these windows themselves are wide and clear with no obstructions. In addition, they are shielded by horizontal blinds and white frames.

Interior Window Trim In The Kitchen

interior window trim in the kitchen

When designing the kitchen, you will want to choose a lighter color for the window trim to help bounce light around to make your space feel roomier.

The trim should not be a solid, darker color. Instead, lighter colors such as baby blue or pale green are preferable because they don’t absorb light as dark surfaces do.

Wood Window Trim Ideas

wood window trim ideas dining space


The molding that borders the door is known as front door trim. Choosing a front door can be frustrating because there are tons to choose from, and they all have their own design language. Luckily, this guide will help you find the perfect one.

Wood doors provide the most traditional appearance.

Inexpensive Rustic Window Trim idea

rustic house window trim ideas

Rustic style is not an outdated trend, and it can be easily achieved by adding trim. Rustic, old-fashioned trim decouples the look of wood from paint or varnish so that trims appear to be untreated and aged in appearance.

Dark Window Trim Interior

dark window trim interior ideas

By choosing wainscoting, it’s possible to speak and increase the expression of a room easily. Likewise, having a fireplace in your house can produce the room appear comfortable and inviting.

If your house has low ceilings, you can give the appearance of an expensive woodwork design by using flattened beams rather than curved ones.

There are various design options for a fireplace surround, and what you select will be contingent on the interior of your home.

Ornate Window With Elegant Trim

glorious stairways window trim ideas in white

Stairs and high halls can be dark and intimidating areas of your home, but placing a large window with elegant trim will help to brighten up the area. In this house, for example, the dark gray walls are lit up by an arched window.

The abstract green in the background, grayness of the other figures, and bold contrast from white to black pieces all give this gallery a unique aesthetic.

Arch Style Window Trim

arch style window trim

Flat frames are old and outdated; why not install an arch window instead, which will require a frame around it? Also, install trim that complements the arched windows, such as dark wood.

Apply some gloss to it, or make it easier to clean by staining it so that your room becomes more inviting.

Painted Inside Window Trim Ideas

inside house window trim ideas

If you are considering new window coverings for your home or office, get in touch with a regional retailer today. To make things easier for you, we have compiled some ideas about repairs.

The post “Interior Window Trim Ideas” has many different design ideas you can use. Look through the gallery for more inspiration!

Modern Window Trim Ideas

modern style house window trim ideas

Even if you have never done this before, you may be able to install the door trim and completely understand how to conduct the activity on fiberglass doors.

You can add an odd-sized window on your door if possible and curtains for the porch or vinyl panels which are popular. With just a little ingenuity and two standard router bits, you can make your own trim for doors and windows.

Basement Window Trim Ideas

basement window trim ideas

You may choose either the traditional wood trim or vinyl trim for your windows, but many people opt for vinyl because it’s low maintenance.

When you look closely at the bay window seats, you’ll notice it’s not only cushions but pillows too. Careful styling is necessary when it comes to your arched bay windows.

Before you pick out your bay window, keep these design tips in mind. You may want to reuse them if you’re working on a framework as well.

Deciding to replace your house’s windows is a big decision.

Curvature Window Trim

curve shape window trim in hallway

Some people argue that curved windows are already prominent enough to need no trim, but adding them provides psychological and financial value.

It’s important for you to love your home. For example, to add a highlight to a semicircular window, you could install a white marble ledge and frame the perimeter with black molding.

Semi-Vaulted Beauty Window Trim

semi vaulted beauty window trim

Now, if you have a three-story window where the sizes vary from bottom to top, the trim can be challenging. However, these windows would fit any room because of their variation in size.

Consider adding light gray wood trim to a window or white paint for more character in your living room.

Simple Inside Window Trim

simple bright inside window trim ideas

Dusting is an essential part of owning your own home. One such way to make dust less visible on the windows is by using a color wheel technique that utilizes different colors to create a gradient effect.

Craftsman Style For Bedroom Window Trim

blue theme bedroom and white window casingYour bedroom deserves as much attention to its windows as other areas in the house. One way you can do this is with a craftsman window molding that complements navy walls.

Arresting White Window Trim

decorate window trim in white

A good window casing idea usually originates from the surrounding décor. For example, homes with a ‘busy’ color and texture need a white casing to tone things down.

A Simple Flat Stock Window Trim

simple flat and white window trim

This trim option is more affordable and less demanding than traditional crown molding. In addition, it has light contrasts that create a trendy contemporary look.

In The End,

There are many different interior window trim design ideas for a home or even for a commercial space.

There are many different types of window trim kits and design ideas available. If you need a simple look, your home improvement store can provide what you need. However, if you have specific requirements or want to hire out the job, it’s best to plan so that there is enough time for a carpenter to create an expertly designed window trim.

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