Create The Ultimate Outdoor Living Experience With Creative And Practical Outdoor TV Ideas

These outdoor TV ideas will help you create an even more wonderful living experience outside.

Not only do outdoor spaces provide another venue for entertaining guests, but they also encourage families to go outside and take in the fresh air. This is essential for their Vitamin D levels as well as scenic views.

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your interior home decor, so why stop with furniture. Make the space even more comfortable with souped-up audio-visual entertainment.

Outdoor entertainment spaces that include speakers and a screen are often the first thing people think of when considering updating their patio, deck, or garden. But, thanks to modern technology, bringing the comforts of your interior spaces out into your backyard has never been easier. For example, a smart TV makes it possible to control viewing settings through voice commands or mobile applications.

Now setting up television is relatively effortless. Thanks to wireless HDMIs, Bluetooth, and wireless settings, you don’t have to worry about any exposed cables. Above all, the incorporation of flatscreen TVs and high-quality projectors has expanded outdoor design possibilities.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor TV

covered patio with outdoor tv mounted on wooden wall cabinets

If you spend more time outside than inside, an outdoor television can make sense. You might have a beautiful patio with an outdoor kitchen or a pergola with a fireplace. An outdoor TV is best installed in these spaces for any big events – like the Super Bowl, Wrestle Mania, or even movie night. But you can’t take any television and set it up outside.

Outdoor televisions are designed to withstand temperature changes and rough conditions. These TVs are sealed from the inside out, and any exposed accessories–such as cables or a modem/router–are kept sealed within, which wires connected with them from outside to this TV.

It is impossible to use outdoor features with a typical television, and their warranty does not cover use outside.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing an outdoor TV:

Temperature Ranges

coastal side home patio with outdoor tv ideas

Outdoor televisions can be used in all sorts of different conditions because they are designed to resist the effects of extreme temperatures. The best TVs for the outdoors have a sophisticated cooling system and withstand extreme outdoor temperatures without breaking down.

Moreover, look for a television that has internal electric heaters to withstand cold temperatures.

Safety Standards

outdoor tv ideas in side of pool

It is important to know that the electronics inside an indoor television are not designed for water. Water can damage electronic components and short out the TV screen.

Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, are coated so water cannot get inside. They are typically powder-coated and have an aluminum exterior.

All the cables that are plugged into components (i.e., video card, motherboard) are housed in a waterproof container to prevent damage and unauthorized access from water or moisture.

If you are looking for outdoor television, consider buying a special TV designed to be permanently installed outside. Also, make sure that all the power cords are rated for use outdoors; these will help keep rain and snow from interrupting your enjoyment of it.

Brighter Picture

brighter picture outdoor tv ideas on cozy patio

For outdoor TVs to compete with sunlight, the picture is generally twice as bright. To ensure high brightness in an outdoor TV – the absolute minimum recommended for good picture quality-Manufacturers recommend a nit measurement of 600 or higher.

Deciding Where to Mount Your Television

wall mounted outdoor tv ideas

When getting a TV for outdoor use, consider where you plan to view it. Some TVs are designed to be used in shaded locations, while others should be mounted in an area with maximum sun exposure.

Before you buy a TV, make sure you know where it will be installed. If you are not sure at purchase time about the best placement for your new TV, buying one with mounting capabilities is usually a wise choice.

It may be best to purchase an outdoor-rated or rust-proof mount for your television. It is wise to get full-range mounts rather than fixed-mounts while shopping for mounting brackets.

If you are watching TV outside, depending on the time of day and time of year, you may need to tilt or turn your screen’s orientation if the sun is shining in a poor direction.

Sound Bars

outdoor tv ideas with sound bars

Outdoor televisions have a removable external speaker bar so they can be placed where your audience will best enjoy the sound. The sounds of these speaker bars are usually louder and clearer than those found on a conventional television set.

Outdoor televisions can be perfect additions to your patio or deck. Before researching various models, be sure to do your due diligence and find an outdoor TV rated for long-term use.

Best Height For Outdoor TV

best height for outdoor tv ideas

The recommended height for mounting a TV depends on the size of the screen. For example, if you have an LCD television with a 42” screen, the preferred distance from the ground to the upper center is 56 inches. A 55-inch one needs to mount 61 inches from the ground. In general, the larger the television, the higher it is placed from the ground.

We would also like to mention that the height of a TV can have great variation depending on how you mount it outside and where you want to place it. For instance, if you watch TV while barbecuing, it might make sense to have the screen slightly higher. If you’re planning on watching a movie while picnicking, a lower mounting height is more ideal. A recommended TV mounting height may vary because you can see.

Outdoor TV Cabinet Enclosure Doors Designs To Choose

outdoor hidden TV lift up cabinet ideas on cozy patio with plush sofa and glass railing

Even if your TV is rated for outdoor use, exposing it outdoors all year long is not a good idea. To protect and prolong the lifespan of your TV, consider keeping it in a cabinet.

A cabinet can be insulated by placing weather strips around the perimeter and caulking to seal any gaps where air or water could sneak in, leading to condensation. With this TV cabinet, shielding your TV will be a breeze with closed doors and door locks. This setup also protects against vandalism or theft.

This TV cabinet is designed to improve viewing pleasure with doors on the side. Fit your TV size in the available media cabinet sizes. All plans include space for a soundbar to boost volume.

There are a few common door designs to choose from:

Double Doors

double doors outdoor tv ideas on wooden pergola

Double doors are a traditional choice, and they work well in spaces that allow these to open up to the side.

Bifold Doors

bifold doors for outdoor tv ideas

Fancy. A double door design with a nice twist.

Pop Up Doors

pop up doors for outdoor tv ideas

The design for this tight space is best suited to a single door opening. Due to the limited room, it’s just easier to construct – with fewer materials and without worrying about maneuvering a pair of large doors into position. The plans include instructions on how to mount the hardware that will hold up the door.

Barn Doors

barn doors for outdoor tv ideas

If choosing this design, it has a rustic look popular. The building plans can contain all the information about the hardware needed.

Placing The Outdoor TV Options

outdoor tv decor ideas on warm patio with wicker chairs

One of the most important considerations for TV placement is the location. Is the spot you have in mind receiving direct light for at least a few hours each day when most people watch TV? Is there anything like a pool nearby that might pose an issue? Does the TV need to be seen from several angles, or just one? If you’re placing it above a fireplace that produces heat, will this create a safety hazard for your TV? These are all factors to consider when choosing the perfect place for your outdoor TV.

Even though your TV is meant for outdoor use, you should hang onto it as long as possible by minimizing exposure to the elements. When you’re looking for a good outdoor TV location, you’ll want to choose one that’s protected from the elements, like under a pergola or gazebo.

The top challenge of an outdoor TV is exposure to heat levels. To avoid this, make sure your placement does not get direct sunlight. To optimize the viewing experience, orient your outdoor TV screen westward so the sun is behind it. Keep your TV at least six feet away from a fireplace or BBQ.

Once you find a perfect location for your needs, what installation method do you go with?

Existing wall

outdoor tv mounted on existing wall ideas

You can install outdoor TV on an existing wall on your deck. You need to find a sturdy attachment surface, and you’re set! It’s easier than having to build a structure or requiring concrete footings.

Post mounted

post mounted option for outdoor tv ideas

With this option, you have the freedom of choosing where your outdoor TV should go. For example, you don’t have to place it next to the fence or inside an existing structure.

If you are considering this route – save time, reduce stress, and avoid mistakes by following these easy-to-follow frame and post plans :

  • The TV will need a frame that supports the cabinet.
  • Insert post footings.
  • Install a TV post that is appropriate in height and spacing for your TV cabinet
  • temporarily hold up the heavy cabinet while you securely attach it to the posts with screws.
  • Put your screws, so they’re hidden.
  • Cut a decorative corbel piece to size from the provided template.

Ceiling mounted

ceiling mounted option for outdoor tv ideas

Generally, outdoor TV installation uses a ceiling pole bracket like those seen on covered patios of restaurants and other venues. The TV is often mounted higher up so that the great outdoors doesn’t keep people indoors from enjoying it.

List Of Outdoor Tv Ideas

Striped Outdoor Curtains And Flatscreen TV

striped outdoor curtains and flatscreen tv

The patio’s black and white striped curtains part to reveal a sleek, modern addition that is so inviting with its glossy beadboard ceiling dotted with pot lighting. And don’t forget the Osborne Lantern in Aged Iron for an extra touch of class!

This gorgeous gray outdoor sofas with white piping adorned with cream bolster pillows and black piping are wonderfully illuminated by a lamp like no other.

The outdoor sofa faces a flatscreen TV flanked by windows dressed in black and white striped roman shades.

Covered Patio With Flat Paneled TV

covered patio with flat paneled tv

Your outdoor kitchen should be a place of joy and relaxation. A well-appointed patio with white cabinets, black countertop, stainless steel sink, and BBQ is the perfect setting for cooking up your favorite dishes while you watch TV on an old brick fireplace that’s been given new life!

Outdoor Flat Panel Tv Mounted Over A Rustic Wooden Mantel

outdoor flat panel tv mounted over a rustic wooden mantel

The TV is mounted over a rustic mantel that accents the red brick fireplace in this unique space. The patio doors are fitted with steel and glass, while gray rattan chairs sit on a beige rug facing the fireplace for some cozy lounging.

Covered Patio with Concealed TV Over Fireplace

covered patio with concealed tv over fireplace

The patio features a hidden flat panel television that is placed above an outdoor fireplace. The screen is concealed by sliding folding doors, painted white and giving the space its unique touch.

Covered Patio with the TV on Red Brick Fireplace Wall

covered patio with tv on red brick fireplace wall

Under a covered patio, the sound of your voice should be so helpful that you can’t help but notice how great it is to have all this space for entertaining! A flat panel TV mounted on a brick fireplace wall has been angled perfectly towards a white ribbed coffee table facing two sets of gray wicker furniture flanked by green cushions.

Outdoor Home Bar With TV

outdoor home bar with tv

The perfect way to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie at home is with the outdoor bar. This welcoming space offers an inviting atmosphere for friends and family alike, as well as a great place to cook up some delicious snacks! The large screen mounted on this beautiful window frame will give you plenty of opportunities to watch your favorite sports team play while also allowing room for those who prefer not to watch TV. With rustic wood framing that has been expertly designed into symmetrical dents across its surface, it’s clear how much attention was given during construction time–and now all we need are our drinks!

Gray Stone Deck Fireplace with TV

gray stone deck fireplace with tv

The sliding glass doors lead to a covered deck with furniture that compliments the atmosphere. A paved wood coffee table stands in front of an iron lantern hung from one side, and there is also a flat-panel TV mounted on another wall for entertainment purposes.

Large U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen With TV Features

large u shaped outdoor kitchen with tv features

Accenting your modern outdoor kitchen with a TV, stainless steel appliances, and gray pavers can amplify the experience.

A large u-shape design could be an excellent choice to complement these components that make cooking in nature such an enjoyable endeavor!

Stoned Tiled Outdoor Kitchen With TV

stoned tiled outdoor kitchen with tv

The brown wicker sofa with green pillows and chairs on the stone-tiled outdoor kitchen features a stainless steel grill, TV for enjoying your favorite shows while you cook up some delicious grilled steaks.

Outdoor Fireplace With Tv

outdoor fireplace with tv

The day room is a good place for your TV since they have practical and secure areas to put your screen. You’ll never have to worry about the weather in this enclosed area – your audio and viewing devices are protected while still taking in natural light from outdoors.

Mounting a TV on the fireplace wall provides a central attraction in the room. It’s also ideal because it fills up a large space. You can either create a hollow space to store your wires or discreetly hide them on the edges of your fireplace.

Modern Deck With TV

modern deck with tv

A modern deck with greenery on all sides is lovely in itself, but outdoor TV or projector screening can bring so much more to the area.

When it comes to patio and deck TV screens, flatscreens are convenient because they can be mounted anywhere. But a projector is also practical when you want a larger screen.

Patio With TV Ideas

patio with tv ideas

To protect your TV from weather and moisture, provide an enclosed television cabinet. This patio design incorporates a concrete enclosure that is designed to house the outdoor television.

The concrete enclosure will complement the overall design of the patio with its horizontal elements, and it will use similar materials for the patios. A well-designed patio has a focal point.

Covered Patio With TV Ideas

covered patio with tv ideas

This covered patio is a great spot for families to spend time on Sunday afternoons. Space can be used for eating or lounging out, depending on your mood.

Installing your flat screen television near the fireplace keeps an eye-catching focal point without maintaining the aesthetic of classical décor.

Outdoor TV In Barbecue Area

outdoor tv in barbecue area

Turn your outdoor barbecue area into an irresistible hangout spot by pairing it with a TV. You’ll no longer miss out on the most exciting moments when you grill outside.

This mounted flatscreen TV is perfect for watching live games streamed from your favorite sports team or show.

Add the finishing touches to your outdoor entertainment by bringing a weatherproof surround speaker – it will enhance your viewing experience.

Pergola With TV Ideas

pergola with tv ideas

Outdoor entertainment and gatherings are enhanced with a convenient TV mounted beneath your pergola.

Outdoor TV pedestal enclosures are practical because you can move around your viewing screens to find the right spot for your patio. In addition, this classic pergola provides a romantic place to have a meal with your significant other.

Outdoor Fireplace With Tv

outdoor fireplace with tv

Your TV mounted in the day room is a great option in terms of practicality and security. Sure, it’s not waterproof like your outdoor tv, but you can enjoy views and natural light from outdoors while still keeping electronics protected.

Mounting your TV screen on a fireplace mantel shelf is the best placement for that to avoid any distraction from your central feature. It also provides great space for hiding wiring and cables.

The stone cladding on the hearth gives this outdoor living space a focal point while still providing TV viewing time. The mantle is where guests can enjoy the view of your entertainment area while you engage in casual conversation with them. Find more ideas for an outdoor living space here.

If you have a low-profile deck, it might be hard to find an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Make sure your TV is at an appropriate size for viewing from far away.

Fireplaces are a great way to make the chilly autumn and spring evenings cozier. Of course, they’re functional as well. Television is another good idea in outdoor spaces with fireplaces for an even better experience of entertaining outdoors.

Outdoor TV Attached To House

outdoor tv attached to house

For an uncovered deck area, you can opt for outdoor televisions. Finding the best spot for your TV can be a challenge in some cases.

You’re lucky if you have a long roof overhang, just like this deck area, which has space for a rotating tv mount. This way, you can adjust your television to the exact angle of viewing that you prefer.

Outdoor Patio Seating Area With Tv In The Corner

outdoor patio seating area with tv in the corner

The outdoor patio area features a restful and relaxed cottage-style setup, starting with a brown wicker sofa and chair set. The neutral brown upholstery on the white sofa is contrasted by the blue frame of the patio doors.

The remodeled kitchen has a cottage design with its built-in ceiling, which features beadboard, and reclaimed wood accent. The room also includes an island bbq. A TV is mounted to provide a place for entertainment, creating the perfect entertaining patio.

Outdoor Tv Ideas FAQs

outdoor tv ideas on white wooden pergola

What Makes An Outdoor TV Different?

There isn’t much of a difference between regular and outdoor televisions in terms of appearance. The only differences are in the electronics, as both types will have to deal with weather protection and enhanced picture processing.

Can I Use A Regular Television To Be Placed Outdoors?

Outdoor TVs require a few design considerations. Outdoor TVs need to be weatherproof and waterproof, so the moisture does not ruin them. It also has a sufficiently lit screen for bright viewing situations and shields all of its parts from sunlight. What really matters most, though, is how it manages heat inside the television because this can lead to overheating at high temperatures. Indoor TVs are designed to operate in environments that differ drastically from outdoors.

Does The Outdoor Television Need A Cover To Protect It?

It’s not really necessary, but there’s no harm in doing it. Outdoor TVs are ideally placed outside due to the fact that they’re outdoor-ready. Most outdoor TVs can only be used in covered patios or gazebos. Still, they may have higher durability if placed outside during hours with direct sunlight or high humidity areas. In general, including an additional layer of protection for your outside sets is not a bad idea.

Where Should I Place My Outdoor TV?

Placement options for your outdoor TV may vary based on the layout of the outdoor living space. Outdoor TVs are designed to function in brightly lit, shaded areas. If you need your TV to hang in direct sunlight, look for specifically designed models for that specific use.

How Do I Install My Outdoor TV?

Installing an outdoor TV requires additional safety and general installation considerations, so you may be best served to hire a professional installer to do the job. If you decide to install your outdoor TV yourself, you must do so safely and following the workings of the television.

How To Protect An Outdoor TV?

It would help if you did your research to make a creative TV stand solution. There are many factors to consider. To protect your TV from environmental factors and theft, you will need to take specific measures. I recommend using an IP-rated TV enclosure, a heavy-duty mount, and a weatherproof cabinet.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Outdoor Television?

The cost to mount a TV on the wall varies depending on the type of project you select. If you buy ready-made equipment, the cost to set up your TV and hide wires can reach several thousand. If you prefer to mount a TV yourself, your costs will be around 500-700 USD. Conversely, if the TV is outside, there are many things to consider about its function.

In Conclusions,

This is a conclusion for the outdoor TV ideas. Enjoying your television outside can be wonderful, especially after being cooped up all winter. When considering the best outdoor TV, you need to think about where it will be watched most often because various models are made for different environments. A TV that’s designed for the shade won’t look good in direct sunlight, and likewise, one made to be watched in the sun will likely be wasted under a covered porch.

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